Timeline set

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Adds a new area: your alternate timeline. You may start the game with any number of spells that have ‘Distort’ in your alternate timeline.
Storywise, it goes like this: Nialen Niorien created a mechanical automaton designed to travel through time. It was named Transen. It worked, but Transen essentially tied Magic’s timeline into a knot, and it has no control over what time it travels to. With the timeline in a knot like this, Nialen must fix the timeline and get it back to how it was. (Set symbol by @Tomigon )


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  • I have a question. What kind of purpose are you imagining for this "alternate timeline" and the Distort mechanic? What kind of interactions might cards have with it and the like? Just 

    Also, I get the sense that making a new zone is a terrible idea. Just make the thing work with exile (probably putting cards into there with special counters or something) or "from outside the game" (sometimes known as the sideboard).
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     @MemoryHead Okay, I’ll try doing that. It’d be something like this:

  • @RandomFandom

    I actually think this idea would work fine with a new zone. They just invented the companion zone a few months ago. 

    Maybe not for a standard legal set, but for a supplement? Definitely!

    Besides, you can only have so many cards in your sideboard.

    I suggest you keep Distort as it is, because I think that we can think of some spicy interactions for it.
  • @HeroKP I don't believe that the "companion zone" is a new zone. It's just part of the pre-existing location of your sideboard / outside the game. The fact that the card exists with rules about being in the sideboard is somewhat fancy, and people will set it aside after revealing it at the start of the game for ease of access and memory, but it doesn't have a special zone all for itself, and it remains in the sideboard until you feed it some mana to put it into your hand or whatever.
  • @MemoryHead

    Yeah, I checked, you're right. 

    I yet do not believe this undoes my point. I think this alternate timeline can be a great workaround.
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