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Hi all! I'm trying to construct an entry for the "Fourth Wall" challenge, and I'm hoping to get some advice on balancing out the card. If you all have any advice, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Tracker of Fantasies


  • Ok, I'd just like to note that I wrote about three paragraphs desperately trying to consider the balance while ignoring the fact that this classes as an un-card, but I just can't do it. By referring to card rarity, this is an un-card. That's it. I've already written a little bit about how that contest is sort-of-flawed in its basis in those trashed paragraphs down below, so go and look at those or something. I don't know, I'm too tired for this right now. Why am I writing this?

    Here are those three paragraphs I mentioned in case anybody cares or I want to check what I was thinking later or something, I don't know:

    Right, so I'll start off with the statement that things being changed by rarity means that you're playing an un-set or pauper. However, I'll also acknowledge the fact that the contest asks that you don't give it any un-set cards and that, without doing some out-of-the-box thinking, it isn't possible to create an entry for the contest that isn't really an un-card. As a result, I'll just ignore the whole un-card thing and talk about this from a purely mechanical perspective.

    This is quite powerful in limited. You'll basically just turn one of your lands into a mythic when you've got a spare turn and then you've got a 4/4 first strike vigilance creature for three. It's basically just that, but it gets summoning sickness and is easier to remove for an extra turn.

    In constructed, it's hard to comment on the balance as it's heavily influenced by how many mythic-rares there are that can get onto the board on turns one or two. If you can resolve this and already have a mythic in play, this is an incredible card. I'd like to call out the good ol' legacy land Karakas in particular for being mythic and so making this incredible without having any negative impact on what you're doing whatsoever
  • @MemoryHead Thanks for the info! What you're saying makes a lot of sense, and I'll be sure to edit the card. I didn't really think of Karakas because I myself am a Modern player and so the cards I make are focused more on Modern.
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