Haruvan - Knight School Tournament



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    Haha, I have already created several characters for just such an occasion!

    ...Unfortunately, none of them are knights. Welp, I should have a decent knight whipped up pretty quick.
  • My entry!
    Karyel the Oathbreaker
    Karyel was a wanderer for most of his life, exploring the plane of Theros, hoping to find a settlement he could protect.  Eventually, he came upon Nykre, a kingdom which had recently lost its most loyal guard.  Karyel took up the former knight's task, and now had a place to call home. However, Karyel longed for his days as a wanderer, and, breaking his oath, left the kingdom.  He accumulated a large crowd of followers, and they urged him to enter the tournament, perhaps for redemption.

    Karyel is a skilled swordfighter and jouster, able to defeat the worthiest opponents. He has a strong connection to most beasts, but has no skill in magic whatsoever.  Once he starts a fight, he swears that it will not end until one party dies.
  • Paladins Sword

    During his time at Nykre, Karyel received a paladin's sword for his service. Of course, now that he broke his connections, he no longer needs it, but he keeps it to remember a time when people needed him.
  • Nevermind. I can't find inspiration. If I think of a cool story for a knight character, I’ll join, but until then, I can’t.
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    Going to go ahead and put my cards here and I'll try to add my story tomorrow!


    Background: Elph is a young winter fae born under the winter solstice. She has a distant and cold personality, distrustful of most people, but especially of humans. Her parents were slain when she was a child when a group of human treasure hunters who had enter the woods looking for mystic artifacts stumbled upon her faerie grove. Elph managed to lure the humans into a field of winterblossom flowers, the powerful wine-like aroma of which causes severe drowsiness and moderate intoxication before the pollen eventually corrodes and decomposes the victims from the inside. Nearly dying herself, her clan worked together to raise her.

    In her rite of passage into adulthood she chose the blade and began her training as a Vigilant, a knight in service to the forest and its fae. Her quick cunning, cool head, and desire to protect her clan gave her the initiative and drive to soar through her lessons. Having just recently completed her training with her clan, Elph is eager to participate in the tournament to test herself and continue to learn more, even if it must be from those she distrusts.

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    @CassZero So I have an idea, but it's a shapeshifter assassin character who infiltrates the tournament as a knight in disguise. They wouldn't have the Knight creature type on the text, but they would have changeling, so they technically would be a knight. Would this character idea be ok with you?

    If this is ok, would it also be ok if I made an additional "Disguise card" which would be the knight that they disguise as in the tournament? I want my character to have a clone effect that gives him his disguise. (If no to this part specifically, I don't mind making the secondary card the "disguise card")

    I know that I may be asking for a lot, so I understand if the answer is no, but I thought that the concept was interesting, so I decided that there's no harm in asking.
  • I just realized I still need to do a write-up for this!

  • Jake is a hero protecting his town against the phrixera, but mostly the null. He has vowed to never use his magic on a lady. When he became famous he started entering tournaments most times he won. At some point he stopped because he would want to only harm the null. But, people wanted him to join this tournament that would have knights from all over the land, he was not convinced. Finally he thought that he would be the only one with magic so he entered.

    Back story: he was once captured by a group of pirates because he was a bounty. Was given in but he used his magic to escape. Any pirate he finds he will kill.

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    @feralitator I accept your idea.

    @Everybody I still don't know if I will continue the project for the time that has passed without return, but as we already have 8, I can try to do a mini-tournament. Updates coming soon.
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    Livold grew up as a human in the slums and knew nothing but how to steal. He would keep to the alleyways, ambushing, and stealing from those who would cross his path. After long days of thievery, he would buy a meal with his stolen good at The Rat's Nest, a tavern built into the sewers that were the common rest stop for all of the greatest criminals in the city. Livold's closest friend, Vaeroth, was not only a great drinking buddy but a powerful and notorious warlock.

    After losing a drinking game (Yes he was underage drinking) where the loser would drink an unknown potion brewed by Vaeroth, Livold found himself in a world of shadows, where a masked figure gave him two shadowblades and made him champion of the shadows. Returning to consciousness in the middle of an alley, Livold takes revenge on all who could have made him live in poverty for all of his life.


    Notes on Livold:

    Personality -
    Livold used to be a fairly braggy thief, taunting those he stole from, but after becoming "Champion of the Shadows", has become a silent killer. His aggressive personality bleeds into that of the person he is disguised as though, so sometimes he can get spotted for acting fishy, but he is never caught.

    Appearance -
    After becoming the "Champion of the Shadows", Livold has never shown his real face and always wears a dark cloak. His blades emit a shadowy smoke while in their true form, and if needed, can fuse into one larger weapon if his disguise's signature weapon was a single blade. Since he changes form so much, his body no longer has a definite size or weight.

    Powers - 
    Livold has the power of controlling the shadows. He can transform into anyone that he has seen dead but can imitate them better if he is the one who has killed them. In addition to using the shadows as a disguise, he can change the shape of his weapons at any time, can evade attacks by disappearing into smoke and reappearing a few seconds later, and can inflict a shadowy curse on those who he doesn't kill with an amplified attack. However, any use of his powers can easily be detected, so he saves his own power for a last-minute escape tactic or final action if he is close to death.


    However, Livold isn't the one entering this tournament. The one entering is Ouen, who is looked down upon for choosing to only fight when necessary. But, once the tournament started, the knights have noticed a large attitude shift from him... Maybe he has finally decided to fight for more than self-defense?


    Personality -
    A kind soul. Ouen hates violence, and only uses it in life or death situations. Despite being from a high-class family, Ouen is very down-to-earth and cares about others well being and happiness, even if they are a complete stranger. His dream job was to work with animals and nature, but he was forced by his father to become a knight. 

    Appearance -
    Coming from a rich family, Ouen always looks well kept and clean. His armor and sword were forged by the family's blacksmith, and although he dislikes being a knight, he is sometimes found hanging around in the woods wearing it for protection. Despite being tall, Ouen never seems condescending or intimidating to anyone shorter than him.

    Powers -
    Ouen specializes in nature and calming magic. As someone who dislikes violence, he focuses on disarming his opponent so no one has to get hurt. Most nature magic that he uses transforms weapons into plants or any other organism. In addition, he uses calming magic to prevent any further combat, such as a fistfight.
  • Are we allowed to enter one card with two characters on it?
  • @RandomFandom
    Yes, but it will depend on how you make the background to justify two in one.
  • The Preliminary briefs

    The first few days were fierce on the battlefield. Many Knights outside Haruvan came to participate in that unusual tournament. Haruvan's students were experienced and prepared in the most diverse situations. Foreigners and Students were separated into two distinct groups to avoid privileges.

    After the first preliminary fights, using wooden swords, obstacle course and riding, the fights were funneled between foreigners and students. As expected, students eliminated foreigners one by one.

    As in every tournament, two categories were created, and after the last fights of the tournament, where outsiders Arya and Karyel were defeated, participants in both categories were nominated.

    The first category was considered for students and possible foreign winners and was called Haruvan Champions. The second category included foreigners better positioned in fights or with better scores in preliminary fights and was called Haruvan Fearless. The two finalists in each group would face each other at the end of the tournament.

    Without further ado, let's go to the Haruvan Fearless classifieds:

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    Mentor - Namy
    @IzItTru, @bronx, Mystery One (anyone outside the tournament can take on that character if they want to. Create a story and a Signature card.)

    Mentor - Guil
    @Red_Tower, @AboveAndAbout, CassZero

    Mentor - Demetriz
    @spookoops, @SpellPiper2213, @feralitator

    Mentor - Barim

    @FourEyesIsAFish, @ChoyBoi, @feralitator (this character will be under my command.)

  • Nice, vigilance squad.
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    Summary about Namy

    Namy was always fierce with his enemies. She lived her childhood in the rocky areas of Haruvan, an old mining colony. It was from the power of the rocks that she mastered the skills of direct hits on her enemies.

    When she was little, she heard stories about Aeryn and the Kiserova Tournament of Champions. One of the great changes brought about by Aeryn was the encouragement of women in the highest ranks of the Kingdom Cavalry.

    Namy Varotrix enlisted and showed her worth by being one of the women of the second recruitment to assume the post of Elite Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry.

    Personality - Impulsive and protective. There has been a tournament where she interrupted the fight of one of her apprentices when she saw a fatal blow coming.

    Powers - Dominates the ancestral blades of her native colony. Firepower and withstands high temperatures. (depending on the learning, she may give First strike to her apprentices to next card.)

  • I think you forget Arya has menace
  • majority labels man majority labels.
    Also I'll be editing Aki's backstory in a little to match her up with a different version of herself.
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    Summary about Guil

    Guil Taylor has always been an exemplary person. Son of a rich and traditional family and Haruvan, he was educated with the best teachers and in the most diverse arts of fencing and advanced defense. In his childhood of training, he entered the Knight School with praise.

    During the period, he soon realized that he was not preparing for the more comprehensive classes and training of the school's teachers, and ended up falling behind other knights his age. This aroused his parents' disappointment.

    Guil Taylor was one of the oldest to promote to a Elite Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry, already in his 40s, but he never gave up his life motto, protecting all citizens of Haruvan.

    Personality - Benevolent and patient. His apprentices tend to adopt him as a second parent. He tends to give his all in battles, regardless of his physical state and spirit.

    Powers - One of the runes of the Guil family would be the symbol of healing. Even though he had all the skills of a healer, he wanted to be a knight and his sword and mind managed to turn the healing power into something greater with each sword stroke. (depending on the learning, he may give Lifelink to his apprentices.)

  • Mentors will have cards at MTGCardsmith to correct typos. I no longer have the editor to correct.
  • Just updated my original character post to include details and background about my character. Sorry it took so long for me to write it up!
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    No problems. We will do everything calmly.
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    Summary about Barim

    One of the most fearless knights promoted to Elite Captain of Kingdom's Cavalry, Barim Smith is always remembered for his leadership and his forge mastery. Haruvan always had knights with powerful swords, for example the legendary Nyrea who was sheathed by Aeryn, but Barim did what few could.

    Barim's forge creates only ordinary weapons. The difference would be the unique design capable of withstanding great magical energies against fantastic opponents. His design is also made to support runes and other magic elements. And that is Barim's challenge, to master some magical rune to put on his swords and tools. 

    Barim's big problem would be an old curse on his family, making it impossible to carry magic weapons.

    Personality - Leader and faithful to his ideals. As much as he has an explosive and rigid personality with his apprentices and commanders, he watches over everyone's linear progression, leaving no one behind. Totally jealous with his works.

    Powers - Weaponsmith without magical powers, but able to withstand and absorb great blows and sources of mystical energy. (depending on the learning, he may give flanking to his apprentices.)

  • Aki, Spirit Warden (Backstory Update)

    Aki was once a nameless nature spirit from the plane of Kamigawa, one of many from the small patch of peaceful forest she called home. Well, peaceful until around 16 years ago. Rogue loggers laid siege to the forest, cutting down trees and killing the spirits who lived there. One such scoundrel cornered the nameless spirit and critically wounded the spirit with a poisoned knife. The spirit's connection to their surroundings shattered, slowly dooming them to die... if it wasn't for the intervention of Sota, a planeswalker from the plane. Sota saw the injured spirit and tried all he could to save them, ultimately choosing to feed them his blood. This saved the nature spirit, but at the cost of them becoming a mix of spirit and human.

    Over the course of the year, the spirit grew more and more human, and Sota began to attach to them. Eventually, Sota adopted the spirit and named them Aki after her ethereal glow. While she still does have some scars from her experiences, Aki is generally optimistic about her future. Aki left home when she was 14 after learning she was a planeswalker. While wandering the multiverse, Aki has found her way to Haruvan, ready to test her skills. 

    Physical Appearance
    Aki resembles a young, ethereal girl, glowing with a soft, teal-green light. She seems to wear an ethereal dress at all times.
    Aki is a shy, friendly, curious, and passionate girl with a mischievous streak. While physically small, her courage and force of will is unbreakable. Aki's main weakness is her naivety. Aki is unaware of many social customs and traditions, which also makes her a bit of a wild spirit, generally doing what she pleases unless she has specific responsibilities (such as attending classes) or it would hurt someone.
    Powers and Abilities
    Aki is very light due to being a spirit, being able to jump many times her height and scamper up walls with ease. She can also "kick" of spells to deflect them, launching her in the process.
    Aki is able to absorb spells, temporarily energizing and healing her. She can only use this energy to propel herself for now, but will figure out new uses for it soon...
    Aki can manifest weapons of light, which are her main combat weapons. She usually summons a long blade and a shorter dagger, using an acrobatic combat style.
    Aki's main combat style is to parry attacks and then counter with attacks of her own, always being on the move and kicking spells back at their casters.
  • And there she is, now consistent with her other version.
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    Summary about Demetriz

    Demetriz Ignis has always been more of a troublemaker and impetuous knight, always focusing on the mission regardless of the means. Demetriz was gradually forced to change his posture. And it changed for a while.

    He was one of those sent to take Aeryn's promotion ring to the Tournament of Champions in Kiserova, in case he passed the quarterfinals. He was known to spread the shame that Aeryn brought to Haruvan by qualifying for her opponent's withdrawal. This at the time aroused Aeryn's fury when she returned to her homeland.

    Although problematic, his unique skills did not cause his rank to fall. His main skill? Cell regeneration and slowed aging.

    Personality - Uncontrollable and difficult to convince. He never liked Aeryn's rise and one of Lady Miljivan's biggest questioners.

    Powers - Cell regeneration and slowed aging. Political convincing power. (depending on the learning, he may give deathtouch to his apprentices.)

  • Hey @CassZero no pressure, just checking to see when we might get the next update to this.
  • Welcome to the School of Knights ... I think !?

    The next morning, after all the members of Haruvan Fearless passed through the infirmary to take care of the minor injuries from the duels, they had to meet in the main hall of the School of Knights. The lobby was well lit and still had Nyrea's broken altar, the magic sword, in its center.
    With the mentors and teams announced, one or the other tried to get closer to try the first contacts. Iona didn't seem to like Livold's presence, and whenever he tried to get closer, she took a step back with an awkward little smile. Evelyn and Elph already worked out strategies on the other side.
    Minutes later, a walk in heels in the morning silence echoed from the nearby stairs. At the end of the hall, there were two staircases at the ends of the wall, which twisted in the shape of a hug to the middle of the lobby. Lady Miljivan and Dean Richard Bardón descended with a look of calm in one of them, while on the other side the mentors just lined up between the steps.
    - I already know what it is,- Arya said to herself. - I should have prepared for that. Not going through that again.
    - Welcome my young people to the Haruvan Knight School. The most respected of almost all the kingdoms I visited - the rector raised his arms without smiling this time - Traditionally, as some may know I imagine - he pointed at Evelyn - The knights of the Haruvan Fearless group need to prepare themselves better to become a knight high quality and possible patent. Your performance in the arena was good, but you were still surpassed by the students of that school.
    - From now on, - continued Miljivan - you will be students here until the end of the tournament and will learn various techniques to help strengthen your spirit and body.
    - I knew - snorted Arya - back to school my friends - she just snorted to herself without anyone listening.
    Karyel just took a step forward before calling the Dean's attention to speak.
    - And how will it work? - He finally speak - Some of us have great experience and long baggage, no matter how young we are. A defeat with a wooden sword means nothing about our abilities.
    - You are right, - said Miljivan - and that is why you should take classes. You are young and many will not be able to breathe in your exploits and tragedies. Try some of the normal life, Karyel, and I see how you can absorb it. As said, everyone here is young.
    The chosen ones started making a buzz until Barim interrupted speaking loudly from the top of the stairs.
    - Knights! - he started to descend - Take your class forms from the reception next to you. Many of the classes will be held in classrooms just for you. Others of common area for training will be shared with the other students of the school. And most importantly, you will have many theoretical classes
    Barim gave a macabre smile, seeming to enjoy tormenting students.
    - Well, - Miljivan clapped her hands twice - The team clash will be in a week. Until then, you will have lots of classes and training with your mentors. Good luck to everyone.
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    (I have a lot of work, study and other things. Besides not being the best writer there + having to translate on the internet into english.
    I will always try to update something.
    Stay free for interaction.

    For a base I will post a simple list of classes.

    The clashes will be posted later as well.)
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