COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



  • Please all welcome to the stage the winner of this Season of COLONISERS and the person who will take the final seat of the Grandmaster Tournament...
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    !! @IzItTru !!

  • This veteran of the COLONISERS series is finally getting their due, so all will rejoice. It is mandatory.
  • A huge thank you and, as far as this series goes, goodbye, to:

    @KorandAngels's New Dromoka!

    @spookoops's Xedd!

    @SpellPiper2213's Quatha Federation!

    @LordTachanka123's Koreli Mystics!

    @Nomp's Talniri Clan!

    @ChoyBoi's Rising Sun!

    @RegalGorgon13's Woods of Wendigo!

    @MonkeyPirate2002's Filigree Industry!

    @DrakeGladis's Schwarmi Nodule!

    @AxNoodle's Empire of Tsayami!

    @Aggroman15's Four Seasons Kingdom!

    @TimurGlint's Zarildi Dominion!

    And everyone else who helped along, watched along or cheered along. This story couldn't have been told without the combined effort of all of you.
  • (Also, a separate thank you to @SpellPiper2213 for keeping track of the alliance web, it really lightened up the workload. It wasn't quite enough credit to give you the win, but it was damn close)
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    It's happened!
    You know, the new colonisers season has been the highlight of my year for a while. This one was a pleasure to spectate, even after I was eliminated. Congratulations @IzIrTru ;
  • At last our wandering has ended, at last this plane is quelled. The aeons we spent without city or home have turned into a new age of peace and rest. The Children that were lost shall not be forgotten, their memories are added to our history to be dug up another day.

    @HeroKP Wow thank you! This is great! This year has been difficult for me and colonizers was always a nice break from everyday stress. 

    @Everyone Good game to all the other contestants everyone’s factions were super cool and well made. Nobody made this an easy win that’s for sure.
  • GG IzItTru!  With the leadup I kinda expected it to be me, thanks new page LOL.  You did a really good job and I kinda lost the thread of my own storyline near the end.
  • Congrats IzItTru! You did a great job! I was always astonished at just how much lore you put out for each challenge. A well-deserved win!
  • @IzItTru congratulations on the win!

    @HeroKP no problem on the alliance web. It was my pleasure to do it. And thanks for hosting this contest, it was really fun!
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    @IzItTru Congratulations! You've deserved it. I've never known how you come up with such an amount of lore!

    @HeroKP When does season 8 start?
  • @RegalGorgon13

    Whenever the team of hosts that will replace me finalise the details (they were only selected recently), but it should be any day now. Fret not, for you will be pinged when it happens.
  • Can I also get a ping. I'm interested in having a reason to come here again and this was rather fun at times.

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    I believe I have run out of quips.
    Shall I simply, in a dignified way, request for this thread to be closed?

    I would be much obliged.
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