COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



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  • Garthan smiled as he looked off the western coast of the Arcane Isle. Usually when he looked out this direction, all he saw were impassable storms that even the Kingdom's most talented weathermancers couldn't control. However, using information uncovered on the island, he was able to train a small subset of mages he had dubbed Stormshapers, who were capable of channeling the arcane energies of the island to make the storms less fierce. This allowed the Kingdom's ships to travel to parts of the plane that were previously inaccessible.
    However, they soon found that the Lunespawn weren't confined to land when the first few ships that were sent out never returned. Ice wouldn't be as effective, as it was difficult to target under the water and they seemed large enough that they could break through ice on the water's surface. As such, the Stormshapers needed to be trained in more than just dissipating the storms. And so, with a group of elite weather-mages trained in handling the storms and the monsters in the deep, the Four Seasons Kingdom set out for seas unknown.
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    War lore:

    We've finally found it! During one of our expeditions to the south-western island, we've heard a tale of an ancient evil temple, which frightens everything living and only true horrors aren't afraid of that place. Envoy became interested and found out that the temple shall be only returned if appropriate sacrifices are performed. And they were. So the Temple of Encirh rose to punish everyone who doesn't honor him.

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    this next challenge it is time for a DIPLOMACY REBOOT!

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    Throughout the following week, you shall all be receiving messages and prompts to resolve some political messes and queries that have piled up recently - and there are some glaring issues to be untangled indeed...

    And generally, one has until Monday the 12th to advance their overall project of civilisation - a nice week of chillout before a big climax with, SPOILER ALERT:

    A certain number of eliminations...  >: )

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  • Since this week is diplomacy-based, here's the ally/enemy chart. Feel free to message me if it's not up-to-date.

    Qatha Federation (@SpellPiper2213 @me)
    Allied with: Zarildi Dominion, Empire of the Rising Sun, Tsayami Empire
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo

    Xedd (@spookoops)
    Allied with: Nemain
    Enemies with: [none]
    At War With: [none]

    Children of Neress (@IzItTru)
    Allied with: [none]
    Enemies with: Nemain
    At War With: Nemain

    Talniri Clan (@Nomp)
    Allied with: Tsayami Empire
    Enemies with: Empire of the Rising Sun
    At War With: [none]

    Empire of the Rising Sun (@ChoyBoi)
    Allied with: Qatha Federation, Nemain
    Enemies with: Woods of Wendigo, Talniri Clan, Zarildi Dominion
    At War With: Woods of Wendigo, Zarildi Dominion

    Woods of Wendigo (@RegalGorgon13) ;
    Allied with: Zarildi Dominion
    Enemies with: Empire of the Rising Sun, Qatha Federation
    At War With: Empire of the Rising Sun, Qatha Federation

    Schwarmi Nodule (@DrakeGladis) ;
    Allied with: [none]
    Enemies with: Nemain
    At War With: Nemain

    Tsayami Empire (@AxNoodle)
    Allied with: Qatha Empire, Talniri Clan
    Enemies with: [none]
    At War With: [none]

    Four Seasons (@Aggroman)
    Allied with: Zarildi Dominion
    Enemies with: Nemain
    At War With: Nemain

    Zarildi Dominion (@TimurGlint)
    Allied with: Qatha Federation, Woods of Wendigo, Four Seasons
    Enemies with: Empire of the Rising Sun
    At War With: Empire of the Rising Sun
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    does that mean you will be dming us with questions about treaties and truces?
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    Yes! That, in addition to the main challenge.
    The first ones are scheduled to come out this evening.
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    My entry:
    Calmwater Sage
    We want to start interrogations. We demand the angels to surrender and give up their arms. Then we won't need to unleash all the wrath of the Lost Gods upon you, nor show you our new battle techniques. If you surrender, you live. If you decline, you shall be doomed by our armies, including these fellas:
    (War card)

    One may seem quite week and fragile, but you wouldn't like an army of them burning down all your country. And with help of our divinators and battlemages, they will become an unrelenting force.
    (War lore)
    Visionary of Lost Gods
    Battlemage of Lost Gods
  • Tonme, leader of the Talniri Clan, was barely keeping it together. He felt his mind beginning to unravel ever since he had reforged time in his lands. Between trying to keep the cut throat politics in his realm from spilling into all out civil war and the need for expansion to keep industry from stagnating, he was overwhelmed. He felt he had missed something. Like there was a solution that was eluding his grasp.

    On one of his worst days his right hand man entered his tent. With a swift bow and perfunctory greeting the powerful mage began to speak, "Chief Tonme, we are preparing to send out the first ships. The old ways devotees are demanding audience with... Are you alright?" His old friend must have noticed his chief's blank thousand yard stare.

    "I'm going to go for a walk." was the only answer Arckus got from his chief before he walked right out the tent in a fugue.

    Tonme doesn't know how long he wandered. He went up mountains and down through the valleys. He slew each creature that impeded his nameless quest. He searched for the answer in all the ways of the world. Peace, violence, sleeping, waking, high, and low the answer eluded him all the same. His weariness overtook him and he sat looking out over the world.

    The question came to him, "What do you want? What would you take? What is your choice?"
    He had no answer for any of it. He had lost his way. All the squabbles had blurred his sight. Brought low his ambition for his people to just surviving. Days waned and nights waxed as his mind lifted out upon the world. He came to remember why he had become a warlord. He looked out over the world again with eyes unclouded. He looked beyond the world with sight beyond the here and now.
    Meditate On Infinity
    When Tonme came back to his settlement he found it abuzz with activity. He walked inspecting the soldiers and mages preparing for war. They weren't at war last he knew but he was unsure how long he had been gone.
    Arckus must have seen him because he called out to the chief, "Chief, you return. Where did you go?"
    "I don't know."
    "What are you going to do now? The old ways devotees are preparing to split from us."
    "Let them attempt it. It will fail. Besides, I've come to destroy all who oppose me and that includes them if they don't fall in line."

    Arckus looked shocked but continued his questioning, "We don't have the men to quell a civil war so easily. It would be our doom. Do you truly believe we can risk that?"

    "Yes." Tonme replied while holding his hand out twisting his palm skyward. In moments the magic that suffused their lands twisted and crackled into a majestic form.
    Fathom Incarnate
    The chief continued as a crowd began forming, "I no longer accept those that would tell me how I should rule. I know my oaths, my duty, my station. Now is the time for conquest. I command the Fathom. By my will, and mine alone, it bends to obey."

    Arckus was the foremost fathomnaut and even he couldn't pull what appeared to be a fully formed sentient manifestation of Fathom out of thin air with a wave of his hand. He was dumbfounded by the spectacle. As his eyes scanned it he recalled important news.
    "Chief, this may be a good time to mention that we found something on those large islands we claimed."
    "What would that be?" Tonme asked.
    "Some form of structure used to turn the land into a battery. It kills anything within hundreds of yards of it when we activate it. Luckily we don't die permanently which has allowed us to study it although its still a tedious process."

    "Take me to it." the Chief commanded.

    Forgotten Starwell

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    Jemaine stood and left his seat at the war council, his chosen leaders left to complete the tasks he had given. Some left to aid in the war others to continue the expansion of their encampments and walls. One however followed him,

    (Not My Entry, Lore Card)

    "Riixt, I thought the discussion was over." Jemaine wanted to return to the frontlines as soon as possible, the war against the plane was at a stalemate and he needed to be there. However he needed to finish something first.

    "Of course" Riixt looked around for prying ears before continuing. "However, there was one last thing I wanted to discuss. Our scouting efforts have been simple, however war has overtaken many of the nations of the large continent. Now is the perfect time to strike.

    Jemaine stopped, he thought over the dark elves words. "We are fighting our own war, we cannot risk spreading ourselves to thin."

    "If we do it right we won't have to. They'll fall easily."

    "Our savants have warned against it, we must defeat the enemy at hand first."

    Riixt shrugged and walked off, "It's your people, I'm just along for the ride."

    Jemaine continued his path. As the sun began to set people exited thier homes with lanterns in hand. Tonight was a special day for the Children, every year they held a festival to celebrate the day they escaped the rule of their former god. This year, due to the conflict and strife Lienne and the Savants had put in extra care to make sure it would be the most glorious yet. Perhaps this would be the boost in morale that the people needed to aid in the war.

    (Not may entry Lore card.)


    As the lights slowly lifted into the sky lighting it up with a gentle glow Lienne watched from her sanctum. She breathed in, the power in the air tonight was undeniable, the festival brought with it the energy of all the people. Maybe with this she could complete the ritual she had been trying for days. The Savant breathed, she drew some orange sand from a pouch and spread the earth across the ground, sitting at the center of the ring she created. Lienne breathed in and focused on the noise outside, the voices of the people celebrating overpowered her mind quickly. She breathed in again the voices slowly muting in her mind. She breathed in a final time as the voices turned to murmurs. Her mind had left her body, it reached it's magics over the land sensing for her quarry. It only took her a moment to find, the festivals energy empowering the spell. She latched onto what she felt focusing in on it's shape.

    It was a heart, great and filled with darkness. Like a giant crimson heart encased in vines and thickets. It rested at the center of a forest not far from the main battlefield in their war. She could feel it's dark power, pulsing, sending it's corruption across the plane.

    (Not my entry Lore Card.)

    Suddenly she felt something strike her mind. The heart had sensed her scrying lashing out a mental tendril. The Savant felt her mind being pulled from her body. A dark wave of energy overtook her almost knocking her down. She pushed through it's attempts to quell her however rebuking with a searing retort of light. her increased power giving her additional power as the searing bolt striking the heart. The blast stunned it allowing her enough time to break free and end the spell.

    Her senses returned to her, clarity returning to her mind. She took a second to breath before rising. She hurriedly ran out of her sanctum preparing her things. They had work to do. (Part 1/2)
  • @HeroKP I've been waiting all week for any political questions.  I understand that I could be misinterpreting, but I've not seen any so far, and I can't write without even knowing if you are going to be messaging me with questions.  If you aren't going to question me, please, please say something.
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    Alright! All challenges should be out at this point! An extension is obviously in order, this time no one's fault but my own, so please do tell how much more time is realistically going to be needed, I shall agree to anything up to a week.

    I would also like to apologise for the way I've been handling things this past month. To be honest, I am starting to get a little weighed down by this entire project - though I still love it and would like to keep doing it for at least a while.

    I shall return to this season with tenfold vigor, but also probably take a little break between this one and the next, to ensure this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

  • @HeroKP It's all ok! I myself have been caught up in TOC4 as well as a few irl engagements (a friend fractured her toe and I needed to help her out), but all I'll require is a 1-2 day extension.
  • Dark Caller
    IT IS TIME. It's time for Encirh to come into the world, devouring the sun and starting the great hunt. These spirits sing their songs in honor of our master.
    Reborn the Enslaved
    And at the same time, some necromancers arrive to the former territories of Dromoka and find the graveyards full of former dromokan soldiers and dragons, who were worked to death by their masters, the Nodule. They start rituals ought to rise a new army from nowhere and to lead it to the angels' empire.
    Dromoka Shadow Reborned
    We even found a way to revive Dromoka herself, to serve the woods, which she once wanted to destroy. Life is so ironic, especially if it's given by necromancy.
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  • (Part 2/2)

    Once again the Lienne, Moren, and Jemaine made their way through the desert to the Silent Oasis. A focal point for the power of Nemain.

    (Not My Entry)

    In one hand Jemaine carried The Shield of Silence, one of the three Godslayer weapons they had reawakened. On his back was the second of these artifacts. A dormant longbow of incredible destructive power. They needed that power no more than ever. During the festival Lienne had preformed a scry and found somethin g of grave importance. A heart or power source of some kind. It's full nature did not matter, the only thing that mattered was the fact that it was giving the Lune Spawn energy. There fore it needed to be destroyed. So far magic and blades had been useless, the heart's exterior was to strong for either.

    But the Longbow of Wartime could be of aid. Legend spoke of it's ability to rain fire across battlefields and create massive explosions. So the three retuned to the place where they had learned to awaken the shield in hopes of repeating the process.

    They arrived midday the sun beating down their necks, Lienne began to set up for the ritual producing a shattered skull from her bag.

    "This is all that remains of the Longbow's original wielder, with luck we can see how he managed to use it."

    Jemaine nodded and the two sat on the ground as Lienne finished the ritual. Jemaine could feel the hot sun continue to beat down on them, could feel the heat across him;

    He could hear the thrumming of anvils, it calmed him. Nillen breathed in relaxing himself, this was a bad idea. If they were caught it would be over for sure,

    "Why do I always listen to him, he's going to get us all killed."

    Nillen had the mind to stop Enalf right there but the imposing figure wouldn't care. So instead he followed quietly. The two passed through the secret passage in the rock into the hidden forge. They had discovered it just a year ago and ever since Enalf had schemed and planned. Nillen couldn't deny his leadership ability was good, he gave people a sense of hope.

    "Maybe we can do this after all."Nillen refocused as they entered the room, in the back corner the forge was lit. a few craftsmen silently waited their months of work bundled under cloth in their hands. The leader stepped forward, Durnant, he grabbed one of the bundles,

    "It's finished Enalf, all it needs is a wielder." Durnant opened the bundle showing a Longbow, made of red metal and strong wood. Nillen gasped in for a moment. He picked up the weapon, it was lite but he could feel the power of the enchantment in it. "It is powered by the anger of the wielder. Your rage becomes it's flames, with this flame it should be able to blow the Wards protecting him to oblivion." Durnant spoke with a hope in his voice. Enalf nodded,

    "It's simple then Nillen, you can take out the wards easy with your skill, then the mages will revert him to mortal form. That should give enough room for Morgentha and I to take him out." Enalf put his hand on Nillen's shoulder looking down at him with intensity. "We can do this, we can take the tyrant out - destroy him and be free. All you need to do is turn that anger into something useful for a little while. What do you say?"

    Nillen paused, Enalf was right, he was angry he had manged to keep it at bay for most of his life. Stay out of the way, not be problem. But he didn't want to do that anymore, he was done with the hiding.

    "Alright, lets go kill god."

    (Not My Entry Lore Card)


    Jemaine awoke in the sands as the spell faded. His head spun with confusion, the visions of the past were vague, but he understood now how to use the second Godslayer. Lienne rose from the ground recollecting Nillen's skull. Jemaine took the bow from his back and held it, it's surface was worn from when he saw it in the vison but he still felt that power that the archer had all those years ago.


    Several days later the three had returned to the Heart, it still beat spreading it's power across the land. This time however they were all standing back almost a mile, waiting to see if it would work.

    Jemaine stood overlooking the heart several feet back longbow in had. He raised it knocking an arrow and aiming for the heart. He focused his anger into the weapon, anger at the plight of his people, anger for the opposition of the plane, anger for how long he had to wait to use the weapons. With that the bow came to life fire wrapping around it but not burning the wielder. He drew back the arrow as the flames grew in strength before finally releasing it.

    It was glorious, the arrow flew through the air at alarming speeds before hitting the target, then it exploded flames licked the trees around it cinder and smoke rose as fire and force tore through the air. As the smoke cleared he would see if his efforts had succeeded.

    (My Entry)

    (Also don't worry about the delays and issues with the season. This type of project must require a lot of attention so your fatigue is understood.)
  • I'mma need a few days too... you've presented an interesting conundrum.  Each of the sisters wants to take a different path.
  • Also @RegalGorgon13 none that we took ever saw their bones interred.  Rather, the one you have were the fortunate few who were killed before the loss.  But your trespass has been observed as a hostile action.
  • @DrakeGladis We ask the Nodule not to be angry. We admit that we should get your allowance. How about this: First we use this army to defeat the angels, and then we return it to you? 
  • The amount of soldiers arriving through the rift had reached a boiling point. With no current enemies to invade, there only left one option: make an enemy. Like the tsunami as it comes closer to the shore, the forces of Tsayami surge forwards to invade the Woods of Wendigo. To die in battle is to earn greatest honour - uncaring for their own lives, the army will take this land, no matter the cost.

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