COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



  • @HeroKP got most everything in order. Will hopefully have a write-up posted tomorrow.
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  • War entry:

    I, Empress Nevia of the Rising Sun, have granted the forces upon Nemain one of my personal guard, who will be able to equalize the battle with the Wendigo. An unparalleled force, they will be able to finish off the Wendigo. If they are unable to procure victory, we will default to the previous plan, and I will arrive to deliver my Wrath. 
    With hope,

    (war card)
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    is there an updated map yet?

  • Lore:
    Ever Forward
    We venture northward in search for something on the North Pole of Nemain. All Zarildi  feel it, and send explorers on north.

  • Sarais Leadership

     "The war is always calling, hmm?" Tenar asked.

    Sarai looked over at the her as the squire brought the knight-commander her armor. "It's one of the constants of this world. We've known this since the beginning."

    Tenar sighed. "I know. It's just...wish there was at least some respite. Our citizens are beginning to stir, you know, and I'd like to distract them from what's coming. If nothing else, it'll help them remain loyal. Besides, the front's been quiet for a while until now, and we should celebrate that."

    Festival of the Peace

    "You're right." Sarai smiled at her friend. "You're right. Our people need something to reinvigorate them. Even if the wendigo front is getting hot again, they need something to make it seem like we haven't forgotten about the home front." She paused for a second before adding, "The flagship's been gathering information. With that, we can make strategies based on our enemies' movements..."

     Flagships Scouting
  • Also, @ChoyBoi and anyone else interested, going to leave this here with little to no context, measure reactions, and adjust following challenge accordingly.

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  • 72 hours works fine.  I hope.  I might be able to pull something out my arse tonight
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    Diplomacy you say. Harbinger and the Xedd can be diplomatic. Harbinger sends out the Archivist to visit the surrounding territories, teaching them the vast knowledges that has been accumulated through-out the millennia.

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  • @HeroKP I'm gonna see if I can write stuff up tomorrow.  I got my shot unexpectedly today and its killer, so I wasn't able to work stuff 2nite.
  • Drake has stated that they are working on it, but @Aggroman15 hasn't been seen for two days, which is worrying.
  • @HeroKP I've got a lot to write and work out.  I'm hoping to have it by 2 am CST, but it could be later than that.  I've been stuck doing cleaning all day, and while it's been productive, I'm feeling kinda brain ded, so in an effort to keep it quality, I'm taking more time.
  • Sorry, I've been at a boy scout camp since yesterday evening. I'll be getting home late tomorrow morning, so I'll have it in sometime tomorrow.
  • Archives Files 17.2554.2096

    Well it appears things are a lot more serous than I was led to believe.  The attempts to destabilize us by these “Guardians” have been persistent and a detriment.  They apparently view our domain as the most threatening to them, not that I blame them with Sister Eulogea’s emotional treatment of their envoy.  We have put the guards on more shifts than they really should be under, but there are fewer of them with each passing week.  Sister Scriba has assured me that her team is at work tracing the lines of mana that seem to feed them.  If she hurries, we may have a task force left to take down the place.

    ~~Sentra, Protector of the Core

    Double Shifts

    Thaumaturgic Studies


    Archives Files 17.2562.1543

    Things are turning out quite interesting.  Several things were brought up at the meeting today.  There was a moderate invasion of our territory by the Wendigo, and they resurrected the Dromokans, including the leader himself.  We sent word of our displeasure to them and await reply.  We also have been contacted by our once-foes, the Empire of the Rising Sun.  They wish to ally with us against the Wendigo, and have offered us a few things.  Negotiations are under way, but the conclusion is practically foregone.  We have our goals in sight, as the lines of mana we have been following center right in Wendigo territory.  We have nearly the location to a fault, and a simple task force would be more than enough to break in and squash the pests that are the “Guardians”.  My only worry is that the Rising Sun is a warlike society; they would attack us once the Wendigo are gone, forcing us to act with speed rather than with deliberation.

    ~~Scriba, Recorder of the Core

    Negotiations of War

    March on the Dark Heart

    @spe@SpellPiper2213 Please note that we are now at war with the Woods of Wendigo, although hopefully not for long.  Also, allies with the Empire of the Rising Sun.

  • Alright, it's late, so I'm just going to give a brief rundown on what's going on. I may update with more lore and stuff tomorrow, but I wanted to get at least the bare necessities of my entry in before I went to bed.

    Basically, the war with Nemain has been tough, but recently the researchers on Arcane Island have found something that could help. Recently, they have been having visions about a strange "dark heart" that they believe to be a major source of power for the Nemainan forces. After Autumnal scouts quickly located the Heart, heated debate began in King Jael's court between the representatives from the four seasons. The Summrans wanted to burn it to the ground, but the Springans wanted to keep it for research purposes. In the end, a compromise was reached in which the area that housed the Heart would be put into a state of eternal winter, and the Heart essentially put in cold storage, until it could be figured out what was to be permanently done with it. For, regardless of its usefulness in figuring out the nature of this strange plane, it was still a power source for the enemy that needed to be shut down.

    Ice the Heart

    There you go! Like I said, I may update with a more detailed story blurb tomorrow, but it's past midnight where I live and I should probably be getting some sleep.
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    Someone's day of reckoning fast approaches, but those that survive shall face tribulations that might make them wish I kicked them off!
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    I'll try to update as fast as I can. I think it might be a wise move to speed this season up a bit before I kill it with more hiatus. Be ready for more eliminations.
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    I know I say this every other time, but this was probably the hardest elimination I have had to do yet. All of you have made yourself so integral to the contest's story, aesthetic and overall feel (and I do mean all of you), that eliminating anyone, let alone two people at once, seemed completely ludicrous to me. That's also part of the reason I held up for so long. However, the results are in, and two people are about to open a door to nothingness and get sucked in.
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