April Showers Bring Mayflowers... **Circuit Challenge!!!**

But what do Mayflowers bring?  Pilgrims, of course.  At least if you are in the USA.  On other planes, in realms far unknown, vehicles transport many other things, some good, some not.  Your challange is to create a vehicle to show us what might be being used to transport.  Go wild with this.  I want to see everything from trains to teleporters to tricycles.  As a potential bonus, feel free to create a generic card to crew your vehicle.  It will count as a bonus.


Syntax accuracy:7
Credit to the artist:9
Originality: 5

Max sum 35

Extra credit: Crew card.

Flavor: 7
Syntax accuracy: 6
Credit to the artist: 7
Originality: 5

Max sum 20

Unfortunately, I don't have any prizes to offer besides Favorites, and of course, Circuit Challenge points.
Circuit Challenge points and Favorites are as follows:
1st: 1 Circuit Point 5 faves and 1 Month of Free Premium (Courtesy of @Ian_The_Guru)
2nd: 3/4 Circuit Point and 3 faves
3rd: 1/2 Circuit Point and 2 faves
HM: 1/4 Circuit Point and 1 fave

If you win a prize, your card will automatically be favored, which will not count against the number of favorites you get.

The end date for this is May 23rd.
Max entries is seven per smith.
Also, just noting, this contest is made on my birthday.



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