New types

Alright, new challenge, gotta do this quick.
So, the idea is to post up to 5 cards relating to a new card type. Like, instant, creature, that stuff. It has to be a type, not sub or super. Post the rules below the card, not in the card, and try to make the five cards each color and its interaction with the card type.
That's all for now, no old entries or joke, no judging, do your best!


  • Sorry @LordTachanka123, we don't wanna.
  • Ummmmm... @joemamajoe, is that a weird bump or just actually saying no one wants too?
  • @LordTachanka123
    Subtype is fine
    but new type?
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    Remember It's ''Just for Fun Contests''
    I will try to think something.
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    Here's my new idea, I call it "Dreams". At the beginning of your upkeep, if you're playing with dreams, you may scry 1. If that card is a Dream, put it onto the battlefield. However, if you draw a dream from the top card of your library, you must discard it. (You can only play it if you scry it)

    These aren't really color focused, but I feel like they would be {u}, {b/w}, and {g}.
  • Introducing new card types can make some cards stronger, such as Tarmogoyf.
    Cards that don't go to your deck might be more realistic, like conspiracy cards or Plane cards.
  • @Tomigon I've been thinking about making different type cards for a while now, and I first did that with my "Spells". The name was the same however, so I'm changing it and releasing "SNAP's Spellbook 2.0" soon. It'll feature new type cards, such as deck build arounds and conspiracy like cards. 
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