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  • @Hammiewamie Hoard is just a version of Landfall that puts a pellet counter onto the creature from what I can tell.  If you made it work with food tokens then it could be more unique mechanically.

    {mana cost}{t}: Spellbend: Target a spell you control
    that is on the stack. Apply specificed effect.

    Be brutally honest if you feel like it.
  • Hey, thanks. I just thought it like a landfall at first, because hamsters seek for their resources in lands, and then hoard them, but i'll make'em work with the food token thing.
  • If you wanted it to be landfall, then just call it landfall, but since it is called hoard you may as well have it work with food tokens
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    A simple example of living spell.
    The creature rules text is not part of the spell effects, and are not in effect until the spell is a creature on the battlefield. Ideally there would be a box within the rules text framing the creature part of the card to help players understand this.
    These cards are handled as instants or sorceries for all effects that care about those types, including effects that trigger off or search for those card types. They are also creature spells for effects that care about that. Both of these are true, even on the stack.  
    If one of these spells are copied, and the living spell cost is paid, the copies enter the battlefield as creature tokens.
  • Trawl 'X' for 'permanent/creature type' <i>(Look at the top 'X' cards of your library, you may put any number of 'Creature type' type creature cards from among them on the battlefield paying {1} for each of those permanents. Put the rest back on top of your library in a random order.)</i>
  • Inculcate (Whenever 'a creature' enters the battlefield under your control, if that creature has more keywords than this creature, put a +1+1 counter on this creature.)
  • I've always wanted a mechanic that turns instants and sorceries into permanents.  I created the sustain mechanic, where instants and sorceries with sustain can be cast for an alternate cost, which causes them to become enchantments and no longer say "until end of turn".

    Here are some examples:

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    The reason for only the X in the mana cost is for Warlock Wizards that kind of "transforms" into Skin-walkers for a better benefit the more mana you pay for the Skin-walkers.
    Irrevocable, basically, is their to balance cards better from being more powerful. Definitely since Deathsneaking Mamba can be cast for free.
    Deathsneaking Mamba
    Deathsneaking Witch

    The reverse of Trample.
    Vindictive Goblin
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