In a pile of sand ... on second thought, I can call it desert.

Good morning, good afternoon and good night.
Welcome to my second challenge. I hope I do a better dynamic than the first. I will make some changes.

Well, most people know the snow lands ... so they decide to do their counterpart ... the desert lands. (It's not very original, but I think we have a lot of ground to explore.)

Then I introduce you to the basic desert lands:

Make a desert card somehow. desert lands, desert creature, desert artifact ... 
Edit: Sand supertype will be valid too
• Maximum of 3 entries per participant
• Old cards are valid (I am really curious to see some older creation.)
• The cards need the link of the creation made in MTGCardsmith
• It will have a longer time than the first contest. 15 days (07/06) can be extended for another 7 days (07/13).

Only if you have more than seven participants. Below that all participants will have two favorite cards to choose from.
1 st - Seven favorite cards and a follow
2nd - Five favorite cards
3rd - Three favorite cards
Top 3 mention in the Hall of Fame

10,0 points each card:
2,0p - my opinion for judgment
4,0p - quality
2,5p - balancing
1,5p - grammar

Good luck to everyone and be creative 

My Examples:
You can use colorless mana to represent desert.



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