Tournament of Injustice and Randomness - [Experimental]

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Good morning, good afternoon and good night.

Welcome to my sixth challenge.

You didn't read the title wrong, it will be totally RANDOM and possibly UNFAIR (evil laugh)
It will be a mix of RPG with Top Trumps.
The idea came from the Tournament of Champions by Jonteman93, but it will be very quick and will not focus on history.

Create your champion and come compete in randomness.

• Create a Legendary creatue with CMC 2. (watch out for it skills)
• Specify your weaknesses and strengths (maximum in three lines or in five topics) and make a brief history of the character (maximum three lines) - [yes, there will be punishment if it is bigger - evil laugh]
• Post the attributes, but where it cannot be greater than the average of 5,8333
• No old cards
• The artist of the art should be mentioned (can be in the comments)
• The cards need the link of the creation made in MTGCardsmith
• The contest finish in 15 days to start.

1st - 15 favorite cards and a follow
2nd - 12 favorite cards
3rd - 9 favorite cards
Top 3 mention in the Hall of Fame
As in the case of randomness, I will also choose the best card among the posts and win 5 favorite cards and mention in the Hall of Fame too.

How will it work?
After the deadline, 16 competitors will be chosen to participate in the tournament system.
I will make a draw to define the clashes
All cards started with some attributes. (below)
After the confrontations defined, I will post an image with some options for action and trade.
Before each fight, each player can choose two actions and one trade.
What each action attributes or will not be hidden in my spreadsheet, where after everyone chooses the actions, I will post the confrontation with the updated attributes. (the spreadsheet will be updated every round)
The winner will be through the average and will be able to change the CMC or not of the card (explanation below)
So the process will be repeated until there are 2 participants.

It looks complicated, but in the long run it will just be luck. They will practically only have to point out the actions and nothing more.

(Card for illustrative purposes only)

You will also have 5 gold coins for trade, then adjust the image.

You can change the attributes at that first moment as long as the average remains. Just mention that I will control it in the spreadsheet. You will have 35 points to distribute.
The actions they will take may increase or decrease the attributes.
I will work to four decimal places.
At the end of each round, the winner will be able to make the following decisions: Create a card with CMC 4 and this will add +1 to each attribute and will restore 3 life points and earn 2 gold coins. If you keep the current card, you will earn 4 gold coins and +2 attributes to distribute, recover 2 life points.

10,00 points each card: 2,00 my opinion for judgment, 3,25 quality, 3,25 balancing, creativity, 1,5 grammar (only for to the 5 favorite and tournament ranking.)

Good luck to everyone and be creative 


  • I assume that you can't intentionally max out all stats for no reason.
  • You win by the average, but you may not take action if you don't have the necessary attributes. I ask you to leave your HP at least 1 (and good luck in surviving before the fight.)
  • What do you mean? I love starting with 0 HP!
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    Ma'ion is Naya's patron angel. He represents Naya's constant food chain*, and the variety of its inhabitants.
    * A trait shared with Jund
    Strengths: Knowledge of the natural world, allied with the beasts of Naya, the body of a winged lion.
    Weaknesses: Lack of understanding of civilisation
    HP: 11
    Force: 5
    Magic: 5
    Resistance: 5
    Velocity: 6
    Negotiation: 3
    Average: 58,333
    Total points remaining: 


    weaknesses: get carried away by emotions. Tempered temper and just wants to play with weapons from the underworld, even if it consumes your heart. Hates chocolate
    strengths: master in the dark world and can handle two weapons at the same time. Fast and great counterattack.
    No background

    HP - 7
    Force - 7
    Magic - 7
    Resistancce- 7
    Velocity - 7
    Negotiation - 0 
  • @CassZero This seems extremely convoluted. I mean it as a highest compliment.

    I shall submit an entry with haste.
  • @KorandAngels
    I don't know if you will edit later.
    To make it easier: you will have 35 points to distribute.
  • @Tombery
    Your entry is in agreement. :) 

  • Weaknesses: puts others before him, even in extreme situations where he could be injured or die.
    Strengths: Has the trust and powers of the gods.

    HP: 5
    Force: 7
    Magic: 8
    Resistance: 5
    Velocity: 5
    Negotiation: 5
  • I put in my points now.

  • Weaknesses: Isn't powerful alone, relies on others to do his work.
    Strengths: Is very powerful with others, can easily make an undead battalion.
    Was a wizard in an academy, went off on an adventure with some friends of his, friends were killed by a necromancer. The necromancer taught Azorta the dark arts, Azorta struck off to find another adventuring party that would take him.

    HP: 3
    Force: 7
    Magic: 12
    Resistance: 3
    Velocity: 5
    Negotiation: 5
  • Kezef of the Night Flame

    Strengths: Flight, combat knowledge, some control over fire
    Weaknesses: Mainly a defensive fighter, rather somber, not quite sure of his place in the mortal world yet

    Background: Kezef is a recently-instated guardian angel. As such, he is slow to act, curiosity and his duty often getting the better of him. Still, he will act when he deems fit, bringing all his power to bear.

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    Arias was built by Nialen Nioren to be the guardian of the Brass City.
    He is exceedingly fast, and many more Arias models were built after him.

    Strengths: Can move at hypersonic speeds, is incredibly strong, good in close combat.
    Weaknesses: Will stop at nothing to protect the Brass City, terrible at ranged combat, has no emotions or ethics.

    HP: 9
    Force: 9
    Magic: 0
    Resistance: 4
    Velocity: 12
    Negotiation: 1
  • So far we have: 6 participants.
    Failing to reach the goal, the prizes will fall by half. I will continue to be experimental, but do not forget that it will be random (I hope you have fun in the end.)
  • Here's the link to the card:

    Strengths: He has great unholy magic from when he broke his oaths, and is a great swordsman, so therefore great at close combat.
    Weaknesses: He is very weak when making ranged attacks, and is very much of a lone wolf, since he eventually ends up betraying those who he works with.

    HP: 8
    Force: 5
    Magic: 10
    Resistance: 3
    Velocity: 2
    Negotiation: 7
  • @CassZero I am sorry to say that I will not be able to participate in this contest any longer. I have become more busy, and will not be able to devote the time or attention to this thread that it deserves.
  • @fire12
    Okay, no worries.  ;)
  • Two more will be enough to start
  • Kuro Forgotten Mystic

    Story: Has no idea, he lost his memory in an arcane blast that took him away

    Strengths: Arcane powers, curious, sneaky, relentless when he put his mind to something.

    Weaknesses: Gullible, physically weak, bad at intimidation/negotiation.

    Stats: HP: 10
             Force: 2
             Magic: 12
             Resistance: 3
             Velocity: 7
             Negotiation: 1
  • One more to start.
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    As mentioned, before the tournament started, a card would win 5 favorites (now 3 for the number of participants)
    Yours was the chosen card.

    Stay tuned for the next steps. The tournament will start. Fire12 is out, but as it will be a test, in the draw the participant who fights with him will pass to the next phase.
  • @Abu_Jafar @SpellPiper2213 @Tombery @RandomFandom @ChoyBoi @SNAPcreator7 @KorandAngels

    You can make as many purchases as you want, until the money runs out. As we have few competitors it will be more free and in the actions (which I will post) there will be three choices.
    The faster the responses, the faster the tournament ends.

    Don't forget that the average wins the fight.  >:)
  • @CassZero we have 5 gold coins correct?
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  • I want:
    2- Hammer - +2 Force
    6 - Shield - +1 Resistance and +1 Force

    I have no negotiating points.
  • 7 Protector Wings   +1 Resistance +1 Velocity

    1 Axe  +2 Force

  • I want:

    7 - protector wings

    3 - long sword
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