Stitia - Chapter Two: Eternal Night (Now Closed For New Characters Except to Returning Players)



  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan), @HeroKP (Vemmby), @SarkhanVig (Etanki)

    Reminder that the deadline for preliminaries is approaching (Originally Friday the 20th)! It may be pushed back to the 25th for personal and work related reasons, but the sooner you get your cards submitted, the better!
  • Preliminary - Odds of Survival

    NYAHAHAHAHAHA! So, looks like your lot is finally done sleeping with guns! I must say, quite a few of you impressed me with your skills. We could make a great team, but first, introductions. I'm Timothy Pea... I've garnered some hate, but trust me. Anyone who turns against me is making a mistake; not only do they stand little chance against, me, but let's say I do die. Then what? I hold the key to defeating Khantsievth, the very blade I myself used to banish him so many years ago. But anyways, I've been keeping an eye on how well everyone has been doing. I can't provide fortunes, but since that Diviner Ysa bit the dust and Arne turned coat, I'll go ahead and give you a good rundown on how likely you might actually make it out of this nightmare alive...

    @KorandAngels (Aerus) - 73.5%

    Not too shabby, flame boy! You had some pretty good resistance, but you held up a fight. Might want to work on those military tactics though, and be wary... dyslexia can kick in at a young age.

    @spookoops (Carisle) - 77.5%

    This vampire is killing it! They choose strong prey, however, and that sword's looking a bit weak.

    @SpellPiper2213 (Krakua) - 68%

    Ouch... you aren't looking too slick there. You chose weak prey that you were ill equipped to deal with, and attempted to wield the wrong types of magic to bring it down. You also didn't bring enough support.

    @ChoyBoi (Akira) - 76%

    You went all out here! In fact, you may have been a bit over your head and did too much. Your summoning was overboard, and your magics a bit... off point.

    @CassZero (Patinix) - 76.5%

    Well, well, well... you're the first Merfolk to make a splash in these parts, nyeheheh! However, you were a tad shaky... in general. Your quarry was a little unnerving,  and your magic was a little off kilter.

    @FourEyesIsAFish (Cythylla) - 76%

    Ah... another eldritch horror incarnate? I think we'll get along. However, I must say; you enemy was a bit shaky, and you put too much effort in where it wasn't needed.

    @MonkeyPirate2002 (Florence) - 80%

    Holy moly! It could just be your silver tongue, but I'm attracted to you like a moth to a flame- no, don't get the wrong idea. I meant from a militant standpoint. You might just be the assistant I need; charming, cunning, and one with words. Might want to work on the little details though.

    @IzItTru (Warren) - 76.5%

    Another one with the ways of spirits, are we? Definitely candidate material, but your prey was strong, your tactics a tad faulty. Work on your combat skills, and we might just make a great team.

    @fire12 (Eclipsa) - 73%

    Hmm... not bad at all, but your necromancy was quite, quite shifty. It's a good thing you had a servant to protect you, or you may not have done so swift.

    @IronCrusher (Pherasa) - 77.5%

    Your magic was quite, quite good, a great mix of light and shadow. However, I will say that your spells needed just a bit more energy in them, and you kind of sold yourself short.

    Anyways, that'll be all for now. Toodleoo! 
  • you madlad...
    Also, I agree that Obscura was the most shaky card of the whole package. 
  • Oh, you're drawn to me like a moth to a flame? We all saw how well that went with Obscura ; )
  • @Tommia
    I didn't understand anything you said. Lol.

  • Some on Stitia still try to create their own order. There are strong souls out there who try to resist Vemmby's manipulation, both magical and old-fashioned political in nature. They fancy themselves above the ruses of his kind. But there are many time-tested ways of cutting even these down to size.

    Flavour-mechanically wise, this card can't be targeted by Vemmby's spells because of Hexproof, and he protects his controller's spells from being hijacked by my hero.

    Vemmby tends to receive help from all directions he needs - some less than expected. Around him tends to form a cohort of aural bodyguards - those that protect his schemes against those who try to unravel them. Those who think themselves mighty and clever enough to dance Vemmby's dance will soon have their feet forcibly brought to tap a different rhythm.

    Flavour-mechanically wise, this card can cancel out the effects of Schemebreakers, while still being widely useful enough to not be too on the nose. It is also interesting how this card can trade with the Schemebreaker in combat, though the Schemeguard's stats are lower overall to help with balance. If ever this card is printed, it would probably show up in Simic Control sideboards.

    The arrogant, rebellious pawns aren't able to parse the moment where they fall into their role once again. They follow through on their petty plans, thinking that they are close to unraveling the tapestry they are wrapped in. Little do they know they are about to have a very, very bad day.

    Flavour-mechanically wise, this card is an overall efficient removal spells that likes enchantments, that just so happens to also be able to disable to Schemebreaker in any way imaginable (tapping it down, killing it, KILLING IT, and if it is somehow isn't dead yet, cutting off its fuel).
  • Oops! Looks like I missed someone!

    @HeroKP (Vemmby) - 66%

    Yikes... this encounter as a whole was quite sketchy. Your style is very unique, but you were too innovative out there... and you had a bit of a color mixup. Also, might want to work on your quotes.
  • @Tommia... Vemmby is Sultai. They have a Black mana symbol in the text, giving them a black color identity.
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    The enemy:

    A former devout cleric of the primary god of light (I forgot the name sorry) who went rogue because you know, when the gods went crazy and hellbent to exterminate all the mortals in Stitia. She's an experienced preacher and hunter of demons and devils alike who encountered my lucky (unlucky) character and tried to cleanse the Lord of the Pit's (an OC, a devilish patron god) influence to my character because she could detect Ivan's unnatural luck and noticed about his devilish powers.

    The ally:

    A servant of the Lord of the Pit, dispatched to assist my character because he has a future, grand plan that involves the unlucky jester because Ivan is not just an ordinary fool and jester (he plans to use him as his temporary mortal vessel to gain foothold in Stitia, for he can't directly manifest himself because of the gods' influence in Stitia.)

    An instant or sorcery spell:

    The first, actual spell that Ivan learned from his newfound power. (I also don't plan to kill the enemy cleric outright in the story, just showing about the capability of the spell in the game to deal with the threat. Maybe they both can be allies later if you allow it too.)
  • Oops! Forgot another one!

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan) - 77.5%

    Well... I don't think you'll have to worry about those pesky Six getting in your way with this effort. However, your servant went a little too hard in, and your magic is a wee bit sketchy. I can definitely help you out; you seem like a fun guy!
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    Challenge 1...

    So... All of you have made it this far, hmm? Impressive. To say you're in the top 1% would be an insult to you; you're greater than 1 in 100, or even 1 in 1000, but it's time to see who's 1 in a million, and who ends up dead and forgotten...

    For this round, each of you will receive your own challenge. Look until you see your name, and complete your challenge to the best of you ability. Make sure to proofread your cards! Additionally, make sure to check to see if your card uses a name that isn't used by an official MTG Card from now on! Also, make sure you're only using types that actually exist in magic!

    Anyways... good luck! The deadline is Monday the 7th; you won't be penalized if you're late, but note that you'll have to catch up if you are late. You'll have until the cards for challenge 2 are judged to catch up, so don't fall too far behind!

    Wave 1 of Challenges

    @ChoyBoi (Akira):

    After killing Archis, you and your forces have gathered back in southern Ystheria in the town of Thervas, which is known to the main headquarters of The Blood Moon Guard, a powerful militant force set on eliminating the supernatural threats that plague Stitia. With your line of work, it's obvious that you would end up meeting up with them at some point. However, you didn't expect to meet the man in charge this soon. During a stay at a tavern, you are met by a group of Blood Moon Guard members, including the leader, Pierre.

    Pierre introduces himself to you and your group, and the mission of the Blood Moon Guard; to eliminate the threats the world's horrors bear upon the populace of Hitcherald, and he offers your recruitment to the guard. However, as he goes to take a drink, you notice his teeth... he's quite legitimately the man in charge; he has been. However, him being vampiric could change things. He offers you a chance to spar with him in nonlethal combat to prove you have what it takes to join, and if you want to kill him instead, you'll be able to there...

    State whether you'll join the Blood Moon Guard or not, then create a card that can deal with an attacking Knight Exemplar Pierre in an actual game of MTG, whether you plan to join the Blood Moon Guard or not. If you plan on joining or want to nonlethally decline his offer, the card must deal with Knight Exemplar Pierre without destroying it.

    @IronCrusher (Pherasa):

    Being a lich, you've attracted the attention of the Six. However, you have more pressing issues on your hands. It seems as if word has begun to spread into the town of Zythlvale about your exploits. You'll have to suppress the rumors before they can spread...

    Create a card that either keeps your opponents from gaining information (drawing cards), makes them forget info (discard/shuffle away cards), or one that can deal with three 1/1 white Human creature tokens in an actual game of magic.

    @KorandAngels (Aerus):

    Well well well... so you're stationed in the mountains, are you? That makes us neighbors, and tell ya what. I like a good neighbor. I'm coming down to speak with you personally...

    My offer? We can be allies, if you can impress me well enough. I propose a simple sparring match. I'd like you to show me what you're capable of, and if you impress me well enough, we can be allies...

    You can either accept Timothy's offer to be allies or decline it. Either way, make any card with a CMC of at least 6 and a rarity of Rare or greater, and state whether you accept Timothy's proposition, decline it, or attack him. Do note that he's supposedly dangerous...

    @IzItTru (Warren):

    The Mysteria Marsh has become more and more perilous than it was, and that's saying something; you should have been dead by now. However, your journey takes you through the marsh, for it is haunted by the spirits of the dead and the damned. Today, the lantern is leading you through the marsh...

    The air is getting thick as you go to what appears to be an abandoned laboratory. The smells of decaying flesh fill the air, and you can sense a strong spirit nearby... the lantern yearns for you to free it, but little do you know you're in for quite the surprise trying.

    Create a card that can deal with the attacking Mysterian Crawler in an actual game of MTG. NOTE: This creature has menace. Blocking it won't work because you need two creatures to do so.

    To others:

    @SpellPiper2213 (Krakua), @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan). @fire12 (Eclipsa), @CassZero (Patinix), @FourEyesIsAFish (Cythylla), @spookoops (Carisle), @HeroKP (Vemmby)@MonkeyPirate2002 (Florence), @SarkhanVig (Etanki)

    Working on your challenges. Stay tuned (curse the character limit). Also, to Etanki, still need your entry from Challenge 1.
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    Aerus is normally willing to fight, but he feels this is too much risk. Not only might he be killed, but he might also accidentally kill a potential ally. Instead,. he decides to negotiate around it.
    (Note: The mechanics of the card does not represent what Aerus intends to do.)
  • Wave 2 of Challenges!

    @SpellPiper2213 (Krakua):

    After doing some research and slaying Voso, a lead has you hunting down a blade that's supposedly capable of smiting the gods themselves. It's supposedly at an island to the south, so you'll go hunting there...

    As you scour one of the islands, the search seems to be going quite well. There's a ton of treasure here, and the area seems uninhabited... emphasis on seems. As you descend into a cave, you soon discover that this is the horde of yet another demon, but this one seems less special.

    Create a card that can deal with an attacking 5/5 black Demon creature token in an actual game of Magic.

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan):

    After dispatching that cleric, rumors are starting to spread... rumors that you may be against the gods. You notice that your income as a jester is going down, so you have to rely more as a gambling man. This leaves you to Dessie's Tavern, a run down establishment that serves the cheap stuff, but is a cesspool for gamblers. You can probably make a good penny off of the people here.

    Things seem to go well. Your uncanny luck is kicking in as usual, which means you start raking in the money. However, after a while you're challenged to a game versus the barkeep themselves. They strike with you a deal; win, and you get free drinks for a year. Lose, and you pay everyone's tab for the night and the tavern's rent for the, a mighty sum. However, you know you'll win, so you take him up, and you actually notice he might just be cheating. No bother. You play the game, and sure enough, you win, and the barkeep suddenly pulls a gun on you.

    "Damn cheater!" Suddenly, the other two tavern workers surround you. "I knew it! You've been cheating everyone in this damn bar! Hell! Everyone in this town, even! About time we take that money back, hmm?"

    Create a card that can deal with three attacking 1/1 white Human creature tokens in an actual game of Magic.

    @fire12 (Eclipsa):

    Your rivalry against the werebeasts has attracted some major attention... quite a bit actually. You find yourself being tracked down precisely by werebeasts, and sometimes even wolfkin. There's practically a target on your back, and the territory of Owu seems split on whether werebeasts are actually a threat or not. There's supposed tales of an all-powerful werebeast, likened to a god, that has bestowed gifts upon the supporters of the werebeasts and has hunted down those that resist them the most. That includes you...

    However, your feats have attracted the attention of resident werebeast hunters, and they direly seek your aid...

    Create a card that can either prevent damage dealt to a creature, make a creature indestructible, and/or destroy a creature.

    @CassZero (Patinix):

    After having to relocate your laboratory, you can begin the production of your perfect legion once again. Setup is fairly simple, and you set to work. It doesn't take long for your next clone to get finished, then the next...

    Eventually, you have a few new clones. However, something seems... off. Way off... after a bit, you end up noticing that they aren't obeying your instructions. Soon, disobedience turns to rebellion, and now, you're face to face with two of your own creations...

    Create a card that can deal with two attacking 2/2 blue Merfolk creature tokens in an actual game of Magic.

    @FourEyesIsAFish (Cythylla):

    Your actions definitely put you on the radar of the Six. And to say they're angry would be an understatement. When you rest, your dreams are filled with nightmares of them. When you wake, you feel a feeling of dread, as though you're being watched.

    Of course, this ultimately culminates in their next attempt to kill you. This time, they want vengeance...

    Create a card that can either counter Apostle of Atonement or its ETB effect, or save Cythlla from its ETB effect in an actual game of MTG.

    @spookoops (Carisle):

    Being in Padetra, death tries to snatch you away frequently, but it's to little avail for someone like you. However, clerics are starting to make a resurgence in areas where evil is less prevalent, which means more people on your tail. In fact, rumors say that the cousin of the late demon hunter Bahn Gheshin himself is after you...

    Create a card that can deal with an attacking 5/5 Aunis Deathbane in an actual game of MTG.

    @HeroKP (Vemmby):

    Muahaha! Your latest machinations are coming into balance! You're manipulating more and more of the masses into obeying your whim, but you've hit two roadblocks; on one end, the people of Owu don't really like your scheming, and on the other end, the werebeasts of Owu seem almost impossible to manipulate. Neither are acceptable!

    Choose either challenge and complete its criteria.
    - To face the people of Owu, make a card that can gain control of something.
    - To face the werebeasts, make a card that can deal with two 3/2 red Werebeast creature tokens in an actual game of magic.

    @MonkeyPirate2002 (Florence):

    Your dealing with the Massacre Broker came with both its upsides and downsides. While that gets the Six off peoples' backs a tad, some demons and devils that weren't related with the gods at all were negatively impacted by the sudden decrease in the availability of wetwork contracts. And a few of the best assassins in Etsane know who's to blame for that... it doesn't take long for an assassin to end up on your back...

    Create a card that can deal with two attacking 1/1 black Assassin creature tokens with deathtouch in an actual game of Magic.
  • @SarkhanVig (Etanki) [You will still need to complete your last challenge in addition to this one]:

    You're walking in the mountains... cold. Alone except for your companion. Blizzard conditions mean you can see almost nothing... except white, white snow. The cold doesn't really bother you, but it's the wind that does. It almost sweeps you off your feet, but you'll endure, until you eventually come across a campsite. It seems abandoned, until an arrow passes by you, nearly hitting you. You can see the guise of a hunter, a bit skinny and wielding a bow.

    Create a card that can deal with an attacking 1/1 green Elf creature token with reach without targeting it.
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    • Enerew (Drake)
    • Alfred
    • EpicBoss99
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    Verth felt that this encounter was inevitable. There were enough thugs in the streets of Ystheria to make up an entire town, and so encountering a group in New Tommia wasn't surprising to him in the least. It did pose a problem, though. Should Verth quickly eliminate these criminals like he would a group of werebeasts in Delvad, he would lose the reputation that he worked so hard on, and thereby lose the only allies he had left in his fight against Timothy. Verth needed to prove that he was worthy of their help and not some lowly murderer like Timothy. 

    "Sure, go for it," Verth sighed, opening his arms up and exposing his chest to their weapons. "If you can knock me out, you can have this bag. But if you can't, go find something better to do with your lives than trying to rob people. Deal?" While he mocked the thugs, Verth concentrated on creating a field of magic near his chest. Should his defensive maneuver work, the baseball bat and other weapons the thugs had will harmlessly shatter into pieces upon impact, leaving Verth unscathed. That way Verth can continue on his merry way without having to hurt anyone.

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    @Abu_Jafar (When last we left off, you were setting sail to the island of O. You decided that, despite being warned by a mysterious individual not to come, one who killed your angelic escorts, that you would disregard them and go anyways...)

    Captain Sperling is a tad shaken, but just shakes his head.

    "You're right, Alfred. We can't let them try to scare us. If you think we can take it, we can take it!"

    You will set sail, and your travel should take about 2 days across 200 miles... should...

    On the first day, the wind is not in your favor, but otherwise, the weather is beautiful and clear, the crimson moon gleaming across the water. The wind is really slow, which means you're only able to travel about 64 miles. An absolute shame, as this puts a major wrench in getting to O in a timely manner. Also... there's another damper in your plan. Something much, much more serious...

    (Fate does not shine upon you today. May the powers that be have mercy...)

    [Due to private information being involved, this will be conducted though DMs once the necessary steps have been taken.]
  • @Aggroman15 (Last we left off, you had just recently begun your "adventure". After fleeing home in Fevrmor, you made it to Delvad, where you were confronted by Timothy. Your senses told you of his evil, so you socked him, and ended up meeting a young hunter named Rebecca. Now, you're headed to Allschurch Thervas, home of the Blood Moon Guard HQ, with her...)

    It takes you about a day to walk to Thervas. Everything goes quite swell, nothing trying to kill you, the weather quite fair, and your hunting opportunities plentiful. You also find a path, which makes your travel a whole lot easier. You arrive in Thervas no problem and seek the HQ, and arrive to quite the quant sight. The HQ is a lot smaller than you'd expect, a fort surrounded by a stone wall. Within the wall and outside the fort is a large campground, and when you first arrive, Rebecca runs in to hug someone, a male guard.


    They'll embrace for a bit, and the guard in front of the entrance chuckles. Rebecca's father comes over, holding her in his arms.

    "I didn't think I'd ever see you again..." The father seems quite happy to see her.
    "I got lost... and a big, mean werebeast attacked me... he took care of them and brought me back." Rebecca points to you.
    "Yeah! He beat him up real quick!"

    The guards look at you somewhat alarmed... this guy? You don't look like someone who could fight, but they know one thing; this girl has been missing, and you brought her back safely. Finally, one of the guards at the entrance speaks.

    "Well I'll be damned. You took care of a werebeast by yourself?"
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    @B21 (Last we left off, you were on your way to kill a lich in Padetra. You had made it to Slavport, when you were taken prisoner. So far, you have found Levin, but you still need to find Arlin and the others...)

    "Well... I suppose we should go about grabbing your little lovebug, shouldn't we dear?" Levin says in her classic, seductive voice as she sashays up the stairs. "Don't want her getting jealous."

    You're able to sneak by for a decent while, until one of Levin's shoes gets caught in a crack in the floor. Honest mistake, but she'll yelp, and you hear a rustling from nearby as you suddenly find yourself surrounded by guards.

    "Here we go again... back for another taste of my heels?"

    Make a card that can deal with at least three 1/1 black Skeleton Soldier creature tokens. The target is 8. We have a new scoring system this chapter, so let's give it a good once over together, shall we?

    You will be scored based on the following criteria, but with the new voting system this chapter, rather than picking a score in a category for a card, we start at 10 points on a card, plus any applicable bonuses, then start subtracting... here's how your cards will be judged.
    • Does the card feel realistic?
    • Does the card follow established MTG grammar and syntax?
    • Is the card balanced?
    • Does the card have the proper rarity?
    • Does the card work?
    • Do the card and flavor blend together well enough? (Flavor text not required; a lot can be implied based on name, colors, art, and effect)
    • Does the card feel do enough?
    • Does the card avoid trying to do too much?
    • Does the card fit in its colors?
    • Is the card original to this contest?
    • If an exception isn't provided, does the card fit in the character's color identity?
    If the answer is not, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a yes or N/A for all of these, the card will be thoroughly inspected, and if any significant problems are found, the card will receive penalties. The penalties that may be inflicted are shown below with a few examples of why one might receive it:
    • -0.5: Minor grammar/syntax problem, minor flavor problem, minor rarity problem.
    • -1: A few minor grammar/syntax problems, minor flavor conflict, minor color pie break, minor balance problem
    • -2: Moderate problem, such as major grammar/syntax problems, major rarity problems, major flavor problem, moderate balance problem, moderate pie break
    • -5: Card isn't new to the contest, card doesn't function, card doesn't fulfill a challenge's mandatory criteria (ex. Color identity restrictions), card is unplayably broken.
    These are some examples; infractions will always be adjusted according to severity, and infractions of different values may be issued as deemed necessary. Anyways... good luck!
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    @Abu_Jafar With Timothy now momentarily commandeering the vessel, you're able to add an extra 32 miles of travel, upping your daily travel to 96 miles. Let's just hope the wind is much more fortunate today...

    Day Two

    "Drat! Won't the damn wind blow?!"

    Another day, another journey dependent on an occassional light breeze. Timothy is losing patience; he's only still here because he wants to be, but that might change. It's cloudy, but otherwise the weather is an exact repeat of yesterday. At least there's action to break up the monotony; a pirate ship attempts to move in and attack, but it doesn't stand a chance. Timothy decimates it with nothing more than a wave of his hand, but as such, takes hold of all of the spoils, which is a bit of a shame, but right now you're in no position to complain... you'll make it about another 96 miles, putting you within about 8 miles of O...

    Day Three

    The winds are more in your favor today. However, the weather is not. It's close to freezing out here, and you're awoken by the battering of hail and sleet on the deck...

    Visibility is poor. Conditions are unsuitable for proper sailing. Will you continue anyways?
  • Yeah let's continue anyways, were close enough and things should (hopefully) be fine.
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    Count Carisle is fully aware of the threats that continually plague him because of who he is. Carisle never chose the vampire life, he was born a Doppelganger, but he fully embraces the life and situation that has been thrust upon him. 

    That being said, Carisle will defend himself and his property to the fiercest of his abilities. But he does his best to never kill, unless killing be needed. He isn't inherently evil per se. He is more of a mentalist and telepath when it comes to his techniques. Erasing or altering his opponents memories, or actions as seen fit. Carisle is talented, but not infallible.

    Edit... @EpicBoss99, I see we have had quite similar thoughts when it comes to our threat resolution, haha.
  •            As the creature pulled itself from out from the shadows Warren felt his body become overtaken by fear, "What is that thing?" he asked the lantern but he found no response. the horror lunged towards him moving through the air with inhuman speed. He reached for his dagger but before he could make a move to defend himself he was knocked to the floor. The creature tore into him his flesh burning with anger and hatred as it did he was assaulted by the sound of unholy screaming raking through his mind.

              Then the creature vanished, melting into the floorboards of the forsaken laboratory. Warren jumped up and pulled out the lantern it's flame letting out a dim light. "What am I supposed to do? Why did you call me here?"  he didn't know exactly why he talked to the lantern like that, it never responded, but it felt right. The flame flickered and grew signaling him of the danger, he jumped out of the way just as the creature once again fell from the ceiling it's hands reaching out to attack him once again. It landed next to him without making a sound and crawled towards him again he could already hear the screams of torment just like before, they were calling out to him, the thing was asking for help... "Maybe I can help it.." he held his hand towards the charging horror the lantern's flame changed into a ghostly white color just as he grabbed onto the creature's head.

              Memories flooded into him, good and bad, he saw an entire lifetime flash before his eyes before ending abruptly and he saw love, anger, sadness, even the rare feeling of joy. He latched onto the happy memories filtering the bad ones through himself and into the lantern and as he did the creature shrank away it's horrid dissipating away.

  • @EpicBoss99 "Heh... bad call, buddy. Bad call."

    The first attack, from who appears to be the leader, goes right for the knockout with a baseball bat. Of course, you divert the barrier to your head, causing his bat to shatter into smithereens. The thugs are... expectedly frightened, and take turns trying to bear into you. A shank goes for you gut, but it breaks as well, leaving a little cut on the attacker's hand.

    "Hmm, shatter this, punk."

    The leader will pull a gun, and their aim is pretty dang good. Five shots to the chest, three which were aimed at the heart, but all of the shots hit you harmlessly and fall to the ground, crumpled.

    "Screw this. He ain't worth the effort."

    The leader makes a motion for the others to follow him, and they'll flee like the bottomfeeders they are, leaving behind what seems to be a scrap of paper. You'll pick it up, and it has an address that's completely different from where you need to be, even in a different state... using your prowess, you can deduce that you must be in the wrong city... knowing that, you'll seek how to get to where you need to go. This puts you through the slightly convoluted process of signing up with a local library and trying to figure out how a computer works, but that's fairly easy for you. For a moment, you struggle, but after a while, you pick up on it extremely easy, seemingly a natural with it. Using it, you're just barely able to figure out how to use the map feature, and from there you're finally able to find out how to get to where you need to go, and that it'll take you about two days travel. You can even print out a map!... however, it's night time, so you need to find a place to- hmm? Why do you suddenly feel so energized? Right! It's full moon! Screw sleep. You can probably make it...

    Night 1

    The skies are clear, and there's almost no wind as you fly through the sky with your massive wings. However, it doesn't seem like things are going to go as smoothly as you expect. About four hours into flying, you notice a helicopter has begun pursuing you... it doesn't seem to be bothering you though.

    Will you do anything about it?
  • Wuz dat a purrfect score?

  • I'll have my entry in tomorrow.
  • Firm Dismissal

    As Krakua's bird lit down in front of the cave, Krakua looked around. Something He chalked it up to nerves and excitement, and descended into the cave, keeping a hand on his sword.

    As he walked further into the cave, Krakua heard a clatter of rocks. He dropped to the ground as a clawed hand went through where he had been. As he looked up, he saw a massive winged humanoid step out of the shadows.

    "Here we go again," he muttered.

    "You run like a mouse," the demon said, advancing on the skyknight. "Maybe I should squish you like one."

    "Mouse? Really?" Krakua asked. 

    "You're no better than one," the demon replied before swinging at Krakua again.

    The skyknight waved his hand at the demon, twisting magic around it. The demon's form wavered, thinned, and turned into smoke. Krakua stood, dusting himself off, and picked up his sword. "And you'll have to do better than that to stop me." He chuckled. "Now, about that artifact..."
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    After all that Verth has been through and the kind of enemies he has made, being pursued is definitely alarming. On the other hand, mindlessly attacking would only lead to more problems in the future. Verth slows down and cautiously attempts to see who is pursuing him before taking any kind of action. After all, hope hasn't completely left Verth and this could be either one of his allies or someone that he could turn into a new ally.
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