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    Fight! - Second Battle Team Duel

    The fight was fierce and busy. The audience's shouting and encouragement to their chosen champions was an extra spice in the arena. Most of the fighters' blows were trimmed by swords, axes and daggers. A lot of dust was raised with each wrong blow or magic launched into the air.
    Iona and Raeyla were fighting fiercely and it seemed that the members of each team did not want to disturb their concentration. At first Kostantin even tried, but received a sore foot by Raeyla and turned his attention to trying to tame Verlock and Nameless with his magic. Raeyla didn't like that at all.
    On the other side, Jake was completely still, just nodding towards the members of the other team. Livold did not seem concerned about attacking him and returned his blades to Gor. From this fight, a hidden and very dark force hung in the air at every chance to pierce the enemy's body. The audience felt the heavy air around this duel.
    Iona was not overwhelmed by the strength of Raeyla's axe and in a small carelessness when trying to call Verlock, Iona knocked down her opponent, mobilizing instantly. Verlock felt it fleeing Kostantin's magic and throwing himself at him, knocking Nameless down with him. Iona soon noticed the uproar and went away looking for Jake in the middle of the arena, who was also the target of Livold who had trapped Gor in the wall with his blades, having to draw a magic sword to go towards Jake.
    Jake was still calm.
    Jake still showed no emotion.
    Jake exploded lightning bolts in his hand, driving all enemies away.
    Jake had woken up and was furious and was spitting rays through all the openings in the armor.
    Jake was not the same.
    The fight seemed to have changed its tune. Kostantin was still recovering from the blow of the bear, who seemed unconscious beside him. Gor's horse, on the other side, went to his master trying to remove the blades from the wall. Iona and Livold tried to get close to Jake without much success. The knight drew a kind of sword in the form of condensed rays and from a distance tried to hit his enemies.
    - What are we going to do Livold? - shouted Iona
    - I do not ideal - he replied in the thunder. Not even the audience could observe.
    The more they tried to get closer, the more Jake cornered the knights near the arena gate. They had to try something and fast before the rays burned all the way around. Even without showing a face, the helmet seemed to smile and enjoy what was happening. With each step more rays came out of the armor and consumed the arena.
    Kostantin finally woke up and began to think of some magic to cushion that being, which did not appear to be human, but moments later the entire arena was consumed by lightning and dust and then with a great explosion. The audience couldn't say what had happened until the dust cleared.
    Moments later, those closest to the audience commented.
    - I want to see how they will define the winners after that.
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    Second Battle - Circuit Points - Team Duel - Winner!



    Kostantin, Iona and Livold were the winners of this duel. Don't forget that they still faced the other two teams before the eliminations took place. The table with points will be posted later, but with the classification below it is possible to get a sense of the individual rank.
    They are not yet authorized to make a card with CMC 5, but they can make a new CMC 3 card to replace the current one if you feel necessary. 

    Unfortunately, in the end the victory did not come, but there were still two more duels before the eliminations. You can make a new CMC 3 card to replace the current one if you think it is necessary

    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.


    After the fight

    When the dust finally settled in the arena, it was possible to see the damage from the explosion. The knights tried to get up to compose themselves, while Jake's armor was shattered and spread across the arena. There was no body in place. The audience was apprehensive and did not understand anything.
    Kostantin, who had protected himself with magic, snapped his fingers making a deafening sound silencing everyone in the arena. He had everyone's attention.
    - Calm down, - he said, - Jake was just living armor. He had no body and whoever is manipulating his actions is not here - he pointed to Bardón - Dear rector, you have a big problem here.
    Bardón jumped out of his chair with extreme fury looking at Kostantin, turning and walking away quickly. He needed to speak to the recruiters. It was unforgivable that they had passed on disembodied armor in the tournament.

    Preliminary classification (table will be done better with more results)
    1st Iona, 2nd Livold, 3rd Raeyla, 4th Konstantin, 5th Gor, 6th Jake.
  • Karyel stood by the fireplace, silently thanking the gods for this small victory. He and the others would need to prepare and strategize if they wanted to win the next circuit.

    "Elph!" Karyel called.

    Elph walked over, carrying a cup of water in her hands.

    "Let us prepare for the next round."

  • Gor sat down after this failed battle. For a second he thought bad things about the victorious knights - there names were Kostantin, Iona and Livold - then he opened his history books. He did a lot of reading in Haruvan - it was his only entertainment. 

    That was when he heard footsteps - not just any footsteps - clanking sinister, spine-tingling footsteps. The door swung open. The scribe - quite a scary scribe too - stomped in.

    "You must be Gor," he said. "My, I've heard stories." Gor raised his head. "Yes, that's me," Gor growled. "And what are you doing in my private library?" The scribe scowled.
    "I came to tell you something."
    "Well, Gor, you shouldn't be here. I heard stories about life."
    "Yes?" Gor repeated.
    "You are a trickster. An undead, terrifying, trickster."
    "Just because I'm a zombie doesn't mean I'm a murderer."
    "You were part of Uhajlhlie's army."
    "Yes, and I left. Then killed him. I'm a hero."
    "That's where you are wrong," He scowled again. "You killed countless on your quest to do so." Gor nodded. "Evil people," He turned his head. "And could we continue this argument later? Say this eve? I'm busy now." 

    Later, Gor won the argument and stayed put. But something else was on his mind. The scribe seemed strangely occupied, something was on his mind - and not something good at that matter - like he knew something he shouldn't......

  • Iona stretched and sat down on a chair beside her bed. She'd enjoyed fighting Raeyla during the team duel. The Wild-Lands knight was a challenge, and Iona enjoyed challenges. She hoped that the other woman would be able to continue in the tournament.
    The young knight looked up at the ceiling. Speaking of the team duel, what had Jake done? He'd exploded, of course, but why? Why had Konstantin said there had never been a body?
    "Who are you, Jake?" Iona said to the empty room. "What are you?" She thought for a second and added, "Were you? Are you. Were you?"
    After a moment, the young knight sat up and clapped her hands. No reason to dwell on grammar or the past at a time like this. Glory was hers, and she needed to act on it, be ready to keep it. Picking up her family sword, Iona walked out of her room and towards the training ground.
  • Raeyla hated losing, and the last battle hadn’t gone exactly to plan, “Maybe if my team had done something then we could’ve won.” She stewed for a second hiding out on one of balconies that overlooked the school’s vibrant courtyard. A large paw fell onto her leg and she looked up her stream of angered thought broken by her friend.

    Verlock had seen better days, the healers did their best to patch him up but whatever magic bed knocked him unconscious still lingered. Nevertheless the bear still had that calm look that he always had in his eyes, “Rawrg” the bear spoke out in a broken yawn,

    ”I know, I shouldn’t get mad about things I can’t control”


    ”I know, Loss is just a chance to become better,”


    ”Don’t bring may father into this, it’s his fault I’m even here!” The bear jumped back at Raeyla’s retort, she felt guilt instantly reaching out to console her friend, “Sorry Big Guy, I shouldn’t have said that!” She reached out a hand scratched behind his ears. “I’m just angry, and tired” the bear placed a paw on her forehead reciprocating her affection,


    ”Yeah I miss home to, but we can’t go just yet I need to win so I can prove myself.” She stood up and thought, “Clearly I need to get stronger, and I need someone to help me do that.”


    Raeyla entered the knights lounge, she was looking for Iona. Luckily the other student was reclining in one of the armchairs next to the fire. Raeyla hurried over awkwardly stepping into Iona’s view,

    ”Hey thanks for the fight you’re not so bad with a sword. I’m looking for someone to help me train, would you be willing to spar sometime?”
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    Infirmary - Part 1
    The infirmary was not very busy for a school that uses combat with training, that's what Kostantin thought, sitting next to the stretcher where all the pieces of Jake's armor were. The rest were treated quickly and went to their chores and dormitories. The animals were also treated. The school had a large veterinary field due to the care of the horses. Kostantin fiddled with his diary trying to find something he may have seen before about Jake's magic.
    An uproar outside made him keep the diary and try to listen to the conversation. The doors to the infirmary quickly opened and Dean Bardón with some guards and a magician came in gesturing to the local nurses. Bardón soon noticed Kostantin's presence.
    - I see you were curious about this particular case of magic - said Bardón.
    - It is not every day that you see a puppet of this aptitude. But I wonder why you're here with a magician.
    Bardón again shot the smartass Kostantin with his gaze. The magician soon broke off the tension and greeted him.
    - Nice to meet you, I'm Kalil, one of the chief magicians of the Haruvan school. What you said in the arena was not necessary. We could have circumvented this situation and now, until we find out who is behind it, we need to use other means to raise our friend - Kalil, after speaking, stretched his neck to look at Jake's armor. Kostantin understood everything.
    - Gain time. Intriguing - Kostantin said while holding Jake's helmet and with a quick gesture and two magic words, he stuck a kind of mystical tattoo on the back of the helmet - I think this will help a little.
    The armor soon started to move and with the rays of Jake's strength joined until the armor was new and conscious.
    - Exactly - Kalil said - Praise your magic, but still not long lasting. I will reinforce it. Our friend doesn't speak, but he must continue to fight ... until we find out who was commanding him. The tournament cannot stop.
    - You really know how to deal with situations like that - Kostantin said ironically as he left the infirmary.
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    Living Room - Part 2
    After another exhausting day of training and classes, Evelyn and Elph again headed for the dorms. The night was clear and everything around seemed to catch Evelyn's attention. Elph noticed this.
    - I'll need to solve some problems first. You can go ahead Elph.
    - Again - she said, tired by the situation of her friend - I need your help with the homework they passed. In that mess in the living room, I didn't learn anything you taught me.
    - I'll help - said Evelyn placing her hands on the shoulder of her friend and teammate - I won't be long this time. See you later - Evelyn ran the other way with a smile on her face and gesturing an even more with her hands.
    Elph wouldn't let the curiosity pass again and followed Evelyn.
    Throughout the journey, she noticed Evelyn apprehensive and with no sign of her owl. They passed through the garden, through the training ground, until they reached an isolated cabin, but still inside the school. Elph was well behind to avoid being seen and the visibility of that place was not the best. Evelyn entered the cabin.
    Elph sharpened her fairy senses to try to hear the conversation. Just murmurs, ntil something seemed to have broken in there and Evelyn's voice rose. Moments later she left the cabin angrily slamming the door. Visibility was poor. A woman left the cabin to try to call Evelyn, but she just bowed her head. She tried to force her senses to see who she was, but she only noticed the hair color that was red as fire.
    - Evelyn can't come back before me - Elph told herself, spreading her wings to go faster.
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    The day after the last duel, the mural was updated with the two fights, in addition to the fights of the other Haruvan knights, the Haruvan Champions. Aki was the first to arrive and read the teams' upcoming duels.

    Third Battle - Circuit Points




    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
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    Fourth Battle - Circuit Points
    Chariot Race





    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
  • Elph was concerned from the night before with Evelyn. "What was that all about? Who was she talking to?" She made a point to watch everyone who passed through the halls, looking out for the fire red hair. As Elph arrived at the mural, reading the contests, she wondered if it could have been Iona. "Evelyn wouldn't try to throw the match, would she?" She didn't know if it was her distrust of humans or true concern that fueled her suspicions. When Karyel spoke to her she was snapped out of her thoughts.

    "Oh! Thank you actually. I have to admit I've never been very good with horses, and after that last round it really shows." She told heavily armored knight. The armor made it easier for to talk plainly with him, even if she was embarrassed by her poor performance. "I think making a plan would be a very good idea."

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    Iona smiled, glad to be distracted from the upcoming joust. "You did well yourself. I'm always up for sparring, especially with someone as skilled as you are. Besides, I won't pass up an opportunity to see what you can do without the stress of an organized duel."
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    Aki decided to go to the knight's lounge for a little bit, holding a book that no one could read the strange script of. She sat down and began to read.

    The review seems to have sharpened her senses slightly and enhanced some of her magical skills. Aki feels better after it, at least. Time to start getting ready for that chariot race.

    Aki's new signature, Predictive Parry
  • The Kostantin's diary

    Iona was unwell and decided not to get out of bed that morning. The dormitory was separated between teams, but with different places for women and men. After feeling bored in bed, she went to rummage through her companions' belongings and see if they had anything to help her with her next fights. At least that was what went on in Iona's mind.
    Oddly Kostantin had forgotten his diary at the head of the bed. He emanated a strange force and with curiosity she began to read. Many things were in strange languages ​​and it was difficult to decipher, but one of the passages caught the eye, even by the date of writing.

    The body found dead outside the knights' school was that of Frederic van Brahn, a knight from a noble family in Haruvan. It looks like a commissioned murder work, but it was done with much sloppiness.
    I found out that he was among the knights in the preliminary fights, but disappeared during the breaks. Too weird.
    Some natives reported greater movement in the killer clan near the tournament border. It looks like they get together at a bar called ‘‘Night Moon'' after 01:00. Haruvan's policy appears to have an agreement with them to avoid a silent war. Interesting.
  • Aki woke up and walked through the school, soon arriving at her destination: the dueling arena. She soon began to wait for her "opponent" to show herself.

    She didn't have to wait long. Arya's blood-red robe soon became visible. "Are you sure you're ready for this? I'm not going to go easy on anyone, especially not you."

    Aki smiled. "I'm always ready"

    The sounds of parrying blades filled the arena as Aki and Arya clashed blades. Blood and fire clashed as the two combatants launched spells and counterspells. Aki managed to dodge most of Arya's strikes, but was generally unable to capitalize on the opportunity. Both knights seemed evenly matched. 

    Eventually, both stowed away their blades. Both of them had tried their hardest. Neither of them had come out on top.

    "...good...fight" Aki said, exhausted from the duel.

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    The Karyel's Dream

    The library was busy that day, but Karyel managed to find a good secluded spot in the back. Since Iona's provocation, he has been curious about the people of Sandars. It was notable that many of the engravings referred to the colors and model of his armor. Sandars was a nomadic city or north-west of Haruvan. A people with great explorer scientists. Suddenly Karyel was surprised by a shadow and closed the book quickly.
    - I see you are researching Sandars - said Iona, craning her neck. - Don't take it seriously, it was just a joke.
    - I know - he replied without raising his head - I need to go now, it's late,


    Karyel's night was not the best. The dreams were heavy and the sweat was cold. He felt himself in Theros again, but on fire and a lot of soot in the air. The temples were intact and the ground was trampled by bestial beasts. At one point the figure of Erebo sucked from the imposing and gigantic night, staring at Karyel with a macabre smile. His eyes were pure rubies and his mouth a tangle of golden lines that gradually formed a chew and the grotesque and golden gloves that pulled Karyel into the abyss.
    Finally he woke up, but he did not know the meaning of the terrible nightmare.
  • (The question I ask, should I continue with the saga?)
  • @CassZero, yes, absolutely yes! I love this saga.
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  • I'd like to continue! I wasn't active at the beginning but I'm making an effort to make sure I participate more.
  • The day after her illness had died down, Iona was walking in a quiet part of the school grounds, thinking. She knew that looking in Konstantin's diary wasn't the best thing to do, but he didn't need to know, and Iona had been curious. Besides, what he'd written worried her. One of the initial entrants had been murdered. By some kind of criminal organization, no less. Plus, Livold's interaction with Ouen had seemed strange, and Iona hadn't been able to figure that out yet.
    Iona sat down below a tree. Should she trust them? Her mind said no, but something else within her told her to try. Besides, they were in this together, like it or not. Not just Iona and her teammates, either, but everyone.
    Iona chuckled, suddenly remembering seeing Karyel reading about Sandars in the library. Seeing that play out would be fun.

    Ionas Reflection

    (Iona's new signature)
  • (OK, I'll continue. Also waiting for your story.
    The deadline for the next fight starts on Monday 03/01)
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    (Epilogue) - Past That Torments

    5 years after the events in Vosanova.

    The hooded woman was running nonstop peeking through trees and rubble during Ovan Nova's silent night. Getting there brought bitterness to the hooded woman's mouth, in addition to the difficulty of passing through the watchful armies who wanted to restore order in Vosanova. She didn't care about politics and had no idea how things were going in Vosanova. There was only one goal.
    Among the streets and rubble, some beings in humanoid form with a blackish and purple fur, as if they had been burned or consumed by something, with their arms dangling, grunted without purpose and did not care about the hooded one, who avoids crossing the path of those creatures. When needed, her sword shone and beheaded the creatures without fear.
    Finally she arrived at the entrance to the catacombs and went down as far as she could. Some studies and a lot of help from natives, mixed with local legends, made the puzzles to open the gates easier than expected. The place was old and many gears did not work and many stones blocked the way. In those moments, the sword, which had two specific stones in the hilt in a three-space lot, shone to give strength and cut the obstacles like butter.
    The further down, the darker the place became, lifeless and frightening with the heavy air, mixed with the sounds of grunts echoing between the stone arches that supported the chamber where the hooded woman had arrived.
    The place beyond the darkness had only an old and broken altar that held a kind of purple vapor with a kind of red-eyed creature trying to escape from what appeared to be his prison. It seemed to be the fragment of a visceral struggle there. The air got heavier.
    She came close to the altar and plunged the sword into the steam. In the three spaces of sword runes, lapis lazuli with a leviathan design and rune with a sword design in amber began to shine. The vapor began to be ferociously sucked into the free space. In the end the vapor turned into an amethyst with a design of a black flame. The place shuddered with a terrifying echo.
    The sound came from a sudden gale that gradually dissipated and threw the woman's hood away, which she quickly pulled away leaving only a pink streak showing.


    5 years after the events in Vosanova.

    The wind that blew was cold and caught the attention of Nyrea, who soon appeared in a fog, drawing her sword. Aeryn quickly noticed her discomfort. For a moment she thought that the power of the lesser Arkanai had been too much to solidify into a rune, but that was not it.
    - What are you feeling? - asked Aeryn, taking off her hood .
    - I think she's here again - she paused - My sister.
    At that moment a figure appeared in front of them, about five meters away, behind a heap of uneven stones. The figure slowly transformed into a woman like Nyrea, but with purple and black clothes, black hair with purple highlights, a sad face and pale skin. Nyrea's sister held a sturdy war hammer, but very easily. By supporting her to the floor, she finally spoke.
    - Following the wrong paths - said the woman - These new planeswalker's powers condemned all of us, and your beloved brothers.
    - What are you talking about? - asked Nyrea trying to get closer - Tell me where you are? I can help. Trust me.
    - Silence - she shouted as she hit the hammer on the floor - Me and your other brothers are disappointed. Nobody can help me, nobody can save me - she lowered her head sadly, but suddenly gave an evil laugh.
    Nyrea was confused when mentioning brothers. Little by little she didn't even know about the existence of one and now she mentions others.
    - I can help. I didn't know that I had brothers - she tried to get closer - Let me help. Tell me about them please.
    - There's nothing to talk about. They were created in the same mold. While we were made at the top of the mountain, they were created at the base of it. A spear and two daggers - Nyrea's sister positioned herself in front of the hammer - Now it's time to go.
    With a hideous laugh she hit the hammer three times on the ground causing the stones behind to crack in a flood. Aeryn and Nyrea were startled and started running desperately so as not to be devoured by the water. Aeryn was agile and managed to reach the top of a rock from the ruins quickly. Nyrea only slightly invoked the power of the Leviathan not to be swallowed by the water until it reached the top of the same rock. - What will we do now? She doesn't look well. She seems to be under the influence of something - Aeryn said, catching her breath.
    - Not this time, Aeryn. - There was a short pause with Aeryn staring without understanding anything. The breath was still heavy.
    - What do you mean?? We are a team. I will not abandon.
    - I know - Nyrea cut quickly - But I feel that this journey is mine, not yours. I know about our connection, but it's not fair to you. Go back to Haruvan, go back to Miljivan. I will go to the mountain that I was created. I will find this place. As much as I don't want to lose that connection, the power and air that emanates from this mountain was not made for humans. You would die before you even reached her base.
    Aeryn closed her eyes with more regular breathing. Her hair was damp from the flood and she plunged into her thoughts. She held out her hand to Nyrea who was sad, but it was time to part, at least for now. Nyrea did not accept the outstretched hand and hugged Aeryn, who still had her eyes closed.
    - Thanks for everything. I'm only free today because of you.
  • Third Battle Jousts - Introduction

    While the knights were preparing to take on the horses and spears, it was possible to hear in the arena the crowd screaming and vibrating with the struggles that would follow. Karyel was apprehensive about squeezing some bandages in his hand, while Kostantin was not excited. He knew he wouldn't have the strength and he didn't feel like using magic today. The participants were free to use magic and that worried the others because Evelyn had registered her owl as a companion. It was unfair from Iona's point of view, but she would do her best that day.
    Guil and Demetriz arrived at the place to greet their apprentices, but bringing news that would not be good for everyone. The fights would be individual, but with a single elimination. There would be no relay between the fighters. It was all against all and that the best scorers win. The team score was still valid, but the clashes would be random. Everyone thought it was strange, but there was no turning back and questioning to change the organizers' idea.
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    Third Battle - Circuit Points


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    Do not worry: The characters in my command will not influence future eliminations.
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