Stitia - Chapter Two: Eternal Night (Now Closed For New Characters Except to Returning Players)



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    @SpellPiper2213 (Krakua)

    Chance of Survival - 37%

    "We found him, nearly dead with a sword of legend. That means one of two things; he's either destined for greatness or just another corpse we'll have to deal with later."
    ~ A Healer's Journal
  • @ChoyBoi (Akira)

    Chance of Survival - 53%

    "That knight, Akira... she has a strange presence about her. She's saved my life on more than one occasion, but something about her spells trouble..."
    ~ Knight Exemplar Pierre
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    @FourEyesIsAFish (Cthylla)

    Chance of Survival - 69%

    "We brought a rogue angel into this cathedral just yesterday, and when morning came, the door to our hallowed sanctuary had been destroyed. What sort of monster would have been capable of escaping, let alone in such a fierce manner?"
    ~ Brother Elrich
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 (Florence)

    Chance of Survival - 75%

    "What do you mean he got away?! This is unacceptable! Our men are trained experts! We've taken down government officials and you tell me one guy and a few of his men are capable of taking you down?!"
    ~ Transcript from a conversation amongst gang members
  • Florence be like: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • @IzItTru (Warren)

    Chance of Survival - 42%

    "I don't know what happened to that kid. Thought he died a while back, yet sometimes, when I look out to the water, it's almost like he never left. I don't know what to think of it."
    ~ Captain Cornrows
  • @IronCrusher (Pherasa)

    Chance of Survival - 63%

    "Any undead that isn't under our control is already a threat, but that lich... her very existence is a stain upon our reputation. Kill her on sight."
    ~ Brother Elrich
  • @DrakeGladis (Enerew)

    I really couldn't tell you his odds of survival... he's in quite the pickle.
  • @EpicBoss99 (Verth)

    Seriously. You think I would give the person who's actively trying to kill me the chance that they'll succeed? You're better assuming it's less than 0!
  • @B21

    His odds will be determined by whether or not he can escape his unfortunate circumstance...
  • @Abu_Jafar

    I honestly don't know how well he's going to fare... he was unfortunate enough to have double crossed me, after all.
  • @Aggroman15

    Such a shame, this kid. He had so much potential... have fun in the great unknown!
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    @KorandAngels (Aerus), @SpellPiper2213 (Krakua), @FourEyesIsAFish (Cthylla), @MonkeyPirate2002 (Florence), @IzItTru (Warren), @IronCrusher (Pherasa)

    Nyeheheheheh! So... you've made it this far, hmm? Oh, don't worry. Your journies have only just begun. It's only going to get much, much harder from here, especially those of you who decided that us werebeasts aren't worth your company... good luck!

    (I'll be getting to you guys starting tomorrow. Just hold tight!)
  • Ok my guy's somehow dead apparently. Welp I kinda forgot about this...
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    @Tommia, here is my entry for exiling an enchantment at instant speed:

    Over time Alfred has collected many different tools for dealing with both physical and mystical problems. He purchased at set of these magically imbued vials a month before this trip, and sold all of them except one, which he kept for himself. He figured it could help him get out of a sticky situation sometime (or a least stop that one inebriated enchanter from starting fights at his local bar, whichever happened first.)
  • @Abu_Jafar As you lie there, the magic in your bottle seems to activate, pulling the shade back. Slowly, black, inky darkness seems to pour from your mouth with enough force to raise you up, flowing into the bottle quickly and rapidly. It fills quick, but it's not able to contain the magic in its entirety. After a minute, the darkness has left you and the captain, but as you start to move, you notice the bottle moving around sporadically, as though whatever's inside of it is trying to escape, and soon, the bottle smashes, and the darkness fades away in a strange sort of stinky black cloud...

    Your attempt to capture the magic for later use failed, but you dispelled it successfully.

    The Captain is coughing really bad, but he's finally able to move.

    "Ach... what in the fresh Hell was that?!" Sperling coughs out as he starts to stand weakly.

    You... aren't sure yourself. However, you are able to safely assume that whatever it is won't be troubling you two anymore... which leads you to your next problem; where are you?

    2 Hours Later...

    It's starting to get really late. You and the captain have determined that you've somehow ended up in the Mysteria Marsh, but now that you have a heading, you can go to O properly... after a night of rest...

    The Next Day

    Finally, a break. The weather is clear, the wind is blowing just strong enough in just the right direction, and great visibility. Again, two hours pass, but this time you're extra sure you've made it to the right place. However, someone's already there... black ships with blood splatters all over them...

    "Crimney..." Sperling utters. "Someone got here 'fore us... but I ain't ever seen ships with those kinds o' decorations. Must be new company." He turns to face you, and sighs. "Up t'you if we keep goin', but we've got a skel'ton crew. Wanna see what's going on?"

    Scoring summary

    -1: Minor balance problem. Card should cost 4 mana, ability should cost 5 mana. (I wasn't able to find any especially good examples for balance, but a general rule of thumb is that colorless removal costs significantly more [i.e.: Scour From Existence, Brittle Effigy])
    -0.5: Minor realism errors.
    • On the activate ability. "Create a token that's a copy of the exiled card."
    • Flavor text either shouldn't have quotes or is missing a speaker.
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    Quick note about Soul @Tommia : I believe you got her its alignment wrong. Something without a mind can't have an alignment, right? 
  • @FourEyesIsAFish I already fixed this on the Discord server. I just haven't updated it here yet because I was using yesterday to unwind a bit and clear my head.
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    @Tommia, let's see what's going on.

  • Um... I was working on Korand's prompt a couple days back and ended up tied up with D&D stuff. Came back and all of my progress was gone, and my PC backup for it was outdated.

    This is fine.
  • @KorandAngels It could have gone a lot smoother, but your attack against the werebeast hunters went, as promised, without a single casualty among your forces. Even though it might be against your morals, you’ve also brought the head of their leader, a very gruff looking outcast from the Duskwood Clan, as Timothy requested.

    As you approach the Everpack Territory, you don’t feel eyes staring down upon you as you normally would, nor are you escorted. Instead, you’re allowed deep into their territory without guidance, along an uninterrupted path deep into the heart of their encampment. The heavy smells of sweat and musk, mixed with a little bit of blood, fill your nose, along with the scents of a variety of meats cooking. You see the smoke from several fires in the distance, and even a few miles away, you can see Timothy upon his throne, which sits about 300 feet on a clifftop ridge, surrounded by weapons planted in the stone. Timothy must be quite bold; such a precarious throne leaves him out in the open, where a distant archer, a simple spell, or even just a really strong gust of wind could send him tumbling to his doom.

    Eventually, you arrive at the main encampment. Hundreds of tents with massive, 15 x 15 x 15 foot usable interiors line the several acres of cleared land, which is surrounded mostly by the huge cliff face before you but partially by the woods behind you. Some of the tents have occupants, some don’t, and some are being used for mating. As you walk through the space between the tents to the massive staircase leading up to the throne, you notice that everyone that isn’t resting or mating is hard at work or training. You also notice that, while most of the people here are werebeasts, some are not, and most of the people who aren’t are either Dawnwood Elves, members of the Rootforged Conclave, or… slaves, the latter of which almost all have spiked magic collars.

    “Ahahahah!” You look up, and Timothy is standing on the edge of his ledge, arms wide open as he welcomes you and your soldiers. It’s a shame his sense of rulership didn’t come with a pair of clothes. “I knew you’d make it back in one piece! Come now, come! We’re preparing a massive feast and you’re invited! There’ll be roast! A toast! A host with the most, haha! And while you’re there, we can talk business, and perhaps anything else that tickles your fancy… except politics. I hate politics with a passion!”
    Feast? Where are you and your men eating? Sure, you’ve noticed the fires roasting food, but other than the tents, there’s no buildings anywhere, no mess hall, and not even tables or chairs.

    “Ohoh, these beasty boys and growly gals are going to be feasting how they normally do; bare hands grabbing food and digging in wherever they please. As for you and your men, along with my finest, I have something more… “proper” planned. But you have to get up the stairs first. My quarters aren’t down there!”

    This is going to take… a lot of time. Sure, you and the more angelic members of your forces can fly, but surely that’s not all of them, and that staircase is pretty long. Looking up, the closer estimate is about 320 feet worth of altitude you’re going to have to cover… exactly 1000 stairs in this case. It may be a tiring task for your troops, but they can handle it.

    By time you reach the top, about 7 minutes have passed, and Timothy has gotten dressed and is in elvish form, a tall, stocky 8’ 6” elf dressed in very fancy clothes… his black hair is in a mohawk, but other than that it’s almost like he’s a completely different person, not the leader of a… less than civilized population of werebeasts. He looks a lot more like the leader of an army, a figure of authority. He’ll accept the head, and stow it away in a pocket dimension.

    “Now. Follow me. I’ll lead you to the dining hall.”

    Timothy leads you to a walled-in area a few minutes away, and as you and your men enter behind him, all of you are suddenly teleported to an elaborate dining area. The room is about 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 50 feet tall, and the table is about 80 feet long and 10 feet wide to seat 36, plus up to two officials on one end of the table and Timothy on the other. The room is quite gothic, the walls black and the side walls lined with tall, narrow windows that start 25 feet up and extend nearly to the ceiling. Red carpet lines the floor, and there’s already a feast upon the table with everything you could imagine, and more. A table along the right wall is lined with all sorts of drinks and fine spirits, and there’s several servants here to assist you and your forces with getting food and drink.

    “So, as you may have guessed, the reason we’ve called you here is because we have missions that werebeasts can’t take care of. And honestly, being friends with a flaming angel is pretty cool too. Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is as follows. The New Order, as you may know, is a group of rebel clerics, angels, paladins, and the like.”

    You do know them… they’re far too violent for your standards. You considered joining, but after seeing how severe extremists they are at times, you changed your mind.

    “Yeah… about that extremist part. As you probably saw, there were these visions, played forth by none other than Nohel himself. They kinda got the wrong idea, thought that the werebeasts are gonna take over, even after everything we’ve done for the Dawnwood and the Rootforged! We wanted to ally with them, and their response? In 10 days they’re sending a fleet with 200 soldiers to siege our Forward Operating Base in southern Racrion! Now, I can be an incredible ally or the last enemy you ever make, but I normally try the ally part first. I need your units to take down the shipment, and the best way I know is good-old fashioned espionage and sabotage! I want you to perform a splinter cell operation. Have some of your units join the New Order, maybe even join it yourself, get yourselves brought onto the mission, and on the way, blow the ships sky high! We can provide the explosives. All you need to provide is the men. Do we have a deal?”
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    Status Update

    Sorry for the delay. I've been working on the next prompt, but every time I've sat down to work I've ended up pulled away, only to end up losing my train of thought, forgetting about this, or just not being able to get back to it before I have to shut down for the evening. Also, lately I've been dealing with antagonism for my sexual status, as well extreme emotional instability. However, I hope to make it up to you guys soon. Please be patient, and keep an eye out.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 You are led by the spirit and the angel to Wosy Crot's Tavern in northern Nutheport. It’s a nice, two story place, bar and grill on the bottom, living quarters on top, but it also has a brothel area in the basement.

    As you head into the tavern, you’ll notice it’s rather nice, if a bit packed. There’s a lot of signs that this place was kind of rushed together, as the tables and benches are cramped, and there’s only one game table.

    A very handsome half-human azra at the counter greets you as you come inside, currently working on a drink. He appears to be the owner of the place, at least, that's what his appearance would lead you to believe.

    (Image Credit: Acrimony by Zekrio on Deviantart)

    Also behind the counter is an azra girl, beautiful in every definition of the word, her catlike stare almost seductive.

    “Welc’m back you two,” the male greets as the spirit and angel come inside. Then, he looks at you. “So, I take it you’re the lad we be lookin’ for?” You confirm his assumption. “Excellent. Grab a seat, and feel free t’order anything, on the house.”

    Nice… once you order whatever you’d like (or decline), the angel will speak. “So… you’re probably wondering why we called you here.” Yes, you are. There’s so many contracts around here, so much work to be done, and yet these individuals sought to contact you directly without ever giving you exact details.

    “A woeful place, this world is, dear friend,” the spirit begins. “Much like ourselves, you have found yourself at odds with the gods. For them to feel the need to send an assassin for you, it means you have done something that makes you seem threatening to them.”

    “Oh, I don’t know,” a very sarcastic sounding angel in the back of the room begins. “Like uprooting their main operation in Etsane?”

    "That'd do it," the male azra replies. "That'd do it. Anyways, m'name's Wosy Crot. My friends here are Pathos, Otaimo, Ch-Onaeca, and Rafael. See, we've made enemies of the Six by more than a great margin… went toe to toe with Faer, saw Khantsievth get summoned and Sprot get killed. We need everyone we can get if we wanna stand a bloody chance, so here's the deal… we don't have anyone with significant connections, other than yours truly, and you seem to have that very thing… haven't been here long, but your name has spread like smallpox. We want you on our team. We wanna eventually stick a sword in Khatsievth where the sun don't shine, but we need people, resources, weapons… we need to find out how to defeat this bloody rotmoncher, and we need to do it before the bloody moon falls down! So… think we can be mates? It won't be the best job in the world, honestly, but you'll get paid, and by saving the people we can make more money!"
  • Florence gives a small chuckle. "Y'know if I had been in it for just the money I'd have joined that bastard rather than kill him. He was a vile piece of garbage from the stories I've heard of him, even to his employees, but I won't deny he was very generous with the amount of money he paid his workers.
    "Of course we can be mates! We've basically had the same goal since the start, and it never hurts to coordinate our efforts together! Don't expect me to go on too many field expeditions however; I can't exactly pull my weight in fights if things go south. But hey! I'll make sure the time you spent looking for me will be more than worth it's while!"
  • What did you drink?

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    @IzItTru Knowledge… knowledge, knowledge, knowledge! What is the purpose of this lantern, and what could it possibly have to gain from playing these games? Your mind is filled with questions, but hopefully it will answer them with time...

    As you look around, you can sense it… four spirits. You transition into ethereal, and now you can see their likenesses, three around you, one behind them. On the left, a gentle, messenger spirit of glistening white. To the right, a dark, faceless scholar with tattered robes and a grimoire. In the center, an angelic spirit of light blue, and behind them, a very vaguely familiar spirit… are they someone you know? Someone you forgot? Or perhaps just a person you saw in passing?... no matter what, these four spirits each have a proposition.

    Spirits await you
    One becomes friend, three become foes
    Make your choice wisely...

    Spirit One - The Messenger

    A very gentle voice rings from this spirit, heavenly and bright. The spirit is a young girl, in her teens, with flowing hair and a beautiful smile.

    “Warren... you have been chosen by the newly appointed goddess Kia, the goddess of clarity. You have seen the evils of man for yourself... the witches who took your sister. The evil beings that plague your very being every day. The souls that rule over this wretched land. Come now, Warren. Take my hand, and help us carve a new world, one where mankind can prosper under the rule of our fair Khantsievth...”

    If you choose this spirit, you will join the gods as the champion of Kia in their quest to assimilate all who oppose them and recreate the world in the Archdemon Khantsievth’s image. Along the way, you will gain celestial knowledge and divine power.

    Spirit Two - The Scholar

    The scholar’s voice is deep and cold, disembodied as it echoes from within the mostly empty cloak.

    “If you’re going to mention something about his sister, at least offer to do something rather than just using it as a way to get him riled... I have been dead for... quite some time, yet every day I learn more and more about this plane. I know thousands of forbidden secrets, knowledge that very few can ever hope to gain. I can lend you my power and my teachings, and even help you find your sister, if you’re willing to strike a deal and aid me in my fight against the Six...”

    If you choose this spirit, you will be locked into a pact with this mysterious being, who will lend you secrets and power in exchange for servitude. They also supposedly know what happened to your sister...

    Spirit Three - The Angel

    A striking familiarity fills your mind as you gaze upon this spirit... This is a projection of Nohel himself. You may have heard by now about how he rebelled against the Six, consigning himself to fighting against them.

    “Do not trust either of them, Warren. Both of these beings are driven by selfish motives, but I can guide you to my allies, who have taken up arms selflessly against all who threaten the peace. This is your chance, Warren. Follow me, and join the fight. This world isn’t lost, and together, we can save it.”

    If you choose this spirit, you will join a group of rebels fighting against the Six, and in exchange, Nohel will pay you in knowledge as his apprentice.

    Spirit Four - ???

    This gentleman... who the heck is he? He looks like an old teacher in a suit, sitting in a seat as he lights up a cigar. He pulls deep, pulls it out of his mouth, and lets loose a large puff of smoke that fills the entire room.

    “Listen here, kid... all'o these people are tryin' ta guide ya along their paths, but somethin' ta keep in that head'o yours. This is your life, and you can make of it what ya want. Even if the world is endin', we already have people takin' care o' that problem! You’s got a very special lantern, and it’s up ta you how ya use it. There’s so much you could do in this world, so many places ta go, and so much ta see. Why worry about everyone else when you could get where you wanna be? If there was any time fa carpe diem, dat time is now! I can help ya 'long, even if ya change your mind late'a. If ya don’t wanna listen to my lessons, I can at least help ya make the right choice for you when the time comes.”

    Choosing this spirit forgoes any main path in favor of self-advancement. You can choose another path later without consequence, assuming you do nothing to anger any of these other factions.

    Which spirit will you choose, or will you refuse to choose?
  • @SpellPiper2213 About a week has passed since you pulled free the blade from that skull. You’re still kind of recovering, but you have been given the go ahead to continue on. Thanking the doctor, you head out to your trusty steed, who has been protecting the sword for you. Speaking of protecting, it looks like they’re wounded. You get the healer to work with them, but this is where you’ll run into a problem; being on an island, the doctor is running out of supplies. The next shipment of patients and supplies should have come in about a week ago, and the doctor is getting concerned. If there were going to be delays, normally they would have been contacted by now...

    “Krakua. I would normally ask for payment for my services, but I have something urgent. As you know, I’ve been running out of supplies, and I don’t have enough bandages to patch your mount’s wounds. They aren’t dangerous, won’t interfere with flying, and should heal on their own, but if they stay open they risk getting infected. And without my supplies my patients won’t be getting the care they need. Right now, you’re the only one on this island that can leave safely, so I have a task for you. I need you to find out what happened to my supplies. They normally come in from a port in Southern Racrion, from our allies there. I have a map to show you the location.”

    Will you accept this task? If you refuse, you will be able to seek healing for your mount elsewhere, but you will have to leave the island.
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