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Hounds are now dogs! Squirrels in black border! A new way to draft! Welcome everyone!
It's the Mouse Tribal!
In this week's magazine, we'll tell you the best way to play magic!
"Win."-Man #1
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  • Weekly Tribal

    Well, mouses just got added to magic. I mean, it was a little while ago, Throne of Eldraine, but still, recently. We got them in only a few cards, and even then they were only tokens. But Rat tribal is very much a thing in black, as rats are basically the main reason for the Bubonic plague, second only to the fleas themselves. But why mice? What's so special about mice? 
    Let me tell you.

    1. Mice are flexible
    Mice can get through even the smallest of spaces, as they are able to collapse flatten their body, meaning that no wall can stop them. And as we all know, they like to make walls their home. Mice are able to slip through even 6 millimetre(0.23622 inches for all of us Americans) holes. This allows them to get to shelter quite easily, and keep their children protected. This also makes mice incredibly hard to catch, as they can easily run away from you.

         2. Mice don't rely on sight

    Mice have very bad vision, and that means that they use their other senses to a highten degree. Smelling, feeling, and hearing all help this rodent survive in the wild. This is why mice get caught in our traps. They can't see it, smell it, and it feels like normal wood. But they can smell the cheese. This is also why mice infestations occur when food is let out, as they can smell it from a good distance. They're hearing is incredible, and they can squeak at such a pitch we can't even hear it. They also are known for serenading each other with love songs.

         3. Mice don't like the cold

    Not much to say here, but this is why mice come into houses during the winter season, and also why a mice makes an appearance in A visit from St Nicolas, and why mice are normally though of as Christmas season comes around.

         4. Mice teeth don't stop growing

    Have you ever wondered why mice are always gnawing on stuff? This is why. They have to make sure their teeth don't grow to big, because throughout their life they are growing.

         5. Mice love food

    Well, I'm pretty sure we all already knew this one, so I might as well remove it from the list.

    That's all for today folks, but if you want to post some mice cards on here that use one of these facts(Minus 5) mechanically, feel free too!


  • Cardsmith of the Week

    There are some smiths out there who don't get a lot of attention, not because they're bad, but because they haven't been able to do things like get on the forums. So I'm going to showcase some smiths I think deserve at least a like, and a few of there cards!

    This weeks cardsmith:


  • Minus well Tribal
  • Joke Column
    To bring some joy to all of our 

    Why is there no milk on Bant?
    Because they are Rakdos intolerant.

    How many MTG players does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    Three. One to do it, two to stand and watch, telling him after the fact how he could have done it three turns faster.
    A Squire, a Dark Confidant and a Noble Hierarch walk into a bar. They all go up to order a drink, when suddenly the Confidant and the Hierarch drop dead. The Squire panics and yells to the bartender: "What the hell just happened?!" The bartender looks down and says: "Eh, what'd ya expect? This is a -1/-1 counter."

  • Hahahaha, Oh, this all brought a smile to my face! Its awesome of you to give other creators some love and recognition, that's very nice of you. And I love the mice tribal idea, i'll have to make a card or two about 'em. Mind if i post them here? Also, Banding.
  • No problem, post all your mice cards here @Volos!
  • Artist of the week

    You guys can probably guess what this is, but I decided that some artist out there do really good artwork, and a lot of stuff that I use comes from them. I'm going to kick things off with my favorite artist of all time. He's done art for Magic, and it was amazing. Give it up for:

    Rudy Siswanto

  • @Volos
    My barbershop quartet sings you this little song:
    "K-E-D... (D is for devastating) 
    G-A-R... (R'nt you a little big for a mouse? jk)
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    Who wants to hear about random and totally absurd mtg stories? YOU DO!!

    This week's article:


    You heard me right. I was just a innocent bystander playing draft with one of the silver-bordered sets, when my opponent basically forces me into playing Hangman:
    The only problem is, instead of choosing a WORD WITH 6 TO 8 LETTERS, HE CHOOSES antidisestablishmentarianism, and last time I checked, that is a *Googles how many ,letters are in antidisestablishmentarianism because he's too lazy to count it* 28 LETTERS?! WHAT THE *Elevator music that doesn't actually play in elevators and only when we are experiencing "Technical Difficulties"* Sorry about that folks, I got a little surprised, BUT THE POINT IS, HE CHEATED AT HANGMAN AND WE WEREN'T ACTUALLY PLAYING HANGMAN!!!!
    As you can tell, I'm a little salty about this, and it was nice to let it out. Isn't that right, *Starts Shouting* FREDRI-

  • @dragonbornletter Haha, i love the story. Sorry about the cheat, but it is kind of funny
  • @Volos Thanks. After I got over it, it was Hilarious. I don't think my opponent actually read the first part of the card, but I was still salty.
  • Umm...just bookmark it? Press the star? This was a joke at first, but now I like it @dragonbornletter!
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  • @LordTachanka123 I am bookmarked though.
  • I can make a couple different logos. Just tell me which one you want!
  • Hurum...too shiny...
  • That is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Lez do it.
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    -Got it!
  • That is sooo shiny
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