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Summary - (To organize the timeline)
For Tournament of Champions 3

Storyline cards
 Aeryn Nox Lockhart
Age: 24
Occupation: 3rd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry [name pending]
Skills and Weaknesses: fourth page

During your life: 
10 age - seventh page - The Youth Preparatory School
Childhood - first page (short description)
14 age and 16 age- fourth page - Knights' School
Studies (14 to 20 years) - ninth page
20 age - fifth page
  . First mission - Aranita, Eos Manipulator - fifth page
  . Second mission - Leviathan of Magic Depthsthirteenth page (part 1 and 2)
  . Third mission - tenth page
  . Fourth mission - coming soon
23 age - fifth page - 3rd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry promotion

Tournament of Champions 3:
24 age - She traveled and was chosen for Tournament of Champions 3 - third page
  . The meeting with Cranket - third page
  . The big market tour - fourth page
  . Sidequest: In the basement of the Kiserova temple  and  Sidequest: Fighting with strangers to relax the mind fifth page
  . Dakros x Aeryn by Jonteman93 - seventh page
  . The victory - first battle - seventh page
  . The Funeral - tenth page
  . An unexpected visit (or not so much) - tenth page
  . A short stop for breakfast ... with beer - twelfth page
  . The ninth fight - Akuma x Jelene twelfth page
  . Brynn x Aeryn by Jonteman93 - twelfth page
  . A victory with the taste of defeat, but with a lot of honor and mystery - twelfth page

New Summary - Towards the Semifinals - 
thirteenth page


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    first page - Saga -Tournament of Champions 3
    Hi, I never played RPG so I'm not very good at developing characters. I'm going to edit this post until the deadline, but I'm already going to advance the character (I've even separated the arts to evolve it XD)
    Inspirations: Monowhite Heroic Pauper (my favorite), Setessan Champion and a little bit Stoneforge Mystic.

    She easily masters ancient runes and masters a rune-forged sword by the elders. This combination allows you to invoke ancestral and nature powers.

    Edit 07/08: Since childhood, Aeryn has been a good handler in the art of runes. At that time she dreamed of becoming a cavalry knight, and trained a lot for that.
    The kingdom's cavalry has the greatest symbol as a magic sword, but it has not been handled for hundreds of years ... simply because it is not tamed. The sword rests beside an ancient throne in the center of the school of knights. This mysterious objective does not allow it to be embarrassed, expelling ancestral powers to ward off the brave few.
    Shortening the story, Aeryn once managed to own the sword, but that does not mean that the sword lets her make the decisions. Sometimes she rejects Aeryn by falling like stone on the floor. Many believe that something in Aeryn's powers made the sword less '' rebellious ''. These powers are common among children in the region, but not everyone can develop them.

    Aeryn was the first woman to join the kingdom's cavalry after years since the last woman took up any post.

     Monowhite Heroic Pauper (my favorite)Setessan Champion and a little bit Stoneforge Mystic.
    Adaptation and continuation of the description on the first page.

    Name: Aeryn Nox Lockhart
    Age: 24
    Occupation: 3rd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry [name of place pending]
    Skills: Manipulation of runes and partial control of a mystical sword, carved by the elders, called Nyrea. Without armor and devoid of artificial runes, Aeryn manages to use basic elements to make rustic runes. Defensive and protective tactics.
    Weaknesses: Get carried away by emotions. The sword itself may refuse to help. Alone, Aeryn has difficulty in hand-to-hand combat. The knights train a lot with armament and however their body supports the blows it does not have a good repertoire in hand to hand. Rustic runes are weak and temporary.

    She still doesn't know why she was chosen by the sword

    During your life: 

    Childhood - first page.

    At the age of 14 she entered the school of knights.

    At 16, together with some friends from the knights' school, they decided to investigate and touch the magical and forbidden sword. While the others were repelled, some mental link caused Aeryn to wield the sword. The next day there was a great rush and spread of rumors among students, mentors and teachers.
    That same year, his father, who was one of the common cavalry knights, died at the hands of an unknown entity. Her mother lives today around the school.

    Alone and sitting on a bare tree stump in a clearing, she watched the sword weeping at the loss of her father. The link was strong between them and the sword did not know what to do. "I'm going to find this murderer," said Aeryn, wielding the sword and running out of the clearing. Suddenly the sword weighed and fell to the floor. '' You don't wanna go? Why? This thing killed my father, '' he replied for a sword on the ground. '' I'll go then myself ''. Aeryn walked without the sword until the mark on the hand of the spiritual link lifted. The sword was protecting her. Aeryn set beside the sword crying.

    Before the first missions and first promotion, she mastered three essential runes.
    An ethereal rune with powers to accentuate blows. Another one that any knight needs to master to improve his vision in battle. It is a rune powerful enough to drain the strength of other runes to improve their resistance.
  • Welcome by Jonteman93 - third page

    So the day had finally come. 
    Alexei and his regiment marched to the beat of sounding drums. Banners of both Medirna and Gwendolyn stood high and mighty over the arena just before them. Alexei glanced to the sky now and then to see if anyone would arrive, but no one did. 
    He frowned as he saw the angel contestant fly low above the arena. 
    Dimitri pushed his shoulder.  
    "If general Artiem sees you making faces, you'll surely be cleaning the outhouses tonight." he whispered. 
    Alexei wanted to say something jeering, but he stopped himself and took a deep breath. 
    Alexei moved his hand back and felt the crossbow that was hanging over his right shoulder. 
    Dimitri saw Alexei's movement. "Don't do anything stupid today." he whispered. 
    Alexei got bitter. "Don't do anything stupid? How can they allow thirty strangers with special powers just walk into the city when there are not even a single dragon anywhere as long as eyes can see?" Alexei whispered loudly with anger in his voice.
    "If they were Lisakdonian spies they would pee their pants as soon as they heard a dragon come. We can't have the arena stink of pee the very first day." said Boris, the soldier before them mockingly. 
    "Fighting almost to death in an arena with thousands of eyes upon you. Doesn't sound like a very smart move for a spy." Dimitri whispered. 
    "Sounds exactly like what a Lisakdonian spy would do, haha" Boris chuckled. 
    "Silence in the line!!" the captain shouted. 

    The arena was not very large compared to those in Medirna and Gwendolyn, or even Gael, but it was large enough to fulfill it's purpose.
    Two thousand people had gathered on the seats that were divided into three parts. The northern part was occupied by Medirnian soldiers and citizens with flags and banners of the royal dragon with its iron crown. 
    The southern part was occupied by the Gwendolynians and their flags and banners of the golden dragon. 
    To the west was a small section., barely three hundred seats for the native citizens. 
    In the middle of each section was a balcony were the important people sat. 
    The Medirnian and Gwendolynian balconies were almost identical with the general of respective army, their families, lifeguards and some other officers and officials. 

    The Vosanovan balcony, which was supposed to house the royal family, had not been used by the king or his family for years. They would remain in the castle for months without ever leaving. Instead the balcony was occupied by members of the most powerful houses in Vosanova and their lifeguard. The Vosanova balcony was the only place in the whole arena were Vosanovan banners stood. Four of them stood there, yellow were they with a white rising horse on burning ground. 
    In the middle of the arena, on the sand floor, stood nineteen contestant teams widely spread out with the last one flying just above. 

    Moments later, the north-western and south-western gates opened. 
    Out of the gates came eight elite soldiers respectively followed by the main hosts. 
    The soldiers lined up beside their gate while the hosts walked further out and stopped. 
    Everyone was silent, then they turned towards the Vosanova balcony where a young woman now stood up with her hands on the fence. 

    "Vosanova welcomes you all." She said, reluctantly. She then sat down again. 

    The generals now stood up. 
    "Gwendolyn welcomes you." Said the general of the Gwendolyn forces.
    "Medirna welcomes you." Said the general of the Medirna forces. 
    Then they sat down again. 

    "Welcome indeed!" said the female Medirnian host dressed in red and gold. 
    "You all know why you are all here, to fight! For glory, riches, fame and power, to cover the sand in the blood of your opponents while you stand victorious. 
    There seems to be a slight problem though. You are all way too many. four teams to be exact. I let my... friend, tell you how we shall solve that problem." She now pointed towards the hosts on the southern side. 

    A young noble man, dressed in blue, stood in the front. "When either of us call your names, you shall approach and receive a scroll from one of soldiers here around us." The sixteen soldiers each reached out a scroll. "One after one you will be chosen to receive a scroll and then walk out of the arena from the closest gate. When there are no scrolls left there will be four of you still standing here. Those four will not enter the tournament and must leave, as soon as possible. Is that clear?" He said. 

    The contestants looked around mostly confused. 

    "Good, then we can begin. I assume that the ladies begin." The main said with his hand reaching towards the Medirnian host. 

    She smiled suspiciously at the man. The younger man behind her approached and stopped at her left side. He took out a scroll and gave it to her. 
    She opened the scroll and said out loud. 

    "Medirnias first choice shall be; Brynn, Protector Angel." 

     The soldier furthest to the side took a step forward and reached the scroll forward. 
    Brynn flew down and landed before the soldier from which she received the scroll. 
    It was sealed with a dragon skull wearing an iron crown. The soldier pointed towards the gate behind them. Brynn followed the instructions and disappeared into the gate.

    The girl behind the male host in blue stepped forward and gave him a scroll.
    He opened it and read out.

    "Gwendolyn's first choice shall be; Aeryn of the First Oaths."

    Aeryn walked to the soldier which reached out a scroll and accepted it. 
    This scroll was sealed with a golden dragon. She then walked down the gate.  

    "Gwendolyn's second choice shall be; Jelene, Renegade Bushi."

    And so they continued, choosing two contestants after each other until no scrolls were left in the soldiers' hands. 
    Four teams remained in the arena. 
    Four teams that would not participate in the tournament. 
  • third page

    Aeryn was flattered to be one of the first choices. As she passed through the gate she quickly looked for a place to sit. The Nyrea sword was uncontrollable and that was not a good thing.
    She tried to combine with some runes and a '' conversation '' through her spiritual link.
    One of the bad things about being the first to be chosen and waiting for the other competitors. But a good thing and being able to analyze them little by little when they went down the gate.
    Gradually the teams were formed and some mental notes were made. But other than that, she hoped the sword would agree and help with that.
    Of Medirna's choices she could not fail to analyze Brynn, also one of the first chosen. An angel, regardless of her history and motivation to enter the arena, would be a worthy opponent. Nilani, on the other side, resembles rune and enchanting powers, making it one of the most difficult to contend with in the tournament. She quickly made the sword understand that in a fight with her, the advantage would be herself, Nyrea the sword.
    On your side, Jay was a mystery.
    Graagdord is very cute, but soon it disappears when he remembers that he is a Goblin. She hoped that it would not harm the team at any point in the tournament. Goblins are restless and full of impetus.
  • The meeting with Cranket - third page

    In a small moment that Aeryn managed to leave the Arena, she saw near the entrance, sitting and shaking, probably due to the gears, a small robot. He looked at a star, hugged him and kept it in a bag on his back. This process was repeated three more times in a tone of not believing what happened.
    Nyrea, the sword, fluttered and caught the attention of Aeryn who walked over to the robot.
    '' You were in the arena earlier today, correct? '' - Aeryn pointed at the robot's antenna - '' What's your name? ''
    '' My name is Cranket. You need to help me. I can't go now. I need to take that star to the tournament. The star told me that it can change people '' - Cranket kept popping - '' She's all I have. I need to show my worth. I need to show her value. ''
    '' It seems to be a very interesting object. If I said that this beautiful sword also speaks to me, would you believe it? '' - Aeryn drew the sword and showed it to Cranket. The sword emitted a slight aura - '' If you want, I can keep this star. I will leave her in my pocket and who knows, if I win, she will show her power and honor what you did for her here ''
    Clanket was not too reluctant. He hugged again and gave it to Aeryn.
    ''I trust you. If you lost, try ... try to show everyone. I will try to stay in the stands. I hope I can get past the guards. ''
    Both smiled, greeted each other and went on their way.
  • The big market tour - fourth page

    After her conversation with Cranket, Aeryn decided to visit the market next to the Arena. The smell of spices was strong while it was pleasant. Many merchants were excited about the sales, however apprehensive about the war that could begin.
    At one of the stalls, a strange salesman with the appearance of a cat was calling for the foreigner. Aeryn soon realized that she was a seller of magic items. She thought it wouldn't be a bad thing to buy a local rune or two to take to the battle.
    After much analysis and insistence from the seller, she decided to buy. The runes looked more rustic than she could produce, but it would be interesting to test them later.
    At a glance Aeryn watched the Squrturglus ooze going north of the arena. She didn't know why or if he was just going to accommodation. At the moment he had nothing to worry about and turned his attention to the salesman who had passed on the wrong change. Just with a small gesture with hereyebrow the seller went back and gave the correct change.
    Walking, she chose to rest in a small open-air restaurant. The sides were open and it was possible to see the columns of the arena and the movement of the street. Knights, soldiers and citizens and even dog, sometimes talker-dogs, moved the streets. Aeryn asked for something local. She wanted to try the local cuisine that was the basis of Sausages (horse meat and honey) with Vasjo Enja (Honey cream) is a beautiful glass of Wine, honey wine.
    A small murmur began to emerge from a distance. "Catch a thief," said a salesman. In slow motion the bandit passed by Aeryn looking with contempt and arrogance and when he saw the sword beside the table he tried to wield it. As expected, the sword fell like the heaviest stone in the world and brought down the bandit, who even tried to pull the sword out again.
    '' I believe you made a mistake, friend '' Aeryn got up from the table and took the sword with mastery skill, placing it close to the bandit's throat. Soon the soldiers appeared to arrest him.
    '' It was a mistake to mess with one of the contestants '' laughed the soldier who tugged at the stolen salesman.
    Aeryn finished eating and decided it would be a good idea to relax and empty her mind at the kingdom temple.

    The temple was busy, but still quiet inside. Aeryn came in from the side and could see Brynn in the distance talking to a hooded man. Many things went through her head, but soon she realized that she was in a temple and independent of the angel, many approach them. I hoped that was it.
    In the silence she chose the most isolated place to draw the sword. Aeryn sat on a small bench and left the sword in front of her. There were few occasions in silence to speak aloud, but controlled, with Nyrea.
    '' I saw on the panel near the arena who will be our opponent. You will be able to measure his power '' Aeryn spoke to the sword that did not manifest power. This Dakros looks strong. It would be interesting to know their history and motivation. ''
    Aeryn was a little silent to meditate.
    '' Regardless of the arena, we need to be quick. We must analyze his blows, but I believe that close combat is ideal. If it fails we can filter the power of the runes '' Nyrea agreed slightly and with Aeryn '' I have no idea how big his power is. At the very least, it will be an interesting battle. ''
    Aeryn meditated again.
    Storyline cards.

    ...Aeryn meditated again.

    Sidequest: In the basement of the Kiserova temple - fifth page

    A few minutes later she began to hear a small murmur of prayer next to her. This caught her attention because it was not at the same pace as the others, native to the region. Aeryn opened her eyes and turned to the side. "Gustav correct?"
    "Not always ... '' Gustav had a somber expression but soon took care of himself when he finished the prayer, '' Yes, himself. You were one of the chosen ones for the tournament. Good luck with that. '' discouraged but gentle tone.
    "Yes, Aeryn Nox Lockhart '' They greeted each other.
    Aeryn looked over Gustav's shoulder and saw Cranket ''Are you following me? '' Aeryn spoke calmly without expressing a bit of an oddity from the situation.
    ''No, no. Excuse me. I followed the essence of the star. It takes a while to get out of my mind and out of my hydraulic system, '' said Cranket, patting his head lightly with his fist, ''Can I see you one last time? A voice said at the entrance that it would be very special this time. ''
    Aeryn pulled out of her bag and reached out to hand the star to Cranket, but something popped into her mind ... '' What voice at the entrance? ''Barely finished the sentence and a hooded man ran between them and stole the star. The hooded man looked old but very fast and went downhill at the back of the temple. Something even difficult to see if no one passed by.
    "That voice," replied Cranket.

    Cranket was paralyzed.
    ''That star ... is that star that important? '' Aeryn gestured
    ''He was one of those in the arena. Knowing my story is probably something important. Why else would Cranket come here? '' Gustav was trying to help the little robot in some way.
    Aeryn sighed, ''I still have time and I will follow him. Don't expect too much. I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this. '' She started walking leisurely until the temple declined. Cranket followed her.
    Gustav didn't have much to do until his ship arrived to return to his city ... He kept thinking about the city. Gustav followed the two until the decline.
    The three were already descending the stairs when a crash and a small tremor kicked up dust in the hall and darkened the place.
    Aeryn ran to the closed entrance. She tried to push with runes and the sword. ''Divine magic, I forgot that we are in an ancient temple. Magic of ages'', thought Aeryn.
    Cranket used his antenna to emit a light. Aeryn picked up one of the runes that emitted a bright light to clear the place as well.
    ''Going down is no longer an option, '' said Gustav leading the way.

    The descent was a little long until I reached a chamber that was very clear with details of the city's ancient civilization, but it was not possible to identify many details about this culture. In the center was an altar with a chalice. The hooded man was there holding the star close to the height of the chalice.
    An orange light shone on his back, emitting a small gale that threw the hooded cloak away.
    '' Stygas. He was also in the arena. '' 'Gustav spoke with clenched fists. Something bad flows in his blood when he sees that entity.
    '' I'm not the enemy, but you weren't supposed to be here. Maybe this eccentric robot '' said Stygas shaking the star and turning towards the three.
    ''Are you really going to want to fight? 'Asked Aeryn knowing the answer and drawing the sword.

    [Unfortunately I have little time and I will not be able to describe the battle of the four characters. If someone wants to take the opportunity to explore something.] 

    Stygas disappeared into the chalice, which broke into several pieces. The star fell to the ground without light. Cranket was calmer and back to normal, the same was true for Gustav. Aeryn took the star and put it away.
    ''He's not a bad person. He'll probably come back somehow wherever he is now, '' said Aeryn of Stygas.
    The three calmer ones continued until an exit lit by the end of the day in the chamber. Gustav went to meet his ship and Cranket would try to invade the arena to see the fights.

    Aeryn was tired and without much patience. It was already night when she arrived at the lodging. Some were working on their weapons in front of the door of their respective shacks, others were not present. Aeryn just wanted to take a shower and sleep. Maybe she'll talk to others the next day.
  • Adaptation and continuation of the description on the first page and fourth page
    Storyline cards.

    Name: Aeryn Nox Lockhart
    Age: 24

    During your life: 

    Childhood - first page (short description)
    14 age - fourth page - Knights' School
    16 age - fourth page

    At 20 years old Aeryn was appointed junior officer. She didn't like this delay. Many had their first patents at the age of 18, but many mentors thought it best to wait due to the interaction and magic present in the ancient sword. That same year she had her first mission.
    The mission was to defeat a lesser demon known in the northern region of the kingdom by Aranita.
    Aeryn's team consisted of 3 new junior officers and 2 advanced officers, in addition to a 2nd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry.
    Among the advanced officers was Casimir, a longtime friend of Aeryn, who was secretly in love with her. Aeryn really knew, but avoided talking about it. She stuck two things in his mind, one of which is that he has to take action and talk to her and the second is that she would refuse anyway because he had other duties to perform.
    The knight assigned to monitor was Hendriksen. He was one of Aeryn's first mentors and the only one to touch on the subject of his father's death at the time. Nyrea, the sword, liked the presence of the good-natured old man.
    The duel against Aranita was not an easy one. Somehow the demon dominated the art of ancient runes not cataloged in civilization. Two of the junior officers died in battle and Hendriksen did not believe in the mistake he had made in bringing these young men to face demons.
    Aranita managed to instigate ancient artifacts to become spiritual or elemental drake. These spirits had many intangible outlines.
    Casimir was unable to touch the spirits at any time. In a moment of distraction, Aranita took and lifted Casimir by the neck. In that moment of pure adrenaline was where Aeryn awakened unique forces in her runes and Nyrea let herself be carried away naturally in the knight's movements.
    Hendriksen had no words for Aeryn's resourcefulness.

    The mentors again were reluctant to promoete Aeryn immediately and studied and trained the girl further. It was only at the age of 23 that she obtained the rank of 3rd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry, a lower rank at the Elite level.

    Another three major battles emerged on missions between the ages of 20 and 23.

    During her years of study, Aeryn tried to find information about Nyrea, without much success. Some information was collected.
    • It had been 35 years since the last woman to reach the Elite level.
    • Nyrea's last record of manipulation was 145 years ago by a knight known as Mikhail, the Red One.
    • In the oldest book with sword registers there was a word that Aeryn was unable to decipher. "Planinauta" was the word.
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    Continuation from Sidequest: In the basement of the Kiserova temple
    Storyline cards.

    ...Aeryn just wanted to take a shower and sleep. Maybe she'll talk to others the next day...

    Sidequest: Fighting with strangers to relax the mind - fifth page

    Many dishes and chatter echoed between the boards outside the accommodation. Aeryn was still lying down and forced herself to ignore the mess. Her eyes opened quickly and wildly with each dish and talk. Not even the pillows between the ears helped to soften. Aeryn gave up trying to sleep and went to get ready to leave her accommodation.
    She decided to put on a simpler and more comfortable outfit. Aeryn kept only the gauntlets to be able to store a few runes in case she needed them in eventual emergencies. Nyrea resting by the door emitted red streams with every knock outside. The sword also wanted to rest.
    "Let's see what's going on," said Aeryn to the sword as she sheathed it.
    When Aeryn opened the door, she was slightly surprised and frightened by a smiling and pompous figure, who received her with a shrill breath. '' Good morning, Milady ... if I can call you that. I would be without a humble guide in your stay, '' said the figure, stretching his arms out to a banquet on the porch, '' Sorry for not introducing myself properly. My name is Renain, at your service '', the man bowed, '' Come on, come on, the food will get cold quickly.''
    Aeryn was slow to absorb the information from Renain, who spoke very fast. She took the opportunity to sit down and have an appropriate breakfast. Since arriving in the city she has not been able to eat properly. Even a thief disturbed a small moment of peace she had when he left the arena. She ate quietly looking at the other quarters away from Gwendolyn's chosen ones. Everyone seemed to be very busy and preparing for the big days of struggle.
    '' I have an itinerary to follow today, my lady. I must start with a quick stop in the big market ... ''
    '' I've been there '' Aeryn cut off and Renain quickly.
    ''Who knows, then, the great temple ...
    '' It's the last place I want to be. We had a lot of problems yesterday ... I've been there ''
    '' I have one more place to name, but I'll leave it open for you to tell me if you have any preferences ... milady '' said Renain bowing pompously to Aeryn.
    '' Hmm ... I would love to fight with my fists. Do you know any place? '' Aeryn thought long before speaking, '' I'm not good at close combat, but I need to get my muscles and mind ready for anything ''
    The pompous guide thought a little reluctantly to speak.
    "I know a place, but I don't think it's quite what you think."

    The place was loud and lively. Beer was poured non-stop by enthusiasts of clandestine fights. Guide and guided tried to talk between the screams and bumps.
    '' Nobody can know about this place. Welcome to Secret Alley, '' Renain shouted at her.
    '' It's perfect and lively. How do I sign up to participate in a fight? ''
    Renain points to a busy bench and full of gold bags protected by not very friendly security guards.
    "I would like to participate in one of the fights," said Aeryn to the clerk surrounded by guards.
    ''Very well. I need some gold coins to validate the proposal, and of course, you will have to take off those gloves and especially this sword to fight, '' said the clerk disdainfully pointing at Nyrea sheathed on Aeryn's back.
    Aeryn had no money and looked at Renain who, with a sigh, handed over some gold coins. Quickly she took off the gauntlets and handed it to the guide. As for the sword she lifted it and laid it on the counter, which emitted a slight wave of heat. Aeryn went to the clandestine arena.
    '' You can't leave this here, '' the clerk shouted trying with all his might to raise the sword. Aeryn just smiled, "Let the bets begin!" Shouted the clerk at last.

    Across the arena, a stout woman with a slightly swollen face from the day's punches, stared at Aeryn with surprise. Everyone knew that she was chosen for the tournament of champions. They came closer.
    '' I hope we have a good fight '', Aeryn closed her fist to greet, but was quickly punched in the forehead, throwing her across the arena and raising a slight wave of dust '' That wasn't cool, it wasn't cool really, '' Aeryn knew she wasn't physically strong and got up trying to join forces to forge a rustic rune with dust.
    In the first two minutes, Aeryn only defended herself, and since she had no time to forge anything, in the brief moments of concentration she conjured up a light breeze to keep the fighter at bay. In the next few minutes Aeryn changed her strategy and started jumping and stomping on the ground to raise dust, but the cloud was so light that it did not affect her vision at all. She hid a hand behind her back to forge something hidden, while taking some in the ribs and arms.
    Gradually, dodging and taking the blows, she made some rustic that was enough to launch a blast of air in the opponent's legs. Aeryn submitted with an armbar while the other fighter recovered from her sudden fall.
    Renain was happy and took the gold from the clerk.
    ''That was very good. You must be very hungry I ... '' Renain was cut off by Aeryn while putting on the gauntlets and sheathed the sword.
    '' And I know a place. It was already there on my first day here at an open-air restaurant ''
    They will leave the clandestine arena.

    While Aeryn was again enjoying a plate of Sausages (horse meat and honey) with Vasjo Enja (Honey cream) is a beautiful glass of Wine, honey wine, she observed the movement of the streets.
    At one point she spotted Efilia and Jay passing by and talking about something, when they looked at Aeryn strangely, who seemed to be smiling with broken teeth at them.
    Aeryn soon turned her attention to Nyrea, who was resting on the other side of the table and emanating a blue aura, an aura of happiness. He soon realized that the sword had made an illusion in his face to show that he had broken teeth.
    ''I know what you did. The day I figure out how to punish you, I already have a list of punishments that I will make you pay, '' Aeryn said angrily pointing to the sword. Soon she realized that it would lead to nothing and Aeryn continues to eat and drink. Nyrea was enjoying the situation.
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    Storyline cards.

    Name: Aeryn Nox Lockhart
    Age: 24

    During your life:

    10 age - seventh page

    The Youth Preparatory School (before the School of Knights.)

    Gradually, Aeryn's rune-manipulating power began to emerge, when Aeryn's parents, Mia and Ryan, turned 10, when they decided to send her to a preparatory school. Ryan had received an appointment from his superiors at a school in the north of the province called Youth Preparatory School, managed by the mysterious and experienced Madame Davina.
    The three traveled to see the school.
    '' Welcome to Youth Preparatory School. We mold wizards, knights, shapeshifters and others from adolescence to adulthood, '' said a guide showing the charming school '' Madame Davina awaits you in her cabin ''
    The cabin was charming and one-story. The garden was flowery and the decorations and construction suggested a great oriental inspiration. Madame Davina slid the big door gently and looked kindly at Aeryn.
    '' Come in everyone and feel free ''
    After a long conversation with Aeryn's parents, she was taken to the next room with other interviewees to enter the school. Aeryn was greeted by a smiling boy.
    '' My name is Casimir, what's yours? ''
    '' Aeryn ... '' she said without understanding the boy's happiness.
    "I hope I can get into this school, it looks like a lot of fun," said the boy. "And if you pass too, we can be friends."
    They both sat in their chairs waiting for Madame Davina.

    One by one, everyone had to say their pretensions in the future and what they would like to become. They were just children, but Madame Davina liked to force their intellect on interviews.
    Aeryn's turn came.
    "I want to be a knight like my father"
    ''Me too. I'm going to be the best rider ever, '' Casimir interjected enthusiastically sitting next to her.
    ''Calm down Casimir, don't get too excited '', smiled at Madame Davina, who soon clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. '' Let's go to the aptitude test now ''
    "Okay Aeryn, you can do it," said Mia with her great charisma that fills Aeryn's heart with strength.
    For the aptitude test, parents were asked to accompany their children. It was an individual test so that there was no conflict with the other candidates.
    Gradually Aeryn managed to move some rocks and nail certain scriptures with her mind, making them into very rustic runes and without much strength. The most surprising thing was that Aeryn made impulses with the air around her and generated a non-solid rune, capable of launching weak blasts of air.
    "Very well, parents, Aeryn is in," said Madame Davina. "There are some powers that emanate at this age. The best known are manipulation of objects or elementals. Of course, we have those with perceptions of struggle and who do not interact with magic. Aeryn has manipulated objects and elementals to create runes. In reality it limits without powers ... it is rare for someone to awaken two levels of powers. It will be interesting to teach this girl, '' everyone smiled at last.

    Aeryn later noticed Casimir spying on something.
    ''What are you doing Casimir ''
    ''What a fright '', Casimir recovered his breath to continue '' They wouldn't let me in. I'm trying to hear something.''
    Both were quiet trying to hear something. A few words marked Aeryn and Casimir as '' approved, but ... '', '' without powers '', ''something new awake '' and '' many complications''. Both did not understand what that meant.
    Casimir staggered and caught the attention of those inside the cabin. They ran like never before with a smile on their face. Aeryn knew she had a great friend on this journey.
  • Match 4 - Introduction by Jonteman93

    Dakros was walking with haste towards where they seem to have landed, but he was not the only one interested. Around him, many of the citizens, where also heading in the same direction  while keeping a safe distance from Dakros. "Who are they?" "It was a Dormanian royal!" "Why are they here?" "I must see this!" the people where chattering or shouting around Dakros. Dakros headed past houses and as he came out of the last alleyway to the market, he saw them just on the other side. Dragons

    The closest one was just a Yellow-grey Mandylon Dragon. The most common of the dragon breeds chosen by their riders. It was clearly a young one as well, probably not even more than twenty years old and only 25 feet (7,6 meters) long. It was not a dragon that interested Dakros, but the other one did. Behind the Mandylon dragon stood what could be nothing else but a black Dormanian royal, a breed that not even Dakros had seen personally. This one was twice as old and much larger than the younger dragon. 
    Dakros moved closer to them, through the gathering of people that made it easier for him by avoiding him.

    As Dakros came close enough to the dragons but not too close to raise unnecessary suspicion. They were turned away from him whey they were drinking from a watering trough. The temptation of a Dormanian royal was too great even for Dakros to resist. 
    Dakros raised his hand towards the Royal and began to drain its life force. It was clear almost immediately that it did not work somehow as the Royal was unbothered by the attempt. To see if his powers had not failed him he turned to the Mandylon instead.   
    The dragon feel to the ground, grasping for air. The citizen gathering backed away as the Royal turned around and roared at Dakros. "A great example of their protective nature for their pack as the alpha dragon." Dakros thought. 

    A door burst open a short distance away and a young woman with long blonde hair and armor came running out. Obviously the rider of the Mandylon dragon. "Father!" She shouted to someone inside. Dakros ended his action and walked away. "I don't have time to deal with the rider of a Dormanian Royal, and by the way, I have a real fight in less than thirty minutes." He thought to himself. Before the rider came out, Dakros was already gone. 

    ----------- 30 minutes later ------------

    "Let the fourth match of the tournament begin!" said Valierielle
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    Match 4 - Fight! by Jonteman93 - seventh page

    Flames and sparks were thrown all over the arena to the sound of clashing metal and the vanishing of fire elementals. General Artiem was enjoying a glass of red wine as he witnessed the fight. Dakros was terrifying with his black armor, fire drenched blade and raging fire elementals, but Aeryun seemed to handle herself quite well with her runic abilities.

    "General, sir!" said a soldier that just came onto the balcony. Artiem looked at the soldier without putting away his drink. "Two dragonrider knights have just arrived and they want to talk to you." Artiem raised his eyebrows and put aside the drink. "Let them in." 
    The soldier saluted and walked out again. The audience began to cheer and applaud to something happening in the fight.   

    A little later, the soldier came back leading the two knights. He gave salute and then he disappeared again. "Lionus! Finally a man of dignity, strength, honor and skill in this hole called city. Artiem stood up from and approached the knights by shaking their hands. "And this must be that girl you found." "Zenaida is my daughter, general" Lionus said.
    "Ah forgive me, your daughter of course. May I offer some refreshments." The other nobles and officers looked surprised at Artiem. Some had known him for decades but never heard him apologize for anything to anyone but the king or the field marshals. The audience shrieked. Flames where thrown upwards from the walls with the sound of cracking stone. Lionus and his daughter sat down and where soon given something to drink by a servant.

    "How was your travel, I must ask." Artiem asked. "Calm with no problems either from the weather nor people. That is until just after we have landed in his, hole that you call it. Someone was messing with our dragons" Lionus said. 
    "Someone did? We shall immediately find this criminal and arrest him, or her." 
    "I think you already have and it seems as if he is already being dealt with." Lionus said as he nodded towards Dakros who just broke down a stone pillar that Aeryn was hiding behind to breath. 

    "Dakros? But he is winning this fight?" Artiem said.
    "We'll see about that. In the end no harm was done so I see no gain in punishing him. Enough about that, I was sent here for a reason." 
    "Yes indeed. It seems that the boy which deserves to die is here in Vosanova."
    "I shall found him and bring him to the king, alive." 
    "You are the expert." 
    "Have you gathered any more information about my target?" Any clues of his hideout?"
    "Some clues that are not much more than rumors indicates that he is heading towards Ovan Nova from the east. It is also believed that he have gathered many Ovans under his command." 
    "Then I have lead. I will head towards Ovan Nova tomorrow." Lionus drank the last of his wine and stood up. 
    "You're already leaving? The match is not over yet?"
    "It is now." Lionus said and walked out from the balcony with his daughter following. 

    Artiem took a sip from his glass and smirked as the audience began to cheer and applaud.

    "The fourth match is over and we have our winner!" 

    Match 4 - Winner!
    Aeryn finally managed to break through fire and metal with her runic blade and thus she  takes home the fourth match of the tournament and is thus moved to the second stage
    CassZero you may now choose to improve Aeryn's card to a max cmc of 5 or add an additional signature or companion card.
    You may also make changes to your current ones outside of the above. 
    It's going to be interesting see your characters development in the tournament. 
  • Summary - sixth page

    The victory - first battle - seventh page

    Aeryn was exhausted, but happy. With her breathing returning to normal she took some soot off her face and noticed that one of the strands of hair that had fallen over her shoulder was lighter. The fight had consumed much of Aeryn's rune powers.
    Sounds of applause spread through the arena. She was anesthetized for having managed to win and turned slightly, starting to look for someone in the audience. Unsuccessfully.
    She turned her attention to Dakros to greet him for the beautiful and exhausting fight. Again unsuccessfully ... Aeryn didn't think Dakros was a bad person, but his face was one of anger and tension, a tension for revenge. Looking at the sword, she focused her thoughts on wishing the best for Dakros, regardless of where he was now.
    Amid the applause, some girls with some flowers and bandages entered the arena heading towards Aeryn. Renain, the guide, had hired some local clerics to take care of Aeryn's dressings if she was hurt too much in her victory ... or defeat.
    The girls circled Aeryn, removing soot from her skin, fixing her armor, without giving her a chance to breathe. In the confusion she saw a girl running towards her with a beautiful rose in her hands. With a smile Aeryn crouched down to receive the flower, which the young girl placed delicately in her hair.
    The applause continued for a while as Nyrea shone. Aeryn knew the sword wanted attention, too, so lift it as high as it could.


    For the card I took some things into consideration
    1. As a knight, I embraced first strike mechanics.
    2. I changed '' or '' to '' and '' on Heroic.
    3. Nyrea slightly corrects the defect in Auras, so the sword deserves a little more protection from Aeryn.
    4. I improved hexproof according to the theme. A CMC seven would probably already have hexproof direct.
    5. Red has a lot of interaction with equipment and shows her weakness, which would be emotions.
  • Summary
    Storyline cards.

    Name: Aeryn Nox Lockhart
    Age: 24

    During you life: Studies (14 to 20 years) - ninth page

    During her years of study, Aeryn tried to find information about Nyrea, without much success. Some information was collected.
    • It had been 35 years since the last woman to reach the Elite level.
    • Nyrea's last record of manipulation was 145 years ago by a knight known as Mikhail, the Red One.
    • In the oldest book with sword registers there was a word that Aeryn was unable to decipher. "Planinauta" was the word.
    During the few days off, Aeryn went to the library to try to find clues about the past of the famous cavalry sword. The most recent books had been consulted thousands of times and had nothing but poetry and stories for children to sleep. Nyrea did not have her name spelled out in many books.
    Months later Aeryn began to study the books, which was already the furthest part of the knights' library. There he finally got some information.
    '' What are you doing here, Aeryn? '' Said Casimir, sitting across from Aeryn. That part of the library was empty.
    '' I'm looking for something about Nyrea. I was able to find something about its last bearer, '' Aeryn shifted the book towards Casimir. '' He was called Mikhail. He was a brutal knight and acted on impetus. As kind as he was, he always acted alone. See, some poorly made arts show the sword with fire powers. ''
    "That's weird," said Casimir. '' Don't you think Nyrea is a cursed sword? I am afraid that one day they will be able to break the curse and an impetuous spirit leave. Nyrea has seen only disgrace and blood for centuries. I suspect that nothing good can come of it, no matter how much the knights exalt it.
    "I'm also suspicious about that power," Aeryn shrugged. "That's exactly why I prefer to keep her away from these books. Her powers are unique and go beyond the runes. ''

    "Look what I found, Aeryn," Casimir sat next to her. ''Do you know that word? ''Planinauta''. Here he reports that this type of entity has not been seen for centuries at that time and many seek rituals to forge and invoke that entity. But they always failed. They used artifacts as receptacles to contain the apparition, which they were unable to see. ''
    "That's weird, but I don't think it fits here," snapped Aeryn.
    "Don't worry, I'll leave that information stuck in my mind.", Smiled confidently Casimir.

    Aeryn leaned over the books.
    ''I give up''
    At that moment a book fell showing the best art ever drawn of the sword and talked a little about the ancient language for some runes carved into the sword.
    "Then what to say that it is from one of those runes that the ancients called it Nyrea ... And look at Casimir, the opposite meaning of the reading" forged by the runes ". It sure is a very strange one. They have not finished deciphering the other runes. Whether or not Nyrea is an old sword and has fought hard. Many of the spellings are no longer readable in them. ''
    Aeryn was tired, picked up the book and slept right there.

    (I imagine you already noticed, but come on (laughing) - Aeryn writing backwards becomes Nyrea. I still don't know what I'm going to do with this info, but I'll try to create something  )
    Storyline cards.

    After she had visit the market and made her way back home she stopped as someone shouted "Help! Someone please help! Aeryn!" She turned around and saw Gorchi come running towards her, from the wrong direction, with Graagdord unconscious in her arms. Tears were pouring from her eyes as she approached Aeryn. "Aeryn. Please help Graagdord. Help him." She cried. Aeryn took Graagdord in her arms. Her stomach got cold as she realized. Graagdord was dead.  - written by Jonteman93

    The Funeral - tenth page

    Aeryn looked at Graagdord and Gorchi with indignation. It was not the first time that Aeryn had a dead man in her arms and the feeling of helplessness always prevails. ''Why did Gorchi come to me? Just because I was the first to be chosen or just on your way?'' Aeryn thought as she struggled with the killer's sense of frustration and possible anger.
    ''Graagdord is dead. I know you already knew that, Gorchi, '' said Aeryn, filtering the tone of her voice. ''I really don't have much to do. Perhaps a shaman will help. Knowing your opponent little, the biggest problem must be in your soul.''
    ''No, no, no. No ritualism.'' Gorchi shouted angrily, who soon stopped himself when he saw that he caught the attention of the few who were passing by on the streets at that time. ''I didn't want to accept death, but we are Goblins and we have our rules and beliefs. Graagdord was a warrior and will be buried as a warrior ... and a great friend.''
    Aeryn thought to herself again, "I can't believe I'm going to do this."
    "I will help to make a decent burial for him," he rolled his eyes as he dared to offer help. Gorchi smiled awkwardly. "I know a place on the coast that looks perfect."

    Two hours later, Aeryn rests Graagdord's cold body on the grass near the Kiserova coast. Gorchi was furious. While Aeryn comforted Gorchi, Aeryn's guide, Renain dug a small, clumsy hole to bury the little goblin.
    ''That will not remain like this. I'm going to fix that [expletive] ahhhhh because Graag was careless [expletive]. '' Shouted Gorchi.
    ''I didn't think it was difficult to make a hole'', breathed Renain.
    ''Besides, I have a softie in front of me. [bad language]. Let me do it. '' Gorchi took the shovel hard in Renain's hand and started digging fiercely. The force was so great that the hole was ready in moments. ''Ready. So easy, pompous sir. ''
    Moments later, when the sunset reached its end of the cycle on the coast. All present were silent to revere Graagdord's departure.
    ''Say something''
    "Say something, Aeryn. I can't do it'', Gorchi whispered.
    Aeryn didn't know what to say.
    ''Well, ah, Graagdord, the dear warrior goblin is now in his final rest. He, ah, has lived well with his partner Gorchi and will have his soul accepted ... wherever he is. His fervent manner infected those around him ... ah, I ... Rest in peace, Graagdord, '' Aeryn finished.
    Aeryn went to Gorchi, kneeling to stay at the same height.
    ''Breathe well and think about what you will do with her. Don't let anger and revenge prevail, but I won't judge you if you go after her. Make the best decision, Gorchi.''
    The silence reigned for a few more moments, where only the pleasant sound of the sea and the birds nearby echoed in the hearts of those present, especially Gorchi.
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    Storyline cards.

    Name: Aeryn Nox Lockhart
    Age: 24

    An unexpected visit (or not so much) - tenth page

    Aeryn was polishing Nyrea with the reluctance that only a magic sword could demonstrate. The day was clear and it lit up the balcony of his cabin well. Renain never disappointed with his breakfasts.
    "Aeryn, Aeryn ... '' Renain shouted, running awkwardly past the gates of the camp. '' I have a surprise for you. I think I found some friends of yours at the port, '' Renain gasped with difficulty when he got close to Aeryn. ' "They are already coming. I preferred to come to the front to warn you."
    "And who are these people?", Aeryn asked.
    '' We are just a minute to catch our breath ... They said they are your subordinates. They had the same ring that you take ''
    Shortly after the explanation, two knights, a woman and a man, entered through the gate. Aeryn recognized both of them quickly, not sure if she would be happy with their presence. They were really his subordinates. All captains, regardless of rank, have their '' arms '' to support missions.
    "Aeryn, she thought she was going to escape us," shouted Maycon, Aeryn's left hand. "I know you wanted to be alone on this journey, but that's not how a partnership works."
    "I say the same," added Marian, the right hand of Aeryn's patent. The name Nyrea still has importance and relevance for the School of Knights and the Cavalry of the Kingdom. After more than 100 years without a bearer it would not be surprising that the legendary sword bearer would be chosen, '' Nyrea was leaning next to a small staircase outside the balcony. She shone in greeting the knights.
    Aeryn scratched the back of her neck with an embarrassed smile. Their team was important, but since the promotion they haven't had a mission together. Their visit could only indicate one thing, Aeryn's kingdom already knew of its feat in the first fight and she was afraid of more people and royal knights to appear in Kiserova.
    Renain was stretched out on the floor tiredly.
    '' I shouldn't have run so much. You two can't stay long, uff, here at camp. This place is just, uff, for fighters. ''
    '' Don't worry, pompous old man, '' laughed Maycon. "We are leaving and we will pull Aeryn for a beer and maybe train a little later."
    '' I already know a local here, '' said Aeryn until she was happy to see them. ''We will''
    The three knights passed through the gate towards the market. Renain was stretched out on the floor to rest. He just hoped that no other fighter would see him in that situation.

    Scale of patents (everyone has two support knights - right hand and left hand. These knights can also resign and seek their promotion in the cavalry.)
    • 3rd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry
    • 2nd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry
    • Royal Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry
    • Elite Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry
    (I don't know if anyone else suffers from it: write in your natural language (mine is Portuguese) and then translate and check if the phrases are fitting. I'll have to start making shorter stories >.<)
  • Summary
    Storyline cards.

    Name: Aeryn Nox Lockhart
    Age: 24

    During your life: (between 20 and 23 years old)

    The Third Mission - tenth page

    The cavalry troop is ready for its next mission. The horses rode calmly through the forest. Aeryn was in the back row, a little behind Casimir who slowed to keep up with his friend. This time the mission was overseen by a Royal Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry. From afar she saw the captain shouting orders. Aeryn was not well that day and just wanted to get away to think.
    "Is everything okay, Aeryn?" Asked Casimir. '' I thought you were going to enjoy going out for a while. I understand that what happened on the last mission was not easy, but the wounds will heal. '' (The second mission has not yet been written.)
    '' Everything is fine, yes. I'll be fine. I just want to finish this mission soon, '' Nyrea gleamed in a wistful tone.
    A few hours later the sun showed that it was going to disappear on the horizon. Aeryn was not yet well enough to go on that mission and sometimes she got lost in thoughts getting behind the cavalry. Casimir, being a good friend, stayed behind the prank on Aeryn's horse to push when needed. They were far from the cavalry, but not far enough to lose sight and stop listening to the captain's scolding.

    Casimir, Casimir, come with me little man.

    A melodic and feminine voice from the forest penetrated the young knight's brain. No one else could hear, and totally mesmerized he changed the cavalry route and started to follow the voice and a specter among the trees.
    '' Casimir? Are you still there? '' Said Aeryn, turning around and not meeting anyone.
    She quickly found Casimir away from the group and started to follow him. Seconds later she came across only a cave and Casimir entering it. Casimir's horse when he saw Aeryn got scared and ran away.

    In the dark of the cave Aeryn screamed for Casimir. To see better, Nyrea glowed red in Aeryn's hands. That form of Nyrea brought terrible feelings from her last mission. She took a deep breath and moved on. Nyrea felt the sword's discouragement and frustration.
    Steps later she arrived in a pocket in the middle of the Cave. The loud noise of photos dripping on the rocks indicated a nearby waterfall, but what attracted attention was Casimir kneeling with his wings spread before a horrible creature. Casimir's eyes were lilac.
    Aeryn knew about Casimir's curse and his angelic wings. He was not an angel and that shape ate at his head because he was not a member of the divine clan. In the past few years he had managed to use his wings without succumbing to the madness of the curse.
    The creature's voice echoed to Aeryn in a charming, feminine tone.

    '' Such a beautiful specimen. I've never seen a human with angelic powers like that, '' the creature laughed when she saw Nyrea. She recognized that power and finished speaking. " For your new boss, I order you to kill this girl."
    The shadow disappeared on the rocks and left Casimir bloodthirsty to wield his sword to face Aeryn.

    Swords brandished. Casimir attacked in disorder with his eyes wide and purple. For several moments he took flight and attacked through the air. Nyrea glowed brightly for the spot that Aeryn was supposed to deflect. Aeryn tried to throw dust in Casimir's eyes, but the knight felt nothing and did not water. That creature had fully awakened his friend's curse and looked like it was eating away at his brain very quickly.
    '' Stop Casimir "Stop! You can do it. I don't want to fight you. ''
    He simply ignored it by doing a pirouette in the air and hitting the hand holding Nyrea. The sword fell to the ground, emitting a windy power to return to Aeryn, but with the injured hand the impact made Aeryn fall sitting on the ground.
    Casimir smiled and used the moment to drive the sword between her ribs. Nothing fatal, but it made Aeryn cry out in pain. Nyrea turned blue and with some runes that fell from Aeryn's gauntlet, it generated a spectral wave of the sea pushing Casimir. The runes disappeared and Nyra cast a faint shadow of despair for her bearer.
    Aeryn sought strength to get up and looked in terror for Casimir. He was gone.
    ''Help me''
    Casimir spoke from above with force behind the curse falling on Aeryn who managed to deflect and as a lever bumped Nyrea on one of his wings that broke at the same moment. The wound of the wings generated the purple color of his eyes and healed quickly. Casimir felt pain for being a forced cure on his cursed organism.
    '' Don't use all your power this time, listen to Nyrea, '' Aeryn whispered to the sword as a result of her last mission.
    Panting, she threw Nyrea at Casimir. She knew her friend would dodge, but when Nyrea dug into the rock behind him, Aeryn was already prepared with a rune to draw the sword, which had been stuffed with rustic runes on the dagger to generate enough strength for Aeryn's idea.
    The sword sliced through one of his wings at the same time that the dagger's runes burst into flame, throwing Casimir between some rocks.
    Aeryn went to her friend moaning in pain.
    "Kill me!" Cried Casimir, changing the color of his eyes.
    ''I can not. I can not. You're strong, Casimir, '' Aeryn started to cry.
    Casimir smiled.
    '' I know I'm strong, but I need you to be more. I knew that my curse would be my final destination. Coming from you will be an honor. Thanks for everything.''

    From outside the cave and through a large expanse of forest, Aeryn's cry of pain could be heard.

    The other knights on the mission were desperate for Aeryn and Casimir to disappear. After much searching and after hearing the cry of someone like Aeryn, they finally arrived near the cave. From a distance they will come to Aeryn to leave the weakened cave holding Casimir in her arms. The rain started to fall.

    (When I made the Casimir card [fifth page], I hadn’t seen wings in art. So I made it his curse.)
  • Summary
    Storyline cards.

    The three knights passed through the gate towards the market. Renain was stretched out on the floor to rest. He just hoped that no other fighter would see him in that situation.

    A short stop for breakfast ... with beer. - twelfth page

    The three knights toasted and had a nice breakfast. Maycon didn't just want beer and barely touched the sausages. Aeryn still wasn't comfortable with her new cavalry colleagues. After her promotion, months later she was already traveling to Kiserova's champion tournament.
    '' So how's your stay in Kiserova? Many wars are going on, '' the last part Marian spoke softly.
    "Well, did something different happen here?", Added Maycon.
    Aeryn took a breath and took a brief summary. She told of the environment, the little fight that took place under the city's temple with the rejected contestants. She spoke of her battle and the memories that her rival's fire brought. A pain that gave her strength and forget what happened on her second mission at the School of Knights.
    Finally, when commenting to Cranket, she showed the lifeless artifact that stirred excitement in Mirian and Maycon.
    ''This is not good. Let's go to a more reserved place, '' Maycon said.
    At that moment Renain appeared and mentally wondered where they were going now.
    The knights did not go very far. They arrived in an alley where the busy city was not very busy.
    "This artifact is a bomb," Maycon said while Mirian nodded. This robot you mentioned has powerful reactors, probably the reason for the ritual of the other participant. The chalice must have drained much of the power, but it still needs to be contained.
    "Renain!" Called Mirian. "Can you get in touch with the tournament organizers? This needs to be contained before it causes any major problems. If you can't, bring it back to us and Maycon will fix it. ''
    '' I can try, '' said Renain, startling taking the artifact and leaving the alley.

    I don't know if a small paragraph about this is possible. I just didn't want to leave too many ''loose ends'', and this early story artifact may be one of them.
    If not, you can consider the situation below. (I'm not having much time to write.)


    With Renain's failure to contact the organizers, he returned with the artifact and handed it to Maycon. They were on the coast of Kiserova and with a totally unconcerned look he threw the artifact into the sea.
    '' Issue resolved. '' Maycon smiled at Renain.
  • Summary

    The ninth fight - Akuma x Jelene - twelfth page

    The ninth fight was very brutal in the forest. Aeryn didn't know what to say. Nyrea on her back emitted a lifeless black aura, showing Aeryn that the fight would not have a happy outcome. From a distance she heard Akuma's friend Nilani shouting to encourage her.
    After Akuma's victory was announced, the question that remained was where was Jelene's body? And especially what are the tournament organizers doing about missing competitors? He doesn't hear a pronouncement about Pan, other than seeing Graagdord dead in her arms.
    More obscure, besides the tense atmosphere in the city due to the war that could be approaching, was the fact that the deaths and disappearances of the tournament were not publicized in a correct way for everyone. Aeryn did not like the atmosphere that could surround the next fights.
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    Match 10 - Introduction (1/2) by Jonteman93 - twelfth page

    "Again!? It's the fourth this week! What are the guards doing?" The low-ranked Medirnian officer followed his men to the place outside the city they had told him about.
    A caravan of eight wagons had been attacked with some of the wagons lying on their sides with barrels and containers spread all over, all empty.
    Many guards were spread out on the ground, some wounded and a few dead. The rest of the guards were either helping their companions or trying to repair the wagons so that they could salvage what had not been stolen or destroyed.

    "Damn those bandits. Where are the Kiserova guards when you need them?" The officer grunted as he examined an empty barrel. 
    "They were not bandits sir, they were citizens." 
    "Citizens? If they kill and destroy while they rob a caravan, I will not call them anything else but what they are. Criminals, thieves, murderers, bandits." 

    The guards just finished repairing one wagon and now helped the wounded men up onto it. Groups of citizens were watching the guards and soldiers from further away. Some of them tried to come near, probably to help, but the guards kept them at bay. Other citizens did not have the slight expression of worry, but instead of anger. 
    "I'm starting to crave for a public execution, matters not much if it is the actual criminals being executed, just to stand as an example to those that would disturb the peace." The officer said as he stared at the corpse of a guard.

    The soldier beside him looked nervously around to see if any citizen heard him.
    "Ehm, sir. Sorry to remind you but you do not have the authority to order an execution, sir." 
    "I know that! I said I started to crave, not that I was planning to-. Learn to forking listen, you're a soldier, you're supposed to be good at that!"
    One of the soldier chuckled accidentally. 
    "Oh you think it is funny?" The officer approached the soldier who shook his head still trying to not laugh. 
    "Your kinsmen have died today and here you are unable to keep yourself from laughing? Look at your dead kinsmen!" The officer pointed towards four guards, one of which was not dead but unconscious.  "Is that funny to you?" "N-no, no it-it s-tragic, sir."  
    "No it is not funny. They are lying there in the mud because some criminal decided that they had the right to take these men's lives. What are you going to do about that?"

    "Uh, uh. I would. I will avenge them. I will kill the killers."
    "You're going to leave your dead kinsmen in the mud as you go and search for some worthless criminal?" 
    "Then go and help the guards taking care of the bodies and the wounded! All of you!" 

    The soldiers did salute and walked to help the guards. 
    "Ugh. give me a paper and a pen. I need to make inventory report before they move away anyone or anything." The officer said and soon a soldier came with a paper and a pen as he had requested. The officer looked east towards Estina forest which had been made forbidden to enter for any non-Kevalerian soon after the last match more than a week ago. "What is going on here?" 

  • Match 10 - Introduction (2/2) by Jonteman93 - twelfth page

    The market was filled with angry people. Since the Medirnian army had arrived, much of the food production had gone to them and as supplies to the Gwendolyn war effort instead of the market and the people. The prices had increased significantly, on some items so much as two or three times the original price. Every stand that sold food was surrounded by people furious that the merchants were betraying its own people, forcing the poor to starve. The merchants tried to reason with the costumers but little effect. 

    The guard had been doubled the last week and almost every Kiserovan guard north of the river had been replaced by a Midernian guard that was more intent to harm any troublemaker. The people were angry, the poor had begun to starve, the robberies increased in numbers, the guards became more violent. The peace and order was slowly breaking. 

    The arena was as usual, surrounded by soldiers, nobles, gamblers, beggars and others. The place was surprisingly calm compared to other parts of the city. In lines the audience walked into the multiple entrances of the arena walls to see the coming match.Nobles were usually escorted by four to eight soldier but through the crowd came someone that was escorted by at least sixty, a formally dressed woman with red long hair. She entered the entrance that led to the balconies of the leaders.

    Inside the arena, arrangements had been made. Large pillars of different sizes stood spread out together with stone obstacles and platforms. Artiem sat in his chair in front of his subordinate commanders, and pondered about something.
    "I thought you said you would not watch the match today?" Artiem look over his shoulder at the red haired woman who stood beside him. 

    "Yes I did, but I needed to change environment as the stone walls did not do good for my mind." Artiem said as he signaled the commander beside him to move to a chair further back. The woman sat down in the just freed chair. 
    "Have toy thought of a solution yet?" She said
    "I have thought of probably everything. There are no apparent good solutions."
    "So an execution would not sustain?

    "The problem with an execution is that there have to be an accused that is proven guilty, otherwise the population will get only more up in arms than they already are.  
    "How about distributing the stored food. I heard the wheat storage is quite full." She said.
    "Don't mock me. That storage is for the winter. If we take it there will be a mass starvation when winter comes. 
    "Request more food from Minova, Kasto and Ovan Astova."
    "That would just put the problem elsewhere where we cannot control it, while we would lose even more food to bandits and other causes."

    "You want to scare the population to submission but you don't want to kill a few people that you can just accuse of robbing you? Since when did you get so honorable towards this people that you treat them as if they were Gwendolynian or even Medirnian?" 
    "... I have been stationed her for what is it now? 8, 9 years? Such long times changes... Wait, what did you just say? Scare the population to submission, treat them as Gwendolynian. Kiserova is almost exactly between Beldon and Grailine. I should still have time. Soldier! I need a flying messenger immediately!" Artiem shouted as he almost ran out from the balcony. 

    Down in the arena, Nadja and Daniel had just presented Brynn and Aeryn who had taken their position. "Let the tenth match of the tournament begin!" 
  • Match 10 - Fight (part 1) by Jonteman93 - twelfth page

    "Are you a monster or are you a slave?"

    "Let the tenth match of the tournament begin!" 

    This would not be a battle to the death. They had already agreed about that earlier. A fair fight with their skills and blades alone and when one would feel that lose was not too far away, they would surrender. 

    "Better to lose and live than win and die." Aeryn said as to remind them both. Brynn nodded as she drew her sword and took flight. Aeryn took a deep breath as she also drew her sword. "Let's live and see the tomorrow day together." Brynn said just as she flew towards Aeryn in high speed. Brynn's blade came with such force that Aeryn was pushed back as she blocked. She landed and rolled on the sand. She raised herself up and heard the Brynn's hand in the sand. Aeryn turned around and just managed to block Brynn's low attack. 

    Brynn flew to the side as Aeryn covered her right shoulder with her left hand. "Ouch! That hurt really bad." She said kneaded away some of the pain. She was lucky as that could have dislocated her shoulder. "Now its my turn." Aeryn raised her and began dashing forward. "I don't think it is." Brynn said and flew up to the closest pillar. 
    "Really? Ok then." Aeryn sighed. She walked to the pillar and with the runes in her blade she sliced straight through. Brynn almost lost balance as the pillar came crashing down but she managed to gain flight and stay airborne. 

    "You are a very nice person and good friend but by the holy divine, you're an annoying opponent." Aeryn said. Brynn descended upon and struck at her. Aeryn having learned not to take the strikes head on either dodged them or deflected them. Then Brynn made a thrust attack that when blocked, she moved forward with  her whole body, and the blade struck Aeryn beneath her left shoulder. Brynn withdrew. She looked at Blood was sipping between Aeryn's fingers as she held her hand over the wound. "Are you okay? Do you want to surrender?" Brynn said. Aeryn chuckled. "It's just a scratch. I've had worse wounds from less." As she wrapped a piece of cloth around the wound, Brynn flew away. 
    She looked a little tired, probably because it was hard to both fight and stay in the air at the same time. This gave Aeryn the advantage she had searched for since if Brynn had to fight on the ground, her wings would only be in her way. 

    Brynn flew around the arena for some time before she flew high up in the sky. Aeryn expected her to try another attack kept her in vision. Brynn flew into the sun, blinding Aeryn so she had to cover her face. Aeryn slowly moved towards the closest pillar to take cover while not moving her eyes from the sky. She could not see Brynn directly but from between her fingers she could see if Brynn would descend. She kept watch as she moved closer and closer to the pillar. The audience who was usually quite loud grew quieter. Then the sun must have begun to disappear behind a cloud as the light turned darker and Aeryns skin became colder. When the sun had disappeared completely behind the cloud she removed her hand. 

    The sky was black and audience was gone. The sun did no longer shine, it had turned dark red, but it was the angel who made Aeryn the most nervous. High up in the sky. Her wings were red and kind of fleeting like they were made of liquid blood. Her skin was grey and her hands were covered in blood. She stared at Aeryn with shining blood-red eyes. Then she descended towards Aeryn. Aeryn got cold in her heart as she witnessed the monster approach her swiftly. Aeryn charged her sword with the runes as much as she could and when Brynn was close enough, Aeryn threw the blade. The sword hit her straight center and a strong white light spread, blinding Aeryn.

    The audience gasped and cheered. Aeryn tried to see what had happened but she was still blinded by the strong light. When her eyes had gotten used to the light, she saw that the sun was back and the sky as usual. She also saw blood splatters over the closest pillars and her sword on the ground, also stained with blood. She looked around but could not find Brynn. "Brynn, where are you." she yelled. Only the sound from the audience filled the arena for a while before Brynn answered. "What was that? Were you trying to kill me?" Aeryn looked at a pillar on the other side of the arena. "No. You scared me. I saw something." only moments later, an apple landed beside her and soon another one. Aeryn looked towards the audience and saw a kid who waved with an half-eaten apple in his hand. "You know, Brynn. Let's take a small lunch break before we continue this." She turned towards the hosts.
  • Match 10 - fight! (part 2/2) by Jonteman93 - twelfth page

    Brynn sat down with her back towards the pillar and Aeryn. Aeryn's attack had broken off a small chunk her breastplate which had been heavily bleeding but she had taken care off. Her wings were slightly burnt but still in good shape. "Lunch break? What does she think this is, a vacation?" She thought for herself. She heard something small land beside her. She turned her head. She froze to ice and she almost threw up as she saw it. A decapitated head of a child. Brynn looked up. The world had turned dark, the sun did no longer spread light, the audience were gone but something dark or black covered the bleachers around the arena. She stood up with the sword ready in her hand as she walked around the pillar. She saw Aeryn, grey skin, dead dark eyes, black armor and an aura of evil power surrounded her. Aeryn was eating from the body of the child, blood dripped down her jaw. Brynn was filled with sickness and rage. 

    She flew with haste towards Aeryn. She gathered all strength she had in her sword as she swung. Aeryn dodged the attack and readied her blade. Black runes were glowing from the sword. Brynn struck again and Aeryn blocked. White and black sparks were spread all over. Brynn then managed to strike Aeryn in her chest so she flew, the armor still intact though damaged. 

    Aeryn regained her balance. She looked at Brynn who's hair had turned red and the world was dark again. "This cannot be Brynn, she would not actually try to kill me." she thought. Aeryn charged her runes on the blade and dashed forward. Brynn elevated at waist height from the ground. Aeryn struck high and hard against the monster she had thought was Brynn. Brynn pushed her attack back with her own. As Aeryn fell back, Brynn thrust her sword towards her head. Aeryn managed to raise her sword but Brynn's blade was only redirected and hit Aeryn's left arm instead. Aeryn screamed of pain but she took the opportunity and struck towards Brynn while her sword was inside Aeryn's arm.  
    Brynn moved aside but not fast enough as Aeryn managed to make a small scar on her cheek. 

    Brynn knocked the sword out of Aeryn's hand and grabbed it. Then she stepped on Aeryn's right arms. "Nyrea, resist her! Please!" She yelled, but Nyrea could not or did not want to resist Brynn. Aeryn was done for. Her arms were stuck and Brynn held her sword, ready to decapitate her. "Nyrea!!" The sword did not fall, in fact it did barely move at all as the runes on it began to glow intensively. The runes grew brighter until the sword was almost burning. Aeryn was blinded by the light and then the light exploded into flame.

    The audience were gasping, and cheering. Brynn stood just before Aeryn with Nyrea lying on the ground beside her. She stared into the ground and the half-eaten apple, and soon she walked towards Aeryn, who tried to move away but was still stuck by the sword. Brynn drew out the blade and Aeryn screamed of he pain. Brynn walked away from her and towards the balcony the center. "Hosts of the tournament. I ,Brynn, surrender!" 
    "What? But the match is yours, you can still win." said Pjetro. 
    "No, I cannot." said Brynn. Then she left the arena. 

    Aeryn slowly managed to get up onto her feet with only her right arm. It was clear that whatever had happened to Brynn, and probably herself as well, the audience had not been aware of it. Brynn also seemed to know something about it, was that why she did her choice? 

    "Strength, honor and purity are weakness that can so easily be manipulated." 

    Somewhere, a girl had just stopped playing her violin. 

    Match 10 - Winner! 
    Aeryn managed to find a way out of the abyssal "Illusion" which caused Brynn to surrender, and thus she wins the 10th match. 
    She will fight in the semi finals and she will do so against Akuma. 

    You may now make a choice. 
    - increase Aeryn's mana cost to 7
    - add a new signature or companion card. 

    You may change the cards you already have as long as they follow the restriction put on them by the choices you've made. 

    I wish you good fortune in the continuation of the tournament. 
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    A victory with the taste of defeat, but with a lot of honor and mystery - twelfth page

    At one of the entrances to the arena, Brynn watched the horizon ready to take flight.
    "Wait, please!", The sound was of Aeryn coming from a dimly lit corridor, probably not to be seen.
    Aeryn had an improvised bandage on her arm and was holding it in pain. Nyrea was sheathed on her back. In her free hand she carried a black cloak, probably to escape the arena without being seen. Aeryn's guide Renain cannot place his healers in the arena due to the uproar that Brynn caused in renouncing the victory that was in her hands.
    ''This victory does not seem fair, but thank you. I don't know what happened right, but it must have been something evil. My body was strange ... Nyrea was strange. You could have just knocked me out. Thank you again.''
    '' Victory would not be fair to either side, I just wanted to be the first honored to resign. I wouldn't leave that taste for you. '' Brynn smiled charistically at Aeryn. "This force is really strange and I think it has nothing to do with the war"
    Brynn's expression went a little dark, but in the end it was just the shadow of the arena covering the angel. Brynn had a determined look on her face. She wanted to find out what had happened and what was going on at the tournament.
    '' I'll be back to make contact. I'll investigate what's going on here. '' Quickly, without letting Aeryn speak, she spread her wings and flew beyond her sight.
    Aeryn put on her cloak with difficulty due to the wound on her arm and disappeared into the crowd.

    (SpellPiper2213 Great battle. And certainly a beautiful story created by Jonteman93)


    Aeryn took off the cloak. She was in a clearing in the middle of the forest. The place was beautiful and quiet, only lit by moonlight. With pain in her arm, she nailed Nyrea to a wooden stump and sat on another in front of the sword.
    '' What happened there, Nyrea? I'm not saying about the visions, I'm talking about why you didn't answer me. '', Aeryn gritted her teeth looking at the expressionless sword. ''What happened? Speech! I can't believe that you were corrupted like me. An ancient sword corrupting itself for little. Shame.''
    At that moment Nyrea shone with a black light around her and quickly turned red. She wanted to say that she didn't get corrupted, but she felt that something was wrong with both fighters. Aeryn failed to see Nyrea's expression as she touched the bruised arm.
    "Let's train now, then."
    Aeryn tried to lift Nyrea to no avail. She didn't want to be wielded at that moment. Aeryn forced the bandage to open.
    ''Damn it. Why is that now, huh? That power that eroded me was strange and I felt helpless ... and you didn't do anything.'', Aeryn picked up a stone throwing right at the rune that in ancient language formed the Y.
    Nyrea at that same point shone brightly wanting to say something, but Aeryn's emotions did not allow her to open up to an astral relationship. Nyrea continued to shine, to the point of consuming the entire clearing and swallowing it all with white light and a dull explosion of runes on the sword.

    (now will be the time to make crazy stories ''a la final fantasy''. I hope to make it before the semifinals)
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    First Summary - I can't edit anymore
    New Summary - Towards the Semifinals thirteenth page 

    Name: Aeryn Nox Lockhart
    Age: 24
    Occupation: 3rd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry
    Skills: fourth page
    Weaknesses: fourth page

    During your life: Only the important points from now on

    Studies (14 to 20 years) - ninth page
    20 age - fifth page
       . First mission - Aranita, Eos Manipulator - fifth page
       . Second mission - Leviathan of Magic Depths - thirteenth page (part 1 and 2)
       . Third mission - tenth page
       . Fourth mission - coming soon
    23 age - fifth page - 3rd Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry promotion

    General Memories:
    . Memories: Mikhail, the Red One - fifteenth page

    Tournament of Champions 3:
    24 age - She traveled and was chosen for Tournament of Champions 3 - third page
       . Dakros x Aeryn by Jonteman93 - seventh page
       . An unexpected visit (or not so much) - tenth page
       . Brynn x Aeryn by Jonteman93 - twelfth page 
       . A victory with the taste of defeat, but with a lot of honor and mystery - twelfth page
    Repercussions of Victory - Maycon and Marian - thirteenth page
       . A small premise  and The Consciousness - thirteenth page
       . The next day - fourteenth page
       . A new course for the Tournament and for the people of Vosanova - fifteenth page
       . Kiserova - the face of war (part 1 and 2) - fifteenth page
       . Final route - Ovan Nova fifteenth page
  • Summary
    Storyline cards.

    Second mission (part 1/2) - thirteenth page 

    This would be the biggest mission that Aeryn would participate. The mission was not for knight apprentices, but she was the bearer of Nyrea, the magic sword, and that could be an asset for the troops. The mission was for Elite and Royal knights only. A major mission to invade Morgradin Castle in the northwest of the kingdom, which had been invaded and corrupted by an evil entity. Only a few Elite knights stayed in the kingdom along with the lower ranks to protect citizens.
    "You'll be fine, Aeryn. We'll be there to protect you. '' Hendriksen said, crouching with one knee while Aeryn sharpened Nyrea's blade. '' I tried to convince them not to send you, but the strength and the very symbol that Nyrea brings for the knights it is very important for everyone in a battle of this proportions. ''
    "Okay, I understand.", Aeryn was even excited about the big mission that had been assigned.
    Morgradin Castle was an act and stood on a hillside with a view of the raging sea around it.
    The evil entity had corrupted everything around it and the place was an eternal night. The remaining citizens were relieved by the arrival of the troops, mainly by the sword Nyrea and its bearer who were in front of the platoon together with the main Elite knights.
    '' What exactly are we going to face? '' Asked Aeryn to one of the Elite Knights.
    '' An entity of the sea at first. A soul-manipulating leviathan. See the scales at the top of the castle. Somehow he got the strength to get up and stay in the castle. This fight won't be easy, but I've had worse. '' Replied the knight with a confident smile.

    The battle inside the castle was fierce. Many fish-shaped monsters escorted humans with green and blue fur, possessed by the power of leviathan. The knights barely made it to the second floor. Rubble and rubble formed with the battle.
    Aeryn was surprised by one of these humans and soon struck back with the sword, but her two arms were interrupted by Hendriksen at the time of the blow.
    '' Careful girl. These beings are not zombies yet, they are human. Knock them out, don't kill them ''
    '' I'm not a girl, watch out for the words old man, '' he shouted amid the uproar and knocking out the man.
    Tired, she returned to the makeshift camp in front of the castle.
    ''This is impossible. This force of the sea took many hostages and for each hostage there are ten of these monsters, '' she breathlessly told the Royal and Elite knights who were there planning the next blows. Virtually everyone ignored it.
    ''Patience. You are very excited. His first big mission with great knights and that's it. Is that how you look for promotion? '' Hendriksen said as he entered the camp listening to the apprentice's murmurs from afar. "We will gradually take over the castle and dispatch these beings."

    A few hours later, the knights had managed to invade much of the castle and continued up the steps. Actually Aeryn was more hectic and with adrenaline from the fights and went up in front of the others without hearing the next orders. At that moment, far from the others, more debris will fall on the stairs giving a single valid way to get out, climb up to the leviathan.
    Floors later Aeryn was petrified by the being she spotted in the main hall. A knight in black armor and with crevices in his helmet in red. That being was robust and fought with some of those monsters, but in the form of orders. It was not the leviathan.
    "Dad!", Aeryn didn't know what to do with what she had seen.
    That knight, hearing Aeryn's voice, looked coldly at her, drawing his sword and heading straight for her.
    Reflexively, she raised Nyrea and brandished her swords with the knight who pushed her to the ground. That being was dead, he was no longer Aeryn's father, he was just a servant to the leviathan. Nyrea knew that, but Aeryn was without strength in a mix of emotions.
    '' Don't kill her. Come to me, knight. '' A high-pitched voice spoke at the same time as a horrifying creature descended the last steps of the castle. The leviathan.
    "So he is your father," Aeryn did not react to the leviathan. "He was a good servant, but I like to make others suffer rather than having good servants."
    The leviathan, who was a bit of a humanoid after consuming many souls of the village's citizens, held the knight around the neck, who did not react, and opened his mouth to try to swallow his head.
    Aeryn started to cry and with impulse and emotion she ran towards the monster with Nyrea sheathed on her back.
    '' No, I'm not going to let you take it from me now. ''
    Nyrea emitted some aura impulses, meaning it was not the best option. the sword with all its power started to get heavier, but to her surprise Aeryn resisted the magic and continued to run.
  • Summary
    Storyline cards.

    ...Nyrea emitted some aura impulses, meaning it was not the best option. the sword with all its power started to get heavier, but to her surprise Aeryn resisted the magic and continued to run...

    Second mission (part 2/2) - thirteenth page 

    There was no other option.
    There was no other way to protect the carrier.
    She had to wake up somehow.
    Suddenly Nyrea grew heavier and emitted a blast of fire from above and below, forming a kind of burning spear. The fire was intense and burned Aeryn's back even in the armor. She couldn't resist and fell to the floor unconscious.

    Many sounds disturbed Aeryn's ear. She was a little deaf and in a lot of pain when trying to get up. Her vision was blurred and she could hardly breathe. She felt an immense heat and soon realized that she was no longer with Nyrea on her back. Her shoulders burned.
    With blurred vision she tried to look for her father and the hideous creature.
    Aeryn was blinded by a flash. In front of him a woman totally covered in flames, many flames, was in front of her weakened body with open arms, meaning that he was protecting her. Nyrea was in one of her hands pointing down. Aeryn passed out again.
    ''Wake up! Wake up! We need to go. What happened here girl. '' Hendriksen didn't wait for Aeryn to respond and threw her between his shoulders.
    Aeryn opened her eyes again and looked with difficulty between Hendriksen's shoulders, still with very blurred vision. She just saw the burning woman again handling Nyrea and cutting off the creature's head and facing the sea monsters ... and her dead father. Wreckage fell from the castle. Aeryn passed out again.

    Days later

    Aeryn jumped out of bed all bandaged. She was still in pain, but her vision was no longer blurred. The first thing she saw was Casimir sitting next to her bed. He woke up with Aeryn's jump.
    '' You finally woke up. I'll call the nurses. ''
    Aeryn didn't know what had happened, but she felt angry and sad when she remembered her father's twisted image.

    Hours later

    Aeryn was more stable and asked Casimir.
    "Where's Nyrea?"
    Casimir sighed.
    '' You need to see this. ''
    Casimir took Aeryn in a wheelchair to the main hall of the School of Knights.
    In the center, Nyrea was again embedded in its pillar.
    '' We don't know how and when, but the sword went back to its pillar. When Hendriksen rescued you, you weren't with Nyrea. He just remembers flames devouring everything around him.''
    Aeryn lowered her head and asked to return to her rooms.
  • Summary
    Storyline cards.

    ...Nyrea at that same point shone brightly wanting to say something, but Aeryn's emotions did not allow her to open up to an astral relationship. Nyrea continued to shine, to the point of consuming the entire clearing and swallowing it all with white light and a dull explosion of runes on the sword...

    Repercussions of Victory - Maycon and Marian

    Aeryn had been hit and had a bad wound on her arm. Maycon and Marian in the stands were left with a mixture of apprehension and surprise. Until the angel manifested herself.

    "Hosts of the tournament. I ,Brynn, surrender!" 

    It took everyone by surprise. The arena went crazy and many murmurs filled the unassuming ears. Maycon was euphoric. Marian on the other hand, cautiously, watched Aeryn get up and walk towards one of the gates. She also saw Renain trying to enter the healers without success. The arena was unrecognizable with the result announcing.
    After the lull, both riders will leave the arena. The streets were busy and they stood near one of the entrances on the sidewalk, without disturbing the flow.
    '' In addition to all this, now Aeryn is gone. When the news of victory arrives in the kingdom, the way it was, they won't like it at all. Thankfully, no one from the kingdom came to follow the tournament. '' Maycon said with his arms crossed.
    '' They really won't like it, but you're wrong, three Elite knights have been in town since the tournament started. The news will be quickly passed on, '' Marian replied.
    Maycon became suspicious as she knew it by frowning.
    "I have my contacts, you should already know that," Marian smiled at the suspicious knight. "Let's wait for what will happen."
    At that moment, a tall knight with silver armor and golden trim aboard the two of them leaving through the access gate.
    '' You are right. The kingdom will not like the way Aeryn won. '' The knights were not frightened, but turned to see the three Elite knights behind them. Two of them did not stay to talk and followed the opposite direction of the street.
    ''Demetriz. They sent you to follow up then. They didn't want you in the kingdom to bother them, right? '' Maycon was abused with the knight who had a reputation as a troublemaker.
    '' I will not take offense and fight with someone of high rank. I only started talking because I came to this dirty city for a single mission. '' Demetriz pulled out a scroll wrapped with three rings. '' Congratulations, you were promoted. I only came to that, in case Aeryn reached the semifinals.
    At that moment a carriage appeared with the other two knights. Demetriz after handing the scroll to Mirian, went upstairs and before leaving said.
    '' Be careful in this city. We will not stay for the rest of the fights. A war is coming and I don't want to stay to see what will happen ... And of course, everyone will know of the shame that Aeryn brought to the kingdom.''
    Maycon clenched his fists, but was quiet. Marian was calm and did not get carried away by the provocations. The mission now was to find Aeryn. The horses neighed and headed out of Kiserova.
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    A small premise - thirteenth page

    ...Nyrea at that same point shone brightly wanting to say something, but Aeryn's emotions did not allow her to open up to an astral relationship. Nyrea continued to shine, to the point of consuming the entire clearing and swallowing it all with white light and a dull explosion of runes on the sword.

    Aeryn woke up with aching eyes and rubbed while trying to get up. Soon she realized that she was no longer in the forest. The place was a large corridor about five meters wide and a length that she was unable to calculate with much pain in her head.
    The roof was filled with vivid writings and ancient runes with a stream of aura reverberating and changing colors constantly. On the sides were many figures and canvases in blurred fog. The sides behind these mists and shapes had many stones in them. Runes. Some vivid and bright and others with faint emphasis, wanting to be used in some way.
    At one end of the corridor there was darkness, while on the other side there was an altar with a cauldron of bubbling water. There were more details in the place, but what really caught Aeryn's attention when she stood up was a woman with red hair and an even bulky red dress with gold trim.
    The woman had her hands holding each other with a mysterious smile.
    '' How long have you been waiting for that moment, Aeryn. I finally managed to make contact with you. Officially, nice to meet you. As you may imagine, I am Nyrea, the bearer of ancient powers. ''
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    The Consciousness - thirteenth page

    '' How long have you been waiting for that moment, Aeryn. I finally managed to make contact with you. Officially, nice to meet you. As you may imagine, I am Nyrea, the bearer of ancient powers. ''

    ''That's not possible. I vaguely remember you. What's going on? '', Aeryn felt a weakness and swayed a little while trying to focus on the woman in red.
    Nyrea just smiled and went over to Aeryn. She placed her index finger in the middle of Aeryn's forehead which shone and stabilized the nausea.
    '' You are in my conscience, in the conscience of the sword. See the whole place. It is the interior of it in its astral form. I am much more than a human, I am a spirit of pure power. '' Nyrea raises her arms making some runes boil in light.
    Aeryn was better, but incredulous about it. Many questions came to mind.
    '' All in time, '' Nyrea said, practically predicting Aeryn's thoughts. ''In this place our mind is one and far from the physical problems of the world. See the runes. In this state time passes differently in the outside world, but that at a price when you return, '' Nyrea just smiled in a comical tone of the situation.
    "But how did you wake up?", Nyre quickly took Aeryn by the right arm and brought her closer to the dark part of consciousness.
    '' It was not awake. Not yet. And I need you to help me. '' Nyrea dropped Aeryn and went closer to the darkness. With her hands together she launched a blast of fire that dispelled the shadows as if they had several rats or bats clustered together. When the fire stopped the shadows returned to their places.
    '' I was not consumed by the abyssal power, but when you went and Brynn too, the strength of two carriers was enough to corrupt some memories, the memories of the tip of the sword. The place where I took a lot of lives. ''
    Aeryn was still trying to process all the information. Nyrea again said '' everything in its time ''.
    '' At the moment, Aeryn, I just need you to conjure me. I will show you the location of my first memory over a thousand years ago. Many think I am primordial, but I am only created to look like that. I'm younger than you look like you can see. A thousand-year-old beautiful face, '' Nyrea was playful, but Aeryn didn't seem to believe her serenity.
    Again she took Aeryn by the right arm leading to one of the blots on the side of the hall. Like the quick flash of light, they disappeared and emerged in a new location.
    They are at the entrance to a cave at the top of a mountain. Below the ground was arid and red. The sky was orange and the sun was hiding behind clouds. Inside the cave, the place was well lit and had old forging equipment. It was a forge of primordial ancestors. In the center was a sword mold and on top was a cauldron that poured hot steel. Everything is empty and abandoned. Nyrea went to the mold and rubbed it gently.
    "This is my mold, at least the memory of what my mold was like," Nyrea said in a wistful tone. '' I don't know what I was raised for, but I woke up here alone and without a carrier. At that time I was able to project my astral form and wield the sword ... I mean, the extente of my body and power. ''
    Aeryn explored the place trying to find an answer to that being of ancient power. Behind some rocks she saw a hammer with a long handle, gold and with silver trim.
    "And what would that hammer be? ''
    '' I didn't remember that place and hammer. Did the abyssal power awaken these lost memories? '' Nyre ignored Aeryn and with her hands changed their location and size. Now they were small beings on the table next to the hammer. ''Interesting. I feel the same power that comes from my runes. ''
    Aeryn wondered what this abysmal power was. Nyrea didn't know it either, but she felt the power and the will to face him. Was that what she was created for? A balance between ancestral powers?
    Aeryn touched the hammer and soon all that projection disappeared and they returned to the sword consciousness corridor.
    '' It's time, Aeryn. Release me once more. There are more memories to explore in the future that I want to show you, but for the moment we need my astral form to take shape again. ''
    Aeryn, strangely, knew what she had to do. She went to the altar and put her hand on the boiling cauldron. It was as if she had received powers and knowledge beyond imagination, but that soon disappeared and was directed at Nyrea, who was on fire. The corridor gradually darkened and the runes shone more intensely. Everything disappeared.

    Aeryn was back in the forest clearing. She was sitting and in front of her, sitting on the tree stump, was the woman in the red dress wielding the sword. Nyrea.
    '' Remember what I said about sharing consciousness? ''
    Aeryn looked on without understanding. Two seconds later she threw up and started to feel weak. Her eyes started to close and at the last moment before she passed out she saw Nyrea get up and go to her.
    "Rest girl, I'll take you to the dorm."
    Aeryn passed out.
  • A letter from Lady Miljivan by Jonteman93

    A letter has arrived.

    It is my honor to congratulate you on your recent victory. 
    I imagine it must have been very stressful to fight for life or death.

    I will not try to hide the facts from you. 
    Kiserova is in trouble, the population is troubled. 
    The conditions have worsened significantly during the last weeks, 
    so much that survival is no longer a presumption.
    Death has begun to crawl into the our land, into Kiserova and the tournament.
    It is with heavy grief in my heart that I must inform you that host Sir Belisjian is dead.
    Also, the kevalerion knight, Irene, is also dead. 

    With the current events and everything that is happening.
    It is not with joy that I , as the last host of the tournament, must inform you. 
    The continuation of the tournament of Kiserova has hereby been cancelled. 

    I wish you the best of fortune in your life, and good bye.

    With true intentions
    Lady Miljivan
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