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    Main classes
    Horse Riding (practice)
    Forge (practical and theoretical)
    First Aid (practical and theoretical)
    Runes and accessories (theoretical)
    History of Haruvan (theoretical)
    Dueling (practice)
    Shield (practical and theoretical)
    Potions in general (practical and theoretical)
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  • @CassZero No worries, I understand it's a lot of work, not to mention the translation aspect. Generally speaking you seem to do a really good job with it though! And your writing is very well done. (As an aside, if you ever need anyone to go over something post translation to look for any mistakes that you might not notice, I'm happy to help)
  • @CassZero, like redtower said, you are doing amazing. I love this saga, and I can't wait to see what happens.
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    The next day, on the school's main notice board, many students flocked and voices broke out between laughter at the first set confrontations.
    Aki passed easily among the excited students, and the few with their backs who intervened, when they turned around, immediately gave way when recognizing the foreign knight.
    For the Haruvan Fearless the first confrontation was revealed.

    First Battle - Circuit Points
    Horse Racing





    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
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    I will not stipulate a deadline to start the confrontations, so feel free to update your stories and coexistence at the knight school.
    In this first stage, each team duels against the others, in different styles of challenges.
    In the end, two teams will be eliminated.
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  • @feralitator just to make sure, is Livold going as himself, or is he disguised as Ouen?
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    @SpellPiper2213 Regardless of the answer, he is under my command now. >:)
  • @CassZero oh okay. But for my story, is Livold's identity as a shapeshifter known at this point, or is he still posing as Ouen?
  • @SpellPiper2213
    Understand. You can talk to him @feralitator
    I see no problem for me. The story is free, but possible changes and revelations of other characters, only during the plots of the story or with the authorization of its creator.
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    Hours after the first announcements, Von Konstantin was surprised at the delay in announcing the last challenge, his team's challenge. After relaxing in one of the school's courtyards, walking through the corridors, he spotted a knight running with some papers in hand.
    -Hey, you -he shouted without losing his composure and without running to the knight - Can you give me one of those roles? I think I know what it is.
    - You're right. Take it. It really has something to do with you.

    Second Battle - Circuit Points
    Team Duel




    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
  • Iona looked at the notice board and at the announcement of the teams and their mentors. She couldn’t tell if she was anxious or excited for what was to come. Taking a breath, she looked back at the list.

    All things considered, she would have prefered to be mentored by Namy. She seemed like someone who Iona would have clicked with. Still, Iona wasn’t angered at being mentored by Demetriz. He seemed like someone who would test her abilities and make sure she progressed, which Iona was grateful for. She was also grateful that her first challenge wasn’t horse-racing. She could never quite get the hang of the saddle.

    Looking over the list of classes, Iona’s gaze was caught by history. It would be nice to see what the school would include in the course-

    A commotion distracted Iona. One of the school’s knights was walking towards the notice board, followed by Raeyla. Stepping aside, Iona and Raeyla watched as the knight pinned a paper to the board. As the knight walked away, Iona and Raeyla stepped in to look at it.

    “Well, this is fun,” Iona said.

    Raeyla chuckled, crossing her arms. “It sure is.”

    Iona smiled at the other knight. “May the best of us win.”

    “You can bet on that,” Raeyla replied.

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    (I realized that I did not move on some plots. And as it is not mandatory to read the stories and adventures about what happened in the Tournament of Champions 3 / Aeryn - Tournament of Champions 3 - Saga Category, I will make a summary and progress in the story.
    It will also help me to get to the current moment in history and develop the history of struggles and parallels.)
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    Summary of past events

    The Tournament of Champions (3) took place in Kiserova, capital of Vosanova. The tournaments that take place spread across the kingdoms serve to measure strength among the most brave and select warriors in the world, bringing great tourist and party benefits in the host city. For the tournament in Kiserova, there was some politician behind to prevent or increase the war in the region. The great war came between events after the quarterfinal duels.


    Aeryn: The greatest heroine in Haruvan's recent history. Since she was little she had mastered runes and rustic runes (made of any material on earth, but with very reduced powers). She was sent to ‘’ The Youth Preparatory School ’’ at a young age to master her powers and thus enter the ‘’ Knights' School of Haruvan ’’. Close to her 16 years, she was chosen by the symbol sword of Haruvan, ‘’ Nyrea, the magic sword ’’. [to be continued]

    Nyrea: The magic sword was created almost 1200 years ago, in a cave on the highest mountain in the most arid of deserts. This place had a lot of accumulated power from the early echo. Nyrea was forged along with a magic hammer by an unknown Planeswalker, who disappeared after the forge. Both weapons have a humanoid astral form for interaction, but only with a carrier can the weapons show their true powers.
    With every carrier Nyrea blessed to be sheathed, she lost her memories or suppressed them. Wars and wars have been fought.
    Hundreds of years passed and Nyrea met one of her great loves, Mikhail, the Red One; a legendary knight from Haruvan. Before that bearer, she was already a symbol of the kingdom. Mikhail died years after old age, without any major harm, and this triggered a profound suffering in Nyrea that repressed and sought to forget practically all her memories. She could not stand to live any longer than her loves.
    Approximately 150 years later, she again let herself be carried away by a new carrier, Aeyrn Nox Lockhart [to be continued]

    Aeryn and Nyrea: After years of training at school, she was sent to Kiserova to participate in the Tournament of Champions, on a diplomatic mission and to show Haruvan's strength again after Nyrea awoke from her sleep.
    The victory in the quarterfinals was through a withdrawal. Demetriz was there on a mission to promote Aeryn if she won. It happened, but his goal at that time was to defame Aeryn by returning to Haruvan.
    After the fighting, the war in Vosanova broke out, and after some events that awakened Nyrea's full strength again and took on the responsibility of caring for the local citizens, she met Lady Miljivan (one of the current advisers at the 'Knights' School of Haruvan '' in the present). [to be continued]

    Lady Miljivan: Kind, close to earth, great interest in food, somewhat stubborn and not very sophisticated. Not very intelligent for anything but food and she Was born as a peasant of horse breeders but because of her beauty, good care of horses, she was given a chance to climb the ladder. (written by Jonteman93)
    When the war started to disturb all the kingdoms of Vosanova, she asked for help to anyone who heard, and that was when Aeryn appeared in her life and a connection started to form.

    Aeryn and Nyrea: At one point in the war, she had to face one of the tournament participants, one of those behind one of the dark disturbances that echoed in all realms, the newly powerful Niran and her most recent invocation of darkness, the terrible beast Arkanai.
    At the end of the conflict Aeryn almost died, and it was at that moment that she raised her spark together with Nyrea, and they became a Planeswalker, where they were thrown back to Haruvan, in her childhood home precisely.
    She couldn't leave her friends and Miljivan behind, and began her final journey to save those lives.
    In that time she discovered Nyrea's power to dominate ancient monsters, the Summons. But Aeryn didn't want to be a Planeswalker, and after a long conversation with Nyrea, she gave up the spark for the sword. At that time only Nyrea's magic sword was a Planeswalker. Aeryn could never claim that power again, but living and dying with the one she loves beside her was Aeryn's best ambition.
    After arriving in Kiserova and fighting some monsters and dragons, she managed to save her friends, some citizens and, finally, Miljivan.

    Gradually the sun was setting on the horizon. Miljivan had not left her post at the ship's entrance, eyes closed and hands asking, for any spirit he might hear, to help Aeryn. Marian came close to her.

    - You should rest. It was a long journey and your prayers will certainly be answered, but now it's time to stop - Marian lowered Miljivan's hands, who seemed to cry.

    In the distance something shone as a reflection. Miljivan felt something and raised her head, opening her eyes looking for something. The reflection shone again around the corner. It was Aeryn, who walked calmly through her injuries. Miljivan did not move.

    Aeryn walked a little further and stopped in front of the ship, near the ship's entrance. She smiled when she saw Miljivan. Both were in the last rays of the sunset. They kept looking at each other, a look that showed peace. Nobody has moved yet.

    Aeryn took the first step towards Miljivan...

    THE END ... for Aeryn in the Tournament of Champions 3
    Thanks to everyone who followed the story of this character.


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    3 years after the events in Vosanova.

    Aeryn was sweating heavily wrapped in the blankets on her bed. It is not the first time that she has felt chills at night and being drunk on meaningless nightmares. That night was one of the worst. The nightmare was not limited to darkness and blades in the distance without being able to see where. In that nightmare a voice echoed loudly in her head, reminiscent of the defeat by the clutches of the Arkanai monster.
    She couldn't take it and jumped scared out of bed. Aeryn had never done that.
    Miljivan, who was sleeping next to her, also woke up without understanding what was going on, until he felt the scars on Aery's back wet with sweat.
    - Again those nightmares, Aeryn.
    - Yes, but this time I feel the darkness touch my face. The voice ... - Aeryn took a deep breath as she touched the throbbing forehead - the voice of that damned monster came to my head.
    She stood up and looked at Miljivan tenderly.
    - Go,- said Miljivan, understanding the situation. - I will miss you, but you have to do that. Just come back well this time.
    - I will,- Aeryn said, relieved.
    Quickly she took a shiny blue rounded stone from the nightstand beside the bed and put it to her ear, squeezing it lightly with her fingers. It was a kind of rune for communicating with Nyrea.
    - Nyrea. You are listening - Aeryn waited a few seconds.
    - I'm always my friend. What do you need this time? To call me in the middle of the night can only be about nightmares.
    - This time was different. He called me. Arkanai called me. At least an inferior form of it. I don't want to ask you that, but I need your help ... help to get back to Kosanova.
    Nobody answered for a while.
    - Meet me in Haruvan's main square, near the Julies Fountain.
    Aeryn wasted no time and already got her belongings and weapons, already imagining a long trip. She quickly said goodbye to Miljivan., So as not to again feel the pain of being away from the people she loves.
    It was not difficult to reach the water source, it was one of the busiest places in Haruvan. Much of the trade emerged from those streets that intersected in the famous square. It was after three in the morning, and the movement was almost non-existent. One or another bar was open to receive some lost, bored or early risers. Nyrea quickly emerged from the shadows that the few tall houses formed by the lamps lit around the square.
    - So you really want to go back there. Said Nyrea.
    - Yes. We need to tame that force. The sword has room for three runes to cast the Summons. I know that today Leviathan and our strength are already condensed into the sword, but I see that it is essential to drive that strength into that monster too, if only to confront the shadows if they ever return.
    - I understand, I really understand, but I think ...
    Suddenly Nyrea was interrupted by the blinking of the lamps until they went out for good. There was no wind. Nyrea's astral form drew her sword and Aeryn held her new sword to fight alongside the Planeswalker.
    - I like the new sword,- Nyrea smiled.
    - Later we talked about it - Aeryn was serious and did not take the focus of the darker shadows that came towards them.
    The darker shadows gathered right on top of the fountain, bringing a strong wind when each shadow bumped. They did not appear to be in Haruvan. It was no longer possible to see the tall houses, only the fountain consumed by the shadows, shadows that formed a woman's silhouette.
    - I stayed away for a long time. I made my own destiny and history - the shadow spoke - Gradually I will find you, but I am still far away. This time I want to see you in person, especially you Nyrea, my twin sister, I imagine.
    - What is it? - Shouted Nyrea, throwing herself into the shadows that reflected the blow of the sword and threw it away.
    - You are not in your domain. Don't let me down, sister. Soon I will be close to you.
    A face quickly emerged from the shadows with a macabre smile and black hair with purple highlights. That image soon disappeared when another shadow pulled her back into the darkness, the clutches of the Arkanai. A laugh echoed until everything cleared and the lamps re-lit. Time hadn't seemed to have passed in that strange apparition.
    - Yes - Nyrea said and paused for a while trying to understand what happened - Let's go to Kosanova.

    (Epilogue) - Past That Torments

    5 years after the events in Vosanova.

    The hooded woman was running nonstop peeking through trees and rubble during Ovan Nova's silent night. Getting there brought bitterness to the hooded woman's mouth, in addition to the difficulty of passing through the watchful armies who wanted to restore order in Vosanova. She didn't care about politics and had no idea how things were going in Vosanova. There was only one goal.
    Among the streets and rubble, some beings in humanoid form with a blackish and purple fur, as if they had been burned or consumed by something, with their arms dangling, grunted without purpose and did not care about the hooded one, who avoids crossing the path of those creatures. When needed, her sword shone and beheaded the creatures without fear.
    Finally she arrived at the entrance to the catacombs and went down as far as she could. Some studies and a lot of help from natives, mixed with local legends, made the puzzles to open the gates easier than expected. The place was old and many gears did not work and many stones blocked the way. In those moments, the sword, which had two specific stones in the hilt in a three-space lot, shone to give strength and cut the obstacles like butter.
    The further down, the darker the place became, lifeless and frightening with the heavy air, mixed with the sounds of grunts echoing between the stone arches that supported the chamber where the hooded woman had arrived.
    The place beyond the darkness had only an old and broken altar that held a kind of purple vapor with a kind of red-eyed creature trying to escape from what appeared to be his prison. It seemed to be the fragment of a visceral struggle there. The air got heavier.
    She came close to the altar and plunged the sword into the steam. In the three spaces of sword runes, lapis lazuli with a leviathan design and rune with a sword design in amber began to shine. The vapor began to be ferociously sucked into the free space. In the end the vapor turned into an amethyst with a design of a black flame. The place shuddered with a terrifying echo.
    The sound came from a sudden gale that gradually dissipated and threw the woman's hood away, which she quickly pulled away leaving only a pink streak showing.


  • Karyel reviewed his schedule, which was neatly organize into several classes.

    "Why am I learning magic? A sword and shield are enough to defeat any number of wizards." Karyel thought. "I suppose learning a couple of basic protective spells couldn't hurt."

    Karyel felt a light tap on his back. Startled, he spun around, seeing Guil standing and chuckling.

    "So, are you prepared for the duels?" Guil asked.

    "What duels?"

    "Have you not seen the bulletin? You're battling Ouen in the tournament."

    "Really? The one who only fights if absolutely necessary? He doesn't stand a chance."

    "I'm not so sure. The teachers have noticed quite a difference in behavior from him. Anyway, I think you should prepare for your classes."

    Guil turns and leaves.
  • Standing beside the other wannabe knights, Arya's gaze was full of scorn. Should be easy to get through this. I can tell these are all weaklings based on how they stand. After this, I shall murder all these pretenders.

    The schedule seemed easy enough as well. Dueling and shields she was already well versed in, and horse riding came naturally to her. Forge seemed easy enough at first glance, and History of Haruvan seemed easy, but boring. What she was really excited about was Runes and accessories, as well as Potions in general. Hopefully she'd finally be able to learn about the dark magic that haunted her blood. Curling her fist, a ball of red blood-like energy appeared, then disappeared. 

    Screaming filled the air, the blood of her sisters splattered across the floor, a man with a blood-spattered sword held in his hand. 'Scared little girl? You should be.' 

    Snapping out of the memory, Arya realized she was breathing hard, and attracted the attention of the strange spirit knight, Aki.

    "Are you ok? You seem to be breathing heavily." She said, eyes slightly concerned.

    "I would prefer to get through this ordeal with minimal contact. Goodbye." Turning away, Arya dismissed her with a flick of her hand.

    Starting towards her-

    No. Arya thought to herself. That is not me. That is someone else. I have no family. I was born in blood and flames.
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    While skulking around the halls of the school, Livold looked at his schedule.

    The first class that stood out the most to him was horse riding. Growing up in the slums, he had never seen a horse before, let alone ride one. He took note to himself that he must learn that skill immediately.

    "Most of these other classes seem easy", he thought to himself while looking at the rest of the classes. He felt especially confident in potions and runes, as he learned some of each from his old drinking buddy, Vaeroth.

    Just thinking of him made Livold conflicted. He hadn't talked to the warlock since he became "The Champion of the Shadows". He wanted to see his old friend again but knew that either he wouldn't recognize his new appearance, or would feel guilty about permanently distorting his face. Even if he wanted to look like himself before the incident, he forgot what he had originally looked like, so there was no turning back.

    After all of the other students looked at the pairings, Livold finally walked up to the board and looked for his opponent.

    Karyel vs Ouen and Gor vs Livold.

    "Pay attention to those two during classes", Livold told himself.

    Looking at his teammates, Livold took interest in Von Kostatin. His interaction with the masked figure that titled him "Champion of the Shadows" during the incident was very brief, so he didn't get to learn anything about them. Maybe he knows a little bit about who I met back then. Maybe I can finally understand a little more about what exactly happened to me.

    Walking away, Livold summarized to himself what he needed to do. Go to classes as Ouen in order to keep the disguise as a student who actually wants to learn, keep tabs on Karyel and Gor, and talk to Von Kostatin.

    This should be easy.
  • Here's a little more backstory to Ouen/Livold:

    Livold has disguised himself as hundreds of people in the past, but not one has piqued his interest as much as Ouen. Usually, when taking someone's life he only takes their appearance, so he doesn't even know the person's name.


    Livold's blades were dripping with blood. The blood of a young knight. While stalking this knight for a week, Livold had noticed that they acted much more casually, despite being part of a family from one of the higher social classes. As the blood dripped to the floor, Livold started seeing visions flashing in his mind non-stop. After a few seconds, he started to realize that these were the memories of the knight that he had just killed. The name Ouen kept ringing in his ear, and Livold started to feel a little guilty about the murder he had just done.

    These visions consisted of the young boy being told that he must become a knight. The boy replied with "But I don't want to be a knight. I want to work with animals!". The next visions were the ones that made Livold feel bad. An adult male, presumably the boy's father, started beating the boy, making nasty remarks about animals and his son. After the father had stopped beating the boy, he grabbed his son by the hair, and told him "If you don't become a knight, you are dead to me".

    Other visions told Livold that despite being beaten by his father numerous times, Ouen still cared about his parents and making them proud, but still wanted to follow his own dreams, so Livold thought that if he won this tournament as Ouen, he could at least give the dead knight a little peace in death.
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    Preparations for the first fights - Horse Racing


    The day was clear and sunny, the perfect climate to fill the stadium with the challenges of the riders. Unfortunately it was not yet the day of the clashes, but the day of organizing all the details, from vigilance to the new invention of Sguf, the magician enthusiastic about innovations. Miljivan and Dean Richard Bardón approached the wizard at the far end of the stadium, where instead of seating for people, he was isolated to place two large cauldrons and a giant glass screen that held the smoke from the cauldrons.
    - I imagine this is your new invention, - said Miljivan. - It looks a little big. A lot of space in the stadium is occupied. What exactly does that do, Sguf?
    Sguf came over, removing the strange glasses with leather straps. He smiled at the question and already controlled with his apprentices the potions that were thrown and stirred in the cauldrons.
    Sguf revered Miljivan and Bardón.
    - You will like this very much. It will be the greatest invention of the last decades, millennia. I am in love with this invention. This smoky canvas will bring more recognition to Haruvan and raise the region's business and tourism.
    - Okay, Sguf, just tell us what that paraphernalia would be. - said Bardón calmly.
    - So, - the magician went quickly to a chair where he had a remote control - do you remember the Cranket robot from the Tournament of Champions that Aeryn talked about several times in his speeches? So, even though this technology is not new, it woke me up to do something similar and studied its culture a lot.
    Sguf while talking moved the control until a thopter arrived at the stadium. The little robot was holding a potion and carrying an iron backpack with others. The robot, still stabilizing in the air, pointed that bottle with the potion towards Miljivan and Bardón and turned on a red light that passed through the bottle leaving the liquid inside in dark and boiling tones.
    - What is it? - Miljivan just took a step back looking for protection while Bardón drew his sword.
    - Don't point that thing at us, you nutcase. - shouted the dean.
    Sguf quickly turned the thopter and ran to explain.
    - Don't worry, it's not a weapon. The potion would be an image-mirroring potion, like a simple illusion potion. Look! - Sguf pointed to the smoke-filled glass screen.
    The smoke began to change slightly. Various colors emerged from the smoke, forming a rudimentary image, an image of Miljivan and Bardón. Both did not understand what he was seeing and seemed to follow their movements. Miljivan stopped and thought about what was going on until he was startled by pointing at the thopther.
    - This machine is painting in real time what you see by the potion - She was impressed - How is that possible?
    The magician was proud of his invention puffing out his chest and putting his glasses back on.
    - I call this ‘’tecnomagic’’. I have more of these machines to accompany the competitors in the horse race and try something different in the fights inside the stadium. Everyone was impressed, thrilled and excited to be able to accompany all the knights.
    - Congratulations - interrupted Bardón - If this really works on the day of the event, you will be very rewarded.
    - Thank you Dean.
    After Sguf's revelation, they continued to tidy up the details of the stadium. The guards already knew their functions, the snack stands were strategically placed in and out of the coliseum, reinforced the guard to protect invention and other details until the sun finally began to hide on the horizon.


    On the way back to Knights' School, near the main entrance, the carriage carrying Miljivan and Bardón stopped abruptly with screams of despair among the trees on the wall. They quickly got out of the carriage to help anyone. The guards surrounded Miljivan to protect her, while the rector just ran faster with the sword in hand, making the guards unable to follow immediately.


    Kostantin was smoking quietly at the school gates. He was obviously old, but he knew that the knights were so straightforward as to fill his patience with it. He saw the dean's carriage coming in the distance, when a nearby shout caught everyone's attention.
    Kostantin turned away from being seen and followed the knights who left the carriage to the trees near the wall.
    When he got close without anyone noticing, he just heard Miljivan fighting with someone. He tried to adjust his vision in the dark to see what was going on, but he knew he would have to get close.
    - What are you doing out of school at this time of night? - Miljivan shouted to some students who were playing a rune game and dating the hidden ones. Drinks were found in the bags - I was young as you were, but these walls are the security that we entrust to your parents.
    Kostantin approached as much as everyone had noticed him. The young people were crying a lot.
    A body. A dead body lay on the floor with no clothes on and white eyes.
    It would probably resonate, but he knew that the dean would do his best to investigate without causing a fanfare in the competition. Kostantin seemed to recognize the body, but did not remember where. He forgot that he was among the knights and held up a cigarette.
    - No cigarette, kid. - a guard pulled out of Kostantin's mouth and immediately went out.
    Bardón stood up and spoke loudly.
    - We will resolve this as soon as possible. Take the boys to my office and the boy Kostantin too - said the Dean pointing to Kostantin - I hope this is just a fatality, because if we have any enemies close, we will have bigger problems than just a possible cancellation of the tournament. Take them all. And take care of the body, the boy didn't deserve that fate.
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    Aki was... a little disappointed with her first contact with one of her teammates, Arya. And thus, the spirit decides to try a different approach. Sneaking behind Arya, Aki tried to learn more about her teammate, but only got the general impression of them hiding something. Arya definitely wasn't alright, and even her stone cold mask couldn't hide that.
    Eventually, Aki grows bored and decides to consult the schedule she was given. Nothing really stood out for her except... horse riding. The last time she tried riding a horse it did... not go well. Hopefully it goes better this time.
    Aki gets up and dashes through the halls, rushing to her first class.
  • Raeyla was angry, this wasn't uncommon however. The young warrior had found much of her strength in anger, but this anger was the kind she didn't like -frustration- she didn't want to be here. Walking through these clustered halls and having to sit through long lectures about the "amazing accomplishments of the knights of old". At least she was able to go outside and run with Verlock during horseback riding, but the small amounts of time were not quite what she needed.

    "This is all his fault" she thought of her father, the leader of the Wild-lands people, "Why did he send me here? What purpose could this possible serve?", she paused and slowly took in a deep breathe, she needed to calm down. She would have a fight in a few days and needed to be ready. "I should find my teammates, figure out a strategy"  then the warrior went of the get to her classes for the day.

  • @FourEyesIsAFish
    Having overslept, due to nightmares from a different life, Arya dashed through the halls, growing later and later, and suddenly crashed into a not quite real figure. Letting out a small "oh!" of shock, Arya quickly got back to her feet.

    "Sorry," she murmured. She immediately turned around, and ran into the horse riding class, her sword bouncing at her waist.

    "Wait!" Aki called. Turning around, Arya cocked her head with a questioning look. 

    "You forgot this," she said, holding up a ball of intertwined red strings, the red color strangely looking a bit like blood. Arya's face turned dark, and in a quick jump, she leapt over, grabbing it out of her hands. 

    "Thanks," she said quickly, a small tremble of fear in her voice. She tucked it deep inside one of the spaces in her armor, and she ran into class, much quicker than before.

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    Aki had no idea what the strings were, but something in them was calling to her...

    No matter. Aki dashes over to class, her semi-tangible feet only tenuously on the ground
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