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  • In the Commander 2020 precons, there are a total of 148 creature cards, with Arcane Maelstrom having the least at 21 and Enhanced Evolution having the most at 38.
  • In the set Battlebond, there are a total of 11 pairs of cards with the mechanic Partner, with 5 of them being legendary creatures and 1 being a pair of planeswalkers. In fact, those planeswalkers are Will and Rowan Kenrith even though their home plane, Eldraine, had its first set nearly 2 years later.
  • @LordTachanka123 Do you know any useless MTG facts?
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    There are currently 72 planeswalker cards legal in standard.
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  • Jace is probably bisexual.
  • Beserk is the only mono-green mythic rare instant, and was only upgraded to mythic rare in two reprints. Technically, green has never had an exclusively mythic rare instant
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  • @LordTachanka123 Shipping whomst? Ral and Jace?
  • Oops, seem my brain turned off @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos. Jace and Nissa.
  • Jace and Liliana was a thing, too, you know.
  • Here's some ones I've picked up, varying in how well they're known:
    - Given a set of five options, there are 31 unique combinations of those options, which fully encompasses all groupings of one, two, three, four, and five for those objects. This means there are 31 color groupings in MTG (not including colorless), and how you can know Sublime Epiphany has 31 ways to cast it.

    Sublime Epiphany and Casualties of War are tied for the most modes on a modal spell at 5.

    - There are rules in the game for what would happen if an instant or sorcery spell were to enter the battlefield: it just doesn't, remaining in the zone it was last validly in.

    - Every single "partner with" pair from battlebond uses an enemy color combination (WB, BG, GU, UR, RW).

    - It is possible to open very rare Journey into Nyx booster packs where the cards included are all 15 gods, one of each from the entire block.

    - One of these days I actually will finish that Pokemon crossover set I'll occasionally mention.

    - Literally the only thing Narset does in the Ikoria novel is buy books. She is mentioned in passing once afterward, but is never seen afterward.

    - The first set to have 15-card booster packs was Legends

    - There is an entire unreleased set from MTG's early history based around multicolor cards.

    - Purple mana was tested for Planar Chaos, but never implemented. Mana Drain was proposed to be colorshited into it as a means to excite players about the color.

    - There is a card than can naturally create a token of every permanent type in black-bordered magic except lands.

    - Caribou and Sand are both MTG creature types.

    Lord of Tresserhorn's stat line garnered it the name "Good Buddy" in testing, playing off the phrase "10-4 good buddy!"

    - Pink, Gold, and Brown are all legal colors in silver-bordered magic.

    - In silver bordered magic, you can choose fractional halves as numbers for cards that let you choose numbers, and you can pay half-mana into X costs.

    - City of Ass was designed to have the drawback of 1/2 a point of damage in mana burn on most uses, hence why it seems so powerful today even among other silver-bordered cards.

    - Chandra, Gremlin Wrangler, an incredibly rare promotional card given to WotC employees, is the only planeswalker to ever feature flavor text on its paper card.

    - Pick Your Poison was originally designed as a Great Designer Search 3 challenge entry. The judges were very impressed and receptive to it.

    - Inside certain products, such as the original Game Night set, there were adds for an app called Magic: The Gathering Portal, an app that was not out at the time of these advertisements, got delayed, then got subsequently canceled. 

    - If you head to, you can see that Urza, Academy Headmaster has "secret" flavor text.

    - Urza, Academy Headmaster's pool of abilities draws only from the abilities of existing planeswalkers spare one ability that is unique to him: "Create a 4/4 gold Dragon creature token with flying."

    - The planeswalker card type was first referenced on Tarmogoyf's reminder text.

    - In 2017 an article was released by MaRo discussing which card mechanics fit into which colors. In that article, green was mentioned to get "Banisher Priest–like effects" (When this card enters the battlefield, exile target creature/permanent until this card leaves play) as a secondary mechanic despite no green card prior to it or after it ever featuring the mechanic. This is in fact because Wicked Wolf was originally supposed to be the first green card to use this effect, with the original design being:
    Big, Bad Wolf
    Creature — Wolf
    When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls with a power less than CARDNAME until CARDNAME leaves the battlefield.
    this was scrapped because it felt like too much of a mechanical departure for green.

    - The first planeswalkers were released at rare, because mythic didn't exist as a rarity yet.

    - The mythic rarity was first put to print in Alara, but devised as far back as the unreleased set Spectral Chaos (mentioned in a previous fact in the list).

    - There are more Planeswalkers in Magic than Cats.
  • Well... time to throw my hat into the ring.

    #1. The card Bludgeon Brawl turns all you non-creature, non-equipment permanents into equipment. So you could have a creature Gideon equip Jace and use him as a bludgeoning stick.

    #2: Three ways to get multiple of the same planeswalkers onto the battlefield.
           I. Use mirror gallery
           2. Use spark double 
           Take war of the spark Sarkhan, use his plus to turn your walkers into dragons, equip the walker you want a copy of with helm of the host and voila!

    #3 6th edition storm crow has a 6/5 star rating on the gatherer, and the 7th edition foil is worth $20 canadian.

  • My head is currently imploding with approximately as many facts as there are reprints of Giant Growth, the most... well... reprinted non-land card to date at 34 versions.
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    Of course they were, which I personally prefer to Jaska. Anyways, best line from the book:
    "I'm pretty sure that they slept together at some point"-Chandra Nalar, Pretty Awesome
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