Mythint, Plane of Malevolent Gods

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Hello, fellow cardsmiths, and welcome to my first saga that isn't a sequel to someone else's! This saga is set on the plane of Mythint. This plane has gods, but not the good kind. No, these malevolent gods destroy cities and unleash plagues on a whim. The residents of Mythint live in fear of these gods. Except for a select few...

You are part of a group called the Heralds of Hope that is set on overthrowing the gods. Now, the gods are not omnipotent, so they wander the streets disguised as ordinary people in order to gather intelligence on what is happening in the ordinary world. They also have devout disciples that act as their eyes and ears, as they can't be everywhere at once. Thus, the Heralds of Hope's name is only spoken in whispers, if at all. For if the gods were to find out... Anyways, removing the gods from power will be no easy task. They can't be hurt by any usual weapons, so the Heralds turn to an unusual source. On Mythint, there is a special metal found deep in the ground called Razite. By using Razite combined with just the right amount of iron, gold, and silver, they can make a special metal called Mythium. Only weapons made of Mythium and spells cast with a Mythium staff can hurt or kill the gods.

Ok, that's enough backstory to get you started, on to...


You will make a legendary creature with 4 or less cmc that represents your character. The races that are on this plane and available to play as are:

-Undead (spirit, zombie, skeleton, etc.)
-Lizardfolk (Viashino)

Also, create a small character profile that includes name, race, strengths, weaknesses, any special abilities (Optional for if you have any that don't fall under Strengths or Weaknesses) and a small backstory blurb including your starting sector. Nothing major, just giving me a bit more info about your character so I can better create your journey.

You will also make a Mythium weapon that is an equipment and has the keyword "Mythium (Whenever equipped creature deals damage to a creature with Indestructible, that creature loses Indestructible until end of turn.)" The only other condition is that the weapon must be cmc 5 or less.

How the Saga Works

To begin the saga, everyone will be given 50 HP. You will lose and regain HP as you go along your journey. Story will be given individually as time goes on, but card-making challenges will be issued all at once so that some people don't go too far ahead or fall too far behind on making cards.

I believe that's it! If there's anything I've forgotten or you have any questions, feel free to tell me!

(Map of Mythint coming in a comment)


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    Mythint's Sectors and Map of Mythint:
    Surrounding the whole of Mythint is the Kassher Sea. There are 2 continents: on the left there is Aru and on the right there is Myt.



    Mith - The major sector on Myt. Mostly plains and hills, includes the Capital of Myt, one of the few cities the gods have left untouched throughout the years. Contains all the major races other than Merfolk, Leonin, Minotaur, and Construct.

    Kass Coast - Beuatiful beaches filled with mysterious black sand. Major races include Merfolk and Elves.

    Fayt Coast - Large amounts of fog rolls up on the shore every morning, and there is a large forest called Hayt Forest in the inland part of the region. Very few people live there, and the ones that do turn mad quite quickly. Major races include Merfolk, Shapeshifters, and Humans

    Laur - Contains some of the Jala Mountains in the southwest, and a bit of forest around it's border with the Fayt Coast. Other than that there's mostly large hills and some plains. Major races include Merfolk (near the coast), Aven, Dwarves (aven and dwarves in/near the mountains), Humans (everywhere else)

    Jalk - Contains the Jala Mounains in the south and east. Many large cities among the sector, second largest sector in Myt. Major races include Humans, Elves, Aven, and Dwarves (aven and dwarves both in/near the mountains)

    Sain - Filled with industrial places that have many ingenious inventors. A real blend of everything, from races to landscapes. Contains all races, as all are attracted to the opportunity that this sector gives (as long as the gods don't decide it's time to send an earthquake), only sector where there are large concentrations of Constructs.

    Ipsi Peninsula - Large amounts of swamps, so not very many settlements. Interspersed with forest and clearings. Major races include more swampy Merfolk, Lizardfolk, Undead, and small amounts of Shapeshifters.

    Tolm - One of the calmer areas, in terms of more farms and peaceful people, not in terms of the god's wrath. Mainly filled with rolling fields and fertile soil, with a bit of marshes closer to Ipsi. Major races include Humans, Elves, and Leonin.


    Uute - Covered in mountains, except for the north coast, which is mainly plains and is where many major settlements are located. Major races include Minotour, Human, and Dwarf.

    Hauq - Center region of Aru, most mountainous area on the continent. Settlements are few and far between. Major races include Minotaur, Dwarf, and Leonin.

    Yiln - Has the most area not covered by mountains, so it is the most populated sector on Aru. It and the Ispi Peninsula are separated by the Ispiln Strait. Major races include Minotaur, Dwarf, and Lizardfolk.


    This is an island shrouded by mystery. It is said that if you go there, prophecies will be revealed, but everyone who goes there says they don't remember anything when they come back. Nobody is allowed to start on the Isle of Fate.

    Also, the major races in the sectors is just a suggestion, if you want to be a certain race in a sector where it isn't dominant, that's fine. The major races aren't the only races in that area, but others are a whole lot rarer.
  • I get huge Steelheart vibes from this, love it.
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    Name: Stafa Eldur
    Race: Human
    Strengths: Spellcaster, insanely resistant to fire, gets stronger by fire.
    Weaknesses: emotional, but forced to keep going. Doesn't really trust a lot of people.
    Special Abilities: Great spear user (don't know if that would be considered a strength)


    Not really sticking to anyone place, Stafa acts as a messenger for the Heralds due to the fact that he is always on the move. No one really knows how he gets around (especially since all his flames constantly draw the attention of the gods), but he somehow does.
    He's a great fighter, using his spells to burn people or distract them so he could use his spear or run.
  • @Bowler218 Which sector will Stafa be in at this moment? I need to know where to start you when I begin giving story.
  • I'm in but I'll need time to set everything up.
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    @Aggroman15 I'm in too. Just need to think up a character then make them.
    Edit: Are there any color restrictions we need to follow?
    Edit 2: Do dragons exist in this world?
    Edit 3: Are there kingdoms and nobles and countries and such among the races being terrorized by the Gods?
    Edit 4: I apologize for all my questions but I don't feel bad enough to stop. I will keep asking them as I think of them.
    Edit 5: Can our characters have partners? Like pets and summons and stuff?
  • I'll say Stafa is in Jalk at the moment.
  • @Daedalus_The_All_Father
    1. No color restrictions
    2. Yes, but mostly as agents of destruction for the gods
    3. Not sure exactly what you're asking here, but the sectors are kind of like states in the U.S., and the continents are like countries. There would be ruling nobles doing political things in the different sectors.
    4. Sure, you can have a pet or whatever if you want to.

    Also, @Bowler218, you do still need to make a Mythium weapon for your character.
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    OOOOOOOOO this looks fun. I'll take a gander. Sorry for the novel of a backstory, but I wanted to really flesh out a backstory and some intriguing points that we can use for the story later.

    image image

    Name: Qian Dei
    Race: Human
    Strengths: Mental Resilience, Martial Prowess (unarmed, staff, shakjo), Intelligence
    Weaknesses: Faction infighting due to controversial heritage, Emotionally distant and socially awkward, severe claustrophobia
    Special Abilities: Limited precognition during meditation, widely travelled


    As a young orphan, Qian Dei was found being abused on the streets of the Jalkan capital by the Head Abbot of the Kunlun Order. As a result, Qian Dei was rescued and was brought to the Headquarters of the Kunlun Order at Qing Ling Monastery in the Jala Mountains. The Kunlun Order is an ancient monastic order dedicated to preserving and learning arcane knowledge. Rapidly taking the chance to demonstrate his skill and determination in order to improve his life, Qian Dei was quickly taken as an apprentice in martial, arcane, and monastic arts by the impressed Head Abbot. As the only apprentice of the Head Abbot of the Kunlun Order, he quickly rose through the ranks showing his intelligence and martial prowess. Under the Head Abbot's tutelage, he quickly became proficient in martial arts, both unarmed and when armed with staff or shakujo. He also quickly learned the many arcane mysteries and how to wield mana to both empower himself and protect others. After completing his rigorous and grueling training, he embarked on a number of missions and journeys for the order to collect new knowledge, ponder enlightenment, and protect helpless civilians.

    During his this time, he developed a limited precognitive ability that draws him into visions of things that might happen in the near future when meditating. He doesn't really know how it works, but he spends at least 3 hours a day meditating to calm himself, ponder enlightenment, the arcane mysteries, and now this ability. Through experimentation, he has determined that the ability seems to only show snapshots of a few seconds at a time and cannot show any events that will occur further than a week away from his current time. The ability seems to trigger sporadically and randomly.

    It was also during this time that he became acquainted with the Heralds of Hope. As a high ranking member, the Head Abbot inducted him and he began to complete missions for them.

    During his training and missions, jealous of his meteoric rise and attention from the abbot and elders, other students and apprentices formed a faction opposing him at every turn. After the death of the Head Abbot 6 years ago, the 9 Elders of the order unanimously appointed Qian Dei as the new Head Abbot of their order despite loud protests because of his unknown heritage. Most of the highly ranked order members can directly trace their heritage to one the founding Elders of the order from 600 years ago. Tradition states that only someone who is a direct heir of one of the founding Elders should ascend to the position of Head Abbot.

    Despite those protests, and seemingly ignoring tradition, the elders persevered in their decision because the former Head Abbot had secretly revealed to them that Qian Dei was his illegitimate son, a secret that should be buried with him. It turns out that Qian Dei's birth mother was a former order member that had almost ruined them due to her heretical beliefs. She was expelled from the order and sent to a faraway convent. She later escaped and disguised herself to seduce the Head Abbot while he was preaching in the Jalkan capital. When he discovered her deception, he attacked her viciously before returning to the order. Injured and pregnant, she made her way to the local tavern where she stayed for a few months before giving birth to Qian Dei and dying. The former Head Abbot's last wish was for Qian Dei to succeed him and erase his mother's shame.

    The Elders secretly informed Qian Dei who was devastated for a time, but all the more determined to succeed so that he does not betray his mentor's and secret father's trust.

    Thus honoring the that wish, the Elders named Qian Dei Head Abbot of the Kunlun Order, giving him the epithet "Infinite Precept" for his deep understanding and knowledge regarding the arcane mysteries, enlightenment, and the martial arts. Upon ascension to office, he also took up his mentor/father's weapon the "Glory of the Six Perfections," the traditional symbol of his office as Head Abbot of the order. The name for which comes from the six principles upon which the order was founded: Insight of oneself, Wisdom to transcend, Patience in acting, Serenity in adversity, Tolerance of all, and Honest reflection of the world.

    Despite his support among the elders and his contributions to the Kunlun Order, those former jealous students and apprentices, who are now also abbots and members of the order in turn, still seek to undermine him and replace him as Head Abbot of the Kunlun Order. They are united in this effort by Qian Dei's charismatic, but manipulative and arrogant archrival Abbot Kang Shen, who has gained much goodwill and favors through his machinations. He believes he will be ready to strike soon to depose Qian Dei and become Head Abbot himself with all the support he has gathered. However, despite his efforts to maintain secrecy, Qian Dei knows of his deceptions and schemes and has made his own moves to counter it. But will it be enough given that Kang Shen knows about Qian Dei's mother? Qian Dei isn't sure how Kang Shen discovered it considering all the Elders and he himself suppressed it, but all he can do is prepare for the inevitable confrontation.

    It does not help that at this time, a former dwarven travelling companion and fellow Heralds of Hope member from a previous journey has contacted him through the Heralds' messenger Stafa ( @Bowler218 borrowing your character bc it fits the story, hope thats ok with you and the GM) regarding an urgent matter in the Laurean capital where mysterious disappearances are occurring nightly and are thought to be the work of a god or gods. The Dwarf's wife and infant son have also gone missing as of two days ago. Not willing to deny aid despite the infighting in the monastery soon coming to a head, Qian Dei has agreed to meet the dwarf at a tea house in the Laurean capital to discuss the specifics of the case.

    As a result, after dismissing and sending Stafa on his way, Qian Dei begins issuing last minute instructions to the order's elders, members, and other retainers, while preparing to leave the monastery.
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    I'm in, currently designing...

    Question, "Mythium (Whenever equipped creature deals damage to a creature with Indestructible, that creature loses Indestructible until end of turn.)" are you sure you don't want it to be only combat damage and not all damage?
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    Damascus Stone
    Warforged Assassin, Lawful Neutral
    Strengths in melee combat, stealth, and Apatheia Stoicism (Google it)
    Weaknesses are skeptical of everything, and lightning (he's made of metal...)

    Damascus Stone is untold centuries old, forged for the sole purpose as a royal assassin for a long dead kingdom. After the fall of his realm, Damascus has survived by continually moving, rarely in the same place twice, and carrying out stealth missions for whoever is willing to pay his fees. Over the many years, Damascus has earned the reputation as a feared soldier of fortune. Never to be apart from his most trusty sword, the Khanda Messer
    It was the last gift bestowed upon him from his late king.

    He can currently be found somewhere on the Kass Coast.
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    image image
    Name: Azathriel Pyrravyn
    Race: Elf
    Age: 278
    Strengths: Skilled with many different weapons and martial arts, magic, immortality, Pyrravyn enchanting and magical item creation
    Weaknesses: Extreme hatred for the Gods and other royals/nobles, distrustful of others
    Special Abilities: Bond of the Soulkin

    Name: Exorian
    Race: Dragon
    Age: Unknown
    Strengths: Extreme physical and magical resistance, extreme physical and magical strength
    Weaknesses: Extreme hatred for the Gods and royals/nobles
    Special Abilities: Bond of the Soulkin, Soul Integration


    Azathriel's family was a noble family from Mith. The Pyrravyn family was incredibly rich and powerful with their hand in many fields. They were best known for their incredibly powerful magical items created through a secret family means and their enchantments. What wasn't known to most was that they were supporters of the Heralds of Hope, getting them supplies, helping recruit people, and smelting Mythium for them. When Azathriel was 23, his family was betrayed by the Tylfian family and was wiped out. The Tylfian family had thought up a way to take the markets by storm but they couldn't do it without getting rid of the Pyrravyn family first. Azathriel was not in the house at the time and was instead sitting in the forest when he saw a light coming from the direction of his home. Curious, he went to look and found his home on fire. Exorian showed up moments later and they both attempted to put out the fire. They had limited success. After the fire had died down, Azathriel went into the charred wreckage that was once his home and found his parents, barely alive. While attempting to heal them with magic, they told him that it was another noble family who had done this before finally dying. After burying his parent's bodies, Azathriel searched the wreckage of his home for anything that survived the fire. While looking, he started to feel drawn to where his father's study once was. He followed the feeling to what was left of the room and oddly enough, there was a vault that looked as though there was never a fire to begin with. Realizing that this vault, or rather something in it, was what was calling to him, he attempted to open it. After hours of trying he got mad and lashed out with his magic, then heard a click. The solution to opening the vault wasn't a combination or password, but his magic. He opened the vault and found several thing. There was a spacial storage bag, a lot of money, some precious gems, several grimoires, magic armor, a note, and a scepter. He immediately realized that the scepter was what was calling him and when he touched it, he heard a voice in his head saying

    "You have been chosen as the next wielder of the Scepter. Bound to the Great Dragon, you shall be one of several to save this world and defeat Gods. Take my power for your own and never falter, for what you do is righteous."

    He then put the scepter, grimoires, armor, money, and gems in the spacial storage bag and read the note. It was a note from his father that said

    "Dear Azathriel, if you are reading this then I am dead. It is likely that your mother is dead too. The scepter in the vault has been passed down our family for generations. It is known as the Scepter of the Soulkin and as such, only a Soulkin can wield it. The Scepter is made of Myhtium. You already know why that is important. I am sorry I can't explain everything to you and I am especially sorry that I can't do so face to face. Just ask Exorian and he will tell you anything you wish to know. That being said, the purpose of this letter isn't to apologize, but to explain a little about what you are. As a child you told me that you could hear Exorian in your head and I began to wonder. Then you developed powerful magic at such a young age that I became certain that you are a Soulkin. More specifically, Soulkin to Exorian. I had known that a Soulkin would come but I didn't expect one to show in my lifetime, especially not my own son. Soulkin are beings whose souls resonate with each other to such an extreme that they become bonded. This bond is capable of many things, things that even Exorian doesn't know. I hate to ask this of you but you are the only one I can ask. Please, save our world. I love you, Father."

    Azathriel then put the note in his bag, slung the bag over his shoulder, and left with Exorian. Azathriel has spent the last 255 years studying, training, and wandering with Exorian. He even attempted to get to the Isle of Fate but Exorian warned him away for reasons unknown to him. Over the course of the 255 years he spent training, he met the Heralds many times. They attempted to recruit him but he kept rejecting until about 2 years ago, when he finally accepted after hearing the Scepter of the Soulkin speak to him once again saying

    "The Heroes are gathering and the downfall of the Gods draws near. All the pieces will soon be in place. They are the shield which protects the weak, the sword that slaughters tyrants, the legend that inspires, and the rumor that fells empires. They are the key to everything and the messengers who hold the dreams of many are the focal point. The confluence of the greatest minds, bodies, and souls can only occur under their careful gaze."

    Following this message and decrypting what it meant, Azathriel and Exorian thought it would be best to seek out the Heralds. Currently they are in Sain.

    Ability Description;

    Immortality: Azathriel is immortal in the sense that he lives until he is killed. He doesn't get sick, heals quickly, and recovers mana and stamina faster.

    Bond of the Soulkin: Azathriel and Exorian are what are known as "Soulkin." Soulkin are two beings whose souls resonate with each other to such an extreme degree that they are essentially bound to each other. They can share power and senses through this bond, they are telepathically linked, and they always know the exact location of the other. This is what keeps Exorian from being under the control of the Gods. The exact limits of the Bond of the Soulkin are currently unknown.

    Soul Integration: Exorian has the ability to merge his soul with Azathriel's. By doing this, Exorian's body is absorbed into Azathriel's. While merged, Azathriel is capable of feats unknown to the "lesser races" like elves, humans, and dwarves. The exact limits of Soul Integration are currently unknown.
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    Added the weapon

    Also, do I need to add how Stafa joined the Heralds?
  • @Aggroman15 You answered all my questions perfectly, however I have taken advantage of how you worded some of the responses.
  • @Bowler218 You don't have to, but you can if you want.
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    Deleted due to my improvising ta tics
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  • Name: Fiore Diamantina
    Race: Human
    Colors: White
    Strengths: Strong, fast, masterful with weapons
    Weakness: She has the compulsive need to help people; doesn't quite get magic
    Special Abilities: Planeswalker, latent hieromancy

    I'm just going to summarize Fiore's backstory with 3 cards and you'll get the gist.
    image image image
  • @Ranshi Don't forget the equipment with Mythium.
  • @Aggroman15 when does this start?
  • @Daedalus_The_All_Father, I have no clue what you mean... those were just to replace writing out the backstory of how she got here.
  • @Ranshi, one of the requirements was to make an equipment weapon with Mythium keyworded...that is what Daedalus meant...
  • @Ranshi The equipment needs to have the keyword "Mythium (Whenever equipped creature deals damage to a creature with Indestructible, that creature loses Indestructible until end of turn.)"
  • @Ranshi Ok, so yes, the weapon does have to have the Mythium keyword. I'm assuming based on what you've said that the actual legendary creature entry is coming soon.

    Also, just to anyone who's wondering, I'm planning on starting this on January 1st.
  • imageimage
    Name: Atsal
    Race: Construct
    Colours: Red/Green
    Strengths: Adept in archery, excellent sense of direction, great at terrain traversal
    Weaknesses: Great wanderlust, prone to distrust

    Atsal was originally created in Sain as a companion of sorts. His existence then was mainly composed of exploring the Jala Mountains and watching his creator master the art of artifice. However, once, he found his master dead, a knife through the artificer's back. It was then he fell to distrust and wanderlust, quickly finding the runes of a black-aligned god on the knife's blade. Some time later, while travelling through Mith, he caught whispers of the Heralds, and chose to join, seeking revenge for his master's killer. When not performing duties for the Heralds, Atsal spends his time satiating his wanderlust by exploring the seemingly ever-changing Hayt Forest.
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    Full Stafa backstory:

    Grandparents born in Tolm , raised in Tolm. Parents born in Tolm, raised in Tolm. Stafa? Born in Tolm, on his parents' farm, where he learned how to survive after a god's anger. Day after day, people would come through. And in the dark parts of taverns and bars he would hear something over and over: Herald. He would ask his parents about the Heralds, and they would cover his mouth and make sure no one heard. They would tell him to forget, but he couldn't, no, he wouldn't.

    Fifteenth birthday. Parents missing. Town razed. Bounty for his head. Assassins in the nights. Soaking rain. Mud in his boots as he ran. A body on the road. Spear next to it. Envelope in a pocket. Map to a spot on the other side of the mountains. Near-death experience. Fireball. Forest fire. Horse-drawn wagon.

    That is how Stafa remembers the week he became a Herald. He had delivered a message to a some fighting force in south-west Laur. That led to him being sent to a small Herald base in central Laur. There he had delivered messages to and from people all over Myt. Including a message from a dwarf to a monk.

    Day after day, message after message. He sees the world change around him. From a world with small pains that he knew growing up, to a world of black and white. People he thought were allies turned on him. But he had to get the message through. So he killed the people he had to.


    Right now he's on his way to tell someone in the Hayt forest about an approval for an infiltration mission.
  • @Aggroman15, am I allowed to use a text based creature? I want Fiore's creature to use the level up mechanic, but I cannot satisfactorily make a card for her with my limitations.
  • @Ranshi Sure! Also, if you could then give a piece of art for the card that would be great.
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