Join The Official MTG Cardsmith Discord Server

Hello again MTG Cardsmith community! We hope everyone, their family and friends are keeping safe and healthy during these times.

We also hope you are enjoying the Vehicle frames we added a short time back. There are more frames coming to the editor in the near future, so be on the lookout for those.

One element we are adding to the community is an official MTG Cardsmith Discord Server. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Discord, it is an app for chatting in text, voice and video similar to Skype or Slack and brings a real-time element to discussions.

Some of you are familiar with Discord and we were happy to hear that some members of the community already participate in an unofficial Discord Server. Aside from its official capacity, our server will be different in that it will adhere to the Terms of Service for as well as some basic Discord rules.

Think of Discord as a complement to the Discussion forums that are already in use. Contests and Challenges will still be run on the MTGCS forums as well as other events that you have become accustomed to over the last nine years, or for however long the forums have been in operation.

One thing we’d like to stress is that this Discord chat app is a work in progress and an evolving entity. It will not be perfect to start with, nor will it be perfect in the future. We add/subtract channels from time-to-time. Our rules also will grow and hopefully mature over time. Please respect the rules, the Admins and the Moderators at all times.

But most of all, have fun.

Here is the link to Discord Server:

The Team at MTG Cardsmith


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