Getting a Jump Start! (On custom themes for Jumpstart)

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Welcome to Getting a Jump Start! This discussion will mostly be a combination of making crazy Jumpstart themes using actual cards from Gatherer and whatever can be created via MTG Cardsmith (Decks don't have to include both, can also only include cards from either if preferred). Alright, so for those who don't know the layout of a Jumpstart pack, it goes as follows:

1. Pick one color

2. 7 creatures

3. 4 Non-creatures  

4. A fixing artifact or land

5. Your favorite basic land

6. Include only one rare, but as many commons and uncommons

Now keep in mind that these are only guidelines to build one and don't have to be completely followed. For example, if your theme heavily leans on a higher curve or runs a bunch of "lands matter" cards, then running 9 land instead of 7 or 8 would probably better suit the theme. 

Anyways, I'll go first with mine to get started.

JUMPSTART THEME - Alina's Legion

Creature - 8

Ainok-Bond Kin (Gatherer)
Lightwalker (Gatherer)
Makeshift Battalion (Gatherer)
Diamond Knight (Gatherer)
Alina, Purifying Light (Cardsmith)
Basri's Acolyte (Gatherer)
Patron of the Valiant (Gatherer)
Bulwark Giant (Gatherer)

Non-Creature - 4 

Light of Hope (Gatherer)
Feat of Resistance (Gatherer)
Basri's Solidarity (Gatherer)
Secure the Scene (Gatherer)

Land - 8

Evolving Wilds
6 Plains
1 M11 Plains 

MTG Plains card prices and decks August 2020 -


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