What's everyones favorite card?

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I am wondering what everyones favorite card is.
Whats yours?
You can say your favorite real card or your favorite MTG Cardsmith card.


  • It’s pretty random but I use Reassembling Skeleton in almost all my black decks.
  • I love blue basic land lol.
  • Tah-Crop Skirmisher. I just love naga and embalm.
  • My personal favorite is Craterhoof Behemoth. It was my first Mythic Rare, and has become somewhat of a comeback wincon for my mono-green deck, seizing victory from the jaws of defeat in many games.
  • I cannot say what my favorite MTG card is... I can say that Arcades, the Strategist is among my favorites, since he turns harmless walls into killing machines.
  • Serra Angel
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    Reality Scramble, but my Ceaseless Hunger is pretty awesome too!
  • Scrmableverse, just scrambleverse
  • Wurmcoil

    My first deck was something like

    1 Wurmcoil
    1 Soliton (we thought untapping meant it could attak again, busted card)
    1 Mindslaver
    1 Argentum Armor
    1 Prototype Portal
    1 Clone Shell
    3 Perilous Myr
    2 Myr Sire
    2 Phantasmal Bear
    1 Phantasmal Dragon
    3 Deranged Assistant
    2 Sylvok Lifestaff
    2 Trusty Machete
    2 Silver Myr
    2 Chrome Steed
    1 Snapsail Glider
    1 Lumengrid Drake
    1 Darksteel Myr
    1 Vedalken Certarch
    2 Glint Hawk Idol
    1 Brass Squire
    2 Gust Skimmer
    1 Copper Carapace
    1 Sphere of the Suns
    1 Aether Adept
    20 Islands
    3 Plains

    Any of these cards give me flashbacks to my first two or three years playing when this was my main deck and I refused to play any nonartifact based decks.

    I'm also extremely fond of Vorel, Jeskai Ascendancy, and Tectonic Reformation.
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    Lowkey love Flying Crane Technique It's not fantastic, but the first deck I ever played was Jeskai combat with Narset, and hitting Flying Crane was almost always a guaranteed win.

    Otherwise, I'd probably go with
    Kamahl's Druidic Vow, an absolute BEAST in my superfriends deck (Why pay 8 mana to cost Bolas when you can pay 8 mana and cast like 5 planeswalkers????)
    Nissa, Vital Force, one of my favorite planeswalkers. She doesn't seem great but maintaining a 5/5 blocker for herself, returning permanents from the graveyard, and an easy ult that nets you card draw whenever you play a land makes her a must include in any superfriends deck IMO.
  • Wow! I love everyones favorites! I do not have a favorite card.
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