I'd Rather Not *The Challenge*

Heya everyone, Dragoon here!

I'm here with a couple of challenge ideas, so in addition addition to this, check out my other coterminous challenge: I Choose You - Twice!

For this, we're looking at an infamous mechanic. Infamous why? These two spells right here:

It's the infamous "I'm tapped out but I'm still going to counter that spell" shenanigans. For this challenge, I want everyone to take their shot at making spells with the mechanic of exiling cards from your hand rather than paying a card's mana cost.

1. Each person may submit 3 cards
2. Only new cards are allowed. In the interest of spawning discussion, each smith may post up to one old card that will not be judged
3. Cards must feature an ability that allows you to exile cards from your hand instead of paying its mana cost
4. No Unset Cards
5. Be Respectful
6. Have Fun

The Contest will end on November 15th, one month from now! So get to smithing! Cheers

Oh wait! What you're all probably wonder about!

First Place: 5 favorites and a follow from yours truly
Second Place: 3 favorites and a follow
Third Place: 2 favorites and a follow
Honorable Mention: favorite

And here's an example to show the type of stuff I'm looking for and to get the creative juices flowing!


  • Decided to make it tribal, because why not. If I weren’t doing if for a contest, I would have you exile Zombies from your graveyard instead of your hand, but it is, so...

  • @Temurzoa What’s the suspend cost?
  • @RandomFandom It doesn't have one, and I believe that that's deliberate. The suspend's probably just there so that exiling it with time counters will do something. It isn't a take that any other card has taken before (since they've all either had suspend costs or been doing it to other cards, and so saying "if it doesn't have suspend, it gains suspend") but it's the correct mechanical decision here.
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    Ivory Warden

    Edit: Managed to make the wordings of the abilities cleaner, thanks to MemoryHead's help!
  • Can I post an unset card just for the joke?
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    Alrighty, here's entry #1 for this one:

    Hope ya enjoy it!
  • Bump! Two weeks left!

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    Hellfire Apparition
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    The art is originally from Elder Scrolls: Legends, but I don't know who the artist exactly is. Note that three separate cards must be exiled to cast without paying the mana cost.

  • @feralitator The people who make Elder Scrolls: Legends are absolutely terrible, and I've run into their lack of work while artist-searching for people in the past. I personally recommend just avoiding art relating to the game due to that problem, though of course it's your life and you can do what you want.

    Because of said terrible-person-and-design-stuff, the only way to find artist credit for them is trial-and-error searching, which tends to be incredibly boring and rarely provides results. By pure chance, I found something relating to it by Marisa Oh, which seems to be the character and portal from the image (though the background doesn't match). Not sure of the reason for that, but the main character is theirs and the background on your image fits the artist's style, so it's probably worth giving Marisa the credit.
  • Hi all, sorry for the delay! Semester was finishing up and then it holiday, but judging is done! 

    The biggest thing that I was looking for in these cards was balance. Being that you could exile cards from your hand rather than pay a mana cost, I was looking for cards that were balance really no matter when you played them (turn one or late game).

    In third place is @RandomFandom with Force of Resurgence
    Justification: I think that it's really nice for a tribal card, but I think that it's just a little overcosted for it's effect. I think that either only having to exile two cards from your hand or making 2/2 tokens would make this a really good card simply because it requires you to have a graveyard to do anything. So by the time you get your graveyard set up, I think the power would be worth it.

    In second place is @TenebrisNemo with Ivory Warden
    Justification: It's a powerful effect, but it's nicely balanced with a good downside. It only hits creatures, and if you exile a card from your hand to cast it it's only a 1/1. Compared to a card that's considered fantastic like Skyclave Apparition, I think that this is another really great card!

    In first place is @IronCrusher with Aleine of the Horizon
    I think this card is fantastic! The exile cost isn't a guarantee; a planeswalker card is a hit or miss. But in terms of balance, I think it's really well balanced because if you play her turn 1, there's nothing you can really do except return that one card to hand, since the +1 isn't optional. It requires you to play to her, but if you play to her she can be really powerful. I'd love to see this in something like a gain control deck!

    All winners, congrats, and please message me the cards you'd like faved!
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