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Hey yo. So a couple of years ago I had a contest that lasted throughout the summer based on cartoons. At the end of the contest, there was a showdown between smiths and whomever didn't get eliminated each week advanced forward to the finals and eventually to victory, winning the whole contest. The winner/cartoon champion was cardsmith @TemurGideon :)  It was fun overall, but at times (to me) it felt painfully slow. I learned that a lot of you guys don't actually watch or know cartoons! While this is a sad and frightening thing to me, and having the past experience of hosting a contest such as this, I am approaching it again after a few cardsmith's have requested for me to bring it back, even as I feel like I'm not so certain that many of you will partake in this challenge. However, you guys have proven me wrong before, and I think this could be a fun challenge still, and I believe in it. So without further ado, welcome to SORINJACE'S RE-TOON TO CARTOONS CONTEST SUMMER CHALLENGE 2020!

The contest is much simpler this time around: Create cards based off characters that have at some point or another been depicted in a cartoon. The first time around, it was scheduled and we had themes, but this made the contest drag, and I don't want that to happen anymore than it is probably going to already do, so instead of meeting the week's theme, this year I am simply just asking you to create anything you desire that has been in a cartoon, even if it isn't a new cartoon, and even if the art you use isn't actually from the cartoon, just so long as your card represents a character(s) from an existing cartoon. (So yes, Spider-Man or Batman or Beetlejuice count, for example!) I want to see you treat these cards as though they was non-cartoon cards.

Here is an example of what I am looking for:

Prince Adam Son of RandorHe-Man Eternias Guardian

As you can see, this is a double-sided/flip card. This is Prince Adam/He-Man from the cartoon series of the 1980's filmation series, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

But this is what I decided to create. You can create any type of card, even lands if you want or vehicles too! (M.A.S.K. would be a great cartoon to do 'vehicle' based cards on or Transformers too. If you don't know those cartoons, look them up! Google and YouTube are your best friends for this contest!) There is great reference material on the internet and wikipedia can break down a lot of characters in a short period of time for you if you don't want to sit and watch something that might have caught your eye art wise but you don't know anything about it. It really isn't that hard to do. :wink:


1.) No recreations of already existing magic cards with cartoon art. (For example, my alternate art for willbender I used Bender from futurama on it. A card like that won't be counted because it's a proxy/not original. I'm looking for original ideas depicting characters or other things from cartoon shows.)
2.) Please credit the artist(s) on your entries.
3.) No limit to new cards. Cards are considered 'new' from the month of June 2020 and going forward.
4.) Maximum of 5 old cards. We are really trying to see new cards be created, and while the older cards are much appreciated, new cards would be preferred. When you drop old cards, please specify they are 'old' cards.
5.) Nothing offensive or vulgar please.
6.) Cartoon shows can be from any time/era, new or old shows alike, as long as they are considered a cartoon. Anime is NOT a cartoon. However, If the card has both an anime AND a cartoon, than it slides, so long as it had a cartoon made at some point for it and you can reference it.
6.) No tokens of cartoon images please unless the card calls for tokens being created. We are looking for actual work on the card. Anyone can create tokens.
7.) Please referrence what your card's influenced by. For example, if you make a Bugs Bunny card, please say it is influenced from Looney Tunes, or something like that. I'm sure you get what I mean. This is so that anyone curious may be able to find the cartoon it is from if they don't know the cartoon and they can go and check it out if they feel so inclined.
8.) Deadline for entries atm is looking like it will be until Friday, July 31st 2020, 11:59pm, EST, USA
9.) Rules may be subject to change.


If there are enough people, there will be honorable mention(s). Each Honorable mention gets 2 favorites.

3rd place winner will receive 3 favorites and a trophy favorite on their placing card.
2nd place winner will receive 4 favorites and a trophy favorite on their placing card.
1st place winner will receive 5 favorites and a follow from myself. If I'm already following you, I will give you another favorite and a trophy favorite on their placing card. Oh, and one more special prize:

@Suicidal_Deity would like to create a card for the 1st place winner, so if you win, get in touch with @Suicidal_Deity and discuss what type of card you would like Deity to make for you. I thought that was pretty sweet that he wanted to do this, so good luck to you guys in creating cards for this!

Speaking of @Suicidal_Deity he created a card of Lion-o from Thundercats very recently just before I started this contest, it's a great example of what I'm looking for as well, and influenced me to create my version of He-Man:

Lion-O the Thunderian

So thats it. Pretty simple really. Create cartoon influenced cards, and reference the cartoon you are making your card(s) for please. Thanks guys, and I can't wait to see what you come up with for this contest this year!


- sj :)


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