Legacy/Vintage frame

Hi everyone!
I'm new to the website (really cool job, btw, thanks a lot) and I really appreciate how easy it is to edit and publish custom cards. Only thing is, I'm kind of an elderly gamer (first approached MTG when Mercadian M. came out, you can figure :P) and I'd really like to be able to make cards with the old pre-2003 frame.

Is it possible, has it ever been an option, would it be too much work for the webmasters?

Thanks anyway and cheers


  • They're still working on getting the modern frames...
  • You are quite new. Just joined in the last hour.
  • Indeed... spent a dozen minutes browsing the forums to see if anyone had asked the same dumb question, then said to myself "The hell with that, I'll just ask, that's no harm".
  • Yup. I suggest asking this on the FAQ page, where it has a higher chance of being noticed by the webmasters(Didn't even know that was a word). 
  • I have decided to follow you. Your formatting is good, your wording is nice, and your cards aren't overly complex.
  • I'm not sure it is..! Not a native english-speaker, you know. But I guess it got the job done...
  • What language do you speak?
  • I'm from Italy!
  • Ahh, Italy! 3/4 of my family loves an aspect of the place! My mom used to live there, my dad is obsessed with history, and I only eat pasta!
  • Also, may I suggest you meeting @Scaccogaming? I believe he's a fellow Italian citizen, and it might be nice to have someone who might understand you better.
  • Thank you very much for your comment about the pair of cards I uploaded! Yes, they're quite simple, it's probably because cards actually began to get fairly complicated over the last 5-10 years, compared to the ones I was used to play with. One of the two, as you see, has just been missed for long, one can even wonder about its absence.
  • Also @Paki, I highly encourage you to participate in the "Let's get to know people" thread.
  • Thanks a lot! Will do. See you around!
  • See you around, mi ami!
  • First things first, welcome to the site.

    About the card frames, there's still some more recent ones missing, I doubt they will actually release the vintage frames, because I don't see many people actually going to use them.
  • I was afraid of that... thanks for your answer (e ciao!) :smile:
  • @Paki - We actually used to have a Vintage frame, but for the sake of server space it was removed since not as many people were using it. It hadn't really evolved with the site. We're feverishly working on adding more frames and at some point, I'd like to see the Vintage stuff come back as well...  as I need to finish my Fallen Empires Set!
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