Unreasonable, the Set

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I have been in a few custom set discussions in the early stages, but I always drop out. So I am trying to make my own set. And it's an un-set, set on the plane of Grungovia.
U/G: industrialist merfolk people who like to build things.
B/G: Halloweenfolk.
W/B: This ones a bit complicated, so look down at the comments and see if you can find it.
R/W: Guys who are inspired by manga tropes and go around attempting to defend the world.
U/R: Angry librarians who want you to return your books on time, or else...
A note: I discovered these things:
These include art that may or may not be useful, and I have used one picture:


  • This seems interesting! Perhaps for the R/W faction, there could be a group of wizards stricken by a large number of anime/manga tropes (charging up ultimate attacks, screaming the name of said attacks out loud, power of friendship, etc.)
  • Nosebleeds. Lots of nosebleeds.
  • Further on the manga faction.
    Red and White have the most Samurais and Equipment. Both are incredibly suitable for that kind of thing, especially if the effects are kinda fake.
  • And burn spells for all of the overblown special techniques.
  • So, that works. Any other equally light-hearted factions.
  • Idea - W/B could be moody, insecure teens who aren't sure if they're good or evil? They would certainly be Unhappy!
  • I might change the name to another one in the long list I have. Good idea though, @ArchieTaylor.
  • Nosebleed would be an anime/manga trope about good looking females and celibate males. I was under the impression that this was an anime-based set, however, reflecting back upon what you wrote, it wouldn't quite work as I thought.
  • I hath changed the name to Unreasonable, unhappy was because I originally wanted more clowns than there actually are.
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    @KorandAngels So a recap and my own additions:

    (G/W/U) Superheroes. Because Bant is lacking the malice from the black and the recklessness of the red. So it's ike a sort of justice league or something like that.

    (B/R) Villains, or clowns. Or villainous clowns. Also villain is actually a creature type too in the latest Un-Set. Because Rakdos... you know, being chaotic, evil, or chaotic evil anyway.

    (U/R/W) Anime-crazed wizards and samurais (as stated by @TheWanderer). Or the weeaboos. Eeyup, it's pretty obvious what are those people anyway.

    (W/B) Emo kids or insecure teens (as stated by @ArchieTaylor). Who also listen to Black Veil Brides everyday. Probably they also drinking blood (that is actually ketchup) too. (Lmao).

    (G/W) Hippies or eco-terrorists. Just because. In addition, they also speak for the trees.

    So, feel free to add more suggestions though.
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    Good ideas, but I was going for 2-coloured, enemy-coloured factions.
    Unless we adapt them all to 3-colours...
  • I was intending this to be like a counterpart for Unstable. I actually thought that it could be set on a different continent of Bablovia, i don't know.
  • @KorandAngels So a continuation then, nice.

    Bablovia Unfortunate? Maybe Unlucky in Bablovia? Or Bablovia Unpredictable? Lul.
  • I don't know. Maybe Bablovia is just the continent?
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    @Korand Angels

    Fine then, putting all other things aside, now I understand if you want the enemy color pair archetypes.

    So, since the options are either GU, BG, WB, RW, and UR, here are my predicaments so far:

    (G/U) Hydrosurge Industries (or you can rename it) a.k.a. industrialist merfolk people who like to build things. The theme is heavy with artifacts and creatures that benefit from each other. A good mechanic would be affinity for artifacts, for example.

    (B/G) Immortal Coven (or you can rename it) is a faction made of loose groups of undead creatures who live hidden from civilization. Basically, just imagine the creatures from Hotel Transylvania. Plus, it's always Halloween there. There are several good mechanics for them such as unearth, undying, persist, etc., for example.

    (W/B) Cult of Twilight (or you can rename it) is a religious cult of insecure teens who worship some tv shows about vampires (who are probably sparkling under the sunlight too) because they are too edgy about life. In which the tv shows are actually under the management of a really powerful demon lord. I can't really think about a good mechanic for this faction tbh, since the theme is about token generations (a lot of 1/1 white and black Cultist tokens).

    (R/W) Defenders of the Realm (or you can rename it) a.k.a. the justice departments of the land so it's still about heroes and equipments anyway. A good mechanic for them would be mentor, or exalted would also be good too.

    (U/R) ... (this is kind of tricky because it would be ended with a faction that is similar to Izzet but with different name, so it would be unoriginal at best. I think I'm gonna leave it to anyone who has a good idea about the UR faction.)
  • UR...
    They take overdue fees in collector books, blood, or cash. Probably a mill/burn theme.
  • Thanks. I like it.
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    Deleted, but I want to get this started.
  • Love the librarian idea.

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    Hey @KorandAngels, don't know if it fits with your idea, but thought I'd drop by with a little somthin-somthin. Let me know if it works or not.

    (sorry about this just being a link. Chrome was being cranky and wouldn't open.)
  • @Revan I like that card but it doesn't fit in this set.
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    @KorandAngels That's what I thought. No biggie though, that's why I asked. If I think up some more Unreasonable cards, I will drop them by.
  • Also, for the UR faction, here's a mechanic that might work.
    Trickster - Whenever an opponent shuffles their library, [effect].
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    Here's somethin for the angry librarians.
  • @Revan I also like that cards mechanics, although 1. It doesn't need to be silver border and 2. I don't like the art and the name is a bit of a stretch.
  • But it's an Un-set
    What name would you suggest?
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