Macabre Stories

Story I made years ago. I'll post here. There is not much review in the translation, because I wrote in Portuguese.

Spooktoberfest Stories


  • Beauty and the Beast

    Winter knocked on the door of all the unfortunate peasants, but for some the misery and the debts with the kingdom and the merchants, made the cold much more welcoming in the sound of the fragile wooden doors. For these unfortunate ones, creating a family hurt in the feelings of welcoming them into misery, a misery that for one of these peasants was the death sentence for a butcher who hated, like any other in the kingdom, who does not pay his debts. The kingdom was chaotic and plagued like the butcher in search of human flesh.
    - Don't run away from me, big Otti, let's just commit part of your debt. A hand or a foot, who knows, or even your daughter - said the butcher brushing his machete against the wooden door - I can hear the screams of your wife giving birth to this child. Think about it, it will be 80% of the debt paid if you give it to me.
    Otti, the peasant, did not answer, just entered the room and sat down next to his wife. The girl's screams mingled with the midwife, sloppy and with little knowledge of being put to death by a butcher's knife a few meters away.
    - My daughter, we're almost there. Push in your last effort - said the midwife.
    "Yes, with a pact with the Devil," the woman whispered in despair.
    The wooden hut was filled with the vastness of the cold and the sudden silence. Husband and midwife disappeared and the pains of childbirth were pricked at the tips of the fingers, with no lesser mastery of a visit to the devil's improvised sanctuary.
    - When they call me it is because despair was the last resort. I may not be the first option, but its the most correct and kind of all. My price is fair, but I don't guarantee happiness. Let's say I do what I say. Incidentally, I am the Devil and I take pleasure in despair - the woman would never have imagined that someone like the powerful and malevolent Devil will hear their regrets. In front of her was a tall man, thin and white as snow. His aura was icy and his hair was long to the navel and golden like the purest gold. It was in the reflex of sanity that the woman could notice what was really gold instead of the Devil's long hair.
    - I want to save my daughter. Kill that bastard from the butcher. My family has debts, but it is difficult to survive on what we have earned. Our little garden barely serves to feed our two mouths, with a third one it will be impossible. I want you to make us rich, just three strands of gold from your hair would be enough.
    The Devil laughed because he knew that the peasants did not understand his business, being despair, madness, fear and misfortune. In front of the woman in full tears, the Devil sat in a white armchair fresh from the underworld to contemplate what would be a help without any price, without any implicit price.
    - I will not kill and I will not kill using my hands. I don't get rich or poor using my hair. I will give you an option, not very pleasant for you, but that will guarantee a good life for your daughter. I will take it with me and hand it over to the royal family.
    - As? I don't understand - said the confused woman.
    - The king will give a good life to his little daughter, let's say that royalty owes me some favors. I fear that yours and your husband's life I will not be able to help. Debts are debts and that guy just wants to pay them off with his debtor. Give it to me that your death will not be in vain, otherwise everyone will die. And the final answer.
    - Yes, but I don't care what happens, when I am in your kingdom and see that my daughter is not having the life she promised, I will go after you until ...
    - The last of the coldest steps in hell. I believe that this is unlikely to happen.
    The devil in splendor dances with his fingers, put his hand inside the peasant's belly, pulling the little child from the mother's womb. The Devil joyfully embraced the child, already wrapped in a cold black cloak. The hand cried quietly when it saw the daughter, it was a happiness badly distributed by the pain of the own life that would disappear.
    - A name, you want to have the honors of naming your child.
    - Bella, call her Bella. Why do they say you are evil? I see no reason for the name Devil to cover such kindness.
    - Honey, you are wrong to think that I am benevolent or malevolent. I am the torment of a kingdom that is up to me to rule. I have no greater reason to take this child than for my own benefit. I can't see the future and much less control it, but well planned I can bet on certain attractions for my friends.
    - What friends?
    - My time with you has run out.
    The heat of fear returned to the hovel, where the midwife, with extremely wide eyes, did not believe what she saw on the woman's belly, a hole covered with ice and rot. (Now close your eyes and count to three. It seems like a little while was enough for five butcher's lackeys, to invade and multiply everyone in the hovel. There are no descriptions for such a scene).
  • The warmth of the kingdom was one of the best things that could have happened in Bella's life. It was on a haunting and cold night that there was a knock on the great door of King Maurice's mansion. One of the employees on opening was surprised by a newborn child wrapped in a black cloak. The employee just thought, "Was it the right thing to do?" Indecision came when he saw a white and macabre figure out of reach of the property, hoping that the child would be taken in. But he was just a child and it was the right thing to do.
    - What is happening? Asked the king, walking down the steps of the mansion with all his pomp.
    - A child sir, they left a child at your majesty's door. I couldn't leave you in the cold of the night. She couldn't take it.
    "Hand me the card." The waiter took a small note from the child's glue and handed it to the king.
    "Your Majesty. Accept this child as part of our debt. Don't even try to get her up for adoption, I'll find out. From your great friend Devil. PS: Call her Bella. Your beauty will be big enough to make up for the ugliness of your two other offspring. ”
    The king quickly tore the letter up and placed it at the bottom of his coat. The majesty looked with fear, doubt and amazement at having no idea of ​​the Devil's antics. He really was a beautiful child, with big blue eyes and a spontaneous smile. But from all natural beauty comes a natural curse, so that it is broken.
    The first years passed and Bella was very affectionate, respected and friendly to everyone in the house. Her older sisters always sought to harass Bella, but it was Bella who had begun to find the best way to harass and, in the blink of an eye, put fear in everyone at the mansion. Bella was no longer loving, respected and friendly to everyone in the house.
    It was at the age of five that Bella, when exploring the mansion, found a large mirror hidden from everyone and everything in a dirty, dusty room full of old furniture on white and moldy sheets. The little child not only saw his own reflection, he managed with his imagination to form images of open and flowering fields, but they were black and lifeless forests that he liked best.
    “A savage, this child is a savage”, everyone already commented on the kingdom of the animal daughter that the king had created. Bella no longer bathed, stole food from the pantry and bit everyone who came close, except the king who had welcomed with anger and contempt from his former business friend, the Devil.
    Bella's only great friend was the mirror. Not the mirror itself, but a white creature with golden hair that told stories of heroes and beasts that surrounded the world, people who would do evil to achieve anything, even take "you my dear child" from the arms of your beloved dad. Bella was impressionable and listened to her blonde friend's stories with extreme attention.
    A despicable child for everyone who would surely smear the image of the royal family. Maurice needed to do something, but he knew that the consequences of getting rid of the child would be worse on the part of the Devil than in lost business. The Devil once told him that everything that is spontaneous and natural has lost the value of a pact or a favor, all he wanted to say was about fatalities, life's unforeseen events.
    On an atypical day the king decided to follow in the footsteps of the little eight-year-old savage inside the mansion. It was a long and exhausting chase. Bella slipped out of every room, taking food, cutlery and dolls from her sisters, all thrown into a makeshift cloth bag. It was no surprise to the king that the little one entered the oldest room in the house, the room cursed by the Devil years ago.
    And there was little Bella organizing her belongings in front of the mirror. The room was dirtier than usual, with scraps of food, toys and other belongings thrown all over the place. Bella was amused by simulating a waltz with the rag doll. In one of the twirls the child noticed the presence of the king and father Maurice in his pursuit. Bella screamed and screamed until the Devil appeared in front of the mirror.
    - What was my child? What afflicted you? - when the thin, white and blond Devil saw the king with surprise and contempt, the evil being of darkness could not resist smiling in consideration of the situation - in what can I be useful, your majesty?
    - You bastard. What do you think you are doing with my family? Bring a cursed child to torment my business and dirty my family's name. I know I have a debt with you, but what do you want to pay off the debt to a cursed child? I saved your life once and you know it.
    - I know, but I don't want much of it. First, we are not in debt, and another, I like to play with the future. This child is special and will bring good things to this kingdom.
    - A dirty child, badly educated and without any respect, raised by a devil in the mirror, this is what you think will bring good things to this kingdom.
  • - I really wanted your death for making a mistake in that situation, but I have better plans for you. That child will be the ruin of your enemies, just know how to treat him until the right moment. I don't like helping you, but I have other business pending - the Devil punched the mirror with a dry smile on his face, making the whole room cold and dark. Seconds later Bella emerged from the darkness and embraced the king.
    - I hope I know what I'm doing? - pleaded King Maurice looking up, containing the cry for little Bella's corrupted innocence.

    Days before Bella's twentieth birthday, King Maurice was preparing for a business trip away from the kingdom. All were present in the royal hall, the king's two legitimate daughters, the servants, the knights and the escort, as well as the grown and more behaved Bella. One by one the king was greeted until he reached the smiling Bella.
    - I hope you bring me that doll I ask for so much, flowers, jewelry, dresses - Bella counted on her fingers all the gifts she wanted for her birthday.
    - Calm down dear, if you manage this business I would bring you the most beautiful rose of all kingdom. I will also bring that rag doll, jewelry and dresses. What else? - said the king jokingly counting on his fingers.
    Bella might have been kinder and better presented to society, but she still acted like a savage. In heavy dreams she tore the bedding and screamed in pain. At meals he still ate with his hands and took the plate with leftovers to the old mirror room, which was no longer inhabited by the Devil.
    - Don't be late, you know I don't like being alone.
    - Honey, you know you're not alone. Stay with your sisters and the employees will give you everything you want.
    "Except for your company," said Bella, her head down.
    - You know that if I could I would take you, but we've talked about it.
    - My manners are not appropriate for someone my age, but that is my identity. Neither you, father, will change that - Bella got a little mad at the king, but hugged him and ran into the mansion crying.
    The king went on his journey on the unstable day that went on. Black clouds decorated the gray sky and the suspicious sun disappeared behind the trees. Wolves followed the king's journey with hungry eyes. A gift from his old friend of darkness, the king thought to avoid the frustration of destiny, because he knew that the Devil could not harm anyone by direct means.
    Then let the rain fall on the head of the royal caravan and make the destination something purposeful and not pleasant. Take this story to its true purpose, to transform our beloved Bella into something that can destroy mine and her enemies. Sorry to cut your announcer, but the Devil needs to work on his plans. Now write that a black, soft rain like stone was cast by the clouds of fate.
    Well, a stormy black wave covered the trail of the caravan and covered everyone with a dense black rain, soft as stone, distorting the original path and forcing everyone to stop in ... Sorry, but you cut my story. This was not scheduled. Where will they go now?
    The king needs to meet a creature, so get him into that castle falling apart. Just a minute, let me pack some things. Our friend doesn't like flowers very much, but now in the garden he will have thousands of cursed roses. Let me fix that broken window. Okay, now continue.
    The horses neighed in fear at the noise of thunder, forcing everyone to enter an abandoned castle near the cliff dotted by the powerful waves of the sea.
    I liked that castle touch on the cliff near the sea, go on, go on.
    Okay, everyone took off their mounts and put the horses in the stables. The king entered the castle with fear, but don't let that interfere with your sanity. The rain was heavy and deadly and whoever owned that castle would not refuse a brief stay, by the way, he welcomed a child when he took the same approach, of course thanks for a debt, but they were just details.
  • The night passed and no one welcomed the royal caravan. The king was relieved to be just an abandoned castle, just a setback on the business trip. Leaving the shadows of the castle, the garden was immaculate and none of the roses had suffered the damage of the black and destructive rain that had passed. Nothing more convenient than taking some to take to dear and wild Bella.
    However, they were the roses that no one could enjoy. Among all the rooms, stables, fountains and towers, it was the roses that evil emanated to disrupt King Maurice's journey and life. A great roar and roar came from inside the castle, getting closer and closer to the entrance door. A beast, beast and monster emerged from the morning light to grab the frightened king's collar. All the knights pointed spears and swords at a creature that was not at all fearful, but that put fear in spears that kept on shaking and swords held by two brave hands.
    - Of all the things that this forest can offer, everyone wants my roses. My life depends on one of them and now yours will also be hanging over one of them.
    - But, but how would I know they were not to be touched. Please don't kill me - said the king with wide eyes swinging his feet in the air - He knows his story, a beast cursed in the petals of a rose.
    - I will not kill him. Now you have a debt with me - the beast will show you the roses that had rotted in the king's hands - You have destroyed three of my precious roses and now you will have to give me three of the most precious things in your life.
    The king was thrown away by the beast, twisting his right arm as he bumped into the carriage. What were these three things most precious to him, in all life had money, comfortable life and a beautiful family.
    - Undecided. People like you suffer from the arrogance of thinking that money is valuable. I will help you with three words: Love, Wealth and Wisdom.
    The horsemen helped the king to his feet in pain, forcing him to get into the carriage as quickly as possible to escape. The caravan left its readiness and ran to carriages and horses to escape that abandoned castle and the sight of the hideous beast that had chased everyone to the entrance gates. The blow was enough for the beast to turn the king's chariot and horses and riders to fall on the damp, muddy ground in the deadest part of the garden.
    "No one runs away from the Beast without paying the debts with him," shouted the creature named Beast.
    Among the rubble of the carriage the king appeared dragging his broken arm across the surface. Without words he thought very carefully before saying the obvious.
    - What do you want directly from me?
    - Wisdom: bring your entire library to this castle. Wealth: I want your wedding ring - at that moment the Beast approached the king and pulled the ring finger from the king's left hand. To the king's cries of pain the Beast continued - Love: you will grant me one of your daughters to be my slave and exchange her prosperous life for yours at the end, otherwise you will die here and now. We have a deal.
    The king was still weeping over the torn finger and the blood that stained the wood from the wreckage of the carriage.
    "We have a deal," shouted the Beast.
    "Done," cried Maurice in frustration.
    - You will have ten days to bring me your daughter's books and life.
    Destiny, pure and ironic destiny. Maurice wished so much that Bella would disappear from his life, and even though he didn't love her, he didn't have the courage to throw her in the hands of that Beast. The king refused any help to stop the blood and greased the wound himself before continuing the journey back to the kingdom. One of the guards inside the carriage looked at the king's thoughtful expression and said:
    - You will deliver Bella, won't you? - the king said nothing, just returned a look of approval - It is the right thing to do. Majesty will see that all the curse on your family will disappear, everything will return to normal.
    - Nothing will be as before. I will conquer Bella's hatred. If he is right she will be the ruin of my enemies, but what about her enemies? About me? What will become of my destiny.
    - Just worry about staying alive, Majesty. The kingdom still needs your orders. The father has an eternal debt when your majesty dethroned the former king. The kindness you have is greater than any curse that plagues your life.
    - I do not think. I did things that I'm not proud to have won that throne. I may have done many good things for this kingdom, but in a macabre and ironic way the past seems to haunt me. You are listening to Devil, see what you did to me and my family.
    And I'm very proud of all that.
  • Everyone was surprised by the king's return to the mansion. Bella was the first to be ready to help her father covered in blood on the sleeve of his shirt and with the cloth over the data soaked in scarlet rotten blood. Some guards went with some confused employees to the royal library, while others surrounded Bella and Maurice.
    - What's going on, dad? Where have you been? Bella asked, surrounding her father like a savage.
    - We were surprised by a storm. I retreated to an abandoned castle in the forest, but something bad and bestial owned that cursed castle. We had a pleasant conversation, as you can see - said the king, showing his hand - After all, I would only be able to get out alive if I made a deal with the beast.
    - What deal, father? What did you promise to this beast, our entire library?
    "Also," he said dryly, dodging the truth.
    - What else then?
    - Your dear life, your life and freedom.
    Bella scornfully walked away from her father, brushing her own feathers until she fell into the hands of the convinced soldiers of the king's orders for only a face of shame and wounded pride.
    - You can't do this to me, condemn me to live with a beast. Not me, who always sided with you, your most devoted daughter who just asked you to love her, nothing more.
    "You are not my daughter," cried the king leaning on the pillar as he lost his balance.
    For Bella it was a blow even expected by the stories she heard from her childhood friend. But listening and being a reality was something more embarrassing and disgusting in the face of your situation. A total savage was awakened in Bella's soul, someone who hated living with those people more and more and who knows that horrible beast did not give the life she really deserved.
    - All right, your majesty, I am not your daughter and the first opportunity you had to throw me aside did not hesitate. I will gladly go into the arms of this beast if you wish. I hope you suffer from it, if it doesn't happen I will come back to make you suffer.
    However, there were still nine days left, being nine days that Bella isolated herself and offered that the king's life would be hell until the trip. On the second day of waiting, Bella cut all the dresses of the fake sisters and with the skill of a butcher made the name Bella emblazoned on her arms, over an ugly scar and a crooked and praiseworthy letter of the art of cutting. Since that day Bella has been chained in the carriage with little food and water. Every night Bella looked through the carriage windows looking for the king on the main porch and always managed to look at the rest of the king with shame and despair. Bella just smiled with contempt and madness.
    The day of the trip had arrived and both books and the wild Bella were taken to the abandoned Beast castle. The forest withstood the cool morning wind and the melancholy silence of fear. The roses in the garden of the great castle were as beautiful and impeccable as ever, and it was a specific rose that had trapped the life of that beast. Something that few know and that few would try to face regardless of the fortune in dispute, not even the most beautiful hand in the kingdom made the great warriors face that mystical beast.
    - Hey, hey - Bella shouted at the departing guards - Are you going to leave me here trapped?
    - Sorry, milady, but we were ordered to deliver to the creature's doors. None of us wants you to be hurt, but no one is willing to wait for the beast to come out and break the deal - the soldier spoke quickly and wildly, running away from the carriage. Now Bella was alone with carriages full of books. Nor were the horses left.
    Bella's rope skill was impeccable. Seconds later in the deadly silence, the great beast snarled as it opened the castle door. In the position the carriage was in, it was difficult to have a clear view of the beast. Bella didn't want to wait and continue to untie the rope. A quick sigh and the ropes fell to the floor of the carriage. Unfortunately the beast had already started to open the door. Cunning she took one of the books and hit the beast's snout, managing to get over it and run into the castle. The exit was blocked by the other carriages.
    - And they dare to call me a beast, you treacherous creature. It will be fun for me, but if I run away the king will pay the consequences - said the beast returning to the castle. Bella didn't care. The king had never been his father.
    Bella had gone up the stairs in the castle's gloom. Few torches illuminated the enclosed space with boards between all the windows. Luckily for him one of the rooms was open. The room was simple with a small bed and a chandelier beside one of the headboards, plus a small bow over an statue of a warrior. The wall where the bed was covered a hole, making Bella have a full view of the main lobby. And there was the beast at the foot of the stairs, snorting for its prey.
  • - You should shoot the creature while you can - said Lumière the chandelier, Bella's old imaginary friend - Take this wood, it will serve as an arrow.
    Bella's thoughts were racing and with a broken piece of wood in one hand and the bow in the other, she aimed in the direction of the beast. With the shot, it was only possible to hear the wood hitting the railing of the staircase, drawing the creature's attention. Bella had lost her breath at the same moment.
    "No one was able to escape from me," said the swift beast who was already at the side of the wild girl.

    One, two and even three days passed on Bella's account, embittering the beast's prison. There was little water and food was impossible to digest. Lumiere illuminated the place, at least the girl's imagination. One day, holding silver trays in hand, the beast finally decided to remove the prisoner from captivity. Guided by rope, the beast dragged Bella into the kitchen.
    "As my slave is already ready to cook for me," said the beast.
    - If you want I can cook the garbage you give me. I believe that the taste is much better- Bella stared at the beast that submerged in a restrained anger not to reply with force.
    - Just do something. I'll be waiting for dinner.
    Alone in the comfort of a fetid kitchen and without many supplies, Bella would sneak in search of weapons to knock out the beast and escape. But she knew she wouldn't be able to get close to the beast without a dinner to offer. All she knew was to eat and most of the time she didn't even know what she was eating. It was a wild childhood, like being in a wolf den. The only presentable thing for dinner was the remains of a pig.
    A few moments later and the silver tray contained a nice tidy pig, but with a rotten taste and not at all salable. When Bela entered the lobby, the tray was held firmly in one hand while the other behind her back held a sharp knife.
    - Here's your dinner- Bella positioned the tray in front of the beast. When she had the opportunity, she threw herself on top of her, driving the knife into her chest.
    With threads of blood running over his chest, the beast rose, causing Bella to drop the knife. The beast looked without a hint of angry expression and easily removed the bloody knife.
    - I was already prepared for this, but it is a pity because I will have to kill you ... I tried to make a deal with myself, unfortunately it failed.
    There was no reaction other than running. Bella, being more advanced, again took a bow and arrow from the lap of one of the statues in the form of a warrior. The piece of wood hit the shoulder of the creature that staggered backwards, without losing direction and focus on the prey. Quickly Bella carried another arrow and shot the beast that had opened its mouth in a boat. The arrow had driven into the beast's throat.
    Glass was broken as the beast lost its balance and hit the rooms. The beast's eyes were red with anger. When the beast got support she slowly pulled the arrow out of the throat. With difficulties to speak the beast tried to express his admiration for the wild girl.
    - You have instinct and can be a great archer. Luckily for you, this was my greatest skill as a young man, when I was still ... - the beast stopped talking with the blood still cleaning its teeth - when I was still human. My biggest curse and the death I wish for people ... and yours more than ever now.
    Bella with fear restrained, but with great suspicion put the new arrow in the bow and aimed at the creature with a red smile. The beast knew he would die, he was not expecting mercy and decided to say just a quick word.
    - Go back to your father if that's what you want.
    Bella's hand lost strength and she fell into a deep sea of ​​discouragement and anger towards her adoptive father, the king.
    - He's not my father ... I don't know them. A friend of mine told me that they died to save my life ... I don't know them - Bella was choked with emotion.
    The beast approached the girl and told her with difficulty.
    - Follow me and I'll show you your past.
    The steps were slow from the wounded beast accompanied by Bella's silence. The room where the beast stopped had only a small table with a pitcher holding a rose, red and shiny. That rose was the symbol of the beast's life, which was in its last petals. Slowly the furry creature with its bloody mouth removed the jar, letting the rose shine brightly in the room.
  • - My curse goes beyond appearance. I was condemned to remember who I was first of all by that petal ... and every time I think about destroying it I am overwhelmed by the shadows of the curse. When the last petal falls to the curse it will not be broken, but if someone destroys it first my heart will stop beating. Touch and see your past. But be careful, the past is not always pleasant.
    Bella didn't understand. If the rose were to destroy it, the beast succumbed, then why leave it a sample for a stranger? There was no confidence. Was the beast desperate, or was he really waiting for someone to end his torment and curse? In the end it was just thoughts, because Bella touched the cold of the prickly stem and was consumed by a terrifying past.
    Within a sea of ​​visions there was a couple frightened and having their son in bed messed up with the midwife smiling madly. Seconds later the vision froze, in fact that predominant cold was part of the blurred vision. When Bella was able to focus again she was surprised. With a child in his hands looking at a pain-relieved mother, was Navares, the mirror man who had followed his childhood. In the last vision Bella had the opportunity to hear the woman in her last words.
    - Bella, call her Bella. Why do they say you are evil? I see no reason for the name Devil to cover such kindness.
    Returning to reality the beast covered the rose that had dropped another petal. Bella tried to reason the visions, but just screamed.
    - A mirror, I need a mirror - Bella left the room screaming through the corridors. The beast tried to keep up trying to tell where to find one - I need a mirror. Show up Navares, I want to know what you did to my family.
    Entering the room that the beast had said where to find a mirror, Bella concentrated her anger by calling Navares. Moments later the mirror flashed and an image of a white man with golden hair appeared.
    - I see that you knew the beast and I see that you knew your past ... part of it - Navares introduced himself.
    - You killed my family and all this time I was talking to ...
    - Hell, I know, but as I said you knew part of your past. I saved your life from the hands of your parents' doomed lives. If you want, here is the real martyr of your past.
    From the mirror the image of a butcher slicing the midwife with satisfaction and her father made Bella vomit with disgust, anger and having known her past.
    - The butcher's real name is Gastón, one of the most powerful people in that kingdom. Feel free to reflect on this - the Devil was already disappearing when he spoke - One more thing. Soon her father, the king, will have a ball and Gastón will also attend. You know what to do.
    - I sure know.

    5th Day
    Bella was getting along with the beast. After each lunch, the beast taught the savage to practice archery and savagely hit the beast when it could not learn.
    6th Day
    - Did you really cook this? Asked the beast.
    - Yes - Bella contained the smile on the other side of the table.
    "It sucks," said the beast darkly, throwing the plate on the floor. "The only thing I ask of you is to cook a piece of meat and you still can't do it."
    "But I cooked a lot of meat," said Bella.
    The beast did not blink and arrested the girl in captivity.
    9th Day
    - Get out - said the beast opening the captivity - The ball is coming and we need to train.
    10th Day
    Bella did not resist and the first opportunity she had escaped from the castle. The beast hadn't discovered it immediately, but the roses whistled with the rhythm of the wind. Crazy with rage he ran to the castle door when he came across Bella holding a yellow dress and a big blue cloak.
    - If we go to a ball we need presentable clothes.
    "And a bath," said the beast to the fetid Bella.
    11th Day
    The night had arrived with satisfaction for Bella. The whole plan was formed and Bella enjoyed the view of the blackened forest where in the distance the glow of the castle gave a bitter touch to her. The beast was waiting for the girl at the foot of the stairs impatiently.
    - Please come down soon. We do not have much time. We want to be late, but not too late.
    Bella, awakening to reality, had come down the stairs in her beautiful yellow dress. The beast said nothing. A human would not break the curse, but when she returned to become lucid she remembered that he was once a man.
    - The carriage awaits us - the beast crossed his arm and took Bella out of the castle.
  • The music he played was soft and many of the guests danced between smiles. The king was sitting on the throne laughing and drinking next to his two daughters. Princes tried to please the king, but the drink made the majesty just play with the situation. It was not a night for suitors, just fun and union of two empires, the great mission that King Maurice had before crossing with the merciless beast.
    The brightly lit room echoed the sound of relaxing and dancing music with great mastery. The dance was perfect. Gastón was at the top, watching the movement with a glass of wine in his hand and adjusting his big mustache when needed ... better saying, when a beautiful girl passed by his side.
    As expected, the silence and curious, confused, frightened and repulsive eyes focused on the entrance of the strange couple, Bella and the Beast. "I'm back home, Dad," thought Bella. The guards formed a position, but no one dared the elegant couple to cross the hall. King Maurice looked at the cursed Devil in amazement and with restrained guilt. The Beast had already spotted Gastón and the music that wouldn't stop would be a distraction.
    - Good night, father ... or rather, your majesty - said Bella, revering the king.
    - What are you doing here? He joined with this beast and came to torment me. Remember that it was he who forced me to give you up - replied the king leaving the throne.
    - Don't worry, you are not my target today.
    The music had played slowly, but the beast asked them to return to the harmonic rhythm they had before. Clumsily the beast took Bella's small hands, leading her to the empty dance hall. Positioned in the center of the room, the Beast looked at all those horrified people without a single word to say, just whispering.
    - Let's mark the perimeter. I've already seen Gastón. You are ready? Asked the Beast.
    - I'm ready.
    The dance had started slowly and captivating. For each step people moved away and when the lobby spun, people accelerated to make way. On the makeshift stage, the best primadonna's raised his head to sing.
    - Feelings are...
    The music was quickly cut off by the beast's roar. The guards drew their weapons, but no one set out for the beast.
    "No lyrics, just melody," roared the beast.
    "I didn't know you had that side," said Bella.
    - Keep dancing.
    "Keep dancing, keep dancing," Bella chattered softly.
    At the end of the dance steps to the reduced sound of the orchestra, the Beast lifted the blanket and covered the girl.
    - Take the bow. When I leave you shoot him. Smart that you marked the perimeter? I don't know if we'll get out of here, ”said the beast.
    When the blanket discovered Bella, the arrow flew fearlessly to its target on the second floor of the castle. Gastón's eyes widened, but he turned away formidably. A smile came without understanding anything, but enjoying the boldness.
    "Arrest them," said King Maurice and Gastón in unison.
    - Run away Bella - shouted the beast being searched by chains.
    There was no time. Bella tried to hit some guards with the quiver's few arrows. The beast, on the other hand, fought ruthlessly, but could not escape the chains that wrapped him with extreme intimacy. The beast had succumbed without reluctance and Bella had run away with her heart pounding harder than she had ever felt in her life.

    The next day was filled with snow. The peasants took care of the main street and the bourgeois on balconies in the noble houses of the kingdom. At the end of the street, a hanging altar was improvised and the beast was bound by chains of beast over the strong rope around his neck. Gastón and the executioner were talking beside the beast, laughing at the poor creature. "If it were that easy to face this creature, I would have invaded his castle a long time ago", the beast heard the few words that Gastón insisted he hear.
    The king was in his chariot, at the opposite end of the street, away from the curious eyes of the people.
    - Good morning citizens of the king - began Gastón - Today we will witness the fall of this horrendous creature that has plagued travelers in the black forest for years. Daring, why not say it, but no one threatens life for anyone in that kingdom and gets away with it. I don't want to know what I did for this creature and that wild one, but when someone is threatened, it's good to finish the job. I am not threatening this creature, I am sentencing it with the people. And the people want death.
    The door opened and the beast fell to contemplate death. The tightly tight rope held the beast's stiff neck and made it weak and shake the makeshift altar. One, two, three seconds passed, Four, five and the vision was getting blurred. Six, seven, eight and a pleasant humming hit the rope, making the beast fall alive on the street. It was an arrow, an arrow shot with precision by Bella over one of the houses. Gastón shivered and raged at the same time, picking up an ax and heading towards the staggering beast.
  • - You, abominable creature, will not come out alive with that ... - The sentence was interrupted when the beast precisely caught Gastón's neck.
    - Bella and I discussed that we don't need to show you why this persecution ... death is enough - with extreme expertise and a single hand the Beast broke the neck of the old butcher.
    Everyone looked horrified and made their way to the Beast. With Bella at her fingertips, the beast offered her the mount. Bella's red winter cloak shook in the cold wind and, looking straight at the king's wagon, smiled. With the blizzard coming, the beast disappeared with Bella in the sight compromised by the snow. The king just ordered ...
    - Kill them. Kill those cursed and cursed creatures.
    For himself he continued.
    - I will go after you, Devil. I may have stolen you once, but I saved your life and that's how I reciprocate. As soon as you repay me.

    Inside the castle the Beast was preparing its magical army of steel statues. Bella changed her uncomfortable dress and collected more arrows from the magical warriors. When everyone was ready to defend the castle, the Beast retreated to his quarters, the room with the big, magical red rose. Bella missed her and went in search of the bestial creature.
    The Beast touched the rose and tears streamed down his face. The past was painful, a story he would not share. When Bella found the beast, she noticed the cry being wiped away by the furry creature.
    - Is it the past that torments you? - Bella asked dropping the bow and quiver.
    - The past torments me, but when that petal falls, it will be the future that will bring my misfortune.
    - When there is a curse it can be broken? I can help you if you tell me what to do.
    - I believe that it will not be possible, only true love is strong to break any curse.
    The weather cooled and the rose shone brightly. Bella approached the Beast and put her dirty, delicate hands on the creature's furry face. The lips came together and the Beast closed his eyes ...
    A loud crash had knocked over the castle door. Dozens of soldiers invaded the rooms fighting the magical steel warriors. Both Bella and the Beast went down to flank and expel the invaders. Rain of arrows from Bella and sharp claws from the Beast.
    Too much blood was spilled, enough blood for the Devil to intervene in the war.
    - Enough - shouted the man with blond hair - Your majesty has nothing to fear. Gastón was the danger to you and I warned you that Bella would bring good things to your kingdom. With Gastón dead, crime loses a leader and you have the means to exterminate those who turn against your people. Bella, my dear, I play with the future and yours isn't over yet. In fact I will disappear from your life, because today the future that awaits you is no longer in my interest. During that time I achieved many things and now it's time for this game to end.
    When the Devil disappeared, the castle was empty again. The king was gone, the magical soldiers were gone, and Bella and the Beast were alone in the castle.
    - I think we can ... - Bella turned and didn't see the Beast anywhere, running to the rose room.
    Inside the room the Beast had broken the jar and with the spiky handle of the rose in hand, Bella realized that there was not a single red petal in it. The curse had settled. Bella put her arms around the beast's shoulders, but he rudely pushed the girl away towards the bedroom door.
    - There's no hope for me anymore. I will be condemned with that appearance forever, with fear and brutality contaminating my blood. I didn't deserve love when I had the opportunity and I didn't deserve it now with you Bella. On the other hand, I am free and this castle is just an illusion for me now. Sorry, I have to go.
    Bella didn't understand and ran to embrace the beast that stopped her again.
    - I will not condemn your life.
    And with those words, the beast disappeared into the black forest.

    Really good ... I liked the tone of this furry creature. Is Beast her name? As we don't know, let's call him a beast or Beast. I achieved a lot by manipulating each other's future and Bella's was no longer important. How can I say ... the castle was remodeled, it became more presentable. She got some friends, but some of them were imaginary like Lumiere. See what happened.

    Three months passed and the beast never returned to the castle. Hope was fading and Bella had started to go crazy living alone in the castle. Lumiere, the imaginary friend, consoled his friend. One day Bella picked the roses from the garden and decorated the abandoned castle. Some roses still contained magic and she was able to see the past again, the past of other people. A few more months later and Bella learned to grow roses and many became magical, being able to observe the past of strangers and dead.
  • Among so many pasts, there were the most recent, of small children, and it was in one of these visions that Bella had found the beast north of the continent. Madness was no longer a problem, savagery was a tool and the past an instrument to demarcate its future.
    - I will find you, Beast.
    For some tales this is the end of a story, but the beginning of a journey.
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