It may only be temporary.

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As much as I had hoped Reizon could have found a home here, he has been banned from the forums, at least temporarily.

I would like to thank @KorandAngels for making a valiant effort to be friendly and for trying to make him feel included.

Why was he banned?
Not because he created a lot of threads... others here also create a lot of threads.
Not because he didn't want to make cards in the traditional way... he is not the first and won't be the last.
He was banned because he was asked to stop offending people, which he did for a bit, but then he went back at it again.
Was he provoked? It's hard to say, but he did say he has a history of getting banned.

We try our best to let everyone here be as creative and free to make whatever cards they like... (Remember, you can make ANY card you want... you just can't publish all of them). If you don't like the challenges or don't care for the topic (as long as it doesn't violate the Terms of Use) then we suggest you don't participate. As odd as we felt his ideas were, he was free to try them out and get feedback... he just didn't respond to criticism very well!

As I said before, his ban may only be temporary. The moderators will discuss it and see if we're willing to give him another opportunity. If he returns and is civil with everyone, we suggest that you only participate in his threads if you are pitching in.

Thank you.
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