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  • @SkyWizard437 Looks good! I would love to look at the cats mechanic!
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    @shadow123 The Cat mechanic is pride counters. They are placed on a player by some spells and abilities, and the number of pride counters a player has can influence the effects and abilities of spells that player controls. Following some feedback on another forum, I decided to make pride counters expendable to trigger abilities for some cards.

  • Ummm, maybe some reminder text @SkyWizard437?
  • @LordTachanka123 Pride counters are like energy counters. They are placed on players, and what they do depends on the card that interacts with them. Reminder text would only be helpful if they did the same thing in every instance, which they don't. I can, however, make a place to put them.

  • @SkyWizard437 That looks fun! I love energy counters, so this seems cool! I think flavorfully, there should be lots of effects that trigger the card about the amount of pride counters you have rather than paying them (you usually don’t use/pay/lose pride as a positive effect). It has lots of design potential, so I like it!
  • @shadow123 Thanks! Congratulations on your Song of the Heavens making the Popular list!
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    @SkyWizard437 Ooooooo! Pride counters! Seems fun!
  • @SkyWizard437, nice mechanic and very flavorful for Cats. Maybe there is a way to learn from Wizard's mistakes with Energy counters and make it less parasitic. Like "Pay {4} or two pride counters"? Alternate ways to pay costs?

    Thoughts on my Golgari mechanic that's a spin-off of Kicker?

    Golgari Mechanic
  • @Temurzoa I love it! Fun, flavorful, lots of design space, and usable in all rarities!
  • I love the mechanic @Temurzoa!
  • @Temurzoa I agree with @shadow123. That looks like a fun mechanic to play with, and one you could do a lot with. Thank you to you and @Liwg for your feedback. 
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    I've determined the other two tribes for my prospective set, and I have a mechanic for one of them. The third tribe is Red-Green Archers with their mechanic, Volley.

    The mechanic works as follows:
       - Volley X (When this creature attacks, you may tap up to X other creatures you control. When you do, it gets +1/+1 until end of turn for each creature tapped this way.)
  • Interesting mechanic @SkyWizard437, you would have to give the archers a good bit of creatures though...still like it!
  • @LordTachanka123 Thanks. I like your Imagine mechanic. It's like a scaling version of Kicker, and there's a lot that could be done with it.
  • It's the third mechanic in my cycle of numerical 1 mechanics.
  • @LordTachanka123 What are the other two?
  • @LordTachanka123 Unfortunately, there is already a mechanic called rebound that has to do with instants and sorceries resolving again. I also think it seems a little to similar to the ability jump start, except you don't hsve to pay the mana cost which makes your rebound mechanic quite powerful. The card you put it is pretty cool though!
  • @SkyWizard437 Nice mechanic! Could you explain to me why the word Volley was used, I don't really get the archer feel from that mechanic. Other than that, awesome mechanic AND awesome card!
  • @SkyWizard437
    1. Cost-Erupt(You may cast this spell from your graveyard.If you do, change all numbers on this spell to 1. Then exile this spell.) For red, it's mostly on non-creatures, but there are some etbs.
    2. Wave(When you cast this spell, you may return a permanent you control to your hand. If you do, add 1 to all numbers on this spell) For blue, looking back it is slightly overpowered with Agent of Treachery(Who is in that deck)
    3. Imagine, which is for black.
  • Recruit(You may put a card from your hand onto the battlefield with cmc 1 or less than this spells cmc)
    For white.

  • Cultivate N(Tap N target lands...)
  • @shadow123 Thanks! I use Volley in the sense of a volley of projectiles launched at a target. In flavor terms, creatures tapped with a Volley ability could be seen as assisting an attacking creature by providing cover fire.
  • @SkyWizard437 so experience counters?
  • @MTG_Sappy For Pride Counters? Kind of. After some thought, I decided to go with the middle road of having some cards rely on having certain numbers of pride counters and others rely on spending them, so kind of a mix between experience counters and energy counters.
  • @LordTachanka123 I'm not quite clear on the phrasing of Recruit. Do you have an example of how it would be used? Also, I like your Cultivate mechanic. I can't think of many mechanics that use lands, so that's definitely a space ripe for development. It's also very flavorful for lands. Nice job.
  • Example

    Man www
    When Man enters the battlefield, recruit.

    Then, you would put a card from your hand with cmc 2. @SkyWizard437
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