COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



  • What is the jug phase...?
  • jugging
    Why don't you click on the blue link in mine?
  • You wouldn't rick roll us drake

    You wouldn't dare

    Will be writing it up and posting in a short while.
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    Jug phase...
    Jug Phase!

  • Heh... that's cute.  I like it.
  • The suspense tho....
  • This was a very difficult choice to make, hence why we kept putting it off, but this spin of the merry go round has pointed the arrow of death at a faction which we held dear, but now have to let go...

    @LordTachanka123, as unfortunate as this is, your number has come up. 

    This is the last thing we expected to happen when you first submitted your cards, and if you were to enter Season 1, for example, you would have undoubtedly won. But since then the bar has been noticeably raised through the virtue of growing interest, and I'm afraid the Koreli's jump is just ever so slightly not high enough.

    This was in no way a bad showing however, so we still want to congratulate you while you carefully put the spears away into glass cases, confine the jungle flora to the orchards and HEAD HOME!
  • Poor tachanka.
  • As to how the moon arc progresses...
    @AxNoodle was actually not that far off.

    You know what- Lets do Cross Fandoms on here pt 1  Fandom

    The shattered moon hangs in the sky. As the people slowly grow accustomed to it, they stare at it just as they've always stared at the stars. And just as their observations have led them to the cataloguing of mystic constellations, so does their gazing at this wreck of a natural satellite, they try to find parallels in its shape with things they encounter in their diverse but strangely mundane (even on this world) lives. They describe it as a crumbling cube of sugar. A coconut which lost its shell. A mushroom accursed with a dry rot.
    Or a slowly cracking egg.

    A cracking egg.

    A cracking egg.



    Broken egg beside lit candles digital wallpaper digital art candles  broken simple background HD wallpaper  Wallpaper Flare
  • Are there any prizes for this?
  • They have held off on spilling out at the immediate time of impact, for fear, or perhaps awaiting some sort of ticking on a strange biological clock. They hid in the stellar shadows for a few weeks, but no longer. No longer. You see them in the reflection in your crystals and in between flickering bites of data. Your inspectors and astronomers look up to the skies and see.
    I'm just a poor boy
    I need no sympathy

    ArtStation - Star Spawn James Daly  Lovecraft monsters Lovecraftian  horror Cthulhu art

    These are the moon childer.


  • Are there any prizes for this?
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    MONSTER Deepones  Lovecraft cthulhu Lovecraftian horror Lovecraftian

    The Lunespawn range from benign, to neutral, to territorial to openly malevolent.

    So, our dear players, @spookoops @SpellPiper2213 @IzItTru @Nomp @ChoyBoi @RegalGorgon13 @DrakeGladis @AxNoodle @Aggroman15 @TimurGlint

    For Thursday the 4th of March you have a task in managing this - try to see what to do with the onslaught. Slay them? Purge them? Avoid them? Communicate with them? Tame them? EAT THEM? Your choice.

    Good luck and good hunting.
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    I always follow the winner, usually favourite a few of their cards, and they get an invitation to the big grandmaster showdown. 

    It's mostly for bragging rights, though.

    What ended up happening is that when I first started this up, it was meant as a casual contest with no serious prizes, and then what seemed like overnight to me this whole thing became popular enough that people began to treat success in it as its own reward, so... :/
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    Ok, thank you.
  • These things shouldn't be called Lunespawn they're obviously Emrakulspawn
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    ... I thought eliminations was this week?

    "For reasons that will eventually become apparent, THE BURDEN OF ELIMINATION HAS BEEN MOVED FROM THE LAST CHALLENGE ONTO THIS ONE. All the dominoes are falling into place not quite as expected, yet they will still all fall in turn - such is our decree."
    -HeroKP, on the prior challange
  • @DrakeGladis Tachanka was eliminated
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    Oh.  I didn't see the announcement?
    Found it
    Consider me embarrased
  • Qatha Federation (@SpellPiper2213 @me)
    Allied with: Zarildi Dominion, Empire of the Rising Sun, Tsayami Empire
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo

    Xedd (@spookoops)
    Allied with: Nemain
    Enemies with: [none]
    At War With: [none]

    Children of Neress (@IzItTru)
    Allied with: [none]
    Enemies with: Nemain
    At War With: Nemain

    Talniri Clan (@Nomp)
    Allied with: Tsayami Empire
    Enemies with: Empire of the Rising Sun
    At War With: [none]

    Empire of the Rising Sun (@ChoyBoi)
    Allied with: Qatha Federation, Nemain
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo, Talniri Clan, Zarildi Dominion
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo, Zarildi Dominion

    Woods of Wendigo (@RegalGorgon13) ;
    Allied with: Zarildi Dominion
    Enemies with: Empire of the Rising Sun, Qatha Federation
    At War With: Empire of the Rising Sun, Qatha Federation

    Schwarmi Nodule (@DrakeGladis) ;
    Allied with: [none]
    Enemies with: Nemain
    At War With: Nemain

    Tsayami Empire (@AxNoodle)
    Allied with: Qatha Empire, Talniri Clan
    Enemies with: [none]
    At War With: [none]

    Four Seasons (@Aggroman)
    Allied with: Zarildi Dominion
    Enemies with: Nemain
    At War With: Nemain

    Zarildi Dominion (@TimurGlint)
    Allied with: Qatha Federation, Woods of Wendigo, Four Seasons
    Enemies with: Empire of the Rising Sun
    At War With: Empire of the Rising Sun

    @Everybody here's the current ally/enemy/war list. Feel free to message or @ me if this needs updating.
  • @HeroKP there is no Thursday the 1st of March. There's either Thursday the 4th of March or Monday the 1st of March.
  • @spookoops Thank you so much. I must have forgotten it was February...
  • Tonme was reviewing troop positions from the top of a command tower. It wasn't easy to expand when things were going crazy in the outside world. He looked upon the full unfractured moon. He drew his blade and carved it across the sky watching as reality split apart to reveal a different truth. Creatures rained down upon the world reeking destruction.
    A scout came up the ladder into room. With a hurried bow he addressed the chief, "Reports have come in. Our borders are under attack from..." He trailed off seeing the split in reality. Tonme finished the man's sentence, "Those".
    A new voice joined them, Medisa the guild master of the crystal shapers. "It's nice to meet you again," she said with a tinge of sarcasm. Tonme hadn't met with Medisa since his last death. "Hello" was his only reply. She got straight to the point, "The fathom crystals have become corrupted. They hold back the consequences of one reality and its becoming dangerous. We need to seal these creatures away now."
    Tonme rubbed his temple as he spoke quietly, "Build me a new kind of fathom crystal. One for binding and imprisoning. I'll personally see to going across the breach and ending it. Afterwards, have the realities recombined."
    "And if you fail to bind them?" She replied curtly.
    "Then Arckus is the new chief and will decide." He retorted.
    Medisa Guild Master

    The day finally came. Tonme was looking at the new crystal they had given him. Medisa promised him that it would be able to trap each and every creature that had poured out of the moon inside of it. He cut a rift into time and walked through into a place not unlike his home. The next few days were a blur of monsters and sword. Each creature either killed outright or pulled into an eternal prison inside crystal walls.
    Imprisoning Gem
    (^This is the submission^)

    Blood splattered across the ground as one of the many Lune spawn wailed in horror at Tonme forcing its truths into the Imprisoning Gem. It no longer had future or past and he had killed its present self. He sat down and waited for Arckus to mend the split realities. He meditated for days before he felt the shift. Arckus stood before him with a hand outstretched to help him up. "They are nothing but a bad dream. Never real to us. Thank you." Arckus said in his old familiar way.
    Spin Into Dream

    The moon was gone and the power released was much more manageable. The Imprisoning Gem was hidden away. Within it was the power of the Lune spawn. Not just what they were but what they could have been and what they had always been.
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    Is this also elimination?
    And what does the map look like?
  • @DrakeGladis

    Yes, it is elimination

    Regarding the map, we encountered some unforseen errors, but it should be up soon
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