Pristinus: the First Evolution - Dinosaur Set

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Hello everyone. I'm Brazilian and I'm using Google Translate.
Don't worry, the initial idea will be just to archive my ideas.

Dinosaur set - Soon a short description

Mechanics that will not be dispensed to include in this set:
Edit 07/21 :)
  • Tamed (You may pair this creature with a Human unpaired creature when either enters the battlefield. Both creatures gets +0/+1)
  • Respect (When this creature enters the battlefield, choose a color. This creature gets +1/+1 for each other creature on the battlefield under your control of the chosen color.)
  • Sonar (Whenever a permanent your opponents control triggers an ability, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)
  • X Ambush (Remove an unblocked attacker you control from the combat and change for this creature, then put it tapped and attacking.)
  • Extinction (When this creature enters the battlefield, search your library and graveyard for all cards with the same name as this creature. Reveal them, exile them, then shuffle your library.)
  • Gliding (This creature enters the battlefield with two flying counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a flying counter from it.)
Other mechanics:
  • Enrage - Whenever [Card name] is dealt damage, [effect]
  • and others...
New land types:
  • Lands: Something more primitive
Some examples:
Pristinus: the First Evolution colors and numbers
102 cards
1-12 flip cards,
13-24 white,
25-36 blue,
37-48 black,
49-60 red,
61-72 green,
73-80 artifacts,
81-97 multicolored,
98-102 lands
  • For monocolored - 3 commons, 3 uncommon, 4 rare, 2 mythic 


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    • Respect 
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  • Olá, concidadão do mundo! É maravilhoso que a tecnologia nos permita comunicar sobre um hobby que ambos gostamos. Gostaria que eu o ajudasse nesse empreendimento, ou isso é mais um projeto solo?
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    (Laughter) - I liked the your translation :)
    Yes, you can help. It would not be a solo project ... it would be more of a "pass the time" project. Feel free to help, give your opinion, comment and post your ideas. :)
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    @CassZero I'd like to help if I can. Honestly, I made a lot of dinosaur-related cards, even though they don't follow your formats (I made some of them for another set which never took off, while many other cards are the fruit of my boredom and passion for dinosaurs). I'll try to come up with something for you too, but I invite you to go look at my personal set: you might get some inspiration or at least find them somewhat useful.

    About the abilities, I have some questions and reviews (you're free to ignore them, if you want)

    Tamed: Does the +0/+1 last as long as both human and creature are on the field? If so, you should write that in the rules text.

    Respect: first of, you should write "each other creature" . Also, does the creature with Respect get the +1/+1 for that turn only, or are they permanent? If this is the case, you should write " Put a +1/+1 counter on this creature for each other creature ... "

    Sonar: "...control triggers an ability, ..."

    X Ambush: I can see where this is going, but the ability is very confusing with the timing and by wording in general. Here's how I'd write it instead: (Remove an unblocked attacker you control from combat, then put this creature on the battlefield tapped and attacking by paying its Ambush mana cost.)

    Extinction: "...Reveal them, exile them,...". Aside from this correction, I fail to see how this ability can be useful. The flavor is really there, but I'd suggest you might want to rework it. Maybe make it an ability that triggers a cool ability if this card is your only card with that name in your deck/battlefield/hand(?)

    Gliding: I feel like it doesn't deserve an ability keyword per se. It's an EXTREMELY niche ability that nobody would want, given how it's a worse version of flying.
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    Thanks. I'll see your gallery to get inspired by something.

    Tamed: Same dynamics as Soulbond

    Respect: Fixed. When it enters, you only choose the color. Static Ability, let's say similar to devotion.

    Sonar: Fixed :)

    X Ambush: I got something similar to ninjutsu, but with it already on the battlefield. It really has room to improve.

    Extinction: Fixed. Under development. Idea to filter the deck.

    Gliding: For now I'll leave it at that

    Some inspiration :)

    • White
    • Blue
    • Black
    • Red
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    This is amazing. Do you mind if I make a dinosaur set with flip cards? You’ve inspired me.

    Seriously, though, can I?

    Also, I had an idea for Extinction that you might like.
    What if most cards don’t have Extinction, but there can be variants
    that have it but also some cool extra ability. Like this:

    you could have the card Giant Spider [for example],
    but you could also have a variant of Giant Spider that’s a 6/5
    - but it has Extinction. Or you could have a variant of, say,
    Enrage Dreadmaw that instead has
    ‘When Enrage Dreadmaw enters the battlefield, it
    deals 2 damage to target player or planeswalker’
    - but it has Extinction. Get the idea?

  • @RandomFandom
    Of course you can do it. I'm flattered that it inspired you. At first I would make 100 cards, but to have space I will make four of each color and only 4 flip cards.
    • Green
    • Colorless
    • Colored

    • Lands
    • Flip-Cards

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