I Adjure You to Join - Custom Mechanic Challenge

Hello everyone!

I'm here with a challenge that is centered around a custom mechanic of mine called Adjure. This challenge focuses around using the mechanic (and since I'm nearly at my card maximum,) and using it in cool fun ways that I don't have the space to explore hahahahaha.

So here's the mechanic:
Adjure N: As this creature enters the battlefield, choose up to N other target creature(s). As long as you control this creature, the chosen creatures get +1/+1.

Overall, it's a relatively simple mechanic. Creature comes down, buffs certain other creatures as long as it's on the field, buffs leave when it does. But nothing's ever that simple, right?

In addition, a card with adjure may further interact with adjured creatures, using clauses like "creatures adjured by ......", "as long as you control at least one creature adjured by .......", etc.

So, here's the bulk of this contest: Just create some cards with Adjure!

But there's more! There's actually 3 categories that cards can place in! Since adjure has so far only seen use really in my set Planar Collapse, it has a specific niche there: legendary advisors. All of the creatures I've made with adjure are legendary advisors of some kind. But don't worry, yours don't have to be! And that's kind of the point of this contest is to see the mechanic grow beyond where it is in the set. So, while I want to pay homage to adjure's background, I want to see it used in new and interesting ways, so, the three categories of placing are:

1. Legendary Creatures
2. Advisors
3. Creatures that are neither 1 or 2 (and other non-conforming entries)

Each of these categories will have its own internal placing, so for each category, there will be:
First Place: 4 favorites on cards of your choice and a follow
Second Place: 3 favorites on cards of your choice
Third Place: 2 favorites on cards of your choice
Honorable Mention(s): 1 favorite on a card of your choice

Some rules:
1. Six entries are allowed. You're more than welcome to make more and show them, just please say which six you are entering.
2. Cards must feature the adjure mechanic.
3. Editing cards and swapping out entries is allowed before the end date, just please update when you do so.
4. Follow all forum and site rules, and be respectful of others.
5. Have fun? Idk

Some quick FAQs (that I totally asked myself):
1. Yes, a Legendary Advisor will be entered into both categories 1 and 2. However, it can only place in one. That will be my discretion during judging. You don't need to specify entering into categories.
2. You are more than welcome to discuss/advise about better wording or qualms with the mechanic. I hope there aren't really cause I may cry, but please do help to make it right if something's wrong.
3. When's the end date? June 30th. You've got plenty of time to mull it over and come up with ideas. Based on the three categories, I may push this back to July 30th, but we'll see as we go. Who knows. I don't know, I'm not a scientist.
4. What's the inspiration for adjure? Well, it all started with Mister Emperor Tun Jinshu Gong here:
And I thought, whoa what if there was a mechanic where the creature ordered other creatures to do stuff? And boom. Genius was created.
5. Why are you doing this? Well, I literally cry almost every time I go back and have to delete old cards to make new ones, so I am adjuring all of you to make cards with my mechanic for me because I don't have the space. Thank you for your time and concern.

Cheers, and have fun! -Dragoon


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