Haruvan - Knight School Tournament



  • Kostantin - Meeting with the dean

    The dean's office was clean, organized, and wide open. Several shelves full of books filled the walls of the place and in the center a half-painted globe attracted attention as well. Kostantin, with a good investigator, was already beginning to wonder about the partially painted globe, but he was soon interrupted by the dean's voice in his mind.
    - Many of you have had your lives raised in field reports - Bardón told Kostantin, who did not seem surprised to be investigated before entering school - Others on the other hand are still an enigma for our knights. But that's not what you're here for.
    - The damn body out of school. I know that. I'm an investigator and you want to help me.
    Bardón cut it off with a long, flashy gesture
    - On the contrary. I want you to stay away from this subject. The body was found outside the school premises and this investigation will remain with the local guard. The school will position itself, but we will not make any fanfare to damage the tournament. I confess if this had happened inside the school we would have a serious problem.
    - So you asked me not to investigate?
    - Wrong place at the wrong time, young man - said Bardón - You appeared at the crime scene at the same time as the others. I had to be alert.
    Kostantin forgot that he did not have a cigarette and involuntarily made the movement with his fingers in his mouth. He soon realized that he was acting strange.
    - I'm sorry to inform my dear dean, but I can't ignore that. It is not every day that a naked body is found near a major event. I will definitely investigate.
    Bardón just sighed, but not surprisingly.
    - I understand. Just stay away from the students at that school. Know that you will have no support from any of our knights. In short what I mean is to avoid trouble.
    Kostantin smiled sarcastically.
    - I am an exemplary student and knight. You do not need to worry about me. Until I cross the line, or if no one catches me, I can't be eliminated from the tournament. I read the contract I signed.
    Bardón rose and slowly followed the knight to the door.
    - I hope so, young man.
    Kostantin left with a slight bow to the dean, impatiently holding the lighter in his pockets.
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    During Lessons - Part 1

    The room was not full for the theory of forging. As the foreign students would take turns with the others, they made a different schedule for the tournament. Those present at that moment were just Karyel, Arya, Jake, Rayela and Evelyn.

    For years the forge was carried out in bronze boilers ...

    Rayela didn't understand it and hated being there, but she was looking for the most in her strength to survive those hours. After a few minutes she took a pencil and started scratching nonstop on the school desk and when she got sick she drew it without anyone noticing a small knife to continue the job.
    Karyel was also bored.
    - Where are you from Evelyn? - spoke down Karyel - We will have to start interacting and plan something in the fights and challenges.
    - I'm from Haruvan right here - she stretched her neck to speak better Evelyn - And you?
    - From Theros.
    - I never heard of that kingdom.
    - It would be another plan.

    Shssss. Class silence.
    As I was saying, the hot liquid was gradually poured ...

    Karyel paid a little attention in class until she caught Evelyn's attention.
    - It wouldn't be from this world, but we'll talk better later.
    Evelyn nodded, kind of already thinking Karyel was crazy about speaking in other worlds. Soon she remembered the stories of Planeswalkers and that left her with a strong thought of being able to be in front of one. She quickly passed on that idea. It made no sense for a Planeswalker to duel in a tournament of young knights.
    Sitting in the front row, Jake didn't seem to react. At no time did he take off his armor and no one was sure what his face looked like or if it was empty armor.
    The bell rang and the lesson ended. After all the students left, the teacher observed a destroyed school desk from a distance. The school desk belonged to Rayela.
  • Aki walked by the forging classroom as Evelyn said that it made no sense for a Planeswalker to duel in the tournament. The spirit chuckled and thought to herself 'It makes no sense unless you're a planeswalker'.
  • Karyel nodded off to sleep during class, snoring lightly. He was soon startled awake by Ouen, who was standing in front of him, frowning.

    "You should focus more on your classes more. You'll fail if you don't study." Ouen scolded him.

    "I will do what I want. Keep out of my business."

    Suddenly, something shifted in Ouen. Just a split second before he changed right back to normal. Karyel had better keep an eye on him.

    "Bye" Karyel said, leaving Ouen alone in the room.
  • Living Room - Part 1

    For better interaction and coexistence of the competitors within the school, Miljivan released a space for mutual coexistence. The place was open and well ventilated, made for up to sixteen people at the same time, with wide armchairs, a cozy fireplace and some non-alcoholic drinks at will. The ceiling had a dark painting that clashed a little with the place, but that together with the shadows of the flames seemed more cozy.
    Jake was sitting by the fireplace feeling the heat of the flames, without expressing any movement or sign of sweat. Elsewhere, Evelyn was stretched out in another armchair reading some book on runes next to Elph, which she didn't seem to have any intention of engaging in conversation at that moment. At the liquor stand, Kostantin just complained about stirring the ices without a drink with alcohol.
    With strides striking the floor, Karyel appeared walking towards his teammates. He took off his helmet and sat in the armchair across from Evelyn.
    - You didn't seem very believing when you said you were out of this world - Karyel snapped.
    Evelyn down the book, frowning.
    - I doubted it at first, but there are still people who can get through multiverse portals, I think - Evelyn lowered the book once and for all - I know you're not a Planeswalker, so how did you get into this world? Do you remember anything?
    Karyel nodded for a while and positioned her back better on the armchair cushions. He seemed to be trying to pull something out of memory, but to no avail.
    - I don't remember how I got into that world. I remember the wars, my training and the family, but not how I got here.
    A voice from afar intervened in the conversation.
    - I think I know - Iona spoke loudly - You are from Sandars. This armor did not fool me knight of the west.
    Knight Karyel jumped out of the chair confused and ready for a fight.
    - Of course not. I am from the distant realm of Theros. This armor has been mine since my last victory.
    Iona raised her hands in a gesture of peace and walked away a little.
    - All right, champion. Whoever spoke is no longer here, but research about it. This armor of yours from afar is that Theros.
    Karyel gritted his teeth and took his helmet and left the room fiercely. Iona smiled and went to the counter to get some cold drink.


    At the end of the night, few were left. Evelyn and Elph started walking exhausted to their rooms. The corridors were silent and with a light cold wind at night. Near the main staircase, saying nothing, Evelyn took another path. Elph was surprised and even though she didn't want to start talking, she raised her voice to get Evelyn's attention.
    - Evelyn, this is the wrong place. The dorm is over here,
    - I know - she said. - I have business to attend to. Go ahead. Do not worry about me.
    Elph nodded without understanding and went up the stairs. It was strange that time of night Evelyn changed the route, but she didn't want to start a lot of conversation with her and went back to thinking about strategies for the challenge that was approaching.
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  • That's right...Karyel is from Sandars.

    Ok, just kidding, he found a planar bridge built by the ancients. He used it to teleport to Haruvan.

  • The night was young, and Arya sat in an armchair, sitting with all her fellow classmates.
    Let's see. Von Kostantin, seems fine. Has some weird dark magic aura, but one to stay away from. Raeyla seems like a savage, unaccustomed to the ways of civilization. Still, she seems like one to stay away from. Aki seems nice enough, one to possibly make allies with. Iona feels like another to ally with, but potentially one to watch. Karyel seems like one not to mess with, but feels easy enough to beat. Elph also feels easy enough to beat in a battle, but much harder to fight than Karyel. Jake feels like a complete idiot. A knight without a sword? Easy to best, even if he uses magic. My magic is greater than all those in this tournament combined. Now Ouen. Another one who is easy to best in a fight. Why did they make this so easy?
  • I just added a little bit of description to Ouen's character back where I first entered into this.
  • Karyel looked around, making sure nobody was around before he crept down the stairs to the dungeons. He heard it even before he saw it. A soft pulse, a rhythmic beat was resonating through the area. Soon after walking a few more steps, he saw a light blue glow. Reaching the bottom, he realized he sounds and light were being emitted by a small butterfly. Upon close examination, he figured it was one of Ouen's "faeries" that were always circling him. But its wings were clipped off...

    I should return this.

    Ascending the stairs, he reached Ouen's chamber, and opened the door to an unpleasant surprise.

    "Livold!" Karyel shouted, jumping back.

    After settling himself, he walked back into the room, where Livold was sitting on the bed. "What in Thassa's name are you doing here?"

    "I might ask the same of you." Livold replied, preparing to leave.

    Livold left, leaving Karyel alone.

    Note to self: Keep an eye on Livold. Track him. Who he most often stands by. Where he goes. I will not let him out of my sight.
  • I know that Kostantin isn't my character, but I think that this little bit sounds much better from his perspective, rather than Livold's perspective.


    Once everyone else left to get some sleep, Kostantin got up and walked out onto the small balcony. Knowing that this would be one of the only times that nobody would complain about him smoking, he pulled out his lighter and a cigarette.

    After a few minutes of smoking and staring off into the night sky, Kostantin felt a chill go down his spine as he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he came face to face with Livold. Usually, Kostantin was able to sense the presence of a divine or demonic being, so they didn't really take him by surprise. However, he had never felt this feeling of terror before as, he couldn't even tell that Livold was there until he was tapped on the shoulder.

    "Ah! You startled me there!" Kostantin said, trying to keep his voice down.

    "I hear you are very knowledgable in the unknown?" asked Livold, "I've come looking for your expertise".

    "If you're looking for a demon or other evil spirit, you've come to the right person!" Kostantin pompously proclaimed. "What are you looking for?"

    "I'm gonna let you in on a little secret," Livold explained. "I haven't always been like this. I used to look like a human being. About eight years ago, I woke up one night in this shadowy world, and a figure in a wooden mask gave me these weapons and titled me the 'champion of the shadows'. The next thing I knew, I was lying down in an alleyway, looking like this. Would you happen to know anything about who I met or where I could have gone?"

    "Sorry, can't say that I do", apologized Kostantin, "though I could try and look into it for you. Did you just wake up randomly in this world, or do you know if someone cast a spell on you? A ritual perhaps? How about a portal?"

    "I drank a potion that an old warlock friend of mine made. If you want to look for him, his name is Vaeroth."

    "Gotcha." Kostantin nodded his head, writing the name down on a piece of paper.

    "I understand that you have heavy payment on investigations. How much will I owe you?"

    "Seeing as we are on the same team, I'll consider it a favor just this once. Though if you would bring me fresh cigarettes and alcohol from time to time, that would be great."

    "Done. I'll make sure you get those things every few days." Livold said, handing Kostantin a bottle of some alcoholic drink and a pack of cigarettes seemingly from out of thin air.

    "Great. I will look into this for you to the best of my abilities."


    And with that, Livold had vanished into the night as quickly as he appeared.
  • Aki was a bit worn out after her first day of classes. That "injury" she has wasn't helping either. She decides to rest it out, just heading to bed.
  • Living Room - Part 2

    In one of the days that passed before the first challenges, the living room was not used much during the day. All knights were occupied with several practical and theoretical classes. Not everyone saw each other and not always members of the same team took the same class. The interaction between them in the beginning was difficult, not even the members of the team themselves made conversation.
    The following night Livold and Ouen's presence was noticed. They talked by the fireplace without caring for the others. No one was close enough, only Iona who tried to overhear the conversation without success. Livold avoided looking at Ouen as he spoke, while clenching his fist and looking down. Ouen kept getting his attention that he didn't seem to like being there. Ouen noticed that the atmosphere started to get more crowded and smiled at everyone with a small bow, ending the conversation with Livold and leaving. Not long afterwards, in an abrupt manner and without speaking to his teammates, Livold left the place angrily.
    All around those two was strange. Iona felt that she had something strange there.
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  • Iona trailed after Livold. She wasn’t especially good at being stealthy, but he seemed to be preoccupied. Probably with what he and Ouen had been talking about, she thought. He’d seemed to be angry about whatever it had been.

    Iona ducked behind a pillar as Livold turned around. He looked around the corridor, looking for whatever he’d noticed, before turning and walking on. After a moment, Iona followed, only to find that her teammate had vanished.

    Sighing, Iona turned to head back. She’d keep an eye on him, even though whatever was going on with him gave her goosebumps. It wasn’t like the zombie she’d heard about; it was more of a feeling she’d gotten when she’d first met him. Konstantin wasn’t so bad, thinking back on it. He was odd, sure, but so was everyone else. Iona wondered why he carried around that lighter

    Probably a lucky charm, she thought.

  • Raeyla's classes were going well, and by that she mean that the teachers had almost given up on trying to instruct her. But that was fine, Raeyla didn't come here to learn, she came here to fight and she was looking forward to it. "I'll show him. I'll show him I'm capable of helping."  The young knight could remember the day that her father had sent her away with a clarity that only anger could keep.

    It was cold, she had just gotten back from hunting with Verlock and a gentle snow had started falling over the encampment. Things were unnaturally quiet, normally people would be gathered around fires at night singing songs and sharing meals but instead everyone was huddled into their homes a tense silence hanging over the village. She rushed to her father's home the structure made of pelts and logs rested at the back of the village, she opened the door "Father somethings off everyo-" she stopped what she was saying gathered in the front room was a collection of the village's warriors they were gathered around a long table with a map of the Wild-Lands spread out on it talking in hushed tones. At the back her father silently looked up at her,

    "Raeyla, good to see you have returned."

    "What's going on?"

    "I have good news, I've found an opportunity for you to improve, there's a school of knights holding  tournament in the land outside, I think you could go." Reayla looked at him in shock,

    "What do you mean? What's going on with the village?" Her father's gaze fell to the floor, he looked back up at his daughter,

    "Earlier today while you were gone, a messenger from the Northern Tribes came, they have declared war on us, but I don't want you to worry about it. I'm sending you to this knight's tournament, I think it will be beneficial for you!"

    "You're sending me away? Right when the village needs me the most?"

    "That's not it Raeyla, I'm trying to help you!"

    "You just think I'm not strong enough!"

    "No, I'm tr-"

    "This was his idea wasn't it!" she pointed at Garret, he a knight from the land outside, an outsider. "He's trying to get me away from you!" Raeyla didn't trust Garret, he had shown up a month ago and had been acting suspicious ever since.

    "Garret suggested this path but I am making the final call" her father was getting angry now,

    "No, I'm staying! I'll prove to you that I'm strong enough! I don't need some school to get better!"

    "Thats enough!" her father was yelling now, "You will respect my decision! You will attend this school, and that is final!"

    Their argument ended there, she didn't want to push the issue. But even now she wished she had, "I'll win this tournament, and when I do I'll show him it was a mistake to send me away."  she left the lounge for her next class. It was forging, normally she would just ignore the instructor and day dream of her home, maybe today instead she could pay attention, couldn't hurt to give it a try.
  • Aki's classes were going alright. The instruction was far more structured than her previous experiences as a student, which was an... interesting shift for Aki. However, she adjusted fairly quickly, and now has found her niche. Even horse riding was going fairly well for the circumstances. 

    Dueling practice was Aki's strong suit. Despite being mostly a spellcaster, Aki's nimbleness and quick wit made her a formidable duelist, even if she was outclassed in strength and durability. 

    However, still Aki felt something missing. A beating hole at her core which threatened to consume her in its void. Her past. Aki's history was gone, cut off by a black blade. And its wounds still haunt her now. Especially now.

    Aki awakens in a sweat, her body wracked in pain. She gets up and tries to do something to take her mind off the pain. Nothing works.

    She tries whipping up a herbal remedy for herself. It dulls the pain somewhat. 

    Good enough.
  • First Battle Horse Racing- Introduction

    The day of the first team duel had arrived. The sun, as in the past few days, was bright and barely hid behind the clouds. The citizens of Haruvan were already lined up to pick up the best seats, while taking advantage of the various sweet and savory stalls set up near the arena. Classic training games and challenges for the knights, such as jousting, were set up on a smaller and safer scale for young children to enjoy the tournament atmosphere. Also, as always, the wealthiest citizens cut the lines and had their seats defined, as well as the best views.
    Miljivan and Bardón were already accommodated in the booths in the middle of the arena, with a clear view and facing the big smoke screen. And it was exactly that amazing invention that attracted the eyes and murmurs of all the spectators who settled in the arena. Sometimes one or the other would make a mistake when eating popcorn trying to understand the screen.
    While Sguf gave his show to the audience explaining his new invention, Bardón felt that Miljivan was very tense sitting on the adorned throne near the balcony. With every word by Sguf and demonstration by the thopters, the throbbing went crazy and Miljivan just squinted and rubbed his hands like a prayer.
    - You don't look well - said Bardón. - You needn't worry. Everything is well aligned with all sectors of Haruvan. Nothing will get out of control. I happen to have something I should know.
    Miljivan stopped rubbing his hands.
    - No. At least not yet - She turned her face without changing much of an expression for the rector and soon turned her attention to the arena. Bardón was only slightly curious and confused and also turned his attention to the arena.

    Karyel and Ouen seemed to absorb the excitement of the inhabitants of Haruvan screaming with excitement in the arena. Inside the arena, looking through the bars, they could already see the horses being lined up at the beginning of the race. All of them had embroidered with the competitors' names.
    - All the young knights of Haruvan when they graduate go to the big green field to choose their first horse - said Evelyn going to the grid - This first spiritual bond is unique, but people like us only receive those already domesticated and who will never have a bond with us .
    - Today will be an easy victory, I guarantee i - said Karyel, patting Evelyn on the shoulder.
    Moments later, two knights appeared to explain the latest details about the challenge. It would be a little long. First they would have to make five laps within the arena's boundaries, and when the knight-judge, near the gate, gave the signal, they would ride across the borders and streets of Haruvan. All locations were marked and it would not be possible to get lost. Near the end, they will have the forest trail, which would be the place authorized by Bardón for the use of weapons and extinct knights. Death, as always. is prohibited, and falling off the horse generates disqualification. Now, with Sguf's invention, it was possible to carry out this challenge over a long distance. Upon arriving at the arena again, five more laps and the end of the challenge.
    - May the best team win - said the knight, opening the arena gate.
    With each step of the knights entering the arena, citizens vibrated like never before. Miljivan started rubbing his wrist again.
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    First Battle - Circuit Points
    Horse Racing





    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
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