Stitia - Chapter Two: Eternal Night (Now Closed For New Characters Except to Returning Players)



  • @Tommia

    The death of Ariana leaves Akira with a question: who did Ariana really serve? Was it Akira and her blessings, or did she combine the power of the gods and blessings? Only one thing is to be sure. The six are after her, and she must be prepared.

    In a tomb far beneath the ground, there lies an ancient artifact, spoken only barely of within the pages of the Tome of Ancients: the Blaze of Endings, a fire that contains great power, one more than a god...

    To Akira, this is the answer to the problem of the Six. The rumors of this artifact's power show that even the Six cannot overcome the Blaze of Endings. In order to properly harness it, her blessings must be of a level unattained by her yet, or else she will be doomed with its use...

    Five Days After the Death of Ariana

    "Hey, Pierre?" Akira had been searching the base of the Blood Moon Guard to find Pierre, only now finding him.

    "Yeah?" Pierre turned from polishing his sword, surrounded by the various weapons of the armory.

    "Have you ever heard of the Blaze of Endings? The Tome of Ancients says it lies beneath this citadel." Akira looked hopeful, smiling. Pierre sighed.

    "That book will be the end of me." He said, shaking his head, "The Blaze of Endings is within this citadel, yes, but the journey down there is perilous. It forces you to confront yourself, and it is a journey none survive." Akira's smile fell.

    "I will show you the way, however, it is of your own volition that you must enter." Pierre got up, then, as if realizing exactly what room he was in, he smiled, removing one of the racks from the wall with nothing but brute strength. "Here is the entrance," he said, pointing to a hole where the rack was, expanding into darkness. "I wish you luck." He said with a faint smile. Strapping the Tome of Ancients to her waist, Akira stepped toward the darkness, unsheathing her sword and summoning multiple blessings around her.

    "I'll see you on the other side." Akira smiled, before stepping into the darkness.

    The darkness immediately doused the torch Akira carried. This is no normal darkness. Akira began to feel fear. She had not felt fear, since that one, fateful night, that ended her old life and began her new one. The darkness contracted further around her, before only black claimed Akira's vision.

    The night began with silence. Everyone had already retired, and only the occasional whisper of wind disturbed the village. Akira, 10 years of age, couldn't sleep, the only thing on her mind being the blessing she had learned that day. Staring out the window into the forest, her mind ran wild with ideas of the day she would face one of the were beasts terrorizing the surrounding land and run it through. As she thought of this wondrous day, she caught a faint glimpse of light out the window. A torch? No. A mass of torches, half aloft by bestial, half-man figures.

    "NO!" Akira shouted, the darkness receding. "I WILL NOT LIVE THAT AGAIN." Staggering around in the enclosing darkness, Akira wrapped her hands around her head, tears running down her face, as she relived the most horrible moment of her life.

    'Mom!' Akira shouted, lunging from her bed, 'Werebeasts! They're here!'. Her mother, running out of her room, sword in hand, looked out the window, and then concentrated for a moment, saying 'Akira, it'll be fine. Run and hide. You don't want to see this.' Then, her mother went white with fear, along with the entire rest of the town, as they realized they could not reach their blessings.

    "Please..." Akira sobbed, fear having clamped around her heart, "I don't want to see this..."

    'Akira!' Her mom shoved her toward the safe room, forcing her inside. 'Wait here!' Her face was contorted in fear, and only then did Akira begin to feel fear. When did her mother ever fear something? She thought. 

    Akira had dissolved into a pool of pure anguish by now. "I...don't...want to... see them DIE AGAIN!" Akira screamed out, hoping someone heard her in this darkness. 

    A werebeast loomed in the corridor behind her mother, as they neared the safe room. 'Poor villagers,' he crooned, 'Unable to help themselves without their power.' Smirking, the werebeast lifted a rusty sword. 'My name is Archis. Remember that name,' looking straight at Akira. In a strange tone, her mother, without turning, said 'You have avenged us, not through the death of Archis but through your actions. I am proud of who you have turned into. You had a life before this, and you are more than your fears. Accept this, -' Archis' blade plunged into her heart, stopping the strange voice.

    "I had a life...I had a life before I became this." Fear receded from Akira's heart, and she stood up, tears still streaked across her face. "I avenged them. I am more than my fears," Akira chanted as a mantra. 

    'Run little girl. I will find you when you would actually be a challenge to me.' Smirking, the werebeast turned his back, casually yanking his blade from the heart of her mother. 'Run little girl.'

    Breaking into a run, Akira neared the strange blue light that was now reflecting across the tunnel. Blessings wrapped around her, more than she could have ever handled before. Speed, strength, and more. Blessings formed in golden figures around her, sprinting with her.

    The room she ran into was lit only by a single torch, lit with a singular, blue flame so tall it reached the ceiling. Slowing, Akira examined it. The flame, she decided, must be the Blaze of Endings. Reaching out slowly, she grabbed the torch in her hand. Expecting pain, she was moderately surprised to only feel a slight bit of warmth from the torch, which contracted to fit the torch. Turning backwards, what had seemed like an eternity to pass early took mere seconds to reach the door. Opening it, a scene of chaos awaited on the other side. 

    Two women in black robes twirled around, assaulting Pierre from all sides. Pierre, who was an incredibly good fighter, seemed harried by the constant attacks, and gashes covered him. Might as well try this now, Akira thought. Lifting the Blaze of Endings, she did something. Afterwards, she wasn't quite sure exactly what happened, but all she remembered afterwards was the burning pain. The two robed figures stopped their deadly dance, and collapsed in blue flames, as Akira's own arm was also wreathed in the same blue flame. Pain enough that even a god would feel it burned up her arm, leaving no mark, only pain. Black spots danced across Akira's eyes, and as the pain spread up her arm, something halted it. The cool of her blessings settled over her, the fire extinguishing, but slow enough that darkness, yet again, clouded over Akira's vision. The last thing she saw was a strange, blue mark in the shape of a flame twisting up her arm, where the Blaze of Endings had touched.


    My card made for the challenge was the Blaze of Endings, in case you didn't know.
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    So... we had a very unforeseen circumstance arise. It seems as if with @fire12 dropping out and @SarkhanVig being inactive since the start, we already have our two eliminations...

    ...or do we?

    Well, actually, we don't. I planned on holding more elimination challenges in the future, but with them dropping out, that's one less I'll have to do in the future, when players are more invested in their characters and the saga. As much is it may suck to be eliminated, eliminations are a vital part of the Saga this go round. Eliminations don't just keep players on their toes and keep things interesting; they help me keep a healthy workload and balance work, obligations, and time to manage my stress. I hope you understand this going forward.

    So. Just letting you know it'll still be important to complete your challenges. A lot of players look promising, and the competition is extremely tight; therefore, deadline extensions will be given as needed without penalty.
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    The night was cold and barren. Despite her resistances and experience with the cold, the blizzard conditions had made Etanki become lost deep in the Sknotch Mountain range. The storm seemed to last for hours, with only brief moments of relief coming to the poor, lost wizard and her friend. The frosty weather chilled even Etanki herself to her core... she needed to find refuge, and fast.

    Eventually, after hours lost in the snowblind, Etanki saw a light in the distance. A campfire, flickering. She made her way towards it, trudging through the deep snow. As she got closer, she could smell a meal cooking over the campfire, a rich aroma filling her nose. However, as she got closer, more smells joined that one. The faint smell of blood... rot... decay. As she took step after step, she heard a crack under her feet, and she steps back. Looking down, she realizes she stepped on the skeleton of a fallen warrior... and that she just stepped back into something. She turns, but it's too late. Her kitsune was slain without her even being able to notice, and the massive, hulking figure bore down on her next. None other than the Everpack Alpha himself...

    "You seem to be lost... it's a shame you wandered here during my feeding time..."

    With a single blow, Etanki was cleaved in half by the mighty figure, dissipating. There was no body left of the fallen elemental, but an essence to feed upon, which Timothy loathsomely settled for instead...
  • Eclipsa was in danger... after managing to vanquish a major werebeast threat within the region, they attracted the attention of werebeasts and supporters alike... including several of the region's best lunar mages, and even the king himself. Things were getting chaotic as a civil war began to break out. On one end, werebeasts and supporters believing in the power of the moon and the blessings of this great werebeast. On the other end, there are werebeast hunters and elves who see them as evil beings or abominations of nature. Some peacekeepers from both sides do everything they can to unite the two, but in the end, martyrs die, sides raise their weapons, and war is waged in Owu...

    Caught in the midst of this war is none other than Eclipsa. Peace was no longer an option for them, so they joined a local resistance to engage the werebeasts. Eclipsa was given a very difficult task; to go with a group of rebel soldiers to the capital and attempt to take down a military general. This is going to be easier said than done, but little did the forces know that they too would be attacked as they rested up. Unfortunately for Eclipsa and their newfound allies, their was a spy among them. The patrol was slain before werebeasts and lunar mages invaded a rebel encampment, and sadly for Eclipsa, they were one of the people on patrol. Their essence was drank dry by a powerful sorcerer, her very soul getting ripped apart before they had a single chance to warn their allies of the invasion... not even Eclipsa's second life was capable of subverting their destiny, which, unfortunately for them, was to die by the hands of a werebeast...
  • @ChoyBoi As you feel the burning pain, it swells within your body, feeling like it's going to consume you. It's agonizing... absolute torture... Is this what death feels like? Everything seems to grow silent as your vision goes dark. You can't feel, smell, or taste anything except for flame... utter, bitter, unending flame, coursing through your veins like bad blood. What is actually a brief moment feels like forever, and for a moment, you actually think you might be dead... there's nothing, absolutely nothing...



    You feel someone pushing on your shoulder, desperately trying to awaken you. You open your eyes, and it's Pierre, who breathes a sigh of relief.

    "Oh, thank the heavens you're okay! I thought you'd died!"

    He helps you up, grabbing you by your arm, which now has markings from the flame... perhaps things worked out after all.

    Congrats on making it to the Saga! I'll be in contact with you regarding your scores as soon as I can!
  • Sorry for the wait for those of you waiting for responses. I've just been busy and losing a lot of sleep...

    Anyways, I'm here today to inform you that, due to inactivity, there will be a deadline extension to January 5th.

    Those that need to complete challenge two:

    @IronCrusher (Pherasa), @IzItTru (Warren), @SpellPiper2213 (Krakua), @spookoops (Carisle)  @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan)

    Those that need to complete challenge one:

    @CassZero (Patinix), @FourEyesIsAFish (Cythylla), @HeroKP (Vemmby)
  •           Warren stood for a moment shocked by the words he had just heard. "What do you mean?"  he asked into the void, but their was no response. He sat down, after the strange encounter with the horror Warren was shaken and needed to rest. But the lanterns words still echoed in his min knowledge, power, or peace... Warren wanted peace, the eternal night time had brought chaos to Stitia and even in the far reaches were he lived it was still felt. But something told him it was a bad idea to trust this lantern to establish peace. "You probably have a different concept of what peace really is..." , perhaps power than... with power he could free the people of the swamps from the witches and warlocks that haunted them, but at what cost would this power come? "Knowledge seems like the safest one..."  with knowledge he could find a way to achieve power and peace. "Did you hear that? I choose knowledge."

              The next day he rose, and his mind was filled with a strange humming sound, he did not feel smarter, but their was a new voice supplying him with whispers of knowledge. He did not realize however the price this knowledge had come at yet but would later discover that he could no longer remember where he had come from, or what his childhood home had been.

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    Having not had to deal with a lycan in quite some time, Carisle pulled no punches. The altercation was more draining than he had anticipated though, so he fed more aggressively than normal.

    Carisle is getting tired of all these would be assassins and attempted take downs. He needs to find way to disperse the heat that is on his back, and lay low... Carisle knows the perfect place.

    @Tommia sorry for the delay, the holidays and anew job have kept me busy. I will have more posted shortly.
  • Rebirth of the Spirit

    Krakua slowly faded into consciousness. It took him a moment to realize he was laying on a bed. He turned to see a person in what looked like healer's garments wetting a small towel.

    "How long have I been here?" Krakua asked. His voice sounded hoarse. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. The healer was going in and out of focus.

    "Two days," the healer said. They came over and put the towel on Krakua's forehead. "You and your bird were barely afloat."

    The skyknight grunted. Then he jolted half-upright. The healer pushed him back down.

    "The sword-" he began.

    "-is with your bird," the healer finished. "Whatever enchantment is on it must have gotten you good."

    Krakua chuckled weakly. "Maybe. But now I know it. With a bit of rest and preparation, I should be able to handle it."
  • @IzItTru As you awaken, you seem to have sleep paralysis. You feel your mind fading, your eyes barely able to open and slowly closing back

    "Each mind, a great stone.
    Knowledge is the chisel.
    Will your mind crumble?"

    Suddenly. you feel like you just got struck in the head by a hammer. The pain repeats, and repeats, and repeats, and with each impact, memories smash like glass. With each impact, you feel your head spinning... you can't move. It's like you're being mentally beat senseless, and eventually, the pain is so great that you black out, immediately forgetting this terrifying, painful experience as everything goes dark and you-

    Some Time Later???...

    Finally you're awake. How long has it been since you went to sleep? Hours? Days? Weeks? You try to sit up, but you're incredibly lightheaded, and fall out of bed. As you stand, you notice the lantern flame is glowing a bright blue.

    "Knowledge you seek... but from whom shall you receive?"

    To be continued...

    Congrats on making it to the Saga! It was a close call, but you pushed through in the end!
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    @SpellPiper2213 You don't remember anything from the moment you approached the sword, but somehow, you're alive. Your veins in your forearms and hands are popping out, and your whole body aches and burns. You're a little weak, and need a few days rest. A phrase echoes in your head...

    Not worthy...

    Not worthy...

    Not worthy...

    Not worthy...

    Not worthy...

    Not worthy? You'd survived... surely you couldn't have been lead here on a dead lead, or just to die... you've come to far for thi-

    Not worthy!

    Not worthy!

    Not worthy!

    Not worthy!

    Not worthy!

    "Krakua? What's wrong?"

    Your vision is fading in and out. Your mind is racing as your heart pounds...






    Everything goes dark as you faint from pain. The echoes continue, your condition worsening with each passing day... is it true? Are you not worthy? But nonetheless you try... you finally regain the strength to stand on the seventh day, and, disobeying the doctor's instructions, you go out to seize the blade. Grabbing hold of its reins is a daunting task...








    Worthy? Suddenly, your strength begins flowing back to you quickly and rapidly, then twofold, then fivefold... a dark aura begins to imbue you with incredible power as you raise the blade to the sky, and a red beam of energy erupts from its tip and shoots into the clouds above...

    Congrats on making it to the Saga! It was a close call, but you pushed through in the end!
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    Hello again. With the deadline of the 5th fast approaching, I'd like to remind players again about their submissions; if you need one last extension, please contact me to let me know.

    Those that need to complete challenge two:

    @IronCrusher (Pherasa), @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan)

    Those that need to complete challenge one:

    @CassZero (Patinix), @FourEyesIsAFish (Cythylla)

    @HeroKP (Vemmby): You have been active but have not contacted me saying you need more time. If I don't hear from you by the 8th, it will be assumed that you dropped out.
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    @Tommia here's my entry for challenge 2.


    Altough she does not want to feed, she knows she must and so do does that follow her ideals.
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    The deadline has come... those that haven't submitted their cards and have not contacted me will begin to receive score penalties (-1.5  points out of 30 possible a day). After 14 days, anyone who I'm still waiting for will be eliminated...
  • @IronCrusher Welp... no one said this was going to be pretty...

    You manage to find some do-no-gooders on the outskirts of town... it should be fairly easy to deal with them. Just a small little band of ruffian teens trying to be cool, act tough, and make coin by terrorizing the innocent. While it's not that mighty of a feat, it'll be a particularly risk free undertaking, and get someone off the town's backs... at least, so you think.

    There's no way to stealth this. The ruffians are hanging out in an abandoned butcher shop infested by blood flies, some sleeping on assorted crates, barrels, bags of salt, or even the dilapidated hardwood floor, which is soaked with dry blood in places. There's only one way in, which is the front door, and there's two punks hanging out there, marking up the building with gang markings, one of which notices you. The person in question is a pompous dwarf, clean shaven with a tophat and a very dapper outfit for his stature. He has a bit of a bullyish accent, and looks like a bully too.

    "Beat it, lady... this is our turf..."

    Beat it? That's no way to address someone of your stature. You'll keep walking towards him, and he brandishes a hammer.

    "Stubborn woman, I said beat it! You don't want this to get violent."

    The other punk, a drow female with half-shaven hair, grabs a slingshot and takes aim. What flies towards you is a pointed stone that glimmers, streaking through the air as it glows with a white, wispy aura. Of course, a mere stone isn't going to stop you, and you dodge it quite gracefully, dashing towards the building. The dwarf rings a bell and charges you, and you activate the magic of your phylactery to start feeding upon the goons...

    The first few jerks are fairly easy to dispatch, falling weak to your phylactery and necromancy. However, as you enter the back room in your haste, you're violently pinned against a wall by a not so young orc, who attempts to strike you. You escape, however, sweeping him off his feet and ending his life. Next is an axe wielding beserker, done, and after that-


    A bullet strikes you dead in the center of the chest, and you feel blood start to spurt out. That was a shot to the heart from none other than a goblin with a flintlock... you feel yourself growing weak...

    ...but you persevere. The healing magic of your phylactery combined with your sheer willpower allow you to overcome this lethal wound and kill your would-be killer. After that, it's a cake walk, and you're able to take care of the rest of the gang with relative ease. Your trouble actually doesn't start until you head back towards town, and hear a terrifying scream...

    Congrats on making it to the Saga! You will be sent your scoring info soon!
  • Cthylla

    Challenge 1

        THE inquisitor stared at her strange, granite-skinned prisoner, her unapproval clear in the sharp angles of her brow. "Please," the strange angel begged, "killing me would only do you more harm than good!" "Silence, deserter. You deserve no mercy, and you will not receive any." The angel's pleading only became more desperate. No matter. The inquisitor raised her mace and prepared to slam it down. The girl made one more appeal to the inquisitor, crying "you don't understand! you don't unders-" The inquisitor slammed the mace down, and the girl fell to a limp. A hole was now visible on her back. The inquisitor got closer to investigate before a giant limb emerged from the whole, then another. Soon, two hand-like wings and two more legs had come out, and tendrils began to wrap around the now fallen statue. Eventually, with a flash of alien, orange light, the Soul of R'lyeh awoke and roared at the now intimidated inquisitor. The inquisitor tries to cast a spell on the beast... but it reflects harmlessly off its head. The beast grabbed the inquisitor and began to shove it near its head...

        Dawn breaks. Cthylla rouses from unconsciousness, slowly realizing that she's alive. She jumps up and looks around the abandoned building she was captured in... only to find, to her horror, the mangled remains of the inquisitor. She starts to cry. If only she had listened.

        Cthylla walks up to a nearby fountain and examines herself in it. A crack now runs from her left eye to the edge of her mouth, a scar from this horrible ordeal. She sniffs slightly before getting up and walking off, a newfound hatred of the Six, those creatures who call themselves gods. Her first two acts were accidental, the result of a fragile mind. Now Cthylla is ready to MAKE. THEM. PAY.

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    Just remembered that this is a thing I need to do, so I'll finally actually make my response. It shouldn't be too long, as my prompt was essentially a yes or no question.

    Vin looked at the guards' shocked faces, and figured that this was important enough that he should speak with them. As dangerous as this place may be for him, he understood that this was a meeting he shouldn't refuse.
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    This is a final notice...

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos (Ivan), @CassZero (Patinix)

    Time is drawing near, and in the interest of other contestants, I would like to advance the saga. If I don't hear from any of you by the 18th, you will be eliminated.

    In the meantime, we have lost another contestant before their journey ever began. Vemmby will remain as a footnote in Owu's history books. While still very much alive, their domain will never spread outside of Owu without assistance...
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    @B21 It's clear these skeletons mean more than just business. Their movements are swift as they dash forward in unison.

    "Alright, heathens!" Levin yells out. "Who wants their head filled with the finest leather in Verslano, hmm? Surely I have a few volunteers..."

    As some of the skeletons charge her, your attention is directed to the ones attacking you. As you summon a great Cerberus, you notice that it's a bit painful. Chaotic energies flow though you, and the Cerberus comes out much weaker than you had intended. You try to pump more energy into it, but it isn't helping... until it helps too much. It starts to grow rapidly, and you quickly realize this beast isn't under your control. The hound tears at the skeletons ravenously, utterly obliterating them with its teeth and causing them to shatter as they're slung into walls and shaken in its maws.

    Meanwhile, even at point blank Levin is graceful with her whip, showing finesse you've never seen from the wielder of such an unusual weapon. She's dancing around the room like it's nobody's business, flying through the air and running along walls as she expertly cleaves one foe after another after another. She runs up a wall, backflips perfectly, lands atop a skeleton's head, and twists it clean off with her legs before flipping back onto the ground to continue her assault.

    As the Cerberus rampages, you keep trying to gain control of it, but it's to no avail. It's causing a massive ruckus, attacking everything in sight, and eventually, that includes you. As a guard attempts to strike you, it's caught in one maw, and you're unable to dodge in time as you're caught in another. You hear a sickening crack in your upper abdomen, and it doesn't take an expert to determine what happened...

    You have been dealt 3 damage. Additionally, the damage was enough to cause a minor injury:
    Broken Rib: Until healed, you are 5% more likely to be injured when dealt critical damage (3 or more damage with one attack, or if your HP drops below 5). Healed once you receive any healing.

    "Vryx!" Levin calls to you. She stops what she's doing and makes a beeline for you, lashing her whip at the mouth you're contained in. The head whimpers as it releases you, and she strikes again. This time, the whip seems to extend to start wrapping around the Cerberus, and with a pull, it seems to be drawn into it as it disappears in a wraith of flame. Thankfully, there aren't that many enemies left, and you two are able to take care of the remainder without much trouble.

    "Alright... that was a mess... maybe I'll listen to my master and stop wearing heels from now on..."

    30 Minutes Later - Cargo Bay

    As you enter the main Cargo Bay, you hear someone talking. You and Levin hide at the entrance and listen in.

    "So... what are your plans against the Great Archdemon?!" A demon bellows out deeply, trying to intimidate someone.
    "We will never tell you..." That's... Arbor...
    "Jackpot..." Levin whispers telepathically.

    The two of you begin to make your ways towards the talking through the shipping crates. You get a telepathic ping from Arlin; she's in here too. Everything is going quite well as you sneak through, invisible, while Levin turns to smoke to sneak along the floor. Both of you are supernaturally stealthy, not making a sound, when suddenly. a barrage of arrows fly towards you and Levin as archers circle the corner.

    Despite your best efforts, the enemy got a Nat 20 on Perception. Better luck next time...

    You and Levin took 1 damage from the surprise attack, leaving you with 6 HP and her with 4 HP.

    "Nice try, scum... but it'll take a lot more than skills and magic to stop us... we have the Archdemon on our side."

    "UVRAS! ARBOR! NOW!" You hear Arlin yell out. Suddenly, you feel time slow down around you as a loud crash comes from behind the crates. This is the first time you've seen him in action, but apparently, Uvras means business right now...

    (Provided by EpicBoss99)

    A moment later, you see a wisp of white mana fly past you, and beside you appears Arlin, ready as ever to seize the day.

    Grim Escape - Part 1

    It's time to help your allies escape... to begin, you need to fight your way out of this situation. Make any card that could be beneficial in combat. The passing score is 7, but you will take damage if your score is under 8.

    Score: 5/10 (3 under target)
    - 3: Major color pie break. Neither black or red can block additional creatures. (Should be red and green).
    - 2: Major balance problem. Should be a 2/4 at least, probably a 3/4.
  • @FourEyesIsAFish Entry received! Once I determine how many people are getting axed I'll be able to get back to you. Same for @spookoops and @KorandAngels!
  • It was brought to my attention that I accidentally included Pharasa in my final notice post. This has been fixed.
  • @Aggroman15 As you're brought to the main barracks, you feel the scar where your bite is begin to itch. However, whether you scratch it or not, no one seems to notice your bite in the slightest, and you're led in no problem...

    @ChoyBoi After the incident with the Blaze of Endings, you were urged to come with Pierre to the Blood Moon Guard HQ in Southern Ystheria, in the town of Thervas. It's very clear it's going to be for a more proper introduction, and probably for a job. By now, you've been introduced to the more intricate details of the Blood Moon Guard's purpose; they believe in eradicating all evil in the world, even if that inevitably means Pierre's own demise.

    Group Meeting

    @Aggroman15 (Vin) and @ChoyBoi (Akira)

    Both of you end up getting called into the same chamber, Vin by the guards, Akira by Pierre. This chamber is apparently where higher ranking officials amongst the Blood Moon Guard go to discuss their affairs, a large, burgundy oval table lined with brass decorations and feet lying in the center of the room atop a fancily made rug. There's just enough room for Vin, Akira, and the four highest ranking officials of Akira's forces to sit amongst high ranking soldiers, advisors, Pierre himself, and a scribe in the back writing down the meeting.

    "Ahem." Pierre, who doffs his helm to reveal his smooth, vampiric complexion, begins. "Ladies and gentlemen... You've been gathered here today because you've been chosen to..." Pierre trails off when he sees Vin. Vin is very unfitting here, an artificer among knights and squires. "Erm, whom is this?"
    "His name is Vin, sire," one of the guards confirms. "He got into direct combat with the Everpack Alpha... and survived."
    "H-him?! Hahahahaha! He doesn't look like he could hold his own against a shot of liquor!"
    "We have an eyewitness that can confirm, sir. Rebecca. She went missing and he brought her back safely after a brief encounter."
    "Hmm... he can stay then. I'll have to get him a little more acquainted around here, but I suppose he's worth his weight in salt." Pierre grabs a stack of paper, clears his throat again, coughs a little, clears again. "Sorry. This weather is really getting to me. Anyways, you have been called here because we believe you have what it takes to bring the battle to the werebeasts. Since Verth Odbar, our formerly greatest ally, has gone rogue and AWOL, the werebeast population has soared above the levels it reached before his hunt began. Additionally, they've managed to convince two of the three elf clans to become allies with them!"
    "They must be crazy!" One of the soldiers speaks up.
    "Crazy ain't the half of it," Pierre continues. "The werebeasts are spreading propaganda, and the people are eating it up like fine cheese! They're sending out promises of peace and prosperity when they mean violence, and we have to stop them! So, we have arranged a series of plans for dismantling their ranks. As you may know, the leader is extremely powerful, so we need to take them apart slowly, weaken their leader until eventually, we can strike. If we can secure your cooperation in these endeavors, then we should be able to make quick work of their forces. We can promise excellent pay, high grade adamantine equipment, room and board, and above average living conditions. All you have to do, is obey orders. Do we have ourselves a deal?"

    Pierre extends to shake the hands of a couple young looking adventurer types before his hand comes to Akira. It'll come to Vin next...
  • Ivan and Nevine found themselves in a tight situation. Just a moment ago they had the upper hand, but now, they were surrounded by dozens of villagers and townsfolk... including a few members of the town guard.

    "It would seem as though more guests have come to our barbeque," Nevine sneers.
    "You didn't have to tell me," Ivan replies as the door to the bar falls down behind him.
    "So... ever had
    "Never heard of it..."
    "Charred human, burned on the outside, blue rare on the inside... and we're about to serve up plenty..."

    "Halt!" The general in charge of this squad of guards doesn't seem anywhere near as happy. "You're under arrest... you can surrender now, and we can ensure you make it back to barracks safely..."

    Nevine snarls, and fires a cone of flame at the guards, setting them alight. "New offer. How about you go to Hell and we'll be on our way."

    The onlookers were shocked. In mere seconds, the general and a few of his men were reduced to nothing but ash. Quite a few of them fled, but a group of them, the hard working type, refused to be deterred.

    "What the hell's wrong with you people?!" One of the individuals, a gruff looking fisherman, protests. "Can't we go anywhere without trouble?!"
    "You should know by now that there's no such thing as peace in this miserable world," Nevine snickers as they cast a fire on them... and those innocent people running away too, why not? Everything was theirs for the taking, and Ivan decides to join the spectacle...

    Unfortunately, this spectacle won't last long. Out of nowhere, a hook runs through Nevine's head... the archdevil coughs up blood, and the onlookers flee. Ivan takes a moment to distance himself, and gazes upon none other than...

    Despite the massive, 25 foot tall demon managing to sneak up on not just him, but the entire town, Ivan keeps his compusure.

    "Well... looks like someone choose the wrong murder vict-"

    During the brief moment he's distracted, a pitchfork is driven through Ivan's chest, his heart pierced clean through. In a moment, his body swells with fire, and explodes in a massive ball of flame, sending a blaze over the entire town... but even after the huge explosion, one person remains, laughing... a giggling child bouncing to and fro as they toy with the skull of the late archdevil...
  • Patinix was a researcher, not a warrior. After her creations started going rogue, it didn't take long for her laboratory to get overrun. Left with no choice, she surrendered, becoming a slave to her own creations, which now force her to labor for days without rest in pursuit of creating a sort of merfolk master race. While her inventions may live on, her name will become just another insignificant set of letters in a research journal, her very being reduced to a number...
  • @spookoops As you make your way through the outskirts, you find this outcast in an abandoned house. They've very apparently just settled in, and they are making themselves dinner for the evening. In this case, dinner consists of half of a dead elk, which they are doing the best they can to cook rotisserie style. It seems as if this tricky creature knows how to transform between human and werewolf, so surely he must have some tricks up his sleeve. You'll have to approach with caution, but surely his blood will be worth the effort...

    You approach stealthily, as a mist upon the wind. It's an ancient spell lost to time, used to conceal vampires who were much more obviously afflicted, such as those from the extinct Irsthan bloodline. You'll manage to approach without detection, and now, all you have to do is get the kill...

    You transform, and draw your blade. You slash, and suddenly, the lycan is displaced, transformed into their wolf form and ready for combat.

    "Hmm... if it isn't the Count himself..." He prepares his claws, and cracks his neck. "You're too dangerous to be kept alive."

    It's wise for the werebeast to hold nothing back... this encounter brings back memories... none of which are good. Ancient grudges are coming back to surface, and you steel yourself. Your family has suffered too much by the hands of ancient werebeasts. It's time for you to take that rage out, even if it's against this one foe. With more determination than ever, you channel your will into a powerful, mind shattering spell that should level this werebeast for good...

    As the brunt of your mind hits the werebeast like a truck, the werebeast retorts, casting his own spell. Your wills clash, your grudge versus his determination...

    ...the struggle lasts for several minutes. Neither of you make much progress, and both of you are pouring so much of yourselves into your spellcasting that you can't focus to take up arms against one another. This could go on for ages...


    ...suddenly, you feel the resistance fade. An opening. You press your newfound advantage against your foe, and-

    Your spell finds nothing.... no one. It begins to fade. Your mind begins to fade. You look up, and the werebeast is gone. You look down, and within your sight lies a pool of blood on the grass, entrails dripping. The shock from the impact of the werebeast's blow was so great that you don't even feel any pain... or anything at all, for that matter. You can't move anything as your body begins to grow limp, collapsing to the ground. Your spell was great, but the wolf's cunning was greater. The last thing you see as your vision fades is the pool moving away from you as you're slowly drug over to the house, and the smile of a wolf as it prepares to feast upon its newfound catch...

    Unfortunately, you had the lowest overall score of all contestants, and therefore, Carisle has been eliminated. Better luck next time...

    It actually came down to an extremely close call for this one. It was all up to who did or didn't show, and sadly, many people who showed showed up quite well. It wasn't a matter of any one contestant doing too poorly, but rather so many quality entries within the preliminaries. I hope you accept my decision. I will be posting everyone's ratings from the preliminaries when I wake up. For now, it's 3:30 in the morning where I am and I desperately need sleep.
  • I was going to update everyone's chance of survival first, but I don't have time. Here's how everyone did.

    Note: I know as of right now FourEyes technically has a lower score than Spooks, but from my calculations, it would take a catastrophic failure in order for FourEyes to end up falling short. That is why I decided to advance them.
  • Alright Everyone! Here we are! Soon, your adventures will begin, but here's everyone who made it!...

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    @KorandAngels (Aerus)

    Chance of Survival - 23%

    "I wouldn't hedge my bets too hard on that flaming angel fellow... but he cooks pretty good Pilwzyic for what it's worth, and he's more than willing to aid us."
    ~ Timothy Pea
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