Edge of Space and Time

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Hey everyone, SNAPcreator here.
I just came up with the idea for my new saga/storytelling. 

This is EDGE OF SPACE AND TIME, a Universe where multiple adventurers have found themselves stranded on a spacecraft (I know, not very magic-y, but we'll get to it!) and figure out that they are not alone...

This universe will go on for a while, telling a story through a saga and through YOUR cards.

Here's how it will work:

AT LEAST 5 ADVENTURERS need to join to start, but the best would be 15. If this fails, well... um... 


This week starts off with you waking up on this ship. I will tell the story every 5 days, I might have to be absent a couple of them, I'll tell you guys if I will be.

You hear a whispering sound in your ear. The last you remember, or... do you remember anything? It seems you've forgotten where you were. You open your eyes slowly to see strange metal walls, then realize that you are laying on the floor. Is it the floor? You start to drift upwards, then you realize where you are. SPACE. You float past a small window in the metal wall, looking out into an empty void of nothingness. You blink a couple of times to make sure this is real, and, unfortunately, it is. Other People start to swim through the air, into your 'Room'. It seems you aren't the only one who woke up here with no memory. You start to talk with the others stranded, then, a strange red light flashes in the room and a loud alarm sounds. Somethings boarded the ship... and left the door open, pulling the objects inside the ship out while damaging it. You need to make some repairs, and fast. You, now as part of 'The Lost' as one of you has deemed you, run out to find a command center. It appears Surveillance Cameras are located around the ship, tracking every room. Then, you hear a noise from downstairs. You need to act fast.

This quest will start September 15, giving 6 days for Travelers to join. If you want to join, simply type 'IN' in the chat, plus a short background of your character and their JOB*

1. @Abu_Jafar
2. @DrakeGladis
3. @SpellPiper2213
4. @ChoyBoi
5. @CassZero

6. @LordTachanka123
7. @Potato13

Don't worry if you're seeing this after September 15th. If there is room, you can still join.

Each Crew member has a job. This is a collaborative adventure, so speed and friendship is key.

Electrician: (@LordTachanka123) (SPOT TAKEN)
The Electrician restores power to the ship and makes small repairs. These will become necessary...

Watcher: (@SpellPiper2213) (SPOT TAKEN)
The Watcher watches the cameras, and alerts people if they see anything. 

Technician: (@Abu_Jafar) (SPOT TAKEN)
Fixes the electronics on the ship. If The Watcher's Cameras go out, the Technician can help them.

Radio Rescuer: (@CassZero) (SPOT TAKEN)
You stay in the Radio Room, trying to get through to people to get rescued. But beware, something is on the ship with you...

Defender: (@ChoiBoi) (SPOT TAKEN)
When the Invaders come for the characters, defend them by attacking. You can harm the things on the ship with you, but you make a lot of sound.

Conspirator: (@DrakeGladis) (SPOT TAKEN)
You uncover the lore of what happened through exploring. Also, if you see the thing on the ship with you, you can report it to the other people and let them know what it looks like. 

You can steal from your crew mates. Maybe one of them has something to do with this...

Telepath: (@Potato13) (SPOT TAKEN)
You stay with The Watcher. On Every camera, there is at least one door or opening. You can close these by looking at that camera.

Civilian x7: (YOUR NAME HERE)
You can assist any of the crew members. Just tell me who you want to assist, and that person gets a bonus to their job.

The things on the ship get to everyone
You escape the ship
You uncover what happened

I know this is a lot to take in. Sorry for that. If you have any questions, let me know. The story starts September 15th. There might be special prizes for beating the game. 



  • 5 DAYS TILL LAUNCH. Hurry up if you want to join and maybe receive some favorites!
  • Would you like a card for the character as well?

  • Yup! Just make a card for your character, give me your background, and your job.
  • Well, here is something
    Zap-Zap Goblin Technician
    Race: Goblin
    Job: Technician

    Has worked with the Izzet league for a few years making odd inventions, and blowing some up. Has also spent some time on Kaladesh to get some inspiration.
  • Alright! Nice job @Abu_Jafar! I'll add you to the list right away!
  • Hmm... I might make a Conspirator... ;3

  • IN

    Background: Part of the galactic government's secret police, Etirec had been originally sent on the ship because they thought that there was a load of smuggled goods on board and wanted to keep track of it, if possible, taking the organization down. This... invasion was an unexpected complication of the mission, and Etirec took up arguably the most dangerous job... finding out what happened.  This grants him fuller reign to investigate the smugglers under the cover of investigating what happened.  He takes both jobs seriously, knowing that finding one without the other is useless.  Also, he has a hunch that these both might be connected... somehow.

    Job: Conspirator!
  • @Abu_Jafar

    So... He's a planeswalker?
  • Ooh I got an idea!
  • No. Think of it more like he took a ship similar to the Weatherlight (Which used to be able to planeshift.) and went between planes.
  • Mine is a native
  • edited September 2020
    We call it the Wetterlight @Abu_Jafar

  • Azar Spirit of the Aviary
    Job: Watcher

    Backstory: Until recently, the Great Aviary of Yar was guarded by the spirit Azar. Rumor had it that the spirit was a former Aviary employee who died on its grounds, or a curious eldritch entity from the dark reaches of space. Be that at it may, Azar protected the grounds of the Aviary and those within, and now the spirit will protect those it awakened with.
  • Remember, everyone has forgotten their memories. The background is simply so I can get to know your characters more, and that plays into their role. Thanks for the backgrounds as well, because they might eventually lead to some story reveals... ;)
  • I was fishing for a good one...
    And I hope I can find my journal....
  • It's ok @DrakeGladis. They will come into the story soon enough. 
  • TWO MORE PEOPLE THEN WE CAN START! The crew wakes up in 4 days...
  • By the way @SpellPiper2213, here's the Watcher's camera system:

    CAM 01: Command Module
    CAM 02: Airlock
    CAM 03: Breaker Room (Where the Electrician works most of the time)
    CAM 04: Radio Room (Where the Radio Rescuer works)
    CAM 05: Electric Room (Technician can do some work here)
    CAM 06: Entrance and Exit hatch
    CAM 07: Right hall (Located to the right of Breaker Room, Radio Room, and Watcher's Station)
    CAM 08: Left hall (Located to the left of Command Module, Airlock, Electric Room, and Entrance and Exit hatch).

    (There are also some other rooms and halls on the ship, but they don't have cameras.)

    All rooms you can find information and or story in, so make sure to explore! Remember, this camera list is just for The Watcher, so other people can advise them to look at a different camera, but they make the choice. 
  • I'm making the card right now, but ill definitely join as the defender.
  • Corus Heir to the Mistbow
    Background: Corus originates from a family tasked with one main duty: protecting an ancient artifact of their world, the Mistbow. Corus was trained in a style of fighting from the time of the Mistbow, however, he started to stray from the path of tradition and bought a suit of technological armor that enhanced his strength, speed, endurance, and skill with the bow. His father, mad at him for leaving the tradition of the Mistbow fighting style, exiled him from the family. Corus, at the time, was angry at his father for not realizing that the future was catching up to them, left furiously. Later that night, Corus came back, to say sorry for his actions, except he came back to find their house burned down, his family dead, and the Mistbow taken. To this day, he has been chasing whoever did this across the galaxy, and has become a dark man who doesn't care to disclose his feelings to others.

    Role: Defender
  • ONE MORE PERSON! If we could get two more, that's great, but at least one more!

  • Job: Radio Rescuer
    Background: Luna has always been a rebel and a technology expert. Generally, any technology close to their allies will be behind the hacking missions. On one of the missions, the location she was in was leaked to enemies, where she had a big ambush that cost her arm in the fight. In space she continues her rebellion against the oppressors.
  • Alright... Our crew is set... 3 days till they wake up...

  • 2 Days till wake up... Anyone else wanna join, while there is still time?
  • Here's how the Radio Rescuer's Job will work @CassZero:
    Because this is a big saga, it's not just going to be 'The radio works now.'

    The Radio Rescuer is inside of a small room. There are two doors, and a trapdoor in the ceiling. One of the doors leads to the Command Module (The room where everyone meets up), the second door leads to the Right Hall, and the Trapdoor is the vents above all the rooms. You are trying to repair the radio, while making sure the 'thing' on the ship doesn't get you. The 'thing' doesn't like people to see it, so while you are working, make sure to take breaks to check the trapdoor and doors, or something might happen...

    To fix the radio, I will give you a puzzle. You have as much time as you want to solve it, but remember, there is something on the ship with you. Remember, you are tasked with solving these puzzles, and you alone, unless one of the other crew members can protect you while you work or a Civilian assists you. The Puzzles will be fairly simple, but you need to solve a lot to get off of the ship.
  • Hey can I join? I’m bored and this looks cool
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