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I'm impatient, so even though I've only had 10 responses to my custom poll that I shared, I will consider that enough to say I can tell whether or not to do this. Spoiler: I can.


-Make up to 5 cards that have something to do with a D&D adventure you are part of. (Creatures or Planeswalkers = Players or Villians, Enchantments = Story, etc.)

-When you do, you may list a couple of potential card ideas that you could have used for the first part.

-If you do not play D&D, you can make cards out of other peoples' listed ideas.

-Deadline is August 10th.


1st place - 10 likes of their choice

2nd place - 8 likes of their choice

3rd place - 6 likes of their choice

In addition, the top three will get a spot in the HALL OF FAME.


  • I'm gonna do mine in multiple pieces. 

  • Hey, I don’t know a whole lot about D&D. so can anyone tell me about any characters and their lore. Thanks! 
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    Dizzydude You make the characters! That's the whole point of D&D. Lots of people make custom adventures and do those. Be creative, have fun with it!
  • Well @Dizzydude, there aren't really preset characters. I mean, there are, but it's a game where you make a character and then make a story for them.
    Edit: I actually wrote this yesterday but forgot to post, but @Vert put it out there a lot better.
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    @Vert@LordTachanka123 sooo I’ll just see what everyone else makes and make something similar?
  • image This is cool, love the crossover. I made a Planeswalker card a while back based on a Warlock I played. He was all about magical sight/mind magic and gaining knowledge to awaken his Old One patron. I converted that into MTG mechanics "look at opponents' hands and use your knowledge to your advantage" and "sell your soul for knowledge". He's a bit fragile and vulnerable, but if you play him smart and he sticks on the board he can be oppressive.
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    @Dizzydude Yup! In fact, if you want to be safe, you can basically make any legendary creature that follows these Subtypes:

    "Race" Subtypes


    and these "Occupation" types

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    Ok, for my first card, I'm about to drop a huge spoiler that I hope none of my players from my LGS see.
    There's this NPC, Accad Uverdaun; he is the employer of the party. He originally sought to sponsor an adventuring party because of the prestige they might bring to his disgraced family. Nobody either knows what really happened to the Uverdaun family, and those who do like to keep it vague. But his father was "killed" as the sentenced punishment for his involvement with the deaths and disappearances of many people. Secretly, Isaac Uverdaun (Accad's father) is the infamous lich Izirhia. He is motivated by fear for his son, and by the hope for an immortal family. There's gonna be a crux where they find out that Accad is Izirhia's phylactery, and are going to have to make the decision to kill him or not. If they fail to, or choose not to, Accad will ascend to Lichdom and be reunited with his father. Anyway, after failing to find a way to make a card for either Izirhia or Accad, I decided to make a simple Lich who is ascending.

    My next entry is kinda strange in how I came to her. Years ago, I made the start of a Sparker card, then I never finished it. When I first started playing D&D 5e, I decided that she seemed suitable for a D&D character. I then later finally got around to making the other side of her, and some other cards involving her backstory. I won't dive into it because it's kind of a lot, but yeah. She was my Human Fighter that managed to break the stereotype of being the most boring character; she was a delight to role play as, and to this day is the most compassionate and caring character I've ever played!
    It's worth noting that I had done the instant speed loyalty abilities well before M21's "Tefouri".

    Speaking of Fiore, here's a card I made for her backstory:

    My next entry is my second D&D 5e character; a half-dragon Wild Magic Sorcerer named Asnr (I forgot his last name). I had fun designing a card to represent wild magic!

    (Originally there were image links to this, but one of them was too small, and I had already closed the tabs and didn't feel like retyping the code.)
  • Is it ok if I use a card made to represent a feature?

  • My character when me and some cousins where playing the Swamp floor of Dungeon of the Mad Mage. I have a great story from that game, but people intentionally getting eaten by frogs will be hard to get art for.
  • @Ranshi Holy Mackrel! I don't know if you saw, but the maximum amount of entries is 5. However, you can swap out one of the cards you've already made for a new one for judging. Also, yes, you can make a card to represent a feature.
  • @dragonbornletter that’s four; one of them is flip.
  • Oh yeah! Sure, Go Ahead!

  • Ginord is another person in Gildome's party. He is a cultist that serves the spider goddess Lolth, who he freed from the Nine Hells (Long Story!) while Gildome was possessed by an evil spirit, which the party made a deal with to stop Kathound's forces from attacking the continent they were on.
  • For my last entry, this is my interpretation of the ability of Artificers' to use an infusion slot to be able to duplicate magic items of a certain rarity.
  • Oops, forgot to put the deadline, it's August 10th
  • This is Ravlin, my Protector Aasimar Paladin (Oath of Vengeance).

    He's tanky with a high Armor Class and the Protection Fighting Style (so I gave him 5 Toughness and Vigilance), but doesn't do too much damage (1 Power).

    His racial ability "Radiant Soul" lets him sprout incorporeal wings (Flying) and deal bonus Radiant damage based on level (+3/+0 on attack), but only for a minute and not again until a long rest: I used a play off of Monstrosity to denote he used it and can't use it again, and used Lifelink counters (for his Cure Wounds spells) to tick off turns until his Radiant Soul expires.
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