Into the Woods - Tales not explored

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Good morning, good afternoon and good night.

Welcome to my fifth challenge.

In a mix and fairy tales that were presented in Throne of Eldraine, now it's your turn to make cards from unexplored tales or that you find another approach necessary. Who knows if we have new approaches? The Puss in Boots? Blue Beard? The Snow White? The Bremen Town Musicians?

Other challenges (finished):

• Maximum of 3 entries per participant
• No old cards
• The artist of the art should be mentioned (can be in the comments)
• The cards need the link of the creation made in MTGCardsmith
New update (08/31): Specify the story being referenced. Those created up to this post do not need to change.
• The contest finish 09/14/20 (September) - (Finish today 09/13)

1st - Nine favorite cards and a follow
2nd - Seven favorite cards
3rd - Five favorite cards
Top 3 mention in the Hall of Fame (only if you have more than seven participants.)

10,00 points each card: my opinion for judgment, quality, balancing, creativity, grammar
This time, the rank rank will not have published notes (sometimes it is not a better way to judge, or it may cause discouragement.). I will do a test as performed like the challenge by @ningyounk
Bronze - Problems regarding the topic. Many grammatical and balanced errors. Card edition required.
Silver - Card with limited creativity, but still a good card. Few grammatical flaws and balance points. A simple card.
Gold - Card with a good idea, but with minor errors in execution. This is to be the standard rank of the cards. Few failures.
Platinum - Great card with good ideas. It is possible to ignore it small problems.
Diamond - Above average. Very good card. These will be the cards that competed in the top three.
Mythic - Top 3 and mention in the Hall of Fame

Good luck to everyone and be creative 


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