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     Now you may now choose to improve a upgrade hero card to a max cmc of 5 or add an additional signature or companion card.
    You may also make changes to your current ones outside of the above. 
    It's going to be interesting see your characters development in the tournament. 


    The Eliminated


    Unfortunately they were unable to qualify for the next stage, but it was nice to have them as characters in the story so far.
  • Well, that's a shame. MAyne next time! :)
  • Both Ouen and Livold made it?

    Wow. I was expecting my character's cover to be blown in the first round.
  • Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
  • Unfortunate, but between TOC and other things I honestly wasn't keeping up with this as well as I would have liked, and I just wasn't thrilled with my character, so I'm not surprised. Good luck to the rest of you! And thanks to Cass for hosting this, it was fun while I was a part of it.
  • Can characters still be part of some stories even if they are eliminated? I used Kostantin a little in my story earlier, and I just want to make sure that I could still use him, even if he isn't part of the tournament anymore.
  • Yes you can
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    Iona Heir of the Sword

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    Livold the Living Shadow
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  • Raeyla sat atop the Haruvan parapets looking out over the terrain that surrounded the school Verlock basked in the midday sun by her side, their wounds were still bandaged and healing after such a hard fight but Raeyla didn't care,

    "I won, finally" now all she had to do was finish the tournament and return to her people a champion... if her people were still their. The Northern Tribes were many and her smaller village would struggle to hold them off.

    "I need to go to them, I can't stay here... what was I thinking!" she jumped up Verlock shot up in surprise by her side. "Sorry big guy, we've go to get out of here may father needs us!" she rushed down the tower and ran through the twisting halls of the school her anger returning "How could I have forgotten, I let this place and this stupid tournament distract me!!!", eventually she snuck out of one of the vast stain glass windows and the two ran of into the woods leaving the cursed place behind her. The pair made their way across the frozen forests of her home spending a cold night hiding within a cave her fury keeping her warm. After two days of hard travel they arrived at the outskirts of the village. Raeyla had been practicing the speech (probably more of a rant) she would give to her father upon their arrival "Guess those classes came in a little handy after all..." she pulled her self high atop Verlock as they crested the hill and her village came into view, as it did the berserker let out a gasp,

    The stone walls crafted by her ancestors had been torn down, rocks and boulders scattered across the village. Houses and tents collapsed and ruined, not a single sound came from the wreckage as she approached. Words spilled out of her mouth blurred and unsure, "What happened..." as the two entered the center of town Verlock began pawing the ground a low growl warned Raeyla that the bear had sensed something... "What is it, where are they?" she started digging through the wreckage of her village finding nothing but empty homes. As time past the anxiety grew in her stomach and the sun began to set on the horizon, she sat curled up with Verlock in the center of the remains.

    "When I find whoever is responsible for this I'm gonna split them in two... why wasn't I here? I could've been able to stop this, or at least I could have died with the rest of them." At that comment Verlock made an angry growling sound padding the side of her face, "Yeah I know, dying would have been bad, but at least I would have been there." she started setting up camp for the night when an unfamiliar voice rang out through the silence,

    "I thought I heard something!" Raeyla's head snapped up to meet the speaker: a tall lithe man stood atop a pile of rubble with a cocky grin he pulled two hand axes from his belt, "Looks like we missed one, don't worry you'll be joining the rest of your people soon!" with that he threw one of the axes at her the blade ringing through the air with deadly speed. It came to a thudding stop as Verlock dived in front of it taking the blow. Raeyla jumped to her feet pulling out her axe as two more figures emerged from the rubble.

    "Sorry but I don't think It'll be that easy." she yelled out forming her anger into a bone chilling war cry as her assailant reached for his second axe, but the Wild-Lands knight was quicker diving out of the way of his throw and picking up the first axe. With one swift motion she chucked it into his throat the man falling to the ground. The other two charged her a large man in war paint with a giant club and a shorter woman knocking an arrow and taking aim. Raeyla studied her attackers for a second before diving at the bigger one, the sheer force of her anger toppling him to the ground and in the same moment she drove a hand axe into his chest. The twang of a bow string sounded out as an arrow flew into the ground next to her barley missing, Raeyla turned to face her final foe, but before the archer could fire again she was dragged to the ground by the Red-Rune bear Verlock clutching her in his teeth. With that the battle was over the Raeyla walked over to the one ontop of the rubble and searched him finding exactly what she feard, three red lines over a tree: the symbol of the Northern Tribes. She turned to Verlock her anger still growing, "We've got some work to do." she spent the night in the ruins cleaning the new weapons she had collected and the next day mounted Verlock ready to head North and leave Haruvan behind.

    "Raeyla what are you doing here?" another voice, another problem. This time she recognized the foreign accent of Garret, the knight who had come to her people month before and had been the one to send her to Haruvan.

    "What are you doing here! How'd you find me?"

    "Lucky guess, I heard you had left the school and figured you would have come here. What are you doing?"

    "I don't have to tell you anything, this is your fault anyway you sent me away and I wasn't able to defend this place."

    "Raeyla if you were here when the Northern Tribes attacked you would have been taken as well. You may be strong but not strong enough to defend an entire village. Especially after your father surrendered."

    "He would do no such thing! What do you know!"

    Garret sighed ,he was tired after chasing the head-strong knight through the wilderness, but he continued, "Your father had faith me and you to fix this. If they had defended the village more people would have lost, so he gave up to save the innocents lives. He was warned of the Northerners habits of taking prisoners so he used that to his advantage. He and your people are currently being held by them up North."

    "Great lets go get them right now she turned Verlock and the pair started leaving."

    Garret called out stopping her "It's not that simple, the Northern Tribe is vast, three times the size of your tribe and the two of us would die trying. That is why I wasn't there in the attack I'm trying to gain the help of kingdoms around Haruvan to provide some assistance. With their vast armies the enemy wouldn't stand a chance and we could save your people. That is also why he sent you to Haruvan, to save you from the attack and make you stronger so you could return with the armies."

    She turned almost crying, "Why would he do that? Why trust either of us?"

    "Because he knows you are strong, and he knows you can succeed."

    She didn't want to believe Garret, the outsider had always been suspicious to her. But deep down she knew he was right, her instincts told her he was truthful, and those were rarely wrong. "Fine I'll go with you."

    He smiled, "Great, then lets not waste time."

    The two rode of back to Haruvan, the entire time Raeyla's anger grew and festered as she swore vengeance on the people who did this. She was now on the Warpath.


    (This is my new version of Raeyla.)

  • (Arya's new card; will write story later today or tomorrow)
  • Two more cards to get going.
    @AboveAndAbout, @FourEyesIsAFish ;Would you be interested in the sequel?
  • I'm thinking about how to approach mine at the moment...
  • Deadline will be 04/06. After the date, the story will continue with the contestants who updated their cards, and if they also want to continue their stories.
  • Livold pulled his daggers out of his prey, blood spilling out onto the darkened alley. As soon as he noticed the glowing blue butterfly land on the corpse, he turned to face Ouen, who seemed even more laidback than before.

    "Why can't you just leave me alone?", asked Livold.

    "I can't just walk away and never come back. I'm dead and I am part of you" replied Ouen.

    "Well, I never asked for this. If you could do me a favor and at least shut up, that would be great."

    "You were the one who started the conversation. That's not really kind of you."

    "I'm an assassin. Assassins don't deal with kindness."

    "Your reasoning to join the tournament under my name says otherwise."

    "Yeah? Well--"

    Just as Livold sensed a knight approaching the alleyway from behind him, Ouen raised his arm and dozens of glowing butterflies materialized out of thin air. Livold stared in amazement as he turned around to see the approaching knight on the ground, fast asleep.

    "We should probably get going. That sleep spell won't last long" said Ouen.

    "Yeah. Thanks, I guess."

    The figure of Ouen started to dissolve into wisps of shadows that wrapped around Livold's body, and seconds later, where Livold was standing, a young knight turned around and walked into the crowded streets.
  • Iona moved slowly through the movements of swordplay she'd learned from her teachers over the years. Slow and steady, she remembered them saying, and speed shall come. She focused on the rhythmic whooshing of her family sword as it moved through the air.

    She had talked to Lady Aeryn's former mentor that knight in the bar. He'd told Iona about the uptick in murders around the city, how many of them were knights, how the scant witnesses has described the killer. Off-white hair, glowing butterflies, and a name that didn't sound unfamiliar in the tournament...

    Whoosh. The sword was moving faster now. Iona focused, jumping between Konstantin's diary and the description she'd heard from Lady Aeryn's former mentor. Ouen was hiding a murderous streak within himself, and Iona wouldn't stand for that. The only problem was she didn't know how to implicate Ouen safely.

    Energy crackled along the sword. Iona swung the blade at a training mannequin - hard - and cut it in half. The edges of the cauterized pieces hissed and popped as Iona leaned back, breathing heavily.

    There was something freeing in training with mannequins, Iona figured. It wasn't as exerting as fighting another person - her training sessions with Raeyla was proof enough of that - but there wasn't any worry about hurting another person either. Iona didn't have to hold back on mannequins. She could focus on them. She could focus on her thoughts.

    She could focus on what she had learned, and her plan to make it public without endangering anyone.
  • Aki woke up in the middle of the night, her entire body in pain. Dark lines streaked from an area in her chest. The curse was acting up again.

    She got up and walked up to a mirror... and to her horror, she saw her face had turned a smokey gray. She got acute flashbacks to a few weeks earlier... where she had narrowly avoided losing herself. 

    She righted herself. She couldn't let it happen again.

    As she stood there, the dark lines spread slightly further. Aki focused and managed to brighten her face again, but her glow was dimmer.

    She felt like she was going to die.

    (Aki is front, Kami is back. She turns into the Kami if she temporarily loses herself to her injury-curse-thing by overworking herself)
  • Oh wait it's six CMC at the moment. Sorry, that 3 should be a 2.
  • @FourEyesIsAFish why is Aki sad now???
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    mixture of past trauma and being worn out. It'll die off eventually, but the question is how long it will last.
  • Hopefully not too long.
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    Second Round Match Positions

    The week before the announcements was of preparation and rest. The knights were now able to choose their mentors for the next steps, to better adapt to their skills. It was time for the contestants to learn on their own and look for classes that best fit their interests.
    Finally, Dean Bardón announced the next duels in the main arena of Haruvan.

    1st Match 


    @ChoyBoi vs @IzItTru

    2nd Match  


    @SpellPiper2213 vs @AboveAndAbout

     3rd Match


    @FourEyesIsAFish vs CassZero

     4th Match


    @feralitator vs CassZero/feralitator

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