Please read if you are interested in hosting a contest/challenge with rounds!

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Hello fellow cardsmiths, my name is Mercy and myself am planning a contest for the month after the next, but want a co host with experience doing round based eliminations with varying participant counts.

1) Cardsmiths have a period of time they can enter for the contest/challenge initially.
2) Cardsmiths make cards for individual rounds to be judged.
3) Cardsmiths will be judged for each round, some will be eliminated.
4) Repeat until there's a single withstanding cardsmith.

After which the grand prize will be given to the winner.

What is the grand prize you may ask? Similar to my other upcoming thread we're giving away a card/board game. But this will be slightly different, the card or board game may cost up to 80$ USD. All expenses paid trip to game ville!

Before this can be held myself need to discuss with interested judges of contests/challenges, if they'd be interested and able to schedule this into their time.


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