EnvyReaper's Planar Showcase

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...But most importantly, I like making settings that people can pick up and easily turn into a DnD game or can pick it up and make cards for it/use it as a basis for their story.

Whenever I think up a plane, I will be posting it here for people to see.


  • New Plane



    The plane that (will) freeze[ed] over.

    Basic plot:

    A plane similar to Kamigawa (Except this one is currently going through the firearms revolution and Arquebuses are starting to pop up), the factions are in relative unease as they have just gotten done with a world war as the firearms revolution started up (Yep! World War 1 flavor!). Of course, the winners was the side that got the Arquebus first. (Thank the nation of Zaban for that!)

    To now...

    The world is freezing over, the populace of the countries on the outer edge are getting smushed closer and closer together until they get into another war, this time it is a zero-sum situation on massive scale as they keep getting pushed together.


    (To be constructed)
  • Wouldn't it be a negative sum situation actually? Zero sum means one wins and one loses. In this case, everyone seems to lose.
  • @DrakeGladis

    (The reason why it is zero-sum contains spoilers so I am not explaining that until I showcase everything else first)
  • Ok. Just wanted to confirm
  • The Expanse

    Discovered by the planeswalker Biren Torendal after he intentionally corrupted his spark in order to cross the layer of life and death in Ravnica so he could bring his dead family back (War of the Spark). Instead, he accidentally ended up in the Expanse, while exploring he nearly lost his life and had to retreat back into Ravnica when an unknown creature attacked him
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