Let's Get stARTed! - July 2020

Check out this month's blog. It's filled with stuff to help you navigate next month's big event! The Third Annual ArtfulAugust!


And then go check out our two Cardsmith's of the Month @Usaername & @SteampunkDragon

If you have any tips for our artists out there, be sure to leave them below!


  • I fixed all the mistakes... I think!
  • I followed Faiths_Guide's advice and made an art! These are some pictures from the process. It's not that good but I thought it might help.
    Acrylic on paper. 1 hour.

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    Awesome! Thank you for the shout-out too :)
    Also, one hour!? That's a sick speedpaint!
    That should sound deep and loud and echo-y in your mind.
  • Wait, so is the art for next month?
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    Art Contest is in August. We're setting people up with tools and resources this month
    because in the past it's all been a fly by the seat of our pants kinda thing
  • @Tomigon
    I think the subtypes should be Sheep Pegasus (instead of Mutant).
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    Thanks! Yeah the subtypes should be changed.
    I usually try to finish art very quickly, otherwise I tend to add too many touches, and with my skills it only makes the picture messier.
  • Quick advice: If you don't have money to pitch out, you can get Autodesk Sketchbook free. It's the platform I use.
  • @Tommia I use it too!
  • Just saying, I failed art class, so I don't think I will be participating in any such challanges, unless I am using graph paper...
  • @DrakeGladis = I can make a mean maze with some graph paper
  • Well actually...

  • @Tommia
    Yes, Sketchbook is good too! I've used that program (and I've used other Autodesk software everyday at work for the last 8 years).
  • I'm glad I have time. The project concept I settled on is going to take time. (I'm basically making 7 illustrations for the reward of one.)
  • Do we have separate categories for ''manual '' and made ''digitally ''?
    I will be able to do it only in the '' hand '', having no comparison with the '' digital ones ''.
    I don't know how to translate the design differences. (laughing)
  • I was just watching a video on BAD MTG art, and it reminded me of this contest you're doing, so I apologize if this is off topic, but WHAT was going on with Mold Demon??

    And if you can't see that, let me enlarge that painting for you:

    I just ... 
    What is ...

    Look, Jesper Myrfors is an amazing artist, and we all have misfires on occasion, so don't get me wrong, but still ... 

    Anyway, good luck with your art, everyone!  I'm sure it will be great! :smile:
  • I don't think it's bad...
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    I think what bothers me is the distance between the eyes, honestly.
    This painting is almost good. 
    I definitely know what's going on in the image: claws, fangs, gore, blood, savagery, etc.
    But the abstractness of it doesn't really look like the MTG art I think we're all used to.
    No disrespect intended, and I know all art is subjective.  
    Plus, Jesper Myrfors (and ALL of you) are far better artists than I could EVER be, so take my art criticism with a grain of salt! :smiley:
  • He wanted to make a kind of mold on the wall. A demon that moves across the wall. It would look like a stain on the wall. A little questionable. Lmao.
  • @TerryTags
    It's pretty horrible. But they had to do paintings at a pretty small scale back then (if I'm not mistaken), and they also might've had issues with timing and just needed anything to stick on a card before it got printed. Myrfors might've just thrown that image together very quickly.
  • @TerryTags [...] "(and ALL of you) are far better artists than I could EVER be" [...] 

    I wouldn't be too sure about that, I'm using Paint for my artwork, it's a pain in the ass and it's not even so good to look at when you put it in a card, so don't let yourself down. Who knows, maybe you'll make something very amazing in its semplicity :)
  • @CassZero - We're going to have TWO categories Digital and Traditional
  • @Corwinnn What if I draw something by hand, then do stuff like color it digitally?
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