Mystery Box Tournament - Circuit Challenge

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Enrollment Deadline:
Tue Sep 8
Enrollment Type: Open; type "IN" below to enroll in the tournament
Enrollment Max:
No Limit

Tournament Start Date: Wed Sep 9
Round 1: Wed Sep 9 - Tue Sep 15
Round 2: Wed Sep 16 - Tue Sep 22
Round 3: Wed Sep 23 - Tue Sep 29
Round 4: Wed Sep 30 - Tue Oct 6
Tournament End Date: Wed Oct 7

Format: 3-week Round Robin
- Each round consists of a random 1-vs-1 matchup between two cardsmiths.
- Each matchup pair will receive a unique mystery challenge.
- Each cardsmith will have a 50/50 chance at receiving a mystery prize each round. (Prizes are guaranteed for cardsmiths with Premium Membership active at the start of the tournament.)
- Each cardsmith has approx 1 week to submit their entry for that round.
- The winning card per matchup will be determined via secret grading criteria and tiebreaker policy.
- Matchup results will be posted on the Mystery Box website.

Format: 4-Division Playoff: 
- Cardsmiths with 3 win(s) through Round Robin will seed into Division 1.
- Cardsmiths with 2 win(s) through Round Robin will seed into Division 2.
- Cardsmiths with 1 win(s) through Round Robin will seed into Division 3.
- Cardsmiths with 0 win(s) through Round Robin will seed into Division 4.
- One challenge per division; best card wins.
Division 1 Only: Runner up and 3rd Place cards will be selected for the Top Winners of the tournament.
- All decisions made by the tournament director are final.

Submitting Your Entry:
- Post your card link + thumbnail image + copy & paste your mystery challenge
- Cards must be newly created following the start of the round and created via
- With secret grading and judging criteria, build your best card.
- Edits are permitted before each deadline.

- Failure to submit a newly created card via specific to your mystery challenge within the specified dates will result in automatic disqualification and expulsion from the tournament.
- Any participant that bolsts a negative opinion about another participant's entry may be immediately disqualified.
- All decisions made by the tournament director are final. 

A condensed list of the Mystery Box prizes are earnable in each round.
- Premium Membership to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place courtesy of @corwinnn
- 50/50 shot at the Mystery Box Avatar to all undefeated cardsmiths.
- 1st Place: Additionally gets guaranteed Mystery Box prizes in all requested Mystery Boxes through Dec 31, 2020.
- 2nd Place: Additionally gets 3 Mystery Box Prizes (Can be @Random or non-Premium of choice or in any combination)
- 3rd Place: Additionally gets 2 Mystery Box Prizes (Can be @Random, non-Premium of choice, or 1 of each)
- Any additional, undefeated cardsmiths beyond 3rd place: 1 Mystery Box Prize (Can be @Random or non-Premium of choice)
Division 2 (1st Place): Premium Membership *unless factored into Top 3 of Tournament.
- Division 3 (1st Place): Mystery Box Avatar
- Division 4 (1st Place): Non-Premium Mystery Box Prize of Choice
- 1st Place prizes for Division 2 - 4 subject to change pending results in Division 1.

Championship Qualifiers: 
Each undefeated cardsmith at the end of the tournament will be automatically entered in a Grand Championship, non-Circuit Challenge, tournament that will be held sometime Oct 26 - Nov 16.

I am excited to run this tournament for MTGCardsmith. My Mystery Box Challenges will be on hold for the duration of the tournament. Though I will do my best to monitor the discussion please know that my work always takes priority. I will do my best to check-in and stick to the dates listed above.
Let's get to it!


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