Share your underappreciated recent cards, for a chance at gift cards! (Monthly prizes)

Simple as that, show your underappreciated cards with 7 or less favorites for a chance at a gift card for CardKingdom. Or a similar storefront.

How to enter: Once a month, we will choose an entry that deserves more appreciation from those entered that month. That entry's creator will be offered a CardKingdom gift card worth 25$ USD or more. (Prizes start being given in October 2020.)

Alternate Prizes:
  • 5+ months of premium subscription for yourself and/or others on MTGCardsmith.
  • A playmat from MTGCardsmith.
  • Additionally, we can send gift cards through Amazon for other things.
  • If you'd like something else, feel free to message myself and we can discuss it.

Entry limit: 5 cards per month.

"How long will this last?", hopefully at least 6 months to be fair.

"Please leave feedback and talk in this thread to keep it lively. Thank you!"



In addition to both Ranshi's and the official MTGCS' discord servers

Official Discord:
Ranshi's Discord:

Hocus pocus, let's get those cards some favorites!



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