Are Cardsmiths interested in a card/board game giveaway? Yes, they are!

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Myself am planning on holding a card/board game giveaway and was wondering if there are any Cardsmiths interested.

Currently there is one going on with my community server, for helping others entertain themselves during the current world events. Entering the Vale, giveaway server hosted on Discord:

But myself am planning on having one in the cardsmith forums for those weary of sharing shipping details with myself to order and send the game. That one will be shipped through mtgcardsmith officially if enough people are interested.

If interested, please leave a message below in the comments. Also, share what you think there as well. The plan is to give away either, 2 x $30 USD games or 1 x $50 USD game. With shipping paid for as well.

This is my belated gift being shared with the community for my birthday, from April 29th.

Sincerely, Mercyque


  • Bumping this before myself leave for my hair trimming. That way hopefully we get responses before am back from the salon.
  • Awesome artwork Mercy!
  • I have to agree, that is some really nice art.
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    Bump, cus it's late in the day. I also wanna help familiarize others with the possibility of the giveaway on the site and the options for how it'll be laid out if we decide it's worth the community's time.

    "The plan is to give away either, 2 x $25 USD games or 1 x $50 USD game. With shipping paid for as well."

    Note: Might up the $25 dollar option to 30$ for ease of selecting games of the winner's choice. But we'll leave that to community feedback.
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    I love board games!
    I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do...
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    Would you prefer two separate winners of a 30$ game or one winner of a 50$ game?

    Sorry, should've made it more clear what was asking.
  • I would prefer the two winners of 30$ because there is more chances for everyone that way.
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    How do you choose winners?

    Wait, is this just asking if anyone is interested, and if people are you'll make a contest?
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    I like board games.

  • ------
    Cool, that was my main question. We'll see if anyone else provides feedback. This giveaway is planned to center around the 1st of June.

    Also, am working with someone to make the giveaway held in the thread of another contest that am also supporting, so there's more to engage in than just typing that you're interested.

    All cardsmiths that enter regardless of what they place, have a chance at the giveaway portion. There will also be nice prizes for the contest portion.

    We plan to combine the two so as to reduce the amount of threads needed and boost its engagement from the community.

    Hope to see you there!
  • @murkletins
    Is this thread already made?
  • @Fantastickill7
    This was just gauging interest in the idea. The other thread will be labelled a contest/challenge name with '& game giveaway' in the title.
  • It will be made likely by the 1st of June. Otherwise, a day or two later depending on the contest portion's setup.
  • We're working on having a engaging theme for the thread, and a cool premise that hopefully many will like.
  • @murkletins
    Oh right, sorry for the confusion.
  • So we have now confirmed there are people interested, so this will be happening. Thanks all of ya!
  • @murkletins do you think you could tag my when this thread is out?
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    Will tag everyone who commented on this thread to make sure they don't miss out. But for you, I'll also send a private message as courtesy.

    Thank you for helping with your feedback! It helps more than you think.
  • @murkletins
    Yeah, I had a big disappointment with my last challenge, so this time I decided to make a thread asking if people would enter before making the actual thing, and so far it's been a success. (5 people in the first 4 hours!)
  • @Fantastickill7
    Good to hear, myself saw and favorited the thread so can enter.
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