COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



  • @HeroKP you wouldn't happen to have created a card that represents these Lunespawn would you? I have an idea, but would like to know if it's worth it.
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    No, I have not created a card to demonstrate the lunespawn, that's actually going to be done for an upcoming challenge, so you could probably get away with any idea you want, within reason.
  • Vow of Protection

    The letter from Knight-Commander Sarai to the heads of the other factions reads as follows:

    "Esteemed leader,
    I send this letter to you not as a friend or an enemy, but as a fellow resident of Nemain and a fellow leader of a faction. The danger presented to us by the lunespawn is too great to keep our former distastes for each other from sending aid.
    The Qathan Federation is gearing to protect this world against the lunespawn. I ask simply that you join us should they decide that our factions are an aberration that must be destroyed. I will not force your hand, merely make my request known to you in the hopes that, should this world need protecting, you and your faction decide to join the Federation in protecting it. This is our world, and I will not share it with some tentacled monstrosities from beyond the sky. I hope and pray that you understand my logic in this letter and consider my request.
    Yours in peace and war,
    Sarai kan Merek, knight-commander of the Qathan Federation of Nemain"
  • My entry:
    Zekhata Lunespawn Alpha
    -When our researchers first acknowledged the fact of the existence of the lunespawn, we thought it was a mistake.  But now we know it is true and more, the children of the moon are leading here. Now only one has reached our lands. But what will follow? Hundreds or perhaps thousands! What shall we do?! - asked Kamagiwik.
    -Sssir! We can take it and... modify it so it works for us and keeps its kin away, luring them to the angels? I know the techniques!- Kentzantil suggested.
    -Let it be so!

    Soon, in a zarildi lab

    -Sir! we did it! We've modified a lunespawn for the needed qualities!
    -Let me there! Will there be a demonstration?
    -Yes, of course, right now!

    Kamagiwik went into a huge building.  At first, he saw nothing, but soon, he realized the whole floor was a giant insect.

    -Is it...?
    -Zekhata, we've called her this way. One of her best abilities is to reproduce herself! Just imagine! An army of lunespawn!
    -But are they obidient?

    Suddenly, the floor moved and flew up. A giant insect rose and hissed on Kamagiwik.
    -It's the most obedient animal ever! Put it into the army. We'll fight the angels back!
    Unleash the Swarm
    Soon Zekhata produced enough offsprings to form a swarm. Zarildi send them to battle against angels immideatly.

    War card:
    Zarildi Swarmskulker
    The angels live in cities, which means there are places to hide. Zarildi send these little guys to spy until a call from Zekhata was received.  Zekhata sent it, and now they are crawling from every corner in the angelic cities. Have a try with an anti-insect spray!
  • Soon after the madness of the Lunebreak had been semi-accepted, the Lunespawn were sighted settling all over Nemain. While reports of these creatures ranged from malicious to passive, there was seemingly no way to understand the patterns of these alien creatures. Threats that cannot be understood have only one path to being resolved - utter annihilation. The newly formed Distorted were perfect for the quest, as they had no fear of the creatures and no attachment to their lives. With swords binding them to their honour, the Distorted began their onslaught to destroy the Lunespawn utterly. The cleansing of Tsayami-claimed lands was only the beginning.

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  • The Children had prepared for this moment. Their first couple months spent on Nemain had been focused on building defenses, and now that their cities were under siege of the Lune Spawn. The creatures attacked when it was the darkest trying to tear through the walls and defenses.

    Luckily the Children had a solution. A group of Savants able to channel the power of the sun known as the Sun's Light discovered that the creatures had a weakness to the power of light. With them they would hopefully be able to deter the spawn and push them out of their lands.

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    Harbinger has bid it's time long enough. When it saw the Lunespawn flow from the moon, it knew it was time to make its presence known. But not in the fashion that many would expect.

    Harbinger itself is a massive vehicle craft, not one to stand and walk the lands. It has immense mind control capabilities that even the hardest willed have trouble shaking off. Harbinger does all it can to control as many of the Lunespawn as possible. It will have them do the work alongside the Xedd.

    Sorry for the delay, I'm currently opening two new restaurants in Japan. Been pulling doubles lately. I will have a lore story shortly.
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  • My Entry:
    Lunestone Hatchery

    -Tell me! What creatures appear from the Lune? How is this happening, and what is more important... Why did you hide it from me?!-Kabibon shouted

    -Well... This is complicated, but we are the only ones, who know it! We can show you, but if you sware not to kill them.-Duke of the dark murmured.

    -They are HERE?

    -Well, not exactly. We have only their eggs. They were brought here by a meteor, which fell from the Lune. Currently, we are near to hatching them! Just imagine! An army of ever-hungry vermins, who can reach anywhere! 

    -Are you sure you can control them?

    -You can't be sure if it's anthomology!

    -Soon they'll hatch, and all our enemies will suffer!

    -Exactly our thoughts.

    War card:
    Ravenwood Stalker

    We hire these spirits of dark to conjure swarms of ravens to spy on our enemies and, why not, murder the most important angels. But these guys are true masters of death. They barely touch you, and your soul is already far away, in his pocket. Then, you wake up and see no hands, only wings instead. And you want to serve him. More and MORE.

    Lore card:
    Lunespawn Prophet

    As though, the Lunespawn have hatched, their parents start arriving. We are ready to welcome them and to make them work for us when we prove our devotion to Nemain.

    More lore card:
    Lunespawn Brute

    Now the woods are crawling with these little horrors,until they are ready to march upon the land and be the First Heralds of THE END OF TIMES, also known as THE LAST Judgement. but for now, they wait. FOR NOW.
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    It's time for a display of the true power of the Rising Sun, 
    Jene thought, standing on the balcony, overlooking the citadel, outside the walls of which was a horde of Lunespawn. The Lunespawn had through a wrench in the war with the Wendigo, also allowing the Zarildito infiltrate the city.

    "Today, the Rising Sun will claim dominion over this plane in one fell stroke!" Jene began, cheering following. "The Zarildi think they have us with their Lunespawn, and same with the Wendigo. However, today, we remove their greatest advantage as of right now in the war, the Lunespawn! No longer shall the Lunespawn terrorize this world." Turning her gaze from the people crowding beneath the balcony, she began summoning her power, delving into the deepest depths. Fire and light began radiating from her hands, and conjuring images of the Wendigo, Zarildi, and Lunespawn, she released the power gathered. 

    Slumping over the balcony, Jene panted from the extreme amount of power used. Looking over the city, she saw exactly what she had accomplished. Waves of fire and light shot over the city, minor differences of color and power in each wave. As one of the waves passed over the city, fire shot down, immolating thousands of insects, while the light gathered around the angels, as if shielding them. Another wave immolated Zarildi spies in the city, and as the fire shot out from the city, it left ashes of the Lunespawn army in its wake.

    Smiling, Jene got up, raising her hands, and let a little light shroud her hands. 

    "May the sun rise in the morning, and may it favor us with victory!" she shouted.

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