Stitia - Chapter Two: Eternal Night (Now Closed For New Characters Except to Returning Players)

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It's been two long, miserable, bone chilling months. The righteous have turned against the populace as the god everyone learned to know and love has been revealed to be the very demon they sought to destroy. Those clerics that have remained faithful now wield their twisted scepters against the populace, coming to a mutual agreement that in order for righteous order to be imposed, all who oppose the gods must die. Angels and demons have banded together to face their makers. The sun no longer shines, replaced with a red moon that grows brighter and ever closer with each passing day, and astrologists have determined it is on a collision course with the plane, estimated to arrive just after year's end. Ravenous werebeasts are growing tremendously in numbers and in power, moving like a hivemind to take over the land, and vampire cults are growing over...

(Art Credit: Fading by ChrisCold on DeviantArt)

All hell has broken loose, but even in our darkest hour, there lies beacons of hope among us... Triskaidians, incredibly talented individuals that have been scarred by the tragedies of this world, but lived to tell the tale. However, some use this incredible power to their own ends. Whichever happens is up to you, for you are a Triskaidian...

(Art Credit: Atonement by jcbarquet on DeviantArt)

Maybe it was the death of friend or family, an inspiring act, or just sheer personal pursuit that led you to this decision, but you've decided to go on an adventure. It could be to face the gods, or support them, or just to shed some blood. Whatever tickles your fancy, it's time to begin your journey through a realm where the gods are evil, and basically everyone wants to kill you...

For New Players, Players That Dropped Out and Wish to Return, or Players Who Want to Switch Characters:

  • Create a Legendary Creature card to represent your character. They must have some kind of natural immunity to the supernatural, expressed through the card in some way or another. You may have up to three colors in their identity, and this is the identity your entries will have to fit in for the Saga. (You will be able to change it once unless special circumstances arise.)
  • Create an artifact or enchantment that’s a Lucky Charm, boon, heirloom, and/or other prized possession for your character.
  • Create a card that displays a supernatural event the character holds dearly, whether it was a miracle that inspired hope, a tragedy that inspired them to act, or just a significant point in their life.
  • Make a minor story blurb about you character. It definitely doesn’t need to be an essay on their life story, but a good backstory will make it easier for me to understand your character, enhancing the experience.
  • Use the Map of Stitia and info below it to determine where you are now.

For Current Players:

  • Make a new card to represent how your character has been impacted by their adventure. You may change their color identity so long as it remains in three colors (exception for Chromatic characters. You will be able to change it once unless special circumstances arise.)
  • I will work my hardest to resolve your current situation, but know this transfer will be a slightly lengthy process.

To All Players:

  • Choose and assign a stat array for your character using the following scores, in D&D Style: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 (The Standard Array in D&D). These scores will impact your experience, as well as give you a bonus on certain entries.
  • Strength: Measure of ability to perform acts of physical power. Will be used as a bonus to any activity involving physical strength, such as lifting something heavy, attacking with an unskilled weapon such as an axe or your bare fists, or trying to stay afloat in rough waters.
  • Dexterity: Measure of ability to move quickly and evade. Will be used as a bonus to any activity involving your agility or reflexes, such as dodging an attack, attacking with a skilled weapon such as a rapier, or trying to sneak around.
  • Constitution: Measure of endurance and ability to to withstand punishment. Will be used as a bonus to any activity involving tenacity, such as flying for a long period of time, enduring an attack, or exerting yourself.
  • Intelligence: Measure of knowledge and recollection of history. Will be used as a bonus to any activity involving smarts, such as investigation, mind magic, or research.
  • Wisdom: Measure of perception and intuition. Will be used as a bonus to any activity involving wits, such as trying to get the truth out of someone, tend to wounds, or survive in the wilderness.
  • Charisma: Measure of charm and personality. Will be used as a bonus to any activity involving social interaction, such as trying to persuade or dissuade someone, pulling off a successful threat, or trying to pass off lies/spread rumors.
  • If you don't really understand this system, or don't feel like bothering, I can assign the stats for you.

Races (Contact Me for Special Cases)

  • Human (Common everywhere except Padetra and Nasita)
  • Dwarf (Common in The Changing Arcanum, Uncommon elsewhere)
  • Construct (Rare, normally only found in Nasita and The Changing Arcanum)
  • Vampire (Common in Castle Reliqid, Rare in Nasita and Padetra)
  • Werebeast (You can choose any race of were you choose but it must be typed as werebeast. Common in Delvad, Racrion, and Sknoch Mountain Range, uncommon in Woewedt, rare elsewhere, nonexistent at Castle Reliqid.)
  • Elf (Common in Delvad, Racrion, Woewedt, and Owu, uncommon elsewhere.)
  • Devil/Demon (Common on Nasita, Etsane, and Padetra. Nonexistent on Hitcherald.)
  • Angel (Common on Hitcherald, rare on Etsane.)
  • Spirit (Uncommon)
  • Elemental (Especially Rare)
  • Leonin (Common in Racrion and Woewedt, uncommon elsewhere. Most common beastfolk.)
  • Wolfkin (Common on Owu, rare elsewhere.)
  • Contact me in regards to other beastfolk.
  • Zombie [for Liches] (Rare, and almost exclusively found in Padetra.)
  • Merfolk (Almost exclusively found in Aesthr and Etu.)
  • Shapeshifters (Incredibly rare)
  • Fae (Almost exclusively found on Owu)

Rules Stuff:



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    Also, First!
    [This slot has been reserved for Enerew Mistborn, the Mistborn crew, and the Berians]
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    Map of Stitia (Info Coming Soon)

    Territories (From upper left to lower right:
    • Ystheria: The main residential and rural area of Stitia, and home to its largest human population. While constantly under threat of werebeasts from the south and evil from the east, they've managed to survive, but plague cases are beginning to rise dramatically.
    • Nasita: A booming city of demons, devils, death, deceit, and dirty, smelly goblins. Also home to the high church of Nasita, where the dreaded High Cathedral of Khantsievth lies, as well as host to several different plagues which don't seem to be as effective against them.
    • Sknoch Mountain Range: Stretching between three whole territories, adventurers here will face temperatures below freezing, precarious terrain, and a host of animals from the three regions that have adapted to the mountains. You may think being this high may keep you safe from the horrors of Stitia, but this is also the primary turf of a rising group of werebeasts known as The Everpack, who stand on shaky ground with humanity.
    • ??? (Players cannot start here): When the Arcanum moved to where Yrntrn once stood, a strange territory appeared in its place. No one knows what it is or what purpose it serves, but there's supposedly people there, and the few that have gone there haven't returned...
    • Descour: There isn't much to find here except for ruins of a civilization lost to time... and some of the largest beasts known to man. Previously, it was an arid, scorching desert, but now, it's incredibly cold and barren. Food is immensely scarce, and the beasts that prowl here are immensely tough, notorious for being difficult to kill.
    • Woewedt: After being ravaged in a devastating blast, this forest biome is home to the Rootforged Conclave of elves and many other species. Even some werewolves are among their rather peace-loving ranks, and since their emergence, they've done incredible work reforming the region, even creating a port.
    • Racrion: Host to the Dawnwood Elf Clan, this territory is half spacious woodland and elven territory and half open fields where leonin prowl. However, a massive surge has occurred in the werewolf population since the death of a famous werewolf hunter, and the supposed killer is still at large, though they plead innocent...
    • Islands of Etu: While not bearing that much significance, and not really being the home of any civilizations, the Islands of Etu have been mostly untouched, except by a couple colonies that consist primarily of merfolk. However, ever since rumors have spread of an ancient weapon being found by a daring adventurer, exploration of these islands has begun to pick up, though few return to tell the tale...
    • Delvad: Home to the Duskwood Clan of elves, this forest is home to the largest portion of Stitia's woodland horrors. Even despite the actions of a fierce werebeast hunter, the werebeasts have made a resurgence, Those that live here normally are quite brave, and this is the home of the Blood Moon Guard's HQ as well.
    • Island Colonies of Aesthr: Home almost exclusively to merfolk and sirens, Aesthr is left almost untouched, except by pirates and brave adventurers. Only a few people have actually seen the merfolk firsthand and lived; otherwise, they normally end up dead.
    • Padetra: Most of the swamplands on Stitia reside here, including the infamous Mysteria Marsh. It's also home to several covens of witches and warlocks, and a few of the plane's most powerful demons and liches. Padetra is infamous for being full of death and decay, and very little good comes from these parts.
    • Owu: Home to a highly reserved population of elves, fae, and wolfkin that protect nature like the world, Owu protects its land fiercely, and very, very few are welcome here. Anyone who dares trespass and survive will face the wolf king himself, and die a brutal death.
    • Etsane: This territory was mostly taken over over a year ago by a mischievous band of demons and devils. Illicit activities are frequent, and there's a struggle between scrutinous lawmakers and those desperate to break their laws. For the most part, the south end is a glorified black market, while the north is home to what order remains.
    • Castle Reliqid (Formerly Reighart): This terrifyingly massive island is home to an equally elaborate castle run by equally bloodthirsty vampires. After having finally ushered out their much emotionally weaker Reighart cousins, the Reliqid have fully taken over the island, and hope to inflict a reign of cruelty upon the masses.
    • Hitcherald: Formerly an island revered for its holy wards, divinity, and places of worship, this island is now tortured and full of violence. Riots fill the streets as an anti-sematic group known as The New Order faces against the supporters of the world's now twisted religion.
    • The Changing Arcanum: Previously, everyone here vanished without a trace. However, just as mysteriously as they disappeared, they returned, but the futuristic city is home to turmoil, under the rule of a strange new leader known as The Raven King, who is strictly against the gods.
  • This seems great! I'll join.
  • How to assign stats in DnD?
  • I'm in, but I have a very interesting concept I want to use that may be impossible.

    A octopus-like shapeshifter horror who frames themselves in the body of a female statue... which ultimately gave them (or her at this point) a human mind
  • Fine whatever Imma just gonna create whatever a legendary creature it is anyway. Probably just some peasant dude because its getting impossible to compete with someone who has a good card anyway.
  • @Tommia Do you allow our legendary creature to be a transforming creature?
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    Verth Odbar

    (Returning Character from Chapter 1)

    Dexterity: 15
    Charisma: 14
    Wisdom: 13
    Intelligence: 12
    Constitution: 10
    Strength: 8

    A Ystherian scholar turned werebeast-hunter, Verth Odbar firmly believes that Stitia has the potential to be saved from the darkness that plagues it. After meeting a wizard from Delvad named Uvras, Verth teamed up with the wizard to begin to drive back the horde of werebeasts in Delvad. After a near-death encounter with the monstrous werewolf Layre the Pillager, Verth and Uvras agreed that they needed more power to finally destroy the werebeast threat. 

    Verth, taking an extreme but calculated risk, had Uvras create the Crimson Moon, a phenomenon that transformed Verth into a werebeast, but one with immense and unmatched power. In order to allow Verth to control this power, Uvras used his skills as an Artificer to forge a magical ring that allowed Verth to transform to and from his bird-like form at will.

    With this new power, Verth quickly decimated the werebeast population in Delvad in two months, earning himself the title of the most feared werebeast hunter in Delvad. This deed caught the attention of the Duskwood Elf clan, who allowed Verth into their ranks even though he was a human. 

    Afterwards, Verth met a man named Joseph who seemed to share Verth's noble cause. With a second ally in his group, Verth travelled to Woewedt and killed the High Bloodelf of the Bloodwood clan, ending the threat of more violence to come to Stitia. Afterwards, Verth travelled to the nearby Racrion to kill "Timothy", a werebeast that has terrorized the area. After seemingly defeating Timothy, Verth's mission to end the werebeast threat to Stitia was complete. 

    Verth returned to Delvad and was immediately betrayed by Joseph, who was actually the real Timothy who took on a false alias. Timothy murdered Uvras and severely wounded Verth. After this crushing defeat of Verth, he never relied on plans or calculations ever again, now resorting to the force of his will to bring justice to Stitia. After a month of vicious battles, Verth was able to siphon some of the mana that Timothy stole from Stitia over the past centuries of his time there, unlocking Verth's magicial abilities. His fiery vengeance to kill Timothy also resulted in his planeswalker spark activating. At a cruicil moment in the fight against Timothy, Verth was whisked away to New Tommia, a futuristic plane that was far different from his home.

    While on New Tommia, Verth defeated a group of bandits who attempted to steal important medicines from a hospital, destroyed an enemy starship, then returned to Stitia. While he was gone, a new organization rose up from the ashes of the old Elf clans called the Rootforged, a coalition of elves and good-aligned werebeasts that seemed to carry on Verth's cause. He quickly joined the Rooforged, and then learned that Timothy manipulated the High Dawnelf, framing Verth for his crimes. Verth was arrested on sight and now confronts Timothy in the dungeon of the Dawnelf home tree. 
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    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos Just set one score to each of the abilities. As for your card, remember you still have Rafael.

    @FourEyesIsAFish Definitely not too ambitious. Likely, you just recently awoke after the Demon God Khantsievth (more on him later) came down to Stitia. I approve.

    @fire12 Defintely. Otherwise werebeasts wouldn't be possible.
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    @Tommia I'm now split on whether to do that or a selkie... hmm...

    EDIT: Going with original idea.
  • Here's my character:
    Akira Solemn Defender
    Dexterity: 15
    Wisdom: 14
    Charisma: 13
    Constitution: 12
    Intelligence: 10
    Strength: 8

    As a child, Akira was raised in a town in Ystheria, right on the border with Delvad. Their town was not often attacked by werebeasts because of a special gift that was prevalent in this town. The people in the town were able to summon blessings, manifestations of their soul on their skin. These blessings made them stronger and faster, however, if you died with a blessing out, you could never be reincarnated because your soul was destroyed while out as a blessing. As Akira grew up, she was trained with all the boys in the arts of the weapon. She was the best out of her training group, and by the age of 12, was trained in the art of blessings. 
    Akiras Blessing
    Her training group all progressed to become adept with blessings, and great warriors. They were a tight-knit group of friends, and were preparing to go out into the world and hunt werebeasts. On the eve of their departure, a calamity happened. A group of werebeasts attacked the town, and for some reason, no one in the town could summon blessings.
    Charge of the Shifters
    All but Akira were slaughtered, and she went on to make an oath, to herself, that she would avenge those who slaughtered her family, friends, and town, and that she would protect others so that this never happened again. With the oath, she gained two things. First, she was able to teach others not from her town blessings. And secondly, she gained a resistance to supernatural things. Supernatural beings found it hard to harm her, and she found an increased awareness of the supernatural. After the death of her town, she went all over Ystheria, finding the most valorous and honorable soldiers, nobles, and even bandits, and formed them into a band of traveling knights, who defend those who cannot defend themselves, and destroy the supernatural with the strength of their blessings.
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    Alrighty, I don't believe I have ever participated in one of these sagas before but I would very much like to try, so here be my character (If anything is off, or really does not fit with the world, please do let me know and I'll adjust/make a new character accordingly.):

    Pherasa Ravenelle

    • Strength 10
    • Dexterity 8
    • Constitution 13
    • Intelligence 15
    • Wisdom 12
    • Charisma 14

    A formerly sheltered human noble turned into a lich through a ritual gone wrong. She is a kind person by heart and seeks to use her gifts to protect those in need, she is particularly protective of the undead(Ones that do not actively seek to do harm.), the oppressed, the abused, and any other people that would be considered alone if any of those are in any way relevant themes to the story. She currently isn't very strong, which is also why I decided to make the card uncommon, and she's currently not a very major player, so I hope she'll be able to grow on her adventures! 

    When she was younger, she was married off to Gallass Ravenelle, a human noble of a Ystherian town. They barely interacted at all unless other people were around, and she wasn't allowed to leave the home alone either, so it was a rather lonely existence. 

    After a few years, Gallass grew deathly ill and as the desperate nobleman sought a way to extend his existence, he stumbled upon a crown that offered a solution; Lichdom.

    He sought to perform a ritual that would make him a lich using the crown, as the crown whispered to him, using Pherasa as a sacrifice. He gave Pherasa the crown, as the crown instructed and brought her to the ritual chamber. As he stuck a dagger through her chest; 
     (Might find other art.)
    The crown laughed to Gallass, as he was whisked away, granting eternity to the wearer of the crown instead. Turning her into a lich.
    Shortly thereafter, upon processing recent events, she donned a cloak (and a lot of perfume), masking her nature, and left the mansion behind her, walking towards newfound freedom, excitement and adventures.

    I do hope this is satisfactory, I'm not completely sure about the exact rules of this setting, so I hope this works. In case I did not specify, I think she would be starting in Ystheria. (If you need any additional information please do ask.)  Either way, hope you enjoyed it! I'm quite looking forward to this.
  • You know, i will enter. But not with Ishka, and maybe not for a few days.
  • This looks fun! Here's my entry:


    Warren grew up in the outskirts of Padetra, his family survived by fishing in the cursed waters and staying out of the ominous mists that surrounded them. However his mostly quiet life came to an end when his sister was taken by a coven of witches that lived at the heart of the mists. His family accepted this, it was a fact f life for most people that not everyone was going to make it. But Warren wouldn't let it go, he took his father's hunting bow and that nigh ventured on a fool-hardy quest into the mists to try to save her. But he never made it to them, instead he was lost in the swamps for days assaulted by restless spirits and angry ghosts, it was only by chance that he managed to find an old lantern buried beneath the mud. When he lit the lantern the mists moved back showing him a path he followed it out of the mists back into the land of the living.

    This experience turned Warren into a Triskaidian, he gained the ability to shift in and out of the astral plane ,where he had been lost for so long, allowing him to move undetected. He could also now speak to the spirits of the dead channeling their power through the lantern allowing him to cast spells. Now he follows the pull of the lantern to an unknown destination hoping he can figure out where this mysterious artifact came from. 

    Summary: Warlock with the power to speak to dead people, he is following the "pull" of a magic lantern hoping to learn where it came from.

    Str: 8
    Dex: 14
    Con: 13
    Int: 10
    Wis: 12
    Cha: 15

    Current Location: Padetra
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    Krakua Wandering Skyknight

     Once upon a time, Krakua was a low-ranking knight in northern Hitcherald. Then, sometime before the New Order rose to true permanence, a unicorn appeared before him and led him to a balconey, where it pointed towards a star in the sky. Krakua understood what it meant, even though neither of them spoke.
    Unicorns Guidance

     Soon enough, he had become a skyknight, wandering the world and protecting those who needed it. Recently, he took his first pilgrimage to a traditional skyknight graveyard, making sure to add it to his maps.
      Skyknights Graveyard

    In short, he's a former Hitcherald knight-errant who took to the skies after a unicorn silently told him to do so. Currently, he's on the islands of Etu, curiosity getting the better of him in regards to the recently found ancient weapon.

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    Character : 

    Stats :

    Str 9
    Dex 9
    Con 10
    Int 15
    Wis 10
    Cha 16

    Boon (Lucky Charms) :

    Short Background :

    Displaced at the border of Ystheria and bereft of his past memories except of his name, his current possession, and his persuasion skill, Ivan knew that something wasn't right as he was ambushed by several werebeasts. But due to his sheer luck, or maybe it was a blessing from whoever god it was, Ivan managed to ran from his wannabe predators into the safety of the ystherian city wall. And despite his lack of coins or people he could rely at, he still managed to live within the city by working as a local jester, and occasionally from gambling due to his uncanny amount of luck.

    But of course everything isn't really as it seems be as the end times are looming ever closer as ever...
  • Alright, here it is.

    Eclipsa was a common elf cleric, serving in temples as an acolyte. On her home in Owu, she was never allowed outside of the borders of her village. Her mother was very strict, and made her do training with the blade every day.

    But, one day, her curiosity got ahold of her. She left the village, finding and old ruin just outside. Strangly, when eclipsa was inside her village, she was not able to see the ruin. In the ruin, she found many strange objects, but there was one she regonised. A book. She flipped through the pages, to her despair. What she saw in the book went against everything that had been taught to her. It said her god was, in truth, a demon. As Eclipsa was reading more, she heard a twig snap behind her. She twirled around to be right infront of a werewolf. Eclipsa had not realized that the time had already changed to night. She drew her blade, but she was to late. The werewolf swung, killing Eclipsa.

    Eclipsa rose, seeing her body beeing devoured by this werewolf. In that moment, Eclipsa was changed. Even in her spiritual form, her shape shifted into that of a dark angel as she desended upon the werewolf.

    After three days and three nights, the werewolf died. When it did, Eclipsa's shape changed once again, into a being of light, taking the form of a small child. It was that day that Eclipsa realized that she would not be able to be dark, or light. She would have to be both.

    Wisdom: 15
    Dextarity: 14
    Charisma: 13
    Strength: 12
    Constitution: 10
    Inteligence: 8
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    Patinix has always been a curious and very intelligent mermaid. She is from a wealthy merfolk family from the Islands of Etu. His greatest ambition was to be able to live among men and live on land.
    Once she was spotted by a scientist, who was soon attracted to that strange and beautiful creature. The scientist always visits Patinix on the banks of Etu and has learned a lot from him. Patinix was in love not only with the scientist, but with the knowledge he carried about the world. On the other hand, the scientist treated her only with a guinea pig for his experiments.
    Gradually, the scientist began to experiment with samples of the beautiful mermaid. Patinix did not care and learned from the experiments. And some small aberrations that disappeared in daylight arose from the experiment of the two fanatics.
    In the depths Patinix did his own experiments.
    Every noble family of newts had an instrument that could conjure up a small force from the depths of the sea, and Patinix knew he could use this to create experiments beyond what humans could understand and soon an identical copy of Patinix appeared, with only the difference. of shiny skin and monocolor in blue. The creation was beautiful and with early knowledge.
    One after one, these copies began to serve Patinix's mansion.
    On one of her visits to the scientists, she was surprised by his death. The walls were painted with blood saying '' traitor '', '' freak '' and others. Something said that humans did not like her presence there.
    Upon returning to the depths, the same happened in her mansion. Their beautiful creations were torn apart by a Leviathan and a horde of merfolk soldiers. Someone had denied that alliance and Patinix was deposed from her noble post, to live as a nomad in the depths of Etu, only with her knowledge and thirst to create a new army of clones, but this time for revenge between the two worlds.

    (I never played D&D, so I may have done it wrong. I use a translator, so if a word doesn't fit, you can ask)

    Dexterity: 13
    Wisdom: 14
    Charisma: 8
    Constitution: 12
    Intelligence: 15
    Strength: 10
    • Islands of Etu: While not bearing that much significance, and not really being the home of any civilizations, the Islands of Etu have been mostly untouched, except by a couple colonies that consist primarily of merfolk. However, ever since rumors have spread of an ancient weapon being found by a daring adventurer, exploration of these islands has begun to pick up, though few return to tell the tale...
  • @CassZero (you have two 15s in your stats; one of them needs to be 13.)
  • @EpicBoss99 It's needless to say your journey has only just begun... but know that mass manipulation isn't the only trick Timothy has up his sleeve. You've made a dangerous enemy; do you think you really have what it takes?
  • @ChoyBoi There have been rumors of those with no connection to the gods being able to use holy magic. Perhaps an invading god has come to aid you? Maybe the power of will alone has given you power. Or perhaps, you're just lucky... but in either case, know you will likely find yourself antagonized by the gods.
  • @IronCrusher Lichdom... the only desirable form of death on this cruel, miserable plane. As a commander of the damned and the doomed, your ranks will be great, but you will likely have to struggle against the gods to control the dead.
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    @IzItTru Quite a twisted lantern you've obtained... most lanterns of your type are meant to trap the souls of the dead, but somehow, yours has done the opposite... is it a gift, to be alive and well, or will you realize that sometimes you're better off dead, especially when your tresspass means your soul is now out of the collectors' reach?
  • @SpellPiper2213 As a wandering protector of the people, there's no doubt you've heard of the recent treachery of the gods... all the same, with you being a wandering protector of the people, there's no don't the gods have heard of you. Be careful flying through the skies... you may find yourself a clay pigeon for a demon or angel's target practice.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos Now aren't you quite a little feature? In a world full of supernatural horrors, well-trained knights, all powerful mages, and the very forces of both the heavens and the Underworld, you find yourself a meager human... I hope your gifts are going to be enough. Otherwise, I almost pity you...

    (If your character decision is not changed before we start, Rafael will become fully autonomous.)
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    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Also, your stats are off. Please use the exact stats provided.)
  • @fire12 How unfortunate... it seems that even in its isolation, Owu has become a host to lycanthropy as well... your spirit will likely be revered by the island nation, even if you've taken a turn for the dark. Just know you may not be as welcome elsewhere...

    (Also note that the sun no longer shines on Stitia. There is only night, as stated in the intro.)
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    @Tommia I know that. Inside her strange village, there was some light that shined. Eclipsa thought it was the sun. She didn't notice it had turned to night because it only turned to night when she stepped outside her village limits. I hope this is okay
  • @CassZero Hmph... perhaps I was wrong saying Etu was uninhabited... I really hope this cloning experiment didn't get too out of hand, or else we may have yet another problem tormenting this already harshly troubled world...
  • @fire12 (Good to know. Coincidentally, this "sun" does shine on occasion in Owu canonically)
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