Photoshop is fun



  • I thought you would recolour it because the silhouette is the same, bacause of the artificial wings.
  • @Tomigon If you would, please edit this bird -

    Onto one of these branches -

    That’d be super helpful, thanks! Also, the bird one is by Brian Valeza, in case you need to know that.
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    @Tomigon If you have time, would you be able to photoshop in another wolf that facing the opposite direction so that there are two wolves in the center facing opposite directions and the sorcerer/wizard behind them?
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    Sorry, I forgot about this. If you still need it, 


    If you can give me the image of another wolf that would be easy. Otherwise you get the wolf that I drew

  • Hey, @Tomigon, d'you think you could get rid of that beast coming out of the cliff and make this front guys scythe a bit sharper and put a glint on it. I also want that tree out of the way. Thanks!
  • @Tomigon Wow! You really are an expert with photoshop! Thank you so much!
  • @Tomigon! That's amazing! Thank you! You sure do have some skill with photoshop!
  • Hey, @Tomigon can you lighten up the sky a bit? Also, can you make the sword red instead of blue? Plus, I would like his armour glowing a bit? That would be great! (Thanks again for the follow)
  • Okay now this is some very impressive work
  • Hey @Tomigon, I've got a kinda big request, so feel free to only do certain parts or break them up and take your time as you see fit!

    Could you alter the art of the White and Black Sword to make it Blue and Black? Then, if possible, change the background into that of Darkslick Shores (trying not to cover up the suns)? If that's too much, you could just change the white sun in the background of the Sword to be blue.

    If you're feeling especially generous, could you do the same with Copperline Gorge and the Blue and Red Sword, changing it to be Red and Green?

    Thanks a lot!
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    @Tomigon, do you think you could turn my hair a darkish pink?
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    Sorry I don't want to make his armour glowing, because adding another light source affect everything and i don't want to spend that much time. Instead I drew the glare of reflection on his shoulder.

    That's easy but those landscape have a bit too many information to be backgrounds. So I only changed colors.


  • @Tomigon Can you photoshop this image so the person is near the center and the dragons are in the frame of the second picture?

  • Wait, would we be able to say that you did the art when you photo shop it.
  • @bronx I put the normal artist credit and then add "+ Tomigon"
  • Maybe it's too much, but could you remove the person in this picture?

  • @Tomigon Fantastic work! Thank you!
  • @Tomigon, what's your favourite colours? I'm going to make a card about you and post it on Cardsmith Cards 2021, but I don't know what colours you should be!
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    What about this?

    Yeah, sorry, that's too much. If you can find something to replace with that person, maybe I can do that.

    B or BR!
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    @Tomigon, that's great! You're a really good photshopper! I'm just making you a card now...
  • @Tomigon, I know I'm pestering you with photos', and I promise this will be the last one in a while, but could you make Yurlok here look a bit more like a detective!

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    Pin on Concept art
    Dis Robot
    on dis background (preferably a branch)
    7x5FT Polyester Photo Background Green Jungle Forest Studio Backdrop  Washable LB  eBay
    Without the tesla coils.
  • @Tomigon, I need help with something.

    I need a pentagonal jewelry box open on a table. Inside, I was hoping for the moxes in orientation with the mana on the back of a magic card.

    Can you do it?
  • @Tomigon I need it done soon please!
  • Im gonna use it for colonizers
  • @TheDukeOfPork
    I need you to find me the bigger image of Yurlok, and his costume/equipment you want him to put on.

    I don't understand what you mean by "(preferably a branch)"
    Is this ok?

    Also please give me larger image next time. I needed to google that background for the larger size.

    So you want me to draw everything? In that case, DM me.

  • I was first thinking if it could all be photoshopped, but that would look cleaner.
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