Heroes with a dash of Black **CIRCUIT CHALLENGE**



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    I arrived too late to participate for credit, but this is near and dear to my heart so I'll put some things up.

    For my first submission, I decided to go with a well known character that I think has had their connection to black under-represented to say the least; Squee. (Yeah, I know this is completely a punt. But the point stands.)  This was a retread of Squee, the Immortal that had a BBR casting cost. from conversations on the card it's been changed to a better and different version but no longer meets the guidelines for this contest. Updated version is here

    Second, I dug up an old creation, the card itself was created for another challenge. In an example of parallel development it's similar to the Millennial King given at the start; a benign lich-emperor. Where the King rose in response to war, Furis's necromancy was the result of long, hard winters in a barren land. They are a scholar and pioneer, who rules from a library rather than a crypt and is vastly more interested in continuing their studies than ruling.

    The last example is a Sin Eater. While my others are individuals, legendary creatures, the sin eater is a nameless wanderer, one of many who ply this ancient, honorable, and horrible trade... granting absolution from folly and freedom from damnation. It's a hard concept to capture in a card, but I think this is an interesting version.
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  • To me, black heroism manifests in honesty, self-consciousness, and sheer stubbornness. Black heroes may still value themselves over others, but once they've decided that helping their friends is in their best interests, they will (occasionally literally) go to the end of the world defending them.

    Mendoro is a prodigy scholar with a knack for thought and divination magic. To outsiders, he appears cold, callous, and arrogant. That is because Mendoro recognizes that he and his friends live in a world where the weak will fail simply because that's what makes them weak. To these close allies, Mendoro is relentless and brilliant, demanding everyone's all to overcome the world's great evils because nothing else will suffice.

    At Her Majestys Behest
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    (Entry 1)

    My idea is that Lucin is an impulsive vampire who struggles with a thirst for blood and victory. He does his best to curb these flaws, but occasionally, they win him over. This is represented by my use of the renown mechanic and how it interacts with the thirst counters.

    Lucin has incredible potential, but his flaws are enormous, though few. If he could only conquer them, he would have strength to rival Sorin's. (Maybe) I chose to do him in Mono-black, because, although his personality and skills are black-white, his hunger for destruction is such a basic part of him that it overpowers the white.

    Honestly, he sounds much too evil when I read this back to myself, but he really isn't.


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    (Entry 2)

    Jagg, Master of Blades. An enigmatic, charismatic, and skilled swordsman, Jagg Steric is a human rouge who detests evil in every form. He borders a little bit on chaotic-neutral, but overall he isn't evil.


    (Also this one is my previously created)
  • Carwyn (Entry 3):

    Carwyn is a god on the plane called Terramare. He controls the heavens and redeems the souls that did good in their life, and allows imprints of them to remain on the plane and influence the people around them. In addition to that, Carwyn also helps prevent any of the evil souls from cheating death.

    Entry 4, Eternal Guardians:

    The eternal guardians are one of Carwyn's creations. Ancient magic woven by gods created these things to guard the heavens. They are Carwyn's main form of defense against any threats trying to cheat death. The invoke mechanic on here is meant to symbolize how they are enchantments, but can come alive when needed to help defend the plane.
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    Wanted flavor text:
    "How about you pick on someone your own size?!" Krumpet, to Count Goliath VI

    I imagine Krumpet, Scaled Scoundrel as a Robin Hood-eqsue character, stealing from the powerful to give to the weaker, which is represented in the draw a card or treasure token generation. I tried to portay the "little guy" aesthetic through his weak stats. His "defending the weaker" aspect I tried to convey with the ability to fight blocking creatures.

  • This is another OC with a backstory, but I won't go into it here...

    And his partner, (drumroll please...)
    GARRK (weird name, I know)
    Garrk Lord among Wolves
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  • @EnvyReaper I understand if this entry isn't accepted. I just haven't seen anything among the posts saying if this has closed and so I'm going to throw my proverbial hat in the ring just in case anyway. I hope that is okay.

    Pact Commander Myric dLan

    My entry is my version of the hero you play in Guild Wars 2. I tried taking some of the abilities from the spellbreaker, a subclass of the Warrior class who focuses on stripping buffs from himself and enemies to enhance the overall damage he can do. Of all the cards I have done on cardsmith, this is probably the one I'm most proud of.
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