COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



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  • @SpellPiper2213 @IzItTru @ChoyBoi @RegalGorgon13 @DrakeGladis @Aggroman15

    This season was supposed to have a moral. Where the other worlds bent so readily to the Colonisers' wills, this one was supposed to be rebellious. Uncontrollable. I planned to systematically break the wills of all that wanted to resist, to make all buckle under or die.

    And yet, here we stand now, and the only faction that has fully and devotedly pledged allegiance now faces five opponents, some its past allies. The coalition is ready to take on Nemain, on Nemain's very soul.

    And as amazing as @RegalGorgon13's work on this challenge was, and the season in general, I can't, in clear conscience, say that they are the victor here.

    It is undeniable that this world was changed. For better or for worse, you've all melded it to suit your needs. And now its god retreats into the mist. Taking, the Wendigo with it.

    Are you proud of what you've done?
  • For their inalienable contributions to this season, @RegalGorgon13 hereby receives

    SECOND PLACE for this competition, no matter what happens next.
  • @SpellPiper2213 @IzItTru @ChoyBoi @DrakeGladis @Aggroman15

    Now, you. You shall revel in your successful assimilation.

    And then you shall battle it out to the death.

    The Caped Hero's rules are as follows - a single faction controls the plane. No more. No less. So now you must show the true coldness in your blood and demonstrate which one of you has the guts to beat the dying soul of this world into submission and reforge it in your image.

    Venture forth.
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    I feel like I've sort of lost my right to hand out deadlines when I don't keep my own, but let's try to do this in a week or two, shall we?

    This deserves to be dragged out until a conclusion.

    Thank you enormously to everyone who participated, and know that I shall cherish these several months dearly.
  • That goes for all of you beautiful bastards! Please, a round of applause for...

    @KorandAngels's New Dromoka!

    @spookoops's Xedd!

    @SpellPiper2213's Quatha Federation!

    @LordTachanka123's Koreli Mystics!

    @IzItTru's Children of Neress!

    @Nomp's Talniri Clan!

    @ChoyBoi's Rising Sun!

    @RegalGorgon13's Woods of Wendigo!

    @MonkeyPirate2002's Filigree Industry!

    @DrakeGladis's Schwarmi Nodule!

    @AxNoodle's Empire of Tsayami!

    @Aggroman15's Four Seasons Kingdom!

    @TimurGlint's Zarildi Dominion!

    You'll be pleased to know that all of you working together has led this to be (judging by the view and number of comments statistics) the second most popular and illustrious season of this series so far!

    Domo Arigato. :)
  • Which was the first most popular?
    GG @RegalGorgon13; we shall have the bones of our slaves back now thank you.
    This was truly amazing to partake in Hero, so I thank you very much.
  • So... Who has won?
  • It's far from done yet; the survivors must fight to the very end...
  • @DrakeGladis @RegalGorgon13

    Well, not FAR from done, there is exactly one last challenge left
  • Am I eliminated?
  • @RegalGorgon13

    Unfortunately, yes, but you are awarded second place.

    Who gets first will be decided in this last challenge.
  • @RegalGorgon13 GG you played a great game.

    @HeroKP This is exciting! I do regret to inform you though that I am vacationing without a laptop and might not be able to submit until next Thursday, I’ll try to figure something out though.
  • @IzItTru

    That fits within the timeframe, it's fine.
    Enjoy your vacation.
  • @RegalGorgon13
    GG. You put up a hard fight. 
  • @RegalGorgon13 it's too bad to see you go. Great job in the challenge!
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    @Everyone here's the updated enemy list. As per the nature of the current challenge, I've put everyone as each others' enemies. At present, the [Allied With] section is no more, since no current faction is allied with Nemain, and current alliances cannot be held (I assume, based on the challenge).


    Qatha Federation (@SpellPiper2213 @me)
    Enemies with: Each other faction
    At War With: Each other faction

    Children of Neress (@IzItTru)
    Enemies with: Each other faction
    At War With: Each other faction

    Empire of the Rising Sun (@ChoyBoi)
    Enemies with: Each other faction
    At War With: Each other faction

    Schwarmi Nodule (@DrakeGladis) 
    Enemies with: Nemain, each other faction
    At War With: Each other faction

    Four Seasons (@Aggroman)
    Enemies with: Nemain, each other faction
    At War With: Nemain, each other faction


    As a current challenger, I'm looking out for myself. But as the person behind this list, I have one thing to say.




    May the best faction win!
  • Sarai Proud Commander
    At this point in the war for Nemain, Sarai has begun to lead the forces in the field against the other factions. While her decision isn't popular with some higher-ups on the Qathan homeworld, her troops have rallied under her.
    Knights of the Federation
     As the war continues, reinforcements begin arriving from the Qathan homeworld. Knights from every corner of the nation see the war as a chance for glory, knowledge, or power, and so try and maneuver their way into getting sent to serve on Nemain.

     Flagships Majesty
     Sarai is using the Federation airship to full effect on Nemain, which isn't nearly as used to them as the Qathan homeworld.
    Rally to the Front
     With word of the vanquishing of the Wendigo, Federation troops have been revitalized, seeing the new lack of overarching worldly command as a way to prove themselves as the rightful and trusted rulers of the planet.

    Knight of the Marsh
    Although the Federation's knowledge of necromancy is limited, new experiments undertaken during the course of its stay on Nemain have resulted in the Federation strong-arming the dead into their war effort.
  • @HeroKP sorry I’ve had a big case of writers block and haven’t been able to come up with a concept that I like. I’ll see what I can do for tomorrow.

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