Hello fellow cardsmiths! Welcome to CARDS OF MTGCARDSMITHS 2020!!!!!

I was inspired by @sorinjace's "Cards of mtgcardsmiths 2019" contest, so I decided to create a 2020 version! The rules are simple: Make any type of card for any cardsmith (including yourself) and have fun! Also, make sure that there is nothing disrespectful. One old card can be entered each month.

Here are some examples featuring cards I made for cardsmiths @Ral1000, @sorinjace, @Dizzydude, @baryonyx69, and @Ranshi!

Rals Mastery Sorinjaces Grasp Dizzystorm Baryonyx Dinosaur Champion Ranshi Lucid Dreamer

I have a set of cards for cardsmiths here:

Right. The Prizes:

I will award faves to the top three cards designed each month, then at the very end of the year...

1st place: 10 favorites and a follow
2nd place: 8 favorites and a follow
3rd place: 5 favorites and a follow
4th - 10th place: 3 favorites
11th-20th place: 2 favorites
21st-25th place: 1 favorite

This is meant to be a fun contest that brightens up people's day. :smiley: Of course, if anyone wants a card made of them, they can post here, and I'm pretty sure someone will make a card for them.

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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